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  1. I disagree. I vaguely remember complaints about the F9 not doing the job in 2018's version, and quite a few complaints about DLF not dropping enough, and in fact, being alongside or further ahead of an AF strike partner in previous editions. Striker movement does look like it needs improving though, going by the gifs etc. I can't really comment on the new engine as I haven't touched the game for a while.
  2. Sir Alex Ferguson falls into the same trap unfortunately. Lots of people rate him as a 'man manager' and talent scout but completely underestimate his tactical prowess. He was so versatile tactically that it is completely nonsense that the praise for his talents gets bumped sideways to his assistants, who in the vast majority of cases haven't been anywhere close to a great manager in their own individual careers tbh.
  3. Pay more attention to the mental attributes. Anticipation, decisions, composure, off the ball, concentration. Then also look at his technique, which I always felt was a major factor in taking on difficult chances. A striker lacking in composure and decisions will spurn so many chances in my experience.
  4. They got top four in my save. Think they actually came third. They're incredibly tough, don't know why. Heller was scoring for fun. In my save Liverpool ran away with it, but I pipped them to it on the final day by two points. Spurs, Arsenal and Chelsea floundered mid-table. City did okay but because the game seems to never recognise past accomplishments in a new save, Pep got the sack for finishing fourth and FA Cup runners up. Wolves and West Ham were the overachievers. Watford were ridiculously good as well, finishing mid-table. Everton were realistic and came down the bottom. :P
  5. Agreed. Fairly hard working, physical and fit but average in everything important. Pretty much sums him up IMO, he's not good statistically for creative plays etc last I checked.
  6. Just a question: I won the FA Cup, it gave out the medals. It gave a medal to a player who is on loan with another team. Is that correct/ working as intended? He never played an FA Cup game with me, so it seems funny that he gets an FA Cup winners medal even though he's been KO'd on loan with a non-winning team.
  7. Yeah, there's also just IMO, and it is probably down to my setup, too many hollywood passes at the expense of the simple pass. Defenders in particular are bad offenders for this, but I loathe to put 'play out of defence' because one or three of these passes get through and create chances. Has been this way for a while with me though, not exclusive to FM20.
  8. I think it is the same as always. I still thump teams at home and then proceed to forget how to play for away games. :P
  9. For what it is worth, there's a bug where even if you take control, once you load your save it'll revert back to putting the loan manager in charge. So, every time you load up the game, change his duties again and make sure the players aren't on the development list or he takes over for those as well.
  10. I had a cracker earlier; Juan Mata on the breakaway. Has Martial and Rashford ahead of him, only two defenders up ahead centrally. Martial is occupying both of them. Rashford is miles in open space, waving a giant 'pass it to me banner', unmarked down the left wing. Juan Mata, with 16 decisions, 15 composure, decides that the best course of action is to dribble into the opposition half all the way down the left wing, with his MIGHTY, 9 pace. He gets caught by retreating defenders and tackled for a throw-in. All he had to do, was ping the ball forward and Rashford, who is fifty times faster, could have taken over. It was the most ridiculous thing I'd seen, I know it happens at times, but Mata isn't the type of player I expect to make such a basic mistake by being selfish.
  11. As I said, it is something that has happened regardless of the type of player I'm putting in that area. I'm not talking about their movement in general play - I'm talking about specifically when a counter attack has triggered. In those situations, the majority of players dart forward, and the striker is one I expect to see do that, particularly when the ball has gone alongside or beyond him. There's no actual benefit for the movement to hold position or drop deeper in those situations as that would place them in the middle of the retreating defenders and midfielders and essentially take him completely out of the counter-attacking equation.
  12. I'm not talking about in general, I'm talking specifically on a counter attack trigger.
  13. I'm seeing two frustrating bits of striker movement from a DLF/S; Scenario 1: Counter attack is triggered. Wide players surge forward, but the DLF holds his run or lazily jogs forward with no urgency. - It doesn't matter who is in that position, I see it frequently, although once in a while they will get the burners on and get into the box. It's annoying because the wide players only have the option to shoot, whereas if the striker surges forward we could have a one-two or a cutback option on. The movement is very choreographed, it looks terrible, so this is either an ME issue or a graphical issue, much like how everyone sits about waiting on a fart whilst only one player approaches a loose ball. It comes across as too artificial when that sort of thing happens. Scenario 2: Throw-ins. Holy hell do they take a while to move for throw-ins? They come short, even when I tell them not to, but I had a peach earlier; Throw in on the left side outside the box. Thrown in, and the ball ends up on the right wing. My Inside forward gets into the box ready to attack. My DLF sits by the corner flag, lazily walking about. He should be busting a gut to get in to the box for the eventual cross. I scored off this chance, by the IF, but I'm just saying the movement is lacking and that shouldn't be the case, even support duty strikers should be aware of the goalscoring opportunities available to them.
  14. Yes. Also sometimes it only shows the end of a highlight rather than the whole highlight.
  15. I take over control of the loans in staff responsibilites because my loan manager is being useless. Offer some players out and yet he still interferes with the acceptance/rejection despite it being under my control now? Any solutions?
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