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  1. Mine runs fine it's just the constant stopping for fixtures that slows things down. Stops on Friday, three on Saturday then Sunday and Monday. Wouldn't mind if it just skips to my match and gets on with things.
  2. Watching some of the comebacks this season has really got me interested in firing up a gegenpressing style. I'm normally quite 'balanced' in things, but maybe I should say sod it and just go all out entertaining attacks. Trouble is, I'd like to be competent like Klopp and not anything like Keegan. :P
  3. I picked up Dybala. Then... for whatever reason, I found Moreno had been released by Liverpool and so I picked him up for free as a backup for Shaw... What an odd situation.
  4. Not cheating. Even if it was, I don't care, it's a singleplayer game and you should be free to do what you want. But, with wonderkid lists etc, I'd just consider it a bit of meta-knowledge. Not really much difference from you knowing who Robin van Persie is etc. Plus, lots of people do meta-research on games before they play, for example, character builds or the optimum choices in RPGs, puzzle solutions in adventure games etc. That's all perfectly normal research. In addition, having a list of wonderkids doesn't mean you're actually going to be able to use them or train them efficiently.
  5. I used to do lower league challenges all the time, and that ship has sort of sailed for me. Sometimes I start up a save but I never really have the heart to continue with it. Though I have done the occasional weak Premier League team... I did Wigan once and I won the League with Aston Villa in the second season once - That was a fun save as I had to use the transfer market for bargains. Thesedays I start as Manchester United, since I know them inside and out. It's pretty easy going, but I don't mind.
  6. That doesn't surprise me, that wage is just... insane. Lukaku plays a DLF/S for me, though, only because I don't really have anyone better. I have to wait at the moment because Dybala won't talk to me until the Copa Americas is finished. =/ Garner on my save has comes leaps and bounds. So much so, I don't have any issue fast tracking him to the first team in the second season. He's 18 now, so if I rotate him as a backup option he should really improve... In theory. That's a shame. I actually got him to agree a contract with me as a rotation option with the upper limit of the rotation wage threshold... If he hadn't agreed to that I'd be selling him unfortunately. I think he's a versatile player.
  7. So, I repeated my FM18 success with a more basic 4-4-2. Won the Premier League and Champions League, was 2nd highest scorer, best defence and had Rashford win the Premier League Golden Boot. It kind of helped that City and Liverpool dropped so many points though. Liverpool were downright scary, thrashing teams 5, 6, 7-0 one week and then slipping up the next. I lost 4 games, all away games to Liverpool, Everton, Cardiff (final day of the season), and Arsenal. Won the Champions League; The biggest obstacle was Barcelona, and I got lucky because I had a very strict referee who basically sent off a Barca player within 10 minutes for a double caution. I ended up having to tell the team to stay on feet and stand off or he would have thrown the cards around like confetti. Because of that red card, we steamrolled them and then only had to shut up shop for the return leg. As you can see, just the one transfer in; de Ligt. I activated his release clause and no other team bidded for him so he came straight to me as Key Player on 93k per week wages. Bargain really. Him and Lindelof were good enough to hold the backline. For the next season I have issues. PSG bidded for Pogba and he's now causing a fuss because I rejected the bid. Annoying. I've sold Smalling to Arsenal, but can't seem to shift Phil Jones at all. My squad for the next season is something like this: GK: De Gea / Romero DR: Dalot DL: Shaw / Young DC: De Ligt / Tuanzebe DC: Lindelof / Bailly MR: Mata / Pereira ML: Martial / Lingard MC: Pogba / Herrera / Fred MC: Matic / Garner / Fosu-Mensah FWD: Rashford / Greenwood FWD: Lukaku / Sanchez Rashford spanked 25 goals at Advanced Forward, but Martial hit 21 as LM. Lethal. Sanchez is the big issue at the moment, he's not been performing well for me, true to life. I want to sign Dybala for the DLF role to pair him with Rashford, however, I can't afford to have Lukaku and Sanchez rocking the boat. Other than that, Fred is useless, as is McTominay. Mcsauce is at the age where he needs lots of games, but he's not reliable enough to shift out the main players I have. Also, he's too old and won't improve rapidly. Fred is too vanilla and I think Herrera is better than him as an all round player. So, I've been phasing Fred out by neglecting him. Garner and Fosu-Mensah are both better specialist midfielders for me, so barring injury I can't see Fred getting into my teams. Trouble is getting rid of the deadwood to be honest, I get a lot of transfer bids that are non-negotiable but with a demand that I pay towards the wages. I'd happily negotiate a lower fee but they're always non-negotiable so... -_-
  8. I saw this new thing: I bid on a player but he wasn't interested in talking due to an international competition that he wanted to focus on. Are there plans in the future to allow us to simply delay the contact talks until the end of the competition but keep the bid accepted? Then we wouldn't have to keep an eye out for the competition end date and essentially re-bid for the player. Also, I wonder are there plans to enable a staff member to advise on what the market price might be for our current players? Say, if I want to get rid of someone, maybe my DoF can tell me that most clubs will be content to bid 15million due to the players high wage demands? That might help navigate selling players, as at the moment I have players who might be valued at 30-40 million but I have to seriously undercut that price, and I understand it is down to the silly wages they're on (not that I gave them that wage... :P) It would also be useful in stopping the board/fans thinking we under-sold for example. It would be better than relying on the in-game media for prices?
  9. Yes, just the one tactic. Interesting. I play balanced 4-4-2 and it recommends Control, Possession most of the time. It maybe isn't the first style that comes to mind, but hey, if it works.
  10. Ask and ye shall receive: Edit: The recommended weekly training is via the e-mails though, but I'm more interested in how to set what type of 'style' the custom tactic is, so I get more suitable recommendations if that makes sense.
  11. The 'recommended' training provided by the coach/Assistant is influenced by Tactical setup correct? So, what does it do if you create a custom set up? In my case I'm getting recommendations as if I had set up a control possession tactic. On the training screen it offers me three buttons when I click on the main tactic, but each of these three buttons are blank. I get the feeling these buttons are meant to link the custom tactic to a type of style to influence the training recommendations, but I might be wrong here. Any ideas?
  12. That's five tough away games on the bounce though. With morale dropping quickly and did you add pressure to them during this time to get a result? Sounds about right. PSG couldn't beat a sub-par Manchester United and flopped hard vs Rennes recently and they have form for choking on these big matches. Real would spank most teams 6-2 until this season anyway. :P
  13. WM/S for me. I love the 4-4-2. Everyone should use it. :P It covers the pitch well, it's unusual for players to get isolated in that formation.
  14. Yeah, I just had a player complaint that was ill-timed; I just put it down on the bugs forums, since I had a backup player (Darmian) complain, get listed, request to stay and then complain about being dropped. He started 6 (and subbed on 2) of the last 10 games when he complained about being dropped. He's a backup player so I kind of expect him to... well, deal with it or raise the issue when he's not playing 8 of the last 10. I didn't promise him any games btw, I said he could leave initially and he changed it as I started him over the Christmas period when things got busy. His second complaint is the end of January, when the 8/10 happens... Just bad timing.
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