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  1. Tactical Challenges #1: The Poacher

    Good to hear of more successes. I'm keeping an eye out for the ambitious individual who plays a single striker formation with the poacher.
  2. Tactical Challenges #1: The Poacher

    Funny you say that. I am West Ham, and I play Hernandez up top as a poacher/AF, with Lanzini behind as the Treq. No big men allowed up top for me!
  3. Clarification on Update 18.3.0

    Assuming that's the odd long shots going out for a throw in?
  4. Medium database, England, Scotland, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Holland, Italia, France. Think that's it.
  5. Did FM became too elitist tactic-wise?

    Aye, but I can't see difficulty settings ever becoming a thing in FM (I don't count rep as a difficulty setting tbh). The joys of games like Civ or Stellaris is that you have a lot of customisation control over your difficulty levels. Sometimes I like to play a war-mongering leader, but I want challenge! I want to feel the pain! So I rack up the difficulty level and wince my way through it. And sometimes, I want to roleplay a peaceful utopia Empire, so playing on Settler with its tech bonuses and everything lets me do this. People might find it boring, but who cares? It is my game, and I'm enjoying it for the option it has presented to me, it is that option that lets me while away the hours. I wouldn't object if FM did something similar to that, difficulty levels or hidden underlying boosts or whatever. As long as they're optional. Let the players who want to figure things out and be challenge have their fun. Let the ones who want to live the fantasy of being super-amazing have their fun too! I don't know if FM is set up for that level of customisation though, I'd guess not. Agreed, I find it fascinating reading to see how different people interpret different roles and systems in different ways. That's me. I know there's underlying issues with whatever I make, I can't point my finger on what it is exactly, but I get the results, so I get to grind through each iteration as it comes. I think it ties into what Rashidi says about the common language though, some people have a vision but can't quite match it up with what they're creating, some have logic issues, some just use the wrong role when a more suitable one is available but haven't quite picked up on things etc.
  6. Did FM became too elitist tactic-wise?

    Yeah, see I really don't agree with that logic.
  7. Did FM became too elitist tactic-wise?

    Pretty sure user-reviews are on a downward trend though. Consistently so. (Let's not start dismissing them...) I don't think the hours are a reliable metric either, this a game you can leave to idle for ages, and I've often spent 20 odd hours messing about setting up the first season before I even get going. I wonder how many others do similar. - I've never agreed with those that dismissed critical opinion when the hour count is high either, if anything that lends more weight to the criticism in my opinion. I agree. Ideally I want all the (refined) features of the management aspects, with the tactics creator, but more opportunity to just live my football power-fantasy tactic-wise. Which is probably a muddle overall. This is a game that has to cater to a pretty diverse audience, and I think ultimately, it will be fine with *any* direction it chooses to take, because there is absolutely no viable competition out there, and I can't imagine it will be likely to see any for a long time.
  8. How do you pull off giant kills?

    Just a balanced system should work. My 4-4-1-1 pulls it off sometimes. I make sure to make the backline more conservative, no attacking fullbacks, because the bigger teams are likely to over-commit in attack. Ergo, I in theory need less people going forward. I prefer to lock down the middle as well, so two of my three midfielders will be on holding duties. The middle is where it is won or lost I think. If I see the opposition taking lots of long shots, I know I'm on the right track. I don't like dropping deeper, as that can result in getting pinned, and more often than not loose shots will get through and we'll end up in a situation where we clear it, only for the opposition to recycle the attack. It also depends on the opposition formation, for me anyway, I always get hammered when the AI Play a 4-2-3-1, I just can't counteract it at all.
  9. Did FM became too elitist tactic-wise?

    A - I completely agree on. But you see it IRL as well. There are a lot of people, in the media and in reality saying Manchester United are having a horrific season and sticking their heads in the sand over the fact that they're doing relatively well considering their past seasons, and the abnormality of Manchester City. In fact, I'd say it feels like the average player/fan is not happy unless they're having Manchester City style seasonal successes in the game. I've been frequenting fan forums this season, and it is just staggering how people over-react over a loss or a draw, so much so, they expect to be winning every single match bar maybe one or two hard away games. That's just not feasible in reality or in the gaming world. B - I can relate, but... I'd say that football logic doesn't come naturally to all players. I myself have been criticised for being too conservative in my role selection in the past, and 'logically' I'm supposed to improve on that. But to me, I can't see it very well. I suspect a lot of people will have similar issues as they approach tactics in a different way etc. I can relate to this sometimes. I'll see a midfield player run wide, he's being shadowed. he has a passing option backwards, which is to the full back. The midfielder is facing side-on, so the full back is in full view of him. He'll dither and shadow the ball (under pressure) to the touchline, do his ballet dance tippy tappy, then get tackled. And I'm bursting a vein in fury that the wife immediately decides to hide out elsewhere for the day. It could be awful decision making - it probably is, but there are so many times I see the simple damn passing option, not being taken, it can be insufferable. One of the biggest issues I have is also with fullbacks and centrebacks playing it long. Sometimes, I want to see it happen - i..e the opposition is playing a high line, I have an advanced forward, let's go! But sometimes I don't, they're playing deep, my formation is 4-4-1-1, which is suitable for passing up the field, not necessarily hoofing it up the field, because no one is going to get there in time to help. One of the things that makes identifying issues a problem for me, is I'm never sure if it is an tactical issue, or a game issue. I've been on the tactical forums sometimes, and when I identify a problem, usually the clever clogs identify something completely different and I feel like an idiot. One issue I have at the moment for example; is that players don't move up in time, quick enough to keep up with play. That's a transition issue, but I have no idea how to fix it. In fact, it is one reason I've been playing the way I have so far, because the only way I know how to 'fix' the issue is to play with an attacking midfielder. Without one, no one moves quick enough and the play gets isolated and shut out or a long shot attempt happens. Having looked at the way I set things up over time, I'm uncertain of why this happens, but alas.
  10. Absolutely ridiculous "promise"

    Oh boy... I hope this doesn't manifest in game too much. It is my main method of getting rid of people. - I do drop their status to backup, or lower if I'm phasing them down because better talent is in the squad. I don't think I could deal with the headache of having to explain why I'm phasing players out.
  11. Absolutely ridiculous "promise"

    I had something similar. At West Ham, Ayew wanted to leave for more first team football, and I figured it was a good chance to offload him. Agreed, sold him. Next thing I know, people are in my office wondering why I got rid of such a highly influential player. I defused the situation by claiming it was because he didn't fit tactically (true), but point is, he was the one wanting out. Had I stood in his way, no doubt he would use his position to cause a ruckus. I ran into similar problems with another player, a backup who had no place in the team, where whichever route I went, there was a player drama waiting to happen. It is slightly excessive in my view and needs to be handled a bit better.
  12. As you can set up staff responsibilities to create a situation where a Director of Football makes bids for young (or senior) squad members, but have the manager himself deal with contracts and finalisation of the deal, I propose that the DoF should provide a scouting report on the current/potential ability of the player for the manager's consideration. As it is at the moment, the DoF can bid, turn the deal over to you, and yet provide you with absolutely no information, no scouting report, no wage guesses, zilch. It would make sense to me that he would have this information at hand to provide to the manager to either, go ahead with the deal or reject it out of hand. I have just run into this scenario just now, my DoF bid for an apparently very highly rated youngster, but has left me at contract negotiations with no idea of who the lad is, or what he wants. That's not very professional of him!
  13. Pace and Power

    Erm... Did you just completely ignore everything else he wrote so you could nitpick on one element? ^Taken directly from the excellent Lines and Diamonds. Counter suits what he's asking for, since he wants his players to consolidate behind the ball and be patient in defence. And once he counter attacks, he will see his players 'pour forwards' as he so wishes when the opportunity arises.
  14. Pace and Power

    Sounds pretty much exactly what the counter mentality does.
  15. The way I understand it, you're supposed to think about how the roles all interact with each other. Just blindly going by the player's "best" role could have very lopsided or illogical tactical set ups, hence why you end up with gaping holes in some areas of the pitch. That said, the pitch red/green thing is also just a guide, you absolutely can set up with full on red areas if you account for those weaknesses.