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  1. Can only speak on Manchester United tbh: Juan Mata is overdue a downgrade since three seasons ago tbh. Man is literally world class and hasn't been for years. Marcus Rashford, too good, he's better than Lukaku in FM19 IMO, which I don't think is the case IRL. Jesse Lingard, especially that ridiculous 18 for off the ball. Anthony Martial, is always spoken about in terms of potential, but is far too good in the game. Matic - can't even get a game atm. Sanchez - been off the boil for a while now. Pereira - apparently the David Beckham thing isn't quite true. All need downgrading. Paul Pogba needs upgrading, especially in vision (16 to Mata's 18 what?), but I think his defensive frailties are correct.
  2. Bring back our favourite spokesman from the other year who did the videos. Guy did a great job on the PR front if you ask me. I think the DoF idea is interesting, probably not going to happen in 2020 though, but I would have thought it would be earmarked for further down the line, to have them be more aligned with the club philosophy perhaps? Say, a club that has a vision to have the DoF handle squad building but the manager be a 'head coach'. That's an option, or a potential transfer by committee thing etc. I imagine it might be too much of a hassle to put in and may very well not be a popular feature though - I know I'd just beeline for a club that gives me total control tbh.
  3. Hopefully for FM2020 they'll see sense and just make it a meme where every three-six months we get a message saying "The EU has approved an extension for the Brexit deadline, the new deadline is on xxx date" and this happens infinitely. Brexit never occurs, none of this random nonsense. And it should be coded this way for all future iterations of the game until Brexit actually happens IRL or is cancelled. Simple.
  4. I kind of want to see a picture of the attributes so I can judge for myself.
  5. Not sure what to think. The playing time pathway may be handy, but I think it will need to be fairly flexible for the user to adjust on the fly depending on a multilude of factors. For example, new signings perhaps reducing a prospect's potential playing time, or reducing a current player's playing time etc. My initial anticipation is that this feature is going to throw up a ton of complaints regarding the potential fallouts in player relationships and the users inability to placate them. I.e. players in game throwing their toys out of the pram. I hope that it has been coded to be somewhat flexible with players showing more of an understanding as the team shifts over time. For example, I hope players are willing to take a knock down in status if the anticipation from the manager is that it will only add one or two seasons to their development cycle. I also hope it doesn't just turn into a drama-fest when the player and manager's aims either do not align or their goals aren't reached. I do think plenty of players can amicably part ways without kicking up a fuss, and I hope that is the majority response when things just don't kick on - for example, a manager expected better development from a player, but it just hasn't happened due to injury or whatever. The club vision is another feature I wonder how extreme it will be handled in terms of reactions to failure/success, and how flexible it will be in the long term for the player. Will things be adjustable on the fly if the situation calls for it? For example, say there's an injury crisis, or a major transfer target fell through for whatever reason. Will the club vision compensate to take that into account? Will it be "We were expecting to compete for the league, however, we recognise a serious first team injury crisis affected results enough that we are happy to reduce our expectations thus so..." as opposed to "Rargh, this is bad, you suck, we are very sad!" etc. Likewise, if a transfer falls through for whatever reason, will the vision recognise say; "We couldn't fulfil our vision of buying brand name talent this season but we recognise that to do so would have aversely affected our financial goal, therefore we are not judging you negatively on this aspect" for example? These are contextual issues that I think the game has struggled to recognise in the past and usually needed two or so iterations before they get ironed out. So those are my initial concerns on the new features. Tl:dr: I like the features but wonder if they will be balanced appropriately (by my standard... :P) for FM2020. Can't comment on the staff updates as I can't really tell much from it at the moment.
  6. Manchester United. I think they count as a fallen giant now? :P Okay, a slightly upper-table team anyway. If the researcher has appropriately rated them, I'm looking forward to playing with a team of mediocre players, bar Pogba, De Gea, (possibly) AWB and Maguire. I'm looking forward to trying to re-balance the ridiculous wage bill. But that's only *if* they've been rated appropriately. No doubt, Martial will be Ronaldo-like, Rashford will be up there as one of the best strikers in the world and Mata will have the attributes of someone capable of putting out 40 assists a week, never mind a season. I kind of hope they have the board interfering with transfers etc, just to make it more challenging, but we'll see. Anyway, yes, snark aside, United is where I'd go this season, just to rebuild them. It's the smallest of bright spots as a United fan I guess, I used to dislike taking over SAF's teams as they were so good it never felt like I did much for the club, so I was always looking elsewhere.
  7. Are you even playing it if you're going on holiday for 95% of the games? Home/Away performances are about right imo, outside of the top teams or unusual statistical anomalies it is rather difficult to get an away record that is equal to (or heaven forbid, better than) your home record. Google it if you don't believe me, the top result is research (albeit for gambling) containing information on the 2016/17 PL season and noted 49.2% of matches were home wins with only 28.7% of away wins. The rest (22%) were draws. And that isn't a domestic thing, there's research over 9,000 matches between 1993-2004 in international matches and that showed up statistics of 50.5% home win, 24.5% away wins and 25% drawn matches, with 'elite' teams expected to gain 60% home wins or higher. Those statistics have been pretty consistent throughout the years, away matches are big tests for teams, even the very top teams can come unstuck there, so you need to adjust how you play and/or temper your expectations both for the game and IRL, since I see many fans think they can achieve an away day walkover with alarming regularity.
  8. I disagree, there are a lot of people who struggle with the game already, so there needs to be a third option: Easy. That doesn't really surprise me if it's a two legged competition though. Even the AI in 16-18 was overturning 4/5/6/-0/whatever first leg defeats with alarming regularity on my saves. But the lopsidedness of his results there, 6-1/8-2 suggests to me he's gone attacking/overload, fluid the usual nonsense that elects thirty odd shots without too much hassle. Had the AI attacked him in the second leg he may be facing another 6-1 defeat imo. I don't see what's wrong with that though, that's why a lot of people initially picked up the game. It's more fun being Sir Alex Ferguson (in your career) than it is unsuccessfully getting demolished week in and week out. But this isn't really a new debate, it's been discussed for a long time that there will supposedly come a day when SI have to pick and choose, but so far they can sit on the fence since the game caters to near enough every group at the moment.
  9. Yes, I suffer from cup final 'bottling'. My view of it is that it happens because the teams are more ambitious and aggressive in cup finals compared to how they typically are in the league (more so if you're a bigger team), which usually means they have players in a position to exploit any of your tactical issues. Particularly in a 4-4-2 where you can get overrun in the middle or hit in the DM strata. As for overcoming it, sometimes I make the team more cautious and balanced, sometimes the defensive approach doesn't work, so I up the aggression to take advantage of the opposition aggression. In your case I wouldn't even be worried though, you're not losing to crap teams there besides West Ham, so I'm sure you'll nab plenty of trophies in the near future as you shift from top six to a top four team in your own right.
  10. With offside I'm inclined to doubt whether the decision was wrong or not. Lots of people don't fully understand that law. :P
  11. If I was brainstorming basically: Pressing forward A, two Inside forwards A/S and an AM/S. Regarding the two Defend duties, I would have to look at it if I ever ran with it, but the idea would be to use them to create depth as I wouldn't need another player moving up into the central attacking areas in theory, but I was thinking along the lines you mentioned; having players with 'hold position', since MC/S if I remember right does get forward a bit and doesn't have hold position active. I've not gone with a Double Defend midfield before mind you, usually I stick to just the one. Perhaps I'm overthinking it and a MC with enabled hold position is the way forward? :P
  12. I used to do that as well, but thinking of making it more generic (i.e. no playmaker duties) I've wondered whether CM/S-D is the go-to or, if you want to be even more secure, given that four are up top, two Defend roles. Makes me wonder if that would allow more freedom for the wingbacks, but I'd imagine both would have to be impressively fit players to hold that midfield if so. (Hopefully this isn't too long to be considered a necro, apologies if so.)
  13. How do you check if the U23 league is equal to the equivalent leagues recommended by the coach report? If I recall, the coach report only uses the domestic first team leagues as a guide. Would going by competition rep be fair game?
  14. Mine runs fine it's just the constant stopping for fixtures that slows things down. Stops on Friday, three on Saturday then Sunday and Monday. Wouldn't mind if it just skips to my match and gets on with things.
  15. Watching some of the comebacks this season has really got me interested in firing up a gegenpressing style. I'm normally quite 'balanced' in things, but maybe I should say sod it and just go all out entertaining attacks. Trouble is, I'd like to be competent like Klopp and not anything like Keegan. :P
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