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  1. Am i the only one really happy with the 17 ME?

    Early days for me, but I think the only complaint I have about the ME in 17, well, two actually are: 1. Wingers cutting inside far too early and far too often. I understand the reasoning, modern wingers do cut in, but it often leaves me fighting in the central areas, and not actually making the winger do what I want him to be, which is a wide outlet. As every other role cuts in, I really do feel the winger should stay way, way out there and stretch the pitch a bit more, especially in the final third, where they can often be in line with an Advance forward and Inside forward, which is absolutely where they shouldn't be if possession is being recycled. The result is, I'm finding more width from fullbacks than I am from a winger, and less actual wide wing play exploitation that I genuinely do want to see. 2. Wide defending looks a bit odd. I've only glanced at other complaints about this, but I did catch my wide midfield players standing out wide in a odd place when defending. I'm not sure if that's genuinely their attempt at defending, or their attempt to stay out wide for a counter attack. It is something for me to keep an eye on anyway. That said, I'm only really 15 games into a save file so, early days.
  2. Against which formation you struggle most?

    I play a 4-3-2-1 Asymmetrical, so AML, MR and an AMC. Sort of a lop-sided 4-4-1-1 really. I struggle most with facing 4-2DM-1-2-1 or any other variation of the 4-2DM defensive setup. Usually, I only see those formations in home games. In FM16, after dominating for three seasons, nearly every team except the top 4 came to my stadium playing a variant of the 4-2DM formation to try and park the bus. I say I struggle against it, but that's a bit of a lie, I actually do bludgeon through it, because crap teams can't perform it well, and even better teams leave the initiative on our side so if we score one, that's it, gameplan out of the window. That said, it is eternally frustrating to see that formation and to face it, because it is difficult to figure out what to do on the rare occasions they do shut up shop successfully. Another formation I have trouble with is a high 4-2-3-1 (with the front four in the AM/FWD slots), because it seems difficult to break out of that set up if the team successfully gets me pinned back into my area. I can't clear long because my wide players are back defending, I can't play out of the back because the 'four' are pressing, and my keeper will just punt it for a recycle. That too, can lead to frustrating games for me.
  3. What's your FM2018 Pre-Order Status? (poll)

    I only recently picked up 17 on sale for that £7 special offer they were doing. So, I think I'll actually buy 18 sometime next season when it, too, is down to £7. I don't mind playing with an out of date database, and getting it late should ensure I get it when everything has been patched up and all the fancy new stuff has the teething problems ironed out. And seeing how 18 looks to have a lot of new stuff, there may be plenty of little things for them to fix over the year. I'm sorely tempted though, the feature announcements have been excellent this time around in my opinion.
  4. Simple question: does the backheel exist in the game?

    I've had it just now. Jamie Vardy backheeled it through two incoming defenders so Wilshire could score for England. Was good to see.
  5. Overrated/Underrated players in FM2017

    Don't suppose West Ham were led by the mighty JonJo Shelvey with his 18 vision?
  6. I really don't know what to do next

    Information overload is a hell of a thing. I was late to the party with FM16, and struggled massively with it all the way through. In the end I had to quit and just go away and do my own thing and play other games. When I got back into it, I took only the very basic advice: So a balance of roles and duties, you know the usual D/S/A thing. And I made myself a 4-4-1-1, maybe one team instruction, left it on standard/flexible, and ended up in a six year career that lasted until I got a new rig and had to end it. I won't say I mastered the game, no chance, it still completely schooled me at times. But I won trophies, I won in competitions that I usually always struggled with, and I was rather consistent at doing it. A lot of it was luck, don't get me wrong, I *still* can't analyse the game as well as I want to, and that's okay, but I finally started having fun. I won't say I stopped reading and learning from guides, but I put them aside and stopped relying on them. Even guru topics on here, I stopped looking at them so much, because I would read them and want to try and do it myself and get pissed off when I couldn't. And maybe that's my fault, but I feel the point I'm trying to make is, while the guides are nice, the best thing to do is to just focus on the tools provided within the game, especially with roles and descriptions, read them, try to understand them, and watch them, so you get a handle on them. Unsure? Don't use them. Stick with the basics and safe stuff. Leave the extravagant roles for later when you have a more comfortable foundation and don't mind experimenting a bit. That's what I did with my 4-4-1-1, it was all boring generic roles, and as it went along I made it more and more exotic and ridiculous, and the purpose of that entire formation was my desire to use a Ball Winning Midfielder. That was it. And it gave me six seasons of fun and games.
  7. Art imitating life

    Haha, what a reply. Arsenal won the league in my first season, Ozil and Sanchez signed on for another few years. I was managing England, so it was interesting to see, because they steamrolled everyone. They had only four defeats!
  8. Does experience matter in FM?

    Hmm, thank you for the answer. So, in theory, the bulk of the improvement is still ideally going to be done at that 14-24 time period, when development is still rapid, so to speak, and we'll get a good picture of the player's abilities by then.
  9. Does experience matter in FM?

    Is this: "Player will continue developing *new* attribute points towards his potential even all the way to 28 years of age." or "Player will continue 'developing', therefore, trading attribute points around from his current ability at 28 years of age" ? I've been led to believe it is the latter, and that genuine fresh attribute improvement rates tend to even out at the age of 23, with development from that point on often just a readjustment of what he already has earned in most cases.
  10. Overrated/Underrated players in FM2017

    He was phenomenal in 16 if I remember right. I think a lot of players get boosts, when they're in good form and not necessarily that good in quality. In my view players in the Premier League are a bit too over-rated at times. But I don't think it is always the PL researcher's fault. Depay was fantastic in 16, and I think he was given his attributes by his previous club's researcher over in Holland.
  11. How do I get the build my team around the regista?

    A starting point would probably be a defend duty midfielder, more likely a CM/D. The other one can be anything, I'd presume you'd want to avoid other playmaking roles though, so you could have say, a Ball winner, an attacking central midfielder, or even a box to box midfielder, or potential a CM/S. All depends on what options you have on the flanks and ahead as well though, try and think of the full team rather than the individual components.
  12. Tactic Issue

    I'd suspect they're one and the same issue. Once you fix the midfield problem, you'll fix the defensive issue. The CM/A is the person I would be examining, as he more than likely won't be in a position to aid the DLP/D in the defensive transitions that occur.
  13. Think Lines and Diamonds pretty much covers that on a basic level.
  14. Brexit 2017/2018 version

    I'd just not implement it tbh, until we know what's going on. Or at least include an option to tick at startup 'void brexit' so we can just keep the status quo. Because at the moment IRL, it is anyone's guess what will happen model-wise, presumably the British will be worse off in every comparable way, but who knows what the British government will come up with in the meantime.
  15. I can see why he has 17 heading.