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  1. isignedupfornorealreason

    Is there far too much meaningless interaction in FM?

    I think step 4 is "Polish said feature to an acceptable standard that it should have been in when launched." Was the case with board expectations, player chats, the introduction of sports scientists and other staffs (I forget which one, didn't have much of an impact - you could hire whoever to do it). It's like an extended beta with some of these. :P
  2. isignedupfornorealreason

    Player Promises that don't work.

    I've succeeded with 'win silverware' promises. You can promise to win 'next season' and it completes if you win something in the current season. Always say silverware, never a specific trophy just in case... Succeeded with 'assign as penalty taker' as well, though in my case he was already the first choice penalty taker anyway, so it wasn't a massive deal.
  3. I'm in the second season with United at the moment and haven't had a sending off yet. I do close down more too... Injuries though - I've had quite a few horrible ones resulting in an injury crisis at one point. Broken legs, ankles and feet from opposition trying to 'spoil' games.
  4. isignedupfornorealreason

    Is there far too much meaningless interaction in FM?

    Jesse Lingard, leaving Manchester United (1st) for Arsenal (12th) to play in the Champions League. I sold him because he became a drama queen, but was forced that route as there was no way to say 'You're being a berk, look at the positions', and he rejected the usual 'wait till the end of the season' lines. What can you do?
  5. isignedupfornorealreason

    Is there far too much meaningless interaction in FM?

    I started going down the rabbit hole with this one. If they ask the question; "Oh, such and such said you're a terrible person" - go to their press conference history and you'll find two things (probably) Relationship with you: Good Press conference latest: "I think Mr Signed Up For No Reason is an excellent person and I would happily wed my daughter to him if I had one." Honestly, check it out after every inane, bear-baiting question from the media in the game. Chances are, what they're presenting to you is absolutely not what the AI manager has even said at all. Even the 'feuds' coming from rivals can be blown miles out of proportion. Very seldom do I catch a manager actually slagging me off and the media presenting that to me properly. Even rivals - I've had Chelsea, Liverpool and City manager (I'm at Manchester United) either fawning over me, or in agreement with me about something or other for most the part. It's rare they come to blows with you. Anyway, that aside, I do think the interaction modules is dull. I personally think it should be diluted so it only pops up once in a while. I don't see why we need to know that we're being 'cagey' for no-commenting some ridiculous tripe question. The repeat questions are especially dull. Some of the questions are half-baked. "How do you feel about the week off we've had for the international break in which everyone of your players played, but we'll presume they haven't" for example. And the cup glory ones etc, there needs to be more refinement of them. Personal interactions are sort of better - better than they were at launch and for a long time afterwards for sure. I remember getting irate that the players would talk to you like scum on the bottom of your shoe. Now they're more or less sensible even if they do lapse sometimes. That still needs improving; For example, a player wants to move away, I agree to it, no one bids for him so we have to talk about it and the option is a bit too mean for me: "We both know your time here is over! Get on the phone!" Like, it could do with more tact... Or a re-phrasing... "As you know, you wish to leave and we've agreed to let you leave. Unfortunately, for whatever reason no one is bidding for us at minimal asking price. Might it be worth your time giving some clubs a ring to see if there's a stumbling block we are unaware of?" - Sounds nice and professional if you ask me - a lot better than a lot of the stock responses.
  6. isignedupfornorealreason

    Scouting sucks

    I'm not sure how the new model works actually. I have my scouts on nation and youth competition scouting and often get the same set of players recommended over and over. This is in spite of my setting the focus to 'youth' talent. I get told to skip U18 leagues etc as there's no one of any quality there. I think that defeats the point, it's too absolute and that is shocking advice for a youth-centric scouting system. They should be putting in some new players as time moves along and should be putting forth "possible" talent - I know people have felt that scouts get things wrong, but in my experience it is very seldom that they're off the mark in terms of talent if I do a once over on the attributes. To highlight the disparity, if I put a DoF on finding youth talent to bring into the club, he will often find people who my scouts haven't even heard of or bothered to scout - despite them often being in the area or leagues they're meant to be working on. - I think I made an improvement suggestion for this last year - if a DoF bids then he should provide you with his own scouting report so you can decide whether to go with his bid or not. I dunno. In a way Ihaven't had to learn too much about the system as I tend to focus on the academy development myself, but I can see it as a bit of a frustrating obstacle to overcome if I had to jump into the market.
  7. isignedupfornorealreason

    Why don't AI managers rotate?

    What does that do? Anyway, I wonder if the rotation only happens depending on condition - doesn't the tooltip suggest it's fine to play players until they're in the 'red zone' which I think is 50%? I always sub my players at 69% or under, so if the 'red zone' is indeed down to 50%, it probably isn't any wonder why they're not rotating. Maybe?
  8. Yeah it's a pain. I like to leave youth players in those teams if I'm touching up their tutoring. So when they make the match-day squad, I'm still not kept in the loop about injuries etc. In fact, I've had an injury in a match fail to get reported to me because the player's "first team" is the U23 side. Bit of an oversight for me really, because the only way around it is busy-work of promoting and demoting them as time comes along.
  9. isignedupfornorealreason

    About FM18

    Yeah, I have a gaming rig and 18 has been temperamental with me. I've had a crash dump and two or three crash to desktops without warning or logs coming up. My guess is it is to do with the UI, it's usually the information icons hanging about when I move the mouse around and the whole thing can't cope. Never had issues with older ones.
  10. Encourage is obvious. Praise is if we're dominating thoroughly but missing obvious chances - bit of a risky one really, but I don't want to add the pressure and I don't think they need encouragement, they need to be told they're doing fine and to keep at it. Goes either way I suppose. Concentrate I use if I see a lapse in concentration at any point in a game, even if we're winning or dominating. That'll be a ridiculous lax pass, or a defender who isn't tracking back, or someone not going for a header - I don't solely use it for the last 10 or whatever. No pressure I've used when we're losing to a better team, but usually when players are nervous - though if they're nervous something might have gone wrong before the match. Those are my staples.
  11. isignedupfornorealreason

    FM18: Man Utd - Awaken the Sleeping Devil 👹 !

    In the first season: Sanchez, with Zlatan as backup, Lukaku played there if there was an injury crisis. I preferred Lukaku in the AF role with Rashford as backup. Oh and this is ridiculous, but where we had a big injury crisis (Sanchez, Lukaku and Zlatan injured), I actually played Fellaini in that DLF role, he's not actually that bad attribute-wise there, but only as an emergency option for me. For the new season: Sanchez will be the first choice, with Lukaku dropping to that role if Sanchez gets injured. I haven't replaced Zlatan (retired), but part of the reason for this is I have an U18 prospect striker that came out of the academy with 15 Finishing and off the ball as his starting attributes .. So, I might get to use him. Risky, but we'll see.
  12. isignedupfornorealreason

    Unprofesssional behaviour

    At that point I'd be terminating his contract!
  13. isignedupfornorealreason

    FM18: Man Utd - Awaken the Sleeping Devil 👹 !

    Sure: I'm at the final pre-season match now, just beat Chelsea 2-0 in the Charity Shield. That's my main squad. Valencia wanting away to PSG at the moment, but I hope he stays as I really don't have any cover for him. Last season's transfer history: The window so far: League table last year: No chance I will ever top that. I've never ever come close to that good a performance, usually I lose 5 and pick up a lot of draws, but that season was ridiculous. We ended up winning the FA Cup too, Bournemouth in the final. Lost the Champions League though to Barcelona quite handily, spanked us 3-1. That's the main formation I run on. I'm going back to experiment on having a box to box rather than a CM/S for this season. Initially I had Pogba as a roaming playmaker but when he got injured I played more conservative and since we kept winning I never saw any need to adjust the role again.
  14. isignedupfornorealreason

    Can't beat Chelsea, any tips?

    I beat him with a 4-4-2 standard, flexible. 1-0 and 3-0, usually the strikers drifted wide into the space vacated by the wingbacks pushing up, especially Alonso. Then my RM and striker have an easy overload. Their threat mostly negated by dropping one of the central midfielders into the DM slot if I felt they were relying on Hazard and co to just run with it all the time. I found my goals against them were more from direct play, nullifying their ability to consolidate because their 3-4-3 (or 5-2-3 whatever) would congest the middle when moving into attacking areas. So, I'd build out centrally but go wide for the threat, and go wide rapidly. (That's assuming he plays the same way vs you though!)
  15. isignedupfornorealreason

    Let's be honest, is anyone going to bother with FM19?

    Probably not. I don't bother with the 'beta' or launch versions anymore. I just wait for the inevitable third patch somewhere in February/March and pick it up on sale on the cheap. There's always a shop that will sell it for peanuts. I think I got FM17 for £7 and FM18 has been as low as £9. For me, at that price I can put up with any perceived flaws in the game a lot easier than if I shelled out the launch price. But, it probably helps that FM isn't the only game I play and enjoy. There's always something to keep me busy. Will I get it eventually? I dunno. I bought FM18 earlier than I anticipated because the new features were 'sold' better than ever. I think if I do buy FM19 it'll probably be very late into its life-cycle, my backlog is plentiful at the moment.