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  1. I'm Excited..... Playing with some tweaks as Tottenham on a new save to test with a lower quality and reputation team. Game 1: Clip 1: Now it's not perfect the RW does have a go at dribbling himself first but does play the RCM into the gap between the FB & CB who crosses for us to score YES progress if we can make this more regular. Game 2: This clip is about as perfect as you're going to get in our "pattern 1" combination of movements to break the back 4 between the FB & CB. Breakdown: 1:
  2. Also here are some results from some testing from somebody who does this on a regular basis. Here they play as United, Fulham and West Ham all in the same save. What's surprising is how well it does with a relegation battler but how it underperformed as a tactic with United. Now I never expected this tactic if we ever perfected it to be a fully Plug and play tactic. It's very specific in what it's trying to achieve and we still have no idea in real life if Pep took over West Ham what sort of position they'd end up in. The new tactic is defi
  3. I haven't really uploaded many clips of the new tactic so I thought I'd do that from the City save I first played through and the Rosenborg save. I haven't had much time as my clips take ages to process so to save time these are all goals and moves leading to goals there are definitely better examples of the patterns and movements we are looking for I just haven't had time yet and will get round to sharing those soon. Everton A: Longer build up and different players taking responsibility of the wide zo e Chelsea H: Wide players holding width really
  4. By the way I realised I haven't put it here, Here is the start of my second season with Boston from my save on my YT Channel. This is with my original "Finished" tactic. We've just been promoted to this division remember
  5. That's definitely a good point and something that has to be taken into consideration. On the other hand if it only worked with top level clubs in respective to their division I would be ok with that as long as the recreation is close. I wouldn't be totally disappointed as Pep himself hasn't shown us the results of that experiment yet! Also I think many people despite playing as top clubs struggle to even resemble a possession based system ( not even a pep recreation specifically ) and I think that plays a part in the interest in these types of threads. I'm assuming there's people that co
  6. The best tactic creator in the world @knap has been testing the latest version. I believe this was a normal test with no tweaks yet. Assistant manager also picked the team for every game and no transfers. Purely from a statistical point of view to get 60% Average Possession and 20,000 passes completed + is a Very good first season in the premier league whoever you play as and I suspect it could be higher in others. This averages to 526 Passes per game again if its pure statistics that matter to you. The problem is 92 goals scored isn't amazing for FM and 29 is
  7. I was thinking about it during the game. I'm just tweaking some stuff now with the recent one and got some tests running by some people. I'd have to rewatch the game and analyse it but lots of parts in the front 5 if you will were very similar to the Everton game it's just in the Everton game Jesus was listed as the striker but you could make loads of still images and clips of city looking like they had 2 strikers or 0 depending on the moment! I'm going to make a video soon about the tactic and talk about some of the Pep analysis and the Zones used looking at them rather then positi
  8. I just want to mention your 442 reference I feel is correct and exactly what I found when doing some real life replications in a 442 system. My personal 442 is very aggressive in pressing settings but can drop very early and very often which I think your analysis indicates.
  9. HI mate, First off thank you for sharing your thoughts and findings it's always great to see different ways of achieving things but by the way the second half of your message went I feel this should be mentioned as it's probably been missed. I would like to take another opportunity to say that I am not trying to replicate them out of possession at least until I've perfected the in possession. To try and do both in the game is going to leave you having to decide between gaining and losing different things even more. Yeah I actually did City's out of possession pressing specifica
  10. I decided to start a new save with a new team in a different league and I picked my favourite Norwegian team Rosenborg. Now I had a terrible start to this season for a number of reasons. 1 being that I signed about 15 players. 2, I was tweaking the tactic and trying to find ways to continue the dominance of the zones on the ball but being better to defend the counter in transition and better out of possession. After tweaking I think I've improved it a little. After all of them I think as the tactic is playing right this second the only tweak from the last tact
  11. I don't know about more involved but involved differently. If I keep the CDM centrally both IWB's take up similar positions either side, with him set to one side the IWB on the right side seems to average a lot narrower of a position especially it seems the closer you get to the opposition goal. Hope that helps Also to everyone else i'm currently tweaking the up to date 433 it's too bad defensively for my liking I said it wasn't perfect and ready haha! currently testing and hopefully will have a solution pretty soon.
  12. WM -S allows you to change any PI i believe and WM-A is the same except for get further forward is pre selected. Although your tactic will dictate a lot of that decision making in game.
  13. How it started support version 2020-2021 3-2 shape double pivot: ( Slight More possession slightly weaker overall tactic ) 4-3-3 Manchester City 2020-2021 ThecultofFM Support.fmf How it ended & current Version 2020 - 2021 3-2 shape double pivot : ( Tactic used in save ) 4-3-3 Manchester City 2020-2021 ThecultofFM.fmf Alternative 2017 - 2019 W shape 2-3 build up 4-3-3 Manchester City 2017-2019 ThecultofFM.fmf I need to finally go get some sleep but I'm looking forward to hearing how people do with this. If you're playing in any league other then
  14. Right so I finally finished the season. I still have the champions league final to play but here's how the tactic played out over the season. I did drop points a few times early in the season when the tactic had a couple more support duties and was a very possession based tactic but not sustainable for a title challenge in a league like the premier league. The tactic How it Started: How it ended up ( after lots of tweaking along with trial and error with roles and duties etc ) - Let me be clear this tactic is NOT perfect. It's very good at ret
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