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  1. I might grab this version. I skipped FM21 and have barely played FM this year. A break might have done me good.
  2. Was told to make this a thread, so I'm copying over the question, I apologise if the questions seem too broad, but I'm trying to think in more general/broader terms; What do you think of combining similar mentalities for the wide-central partnerships? Am I thinking along the right lines here, or have I gone off the deep end? For example; An IW/S combined with a DLF/S and a Winger/A with an AF? I was thinking that the combination would offer a partnership in the AM strata whilst offering possibilities to exploit the other flank if the opposition shifted to try and counteract it. However, on the other hand, the usual IW/S + AF, and W/A +DLF/S, seems to me to create a more triangle pattern for passing options when the team is in possession, alongside variation in that there is a holder/carrier, and a direct attacking option (DLF+W, IW+AF). I was just wondering if my thought process is going down the right track here? Am I perhaps overlooking a critical weaknesses here in my thoughts of bringing together the partnership in the AM strata with that framework? In order that it's not just a 'roles in isolation' question, this is my formational set up, ignore the instructions and 'preset', I haven't started on them yet, I am just making the basic framework first;
  3. Oh, alright! But you'll have to promise to come and leave an answer in that thread for me! :P
  4. Luck's always been a factor in football though, so has inconsistency. SAF's 1998/99 Treble winning side were fantastic, but also gloriously lucky at times. Bayern outplayed them in the final, and if we were the manager of Bayern and we met SAF's Treble winning team, I'm sure we'd all be on here raging about the AI FM'ing us! Football turns on small margins sometimes, look at Chelsea losing to United thanks to the slip for the penalty by Terry, or the Stevie G slip for Liverpool. It's the same thing with Mbappe missing glorious chances in your match. United should have had the Europa Final tied up and done by the 70th minute or so this year, I think Rashford had a sitter for example, that he shanked wide. Sometimes, you just get comprehensively outplayed (like United vs Barcelona in the CL Final) or you get it wrong (like Pep's City this year), and sometimes you can play your normal game and for whatever reason, every shot goes in. We see it with Southampton this season, or those games where clubs like United, City, Liverpool concede 6-7 in a match from out of nowhere. At the end of the day, we just have to accept the randomness, the inconsistency and the frustration. But when frustration takes over, that's the time to have a break, it's a difficult thing to deal with and it can ruin the fun at times, but that's just the game.
  5. I dunno, what exactly would he learn from an arcade gamble box like FIFA? Silly formations, dumb tricks, and exploit tap ins? How would he translate that over to FM? Overload 4-2-4 formation, with everyone on attack and a topic bemoaning why CB's can't use attack duty? :P
  6. I have better luck with them going wide if they're back in the M/RL positions rather than the AMLR positions. Otherwise, it's wing-backs that act like the old fashioned chalk on your boots wingers, as I find the role cuts in too early in the final third. Just me though.
  7. Yeah I seldom use 5 at the back, last time I did was when Van Gaal managed United I think, back when there was a phase of teams trying out 3ATB. I get tired of the formation mainly because I love wide players like IF's and wingers, even if I don't get them working half the time. In reply to your other comment, I had a Treq as a lone striker once in a 4-5-1, all the way back in 2015/16 I think. He was only supported by a generic triple CM midfield, CM/S/D/A, with the left WM/A acting as a false IF, and a winger on the right. I picked that role because I was playing Aston Villa I think, and I nabbed for £5 million some absolutely nonsense creative striker who fit the bill for the Treq role. He made us a one man team. Don't think I'd do it again, but it was a fun save because he was just a diamond of a player.
  8. You could always eliminate the issue of the wide players formation wise. Try something like a 5-3-2, or 5-2-1-2 or 5-3-1-1. With the 5-3-2, you'd utilise him as the deeper, creative striker and would have a choice of strike partner (poacher, AF etc). You'd be able to have attacking options behind him, if you have a DM triangle behind him, then you have defensive cover combined with three defenders. So that should give you some freedom to select more mobile central midfielders to support and to surge behind/around him. Thinking, CM/A's, attacking mezzala's that will attack the half space on the other side of the other striker for example. With the 5-3-1-1 it's the same principle, but he'll be in the AMC strata instead. With 5-2-1-2, you'd have to tinker with a more defensive midfield set up to accommodate him and the additional striker I reckon. As a bonus, you'd be playing a formation that is probably unique for once, since everyone and their dog likes 4-2-3-1's and 4-3-3's and 4-4-flipping-2! :P
  9. I've taken a break, so now I'm back to reading on FM again and I'm having my head melted by Mentality again, probably as I've read too many contradictory information; Basically, is the old information about mentality adjusting the passing range still true? So, positive mentalities make defend duties pass shorter and attack duties pass longer and vice versa? Would this mean, if I wanted to play cautious/defensive that I'd need to rectify the longer passing for defend duties with team instructions?
  10. I think the sooner SI figure out how to eliminate 'mentality' the better tbh. It always makes my head melt.
  11. I guess for a temporary fix, you could adjust the settings to filter reports that are only 3 or 3.5 stars and up? You'd have to monitor it for each season as your team progresses however.
  12. The post title reminded me of the old thread from 2015; Will be interested in seeing your thoughts, because that thread pushed me to play several long term saves with a 4-5-1, including one with Aston Villa funny enough.
  13. That usually means you're too passive in closing down and/or you're not compressing the space. Long shots under pressure are usually fun to see, because that's wasted opportunities. If they're getting free long shots, you need to identify why they're in space. Either, someone didn't close him down? Or your defensive line dropped too deep? Both? With a 4-4-2 you'll be particularly vulnerable to this because you don't have a natural shield of the DM (their AM) position. When I play 4-4-2, I tend to have very conservative midfielders - CM/D, DLP/S for example, who will drop deeper and defend, which is vital as you'll be outnumbered in central midfield in most modern formations. For me, that means the counter attack absolutely has to be done by the wingers and strikers. You may also need to consider your backline, if you're going with no nonsense centre backs, remember they tend to clear it, rather than retain it. Consider how defensive your wingbacks are too, I personally wouldn't ever go full defensive on the backline because there isn't enough movement for me. I'd want those full backs going forward a bit to help out and to also relieve the pressure by being an outlet/offensive option that the opposition has to consider.
  14. Looks too aggressive to me. Plus, two strikers on attack duty. I find you'll have more luck if you balance the attacking sections out a bit more, and as a result of that you'll probably end up with a striker (the AF most likely) that will be a focal point, which should lead to the 30+ goal a season striker. Basically, try and slow things down more so that you have time to get your deeper players up to meet with the strikers, otherwise it'll be fairly direct, even if you have decent possession statistics if that makes sense?
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