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  1. I'd just prioritise the four actually. And focus on the middle of the pitch - so GK / CB / CM / FWD. Might be a bit late for scouting incursions into Eastern Europe and lower league Italy/Spain/Germany - usually always find a bargain or two on the cheap there. If you can keep the core middle player group fit throughout and consolidate from relegation then you should be able to add the rest in the following season.
  2. Hrm... Regarding Merthyr, aren't their U23's in the Welsh Premier Development League? So their first team competes in England and their U23 in Wales? (It might be the U18's, I'm unsure on this one.) Anyway, Wales should be an interesting country to look at from next season on. Not sure if FM will be bothering with going beyond the Welsh Premier, but they're restructuring the entire pyramid over the next three seasons, so the FAW is going to consume the second tier (next season) and third tier (season after). So new league names etc will be something to look out for, but again, not sure if it'll be shown in FM... But anyway, for a Welsh challenge if you want to be competing in Europe I do recommend going for a Welsh club in England's system. If you want a hefty challenge getting into Europe with essentially very weak players full stop, do it in Wales.
  3. I think it was last year that I said board expectations in the game are too high. I feel expectations should be a minimum level of what is acceptable - so even in the unlikely case of say, Manchester United winning the league this year, their minimum is absolutely top 4. I'd like to see the expectations system changed to present two sections: 1. The ideal 'target' - So title/title-challenge, whatever. 2. The minimum expectation - top four, or whatever. And the team would have to be exceptional to have both targets be the same at the very top; i.e. PSG in France. You'd then have more chance of being fired if you breach the minimum expectations, or if you breach the ideal target over multiple seasons - as that would show you have not been improving (in theory).
  4. Hm... Well, my last game on FM18 I started in August 2018. Today I'm in December of the second season, so its taken me four months of on and off playing to get through one and a bit seasons. For me, the start up is the longest part. Setting up the staff, which is usually horrifically lopsided, setting up training, scouting, everything. I don't delegate as I absolutely don't trust the AI to do bugger all correctly. Only once all that is sorted, which can take a week or two if I'm not in the mood, then we start the season. Usually a lot of my games are dead on arrival after that much setting up, but when they kick on, I go through a few games at a time. As for that game file, I've not genuinely played it for a while. Boredom for most the part, I won more or less everything and was just going through the motions, so I benched the game for long periods. It's still installed and available for when the mood kicks in though.
  5. Sir Alex Ferguson. No one will have his staying power and capacity to evolve tactically, or to get the best out of what many will perceive to be average players. Despite being one of the best and longest managers out there, I think he is criminally underrated by many when it comes to his tactical exploits, something I think a few people are starting to revise given United's fortunes of late. I always try to last as long as he does by being a one-club man. Unfortunately, I'm not quite so tactically flexible as he was.. :P
  6. It doesn't seem right to me. The loan contract started pre-Brexit and so should be following pre-Brexit rules and regulations. The Brexit requirements would have to kick in for their next contract. Otherwise this would be a very messy situation IRL if everyone already here suddenly needed a WP.
  7. https://www.premierleague.com/news/916592 The statement on HG restrictions and Brexit. How well that holds up depending on the Brexit agreement (assuming it happens) and any potential law changes, I don't know. But it seems to me that they're not going to add/remove further restrictions by choice.
  8. Wonder if they take into account the recent announcement by the PL that they won't mess about with player restrictions?
  9. They're all very useful, but I find having a 'basic' level of technical and physical attributes can be compensated for by superb mental attributes. I find physical or technical players without good mentals to be inconsistent and frustrating to deal with. Thus, I'll tailor a player to exploit his physicals and technical via role, but I won't suffer someone who doesn't have the mentality as you can't really 'hide' those players, not even out wide for me. I've come to this view in favour of mental attributes over the recent seasons, when it has come to dealing with strikers and missing chances, but also defenders and how they hold the defensive work. Securing a defender with superior mental attributes really made short work of nearly every opposition attack, though it helps that defenders can afford to drop a lot of technical attributes.
  10. I set them up myself as the chief scout seems to put most of them in the UK...
  11. Sold a declining Wayne Rooney, but didn't check the contract and didn't see that I agreed to pay his wages at his new club... =/ I auto-exclude that all the time now and it is the first thing I look for.
  12. No, no no... *new patch* A random FM gamer: "OMG,this update made my tactic stopped working, what do I do guys?" SI Staff (knowing he will be ignored completely): "There were no adjustments to the match engine for this patch."
  13. Isn't it actually stated in moneyball books (or whatever) that strikers are over-valued anyway?
  14. No idea, but anything I'd say would be 'confirmation bias' or just guessing. My experience is that they're used to influence the mentality of the players play. So, you encourage teams that are doing okay, or you tell them 'no pressure' to try and calm them down when they get all nervous etc. I've used 'praise' to good effect - In matches where I dominate, but we fluff chances, sometimes I feel encouragement is a bit pointless, since they're doing the right things except the final ball. Praising them re-assures them they're on the right track, and usually we get a goal or two after this - but again, whether the shout helps is up in the air, it could be we're simply creating so many chances it was inevitable we'd score etc. But, I think they have less impact than team-talks - you're better off telling that youth debutant 'no pressure' before kick off rather than once the game has started for example. Maybe they have no effect at all? Who knows? :P
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