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  1. Sounds good, I managed to finish 2nd (Juventus is almost unbeatable) but only by using Executioner and Raptor. Can you show me the results you had ? I struggled incredibly with some random small teams even though my team's morale was good.
  2. Hey TTF, been using your tactics for a really long time and 99% of them were working brilliantly for me. Unfortunately CERBER v4 it's a complete fail. I tried it with Roma (only bought Belotti in my first year) and Charlton (promoted and won PM with Raptor and Executioner - strong team overall - once I changed to CERBER everything crumbled) so far and with both it gave me very inconsistent results. In my honest opinion the 442 tactics that you developed were the best for this year's ME. I will switch to Raptor and Executioner for the time being, but I hope you'll revisit them in the near future Wish you the best man! THX for the tactics!
  3. Hi guys I have an issue, I have created my custom player and saved it in FM17 Editor, but when I start a new game I'm not prompted or see anywhere the tick box for my new database addition. At FM16 was quite straight forward, but now I cannot see it. I saved and re-saved my custom database, thinking that I might have done something wrong, but in Editor everything looks fine. Please help!
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