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  1. Yes mate! DLF for the combination of movements and Poacher for just overall results. Switch to the defensive or attacking versions to see out the game or go for a goal!
  2. Later on in the week maybe Wednesday or Thursday ? If anyone wants to preview it in advance just shoot me a PM and I can send you a link.
  3. I had this issue with my own tactics created from scratch it's incredibly annoying. I have to make certain tweaks depending on the formation itself to try and counteract it. Man marking and having everyone back for the free kicks helps. I haven't tried going with a 1 man wall yet but you could try that too.
  4. Well it's specifically a recreation of his 2013-2014 team and they conceded 26 goals that season! Which lots of good defensive tactics beat easily on FM 21!
  5. Thank you @levo in da house I'm just finishing up recording a video for a Simeone tactic I created. In terms of next tactics I was looking at a more general tactic of Barcelona in that period from 2009-2011. I have 3 more tactics I'd like to do. a 3-5-2 which is my own creation, a tweak of the pep tactic and translate it into a Barcelona 2008-2011 tactic, lastly I'd like to look at a Rafa Benitez Liverpool 2008-2009 a team that came very close to winning the title with much less to work with then their title rivals.
  6. For my tactic? There's 3 at the bottom of the opening post. Main tactic - Poacher for best results or DLF for most realism Defensive version to see out the game ( Around 78 minutes if you're only leading by one goal ) Attacking version to get a goal when behind or drawing and needing to win
  7. I'm a bit busy at the moment to start a new save and I wouldn't just play with the default squad anyway. That's not how I've ever played Football Manager. Like I said it's not a @knap level P & P tactic to win every game for any set of random players ( which some of his tactics will get you brilliant results) . I always said the complete opposite at the start but it just happened to be a lot easier to plug it in and work by the end and the final version. I still wouldn't call it a P&P tactic though which it seems like you're treating it like and comparing it to which it was never desig
  8. Yeah I'm not massively familiar playing as Roma I don't think I've done a save with them since CM 01/02! Their squad in FM 21 probably isn't the best for the tactic and it's not supposed to be a ultra overachieving P & P tacitc so it doesn't surprise me that this can happen especially if you get off to a bad start with form and morale. All I would suggest is in those bad runs I tend to switch to my defensive tactic or attacking tactic slightly earlier. If we are winning by 1 goal but in terrible form I'm a little more aggressive to switch to the defensive version. If we'r
  9. @soft tofu Yeah it sounds like you came across some of the same frustrations I had. In terms of your question if you went undefeated with that version I wouldn't look to change it too much? Maybe test it in a different league also? In terms of Pep's Barca I obviously didn't touch on that in the thread but you'd have to get your RB to be the occupier of the wide zones if you think about the pitch in this type of break down quite often So in my head I would think CWB-A or CWB- S for when your RW moves inside. Not sure whether Mezzala would be the best
  10. Tweak yes absolutely! An overlapping full back would probably make it a better overall tactic especially for the moments where the IW goes in too narrow too early. In terms of what to combine that with I would just start with that and then see what changing the Mezzala does in the patterns and movements that you're seeing. The issue with the inside forward is the mentality check his mentality when combining it with the other roles. I'm not saying you can't use it but it can behave very differently to the other roles used previously. Start with the wingback and go from there I person
  11. I am utterly bemused to what I have just witnessed in real life. Chelsea were very good against City again but some of the tactical instructions or player decisions ( depending on which it was ) for City seemed utter nonsense.
  12. Thanks mate I appreciate it! I did straight away after but I thought I'd do something a little different so I've been spending time on another recreation. I don't know if I'll have time to post it on here in written format will more then likely be a video on Youtube. I might save Pep's Barca for FM 22
  13. Really? That's Brilliant ! So happy to hear that! That's an incredible achievement and even better then mine!! Congratulations on that and i'm glad the tactic was able to provide you with that success that early on!
  14. Good question. DLP dictates tempo would probably help for those games where teams are sat back and the tempo and passing isn't quick enough and he plays at his own pace therefore helping the team? Moves into channels would be interesting to see the difference between a wide player having it, then also the CM's having it. Hugs touchline is that still one? If so I would put all 4 of my wingers on that and I would probably start with that and the DLP with dictates tempo and start from there. The IWB you could put get forward whenever possible if you're a top side and find yourself draw
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