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  1. Love the HB role in 4231DM in reality, but in FM the HB in 4231 will still try to drop into center of 2 CBs, instead of dropping into WCB position like what Krunic/Bennasser doing in Milan's 4231 system. This makes the transition more vulnerable as they have to travel more distance than a HB in 433 system when losing ball.
  2. Good discussion~ Normally I will set "focus play on the left flank" to drag DM more close to the left flank thus providing more cover. By the way, how do you feel about "focus play" TI? Years ago "focus play" in football manager will increase personal mentality in focus area. But in recent versions, there's no such changes, which makes me confused of how it works nowadays. According to the game tutorial: "Focus play down the left flank encourages central midfielders to move closer to the left flank so passes can be focused in that area. This helps create overloads down that side of the pitch and can be used to draw more opposition players to that side of the pitch" But without this TI, my midfielders will still move to the side with ball for support. To me the side with more support duties will form a natural overload regardless of "Focus play" TI.
  3. Good thread. Usually I will play CM-At on the BBM slot for 3 reasons. 1. As during the build up BWM and DM tends to sit deeper and form a temporal double pivot. I need a midfielder to move between the lines and punish opposition's press and linkup with my front 3. Otherwise I will have to transit through the flank, which make my attack predictable and struggle against flank strong formation like 442. 2. Inverted winger works very well with CM-At (Especially IW-S), as he provide constant underlap passing options and can usually push opposition CM/DM out of the inverted route of IW, thus isolate opposition fullback. With the help of overlapping WB-S, the left side will perform like the devastating Kvaratskhelia-Zielinski-Rui combo. 3. Increase attacking verticality especially working with dropping forward. I will use BBM against very strong team so that I can form a really solid midfield and hit them during the counter.
  4. Good thread. These 2 roles have 1 thing in common: They do not move into channel in default setting. This provide constant existence in the middle pitch and penalty box, also clear up the half space for other role to exploit.
  5. So Cleon, what TI would you recommend when initial build up against gegenpress? Play it long to TM ? Play to fullback? In your reply it seems your GK play the ball to wide centerback, but without "play out of defence" TI, he will proactively pass forward.
  6. In Pep's simulation we see a lot of inverted winger with stay wider PI so as to open up the channel for Mezzala. But I found that even with stay wider, they still sometimes move inside during off ball movement hence lose width, making my transition too narrow. However I found playing winger with inverted foot can be much better, they hold the width very well when off the ball, and still will cut inside and make diagonal pass with the ball (Like playing Sancho as left winger). Do you guys find the same pattern? I'm not sure this is due to hardcoded characteristics of IW and W.
  7. Anybody feels that IW or W on support duty drop less than before? I mean most of time they just stand high up the pitch and isolate from the back or midfield build up. Is that officially change or just bug?
  8. Anybody feels that IW or W on support duty drop less than before? I mean most of time they just stand high up the pitch and isolate from midfield build up. Is that officially change or just bug?
  9. Add "stay wider" for your IWS, it will create more space for MEZa to operate. Rating favorites players with more key passes, more goals, more tackles or headings. Do you wish your IW-s to carry those responsibility more than your core players? It makes no sense to have all players rating very high in a realistic tactic. All you need to pay attention is whether your hero role got enough option and space to shine. IW-S has 2 unique function that cannot be reflected in rating: 1, "space creater": a wider bait for MEZA and a inside bait for WB-S when he cut inside with ball, 2. "stable flank pivot": IW-S is the only role without getting further forward in your right flank, which will bring more stability to your system against high press. no worry about rating, just focus on what he contributes to your system. A great system always has someone sacrifice but still important.
  10. Your right side is OK, MEZ and W working very well as W-S will stretch the channel that will be effectively used by MEZ. AF is good in countering high defensive line, nice choice. Left side is an issue, as no one will back up for attacking WB-A. Changing MCL to BWM-S or CAR-S will help. If your opposite has AMC or inside forward, you will need DM on defend, to make sure your center has cover. Be very careful about your build up, WB-A will not participate in build-up, so you need BPD on your left side to connect to WB-A. Do not use overlap when you want fast counter, this will slower your AMRL in advancing. Dropping DL, pressing tensity and LOE is suggested, unless AI buildup with short passing. counterpress is suggested to be cancelled , unless AI buildup slowly.
  11. IW-S is an interesting role that cut inside from wide area. but what's the better CM duty beside IW-S? getting further forward like a Mezzala or CM-A? will MEZ collide with IW-S in the half space ? holding like a DLP or CM-D? will there be too less attacking movement on this side? or roaming like BBM or RPM? Tell us about your good experience using IW-S.
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