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  1. Yeah, I know the feeling, I see that sort of thing a lot in my United save, especially against teams that play a 4-2-3-1 with lots of players forward. It becomes something of a balancing act for me, of finding where the line is placed, in order to put bodies on the box to stop the 'top heavy' opposition from splitting the defence, *and* preventing crosses because of the good old 'swing in to the back post' thing. I even struggle vs teams that do this even though they are say, League 1/2 standard. - Sometimes I get it right, sometimes I don't. When I don't, it can be a heavy, ridiculous defeat. My instinct is to shut up shop, but sometimes that can invite more pressure and cause more headaches. My latest method of dealing with it, is to go defensive, but to close down more anyway, at least in away games, where they're more adventurous. (and for some reason, play better, though I dare say the ME makes it look 'better' when really they're just taking more risks, I don't know.) But, basically, don't give up. And keep trying.
  2. Asymmetrical 4-3-2-1's can do something similar, -if- someone doesn't like using the WM/A role, just run a 4-4-1-1 with one player up as an inside forward. It works quite well, but needs to be watched on the defensive side of things.
  3. Is the answer to that a lack of pressing? So more aggressiveness is needed to win back the ball?
  4. If they're not sitting deep, then perhaps you need to do it yourself? Are your defenders getting outplayed/passed by the opposition attack? Perhaps thats an indication that they're getting skinned. Dropping the line and packing more defensive bodies might help. If the opposition push forward and have a high line, you have the answer for exploiting them by getting in behind with your direct play already.
  5. Might be just me, but I think it should be next to impossible for the game to think "Instructions too short, therefore hoofball it". You would think it should ideally automatically be something like "Keep passing range as short as possible, where possible, or go to next shortest option." Obviously, doesn't have to be the next shortest, safest option. I would assume (perhaps wrongly) people would figure, 'ooh they're passing it short and in a dangerous area, this instruction is counter-productive in this instance', more easily than how it is now, where it is somewhat counter-intuitive. If that even makes sense? Though I don't know, I've not touched shorter passing for ages. =x
  6. I make my own, because I want to try and understand how things work and how it all fits together. I'm not always spot on with it, and it can be very frustrating, but it's a bit addictive trying out new ideas. Lots of head banging vs the wall but when it works, it's wonderful. I do take inspiration from stuff posted on here though. Sometimes I copy things outright, and then deconstruct it in my own way to get my own style of play within that framework - something I did with Jambo's 4-5-1 concept last season. But most of the time I prefer to read and take an idea from someone and see if perhaps, I can do it in my own way, maybe in a similar or different formation y'know?
  7. Preston North End used to rule the English Leagues back in... 1800? Or 1980? I forget. >_> Has it been long enough for Manchester United to count as one yet? /sigh.
  8. Yeah you're right about the budget split. What I've spotted, (am I right @Neil Brock) is that the Monthly instalments padlock is in orange and not red. I assume this means a negotiable non-negotiation clause? Like "This clause is negotiable but cannot be excluded from discussion." Right? Maybe? Miles off? Damn it, did that even make sense?
  9. Hrm, can't you loan normally via the loan list? Offer him out and pay his wages and most teams should make an offer I'd have thought.
  10. Along with the reddit crowd. "Meh." Teaser video = meh. Images taken from the video = curious. The new staff for example, sounds fun. I'm more interested in seeing if they've made the tactical side of things more accessible. I will find out by how many questions my nephew asks me when he picks it up. >_> (And my Irish mate, who thinks I'm a tactical guru for deviating from the 4-4-2, much as I like him, I'm no guru. )
  11. ... Why did nobody tell me that on FMT, teams from leagues not loaded get a free match fitness boost. >_> Here I was making a FMT game wondering why Blackburn was running rings around me all the time, and never did I think to see they all had match fitness while mine were still hungover in the pre-season phase. Pft! >_>
  12. Fair enough, though I thought generally in a one striker system, the striker is less about goals and more about team ethic. Because in general he would be less inclined to lead the line and be more of a support striker. So as long as he is keeping the team ticking over with his support play, you won't need to worry too much about the GF column?
  13. You've identified conceding as the issue yeah? How are you conceding the goals? Positional errors? Long shots? Sustained pressured?
  14. Nah it looks better graphically for sure. Mate of mine quite admired the lighting.
  15. Personal Assistant isn't new, I don't think.