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  1. Very attacking is only suitable for the scoring in last 5-10 minutes. If not so, keep most of the settings if the stats is all right. If you see some negative scene repeatedly (overhead through ball for twice/ pass to opponents twice), you can do little adjustments and wait for the goal (Drop defence line/ Lower the tempo)
  2. I see many OP players in your squad, and it's 2023. I won CL with Gilmour and Valverade. Just wondering why that happened. Do you play by holiday/instant result or in-game ? and do you follow the PI adjustment in the main thread? and do you use a stable starting squad to make them linked to each other? I'm very interested to see in what circumstances can Blue Blood Sword get such results. If your game save has no personnal information, I'd like to get into it and look at replays of those matches.
  3. Glad to help, bro. It will be appreciate if you can post a picture of your achievement.
  4. A little bit strange for team like Villa since we make Norwich to Champions League in the first season. But I'm not 100% sure that this tactic works for every team. Could you brought up your squad picture so that we can find what's the problem? Just use "Ctrl+c/Ctrl+v"and paste the picture in your reply.
  5. Goob job! It seems that 3 Liberos have better GF/GA ratio, but not so excellent in underdog teams, may due to AI's through balls against two side liberos. Although instant result from testing league is amazing enough, to get better GF/GA ratio, I still suggest follow the PI adjustments in the main thread and play in game. You can see how AI change their formation in game and use those strategies to break them down.
  6. It works very well, at least for me and tactic builder. This tactic is flexible for tweak. My Lazio lose 1-2 to Bayern at home because of two overhead through ball. So I drop the DL by 1 notch,and win 3-1 against Bayern in the next away game.
  7. Beckham is now editing those two tactics on his stream, he thinks they are not so effective as Blue Blood so he remove them by himself. (although I think is good enough haha) BTW, do you have any idea about the registration of FMbase account? I cannot see the CAPTCHA after changing many browsers.
  8. You don't need to change libero's PI against 442. But pay attention to PIs of AMC and WBs. Already in the main thread: " If the opponents have MR or ML (like 442), Your two WBs must mark opposing MR and ML. " and " If the opponents have no DM (like 4231 442), use the AMC to mark the closest dropping down MC (If you use skins like FMnations that can show the duties of opponent players, it is very effective that you use AMC to mark opponents' deep lying MC playmaker like DLP/RPM/RGA) "
  9. The original tactic already have default PIs. But based on Beckham1990 and my experience, use those PI adjustments in main thread will be more powerful especially in defence. One of the keypoints of strikerless formations is resemble to Netherland's Total Football idea: You can see everyone is evolved deeply in defence. Those PIs are set to strengthen this feature, and destroy the opponent's playmaker.
  10. Thanks, Danwolf. But will 3 libero confront more throughball problems in test? Originally 2 BPD-Co is to cover the back of the middle libero.
  11. Usually I don't use staff briefing and jump this process haha, bad habit from old version.
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