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  1. Telling them to play as a "False 9" or whatever, is giving him a clear set of instructions. Those instructions are within the role explanation *and* the role instructions. I'm not entirely sure your point stands.
  2. Apples and Oranges really.... Club level, you need to learn the tactics, you come up against a variety of tactics, you often play even games, you need to deal with a limited squad, more injuries, pressure, and so on, and regardless of how you've set things up, your nation's league will always be strong (hence, you can usually win in Europe more often than you can at home if you play a one-league set up). International level, most nations will tactically be on the same level (i.e. learning them, not fluid etc), you'll come up against a variety of tactics, most games will be mismatches (depending on the nation you choose, especially in qualifying scenarios), you have a limited squad, but you're often recruiting from an elite group of the 'best', can work around injuries at will, don't generally have to deal with pressure so much (until tournament time) and so on, oh and depending on your setup, few nations will be pushing any quality regens after the first few seasons.
  3. Already done. Maybe not with actual releases, but it is done with DLC via season passes, especially recently. Games offer a season pass, make some vague comment on what will be in, but actually doesn't disclose anything short of the 'number' of potential dlc. No distinction as to whether it will be expansions or cosmetics etc. People lap it up. Look at No Man's Sky. That's one step further, announce features, remove them before launch, absolutely burn bridges with the fans as a result. Guess what? People are STILL defending the developers/publisher and the game itself. Basically, I don't think SI are doing anything immoral, bad, or wrong. They're offering pre-orders, without announcing features. Nothing major to that. People will either order, or not. People will justify and defend it, or criticise it. (Both for our entertainment, really, cos both sides suck! >_> Third option is to wait and see! (I'm Joking, just in case I really need to be obvious about it... -_-)) Really this is a complete non-issue. (Personally, I'm against pre-ordering and such since I started participating with PatientGamers, but even in this instance it doesn't really bother me, though really I'd say if someone is upset about the game after pre-ordering without knowing the changes, it's their own fault, and I can't really criticise SI for setting up a means to take money that is freely offered tbh.)
  4. Wish I read this topic to the end a bit earlier. That was illuminating about the BWM, and the approach to exploiting the AI systems. Lots of things to consider, and plenty of food for thought about how to approach the game. Personally, I think this topic should be in the Tactics FAQ/sticky even if its only recommended as an extra reading option.
  5. Oh, one of the things to remember is the formation you see on the screen is your defensive formation, and the roles/duties would influence how you look in attack. Bear that in mind, in case you end up copying Sky Sports and throwing on a 4-2CM-3-1! XD
  6. For me, it's a big one, because the DCL isn't really in the right place for the 'hand over', and the cross is hit just as the midfielder lets him go. It's a poor decision, one that he might have got away with if the play wasn't so far back imo.
  7. I'm going to ask here, because I don't think it needs an entire topic... Any help would be appreciated on this one; Reading WWFAN's 12 steps: I might be over-thinking it, but this means someone who closes down and makes tackles? Not necessarily someone who defends by way of positioning? So a CM/D (or ball winner, whatever) rather than say, a DLP who is a more positional type of midfield defender?
  8. I said those! >_> Apart from the FB one... (I'm actually pleasantly surprise I got some of them right. :P)
  9. Ah, the 'I'm starting to learn, and it's making everything go wrong'. You're not alone in that, I think a lot of people go that way, and it can be eternally frustrating. Did you not set up your penalty takers? It's not just the penalty attribute you need to consider, but his finishing, composure and how well he handles pressure. This is probably a man-management lesson for you, if you praise a player sometimes they can get over-confident, and likewise criticising a player can absolutely devastate their confidence enough to cause them to miss sitters. It used to be easier to see this in 15, because there would often be open goals and the player would hit the bloody post! I'm not saying you were wrong in this instance, but it is something to consider on the whole. Hmm, I'm not sure it would be gamey. Complicated, yes, more reliant on watching games? Maybe. But it requires understanding what you're watching. (Hey I just showed in another topic, that I'm awful at that! :P) but yes, FM has moved on from the plug and play days, but I'd wager the problem is that gamers back in the day either took advantage of exploits and downloadable tactics and failed to learn over time. So now we're here, and we have a lot of bad habits ingrained, a lot of expectations for nice (and maybe easier) experiences, and so we hit a wall when it becomes rought. Case in point. I think a lot of people have done this, and fair play to you for admitting you've cheated in the past and you're not great at tactics. I'd say you really should head over to the Tactics forums here, and try thinking about what type of tactic you'd like to create. Just the one, whether it's a boring 4-4-2, or a 4-5-1, or 4-3-3, whatever, something simple, start there. And ask for help understanding the basics and beyond. The group of people over there are usually quite good at giving advice, but you'll have to judge that advice yourself, as in, don't just listen and accept what everyone says, just try and use it to formulate an understanding of things. The other thing is, to realise maybe that the game has moved on from being something of a power-fantasy, and to accept that there are going to be hiccups and bad results, and even unfair results. Once you can accept a defeat, it makes things a lot easier for progressing in your saves, something I still have trouble with today. It will, but stick with it. You don't need to buy the game every year, just pick one, let's say you pick up 17, and just stick with it for 2-3 years, whatever, and only move on when you have gotten to grips with things maybe? This way you won't feel cheated in someways out of your money, or frustrated or whatever. FM's just one of those games. Of course, if you're not enjoying it, don't force yourself to play it, you don't have to do that, there's nothing worse, or more frustrating than sticking with something you just don't enjoy.
  10. Check the transfer page for the clauses. I think its the board that negotiate the buy-out clauses, but I've never experienced them negotiating them after a deal has occurred. So if there's no opportunity to buy them out, you're probably going to have to bite the bullet on that.
  11. Oh well, I tried! >_>
  12. Ok I'll give it a go... Is it the bloke (is he the winger?) who ends up behind him, who basically tracks him to the box and then says 'go on chap, put it in the net'? Or is it those two lumps in midfield who go chasing for the ball as its played out wide before looking at each other and deciding to return to their proper positions? Or is it the left side centreback basically just ball-watching? >_>
  13. If I might ask. Do elaborate?
  14. Same. I'll be waiting till the January patch this season though. The 20% off offer is nice, but I nabbed FM16 on launch for almost 50% off on one of the online stores doing a double discount, and they'll probably do it again, so might as well wait.
  15. And don't be afraid to add/delete from them yourself. In-game for example, doesn't include concentration for a goalkeeper, which is something I'd consider particularly important. But OTOH, you can work with someone with weak throwing etc.