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  1. Youth Intake Day: I look at all the players, and make a note of their general attributes. Unlike a lot of people, I will cut hard and fast to trim the fat at some point down the line, but for now I'm initially looking for players that fit the role I play in the first team. I'll look for a general spread of attributes, and highlight any potential weaknesses. Those weaknesses will get worked on, but if a player has far too many poor attributes then I look quickly to see if he can be shifted to another position. If not, he gets a generic training schedule and buggers off on loan asap assuming I even bother with his contract. For me, at a top club I find it very rare that anything outside of the Premiership/Championship can come in affording to buy my youngsters when developed, so anything that I think won't match that level will get moved on at the earliest point. Third thing I do is check their personalities. I need to match it with their attributes and age so I know who to prioritise for tutoring. The Under 18's: All the kids move into the U18's on the usual youth contracts. Any particularly good player that I really like I'll sign up immediately. Everyone else has to wait until they hit 17. I'll have them on a training schedule, with individual training to target weak spots, and tutoring immediately. If I'm lucky I'll tutor with PPMs, but otherwise I save PPM training for later, for now I just want them to level up so to speak. On youth intake day, the season is usually in the final third. I'll pay particular attention to how we're doing in the league. If we win handily, which is rare but does happen, I'll look to move some of the U18's into the matchday squad for experience: The next season's squad restructure: I play Mourinho style, with a 22 man squad + 1 for the third keeper. The first eleven are my best players, hands down. The second eleven are all youth or developing players. So at the end of the season, I restructure the entire team and re-evaluate who is worth my time and who isn't. I start with the first team. What I'm looking for is any first team player on a sharp decline, which is unusual as I don't generally keep older players too much. If they're declining, I look to swap them with the up and coming backup player. If they're world class, and we're talking most attributes in the 15-18+ range, then there's no hope in hell I'm moving them out of the way for kids, unless said kid is going to be in the 15-18+ range himself. =p If they're still solid, I note it down and move onto the second XI. I'll also note if teams are chomping at the bit to buy them, I don't have a problem moving solid players out for 20-50mill+ because I trust my ability to replace them via youth. For the second XI, if they're world class, I'll wonder why they're not in the first XI. This means I could end up selling one or both of them, depending on age and skill-set. If they're better than the first XI guy, then the first XI guy is demoted and possibly sold depending on the youth assessment. If they're catching up to the first XI guy but not quite there yet, I'll consider moving both to Squad-rotation until one becomes superior. I'll also note this so I don't end up giving out silly contracts, and any idiot demanding Key Player when they're not that good (hello Jesse Lingard) will be sold. Try me. >_> Then I check my kids, usually, if you end up in my U21's squad, it is because you're the third goalkeeper, got a bad injury and need recovery, or you're a player I've considered decent but not quite at a level to be backup yet. These 'not quite there yet' players tend to be 18-19, I usually have a very good idea if they're going to make it or not by 19ish, but sometimes I'll take a chance and keep them at the club because sometimes a player has a lightbulb moment at 20-23 and finally kicks on. If by 19 they're not improving enough, even with gametime, I look to move them on. If by 19 they're not getting games, I definitely move them on as I'm obviously not trusting them enough to do the job. So these U21's guys will be checked first, if they make the cut, fab, if they don't, sell or loan out. Then I look at the U18's, I pick usually one for each position I'm playing. Sometimes, a special talent stands out so much so at 15-17 that I immediately promote them to the U21's, sign them up and shift them straight into the 2nd XI. (I did this at United by selling Morgan Schneiderlin to make way for Timonthy Fosu-Mensah as Ball Winners, because Fellaini was less troublesome and on a lower wage and overall better for my needs. Ditto, I sold without hesitation Pereira and Januzaj to make way for Gribbin after 1 season because he skyrocketed in terms of attributes thanks to tutoring.) Anyone who can't make the 2ndXI stays in the U18's. But I make a note of the top tier youths who aren't quite there yet, these guys will get priority for cup games etc, even over the 2ndXI, especially in the League Cup. For anyone who doesn't make *that* grade, they stay in the U18's and are reviewed every 2-3 months when I change individual training. Anyone who doesn't meet THAT particular level is generically ignored until they're offloaded on a free. I don't care, sue me. >_> This squad restructure happens every season, ONCE a season. I will never change the structure mid-season, but having said that, because I have such a small squad, players a less inclined to bother me about playing time, *and* injuries happen enough that I can throw youth into the mixer because if anything, I have no one else to go there! This means they could surprise me. It is surprising how many kids get a goal on their debut, even the defenders. =x Promotion to the U21s: As I mentioned, promotion to the U21's is for those I think are good but not quite there yet, or for those I'm unsure of. Otherwise, if you're in the U21's, you're likely on the transfer list. =/ That said, at 18ish, is when I start PPM training, if I do any of that at all. Sometimes I get a player so perfect for a role, that his tutor can teach him nice PPMs anyway, so I try an d get them taught that way instead. And that's how I train my players. They're usually good players. I love seeing them debut and then score. It's fun.
  2. There was even the news item written into the game to highlight it. Believe it went something like this "Unfortunately due to the serious nature of the injury, player XXX potential has declined" or something along those lines. Checking with the official editor will also show it, if people are going to dismiss third party editors. Pretty sure this has been discussed before as you say, and it was confirmed.
  3. Yeah it does. Serious injuries can drop the maximum PA always has done.
  4. I don't use any in my general tactic, part of the reason is demonstrated within this topic; Retain possession + Shorter passing etc = Hoof balls as you shorten the passing length so much so you end up restricting player passing choices. Particularly if paired with load of other instructions that make the problem worse. I get why people use it though.
  5. I do ok at corners. Leave them at mixed, best long shot taker to lurk outside, physical bully on the keeper, tallest player to attack the near post (Fellaini types) and other defender to attack the back post. Rest as standard. It does the job, if we win the header it's a bonus, but for me it's all about making sure the second ball can come back in, hence the lurker and three staying back to nix counters. The lurker's long shots should be good to blast it in but shouldn't be a 'likes long shots' type of players with poor decisions as he'll ignore the second cross option for a silly blast one time too often imho. I'm not too fussed about scoring from the first corner because the box is going to be stacked and the opposition, especially if they're less technical might have the edge physically.
  6. Cleon, I hope you don't mind me asking as it's not a tactical issue but a squad building one and this is probably a really stupid question really... I generally do as you do, keep a small team with youngsters popping along. Sometimes I get pretty lucky and find myself stacked with too many people in a particular position, either because a youngster defied expectations and had an explosive growth in terms of attributes, or because the kids just want to give me a headache! So my question is, when is the ideal time to transfer list the golden oldies to make way for the kids? In England, I'm sitting on a save in June now contemplating whether it is the right time to list those I've decided to be surplus for next season. Normally I have this well under control, but for some reason I've had a wealth of youngsters suddenly crop up out of the blue ready to be backup players, so I'm keen to shift older members of the squad.
  7. So... Why so many team instructions? What do you expect them to do?
  8. I have two versions of the same tactic set up, the only difference being in mentality. That way I can switch in match on the fly without getting a familiarity hit. I don't actually use the second or third ones.
  9. I presume because it does exactly as you say. 7 people forward, a lot of them in the middle overloads the middle and causes the opposition to drop back and tuck in to deal with the overloads. When they get the ball, everyone is pressing them, leaving them with a long ball out which the BWM and two centrebacks should deal with handily bar anyone missing their header. Chances are those goals conceded will come from a counter, if it works assuming whoever is left up top is in the right area to pick up the ball, but he'll be on his lonesome, particularly if the midfield is tucking in helping out in defence. I think the AI compounds matters by being defensive in away games and thus more squashed with no chance of getting out and playing football, yet at home is where you might see closer results or more goals being conceded. I offer that only as a theory by my own observations with dealing with top heavy formations vs the AI. I've found if I drop deeper and contain or play out of the back I get murdered, because even though there's passes available, sometimes defenders hoof it, and a long ball out gets recycled by the opposition. I've had more success beating top heavy formations by going Defensive and then pushing the defensive line all the way up and closing down more. That causes my team to take less risks on the ball, but also pushes back against the opposition compression effect, and allows me to play my own game without getting pinned back, ergo I start pinning them back instead. Admittedly, this has its downsides, quick teams can still exploit it, a long ball over the top can ruin my day but I've had more success with that compared to how I was dealing with things before. Personally I'm not a fan of these types of tactics, they fly in the face of conventional wisdom I guess? I get annoyed when I see them and how successful they are, especially when combined with what I assume to be sensible tactics failing and failing hard. It should (and maybe it is) be the other way round. >.<
  10. It's an absolutely dire league. I took Afan Lido through the Europa League with some success on Fm14 I think it was. We ruined teams 3+ nil in Wales and then basically played the San Marino balls to the walls defending game in Europe to grind out lucky 1-0 wins. It's hilarious when it works, but embarrassing when it doesn't. You really need patience though because the league becomes so easy you can sleepwalk through entire seasons once you're out of Europe.
  11. That's a shame.
  12. You should read the lines and diamonds and pairs and combinations guides in the sticky. They go in depth about the role combinations, how they work and so on. If you have a read of those and write down your thoughts on roles and duties, then you can either have a go with them on a test FMT save or you could ask questions about those combinations here. It would make more sense than getting someone from here to plop down a bunch a roles (that might not even work together anyway) for you.
  13. Who says he's a natural BWM? Your assistant?
  14. I utilise my youth academy all the time. So transfers are a rarity for me.
  15. Heh, I had an interesting one today: Rojo scores the opening goal. TWO minutes later he misses a header from the opposition cross, and they score 1-1. We go on to lose 1-2. I was crying out for a unique teamtalk for that. "You idiot, concentrate next time!" or something like that.