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  1. It might be a bug in the descriptions, so it may be worth posting this on the bug forums where an SI member can take a look at it and see if the problem persists into FM21. My understanding is the higher the attribute the more likely the keeper is to punch the ball away than grab it, but it's such an odd attribute IMO.
  2. Worth considering that it's not always ideal to fire off the backroom staff (don't do a Moyes), because some of them may be exceptional anyway. I've always found the hardest staff to find tend to be Attacking and possession coaches for whatever reason. Defending coaches are a dime a dozen and the Fitness/Goalkeeping coach market is saturated with top tier coaches. So, if you get a Possession/Attacking coach that is 15+ in key attributes, hold onto him!!! I like your training suggestions - I've never really paid much heed to them. I think personally I'd just stick with t
  3. I find it best to set them up myself. I go for nation specific scouting, ongoing assignments, only restriction is to stop suggesting players aged 27+ (since they will be 28 by the time I bid and sign them). The reason I go for no restrictions is because I don't want talent that the Scout (or AI) identifies as poor, when they're actually not far off from world class. I'd rather their 'crap' players still land on my desk, so I can slap them for underrating them. - I think this is an important thing to do if you're not a big club as you can poach some genuine stars if you sift th
  4. Manchester united's club culture seems to be getting bloated a bit too much. I know there's a bit of an identity crisis on the field, but it could do with toning down. Things need to be running consistently to get added as a cultural philosophy of the club IMO; This year they are saddled with: * Play Attacking football * Develop players using youth * Sign players U22 for future * Sign high rep players * Sign English players * Play Entertaining football * Sign U23 for first team. That's a lot of additions from FM20's: * Play Entert
  5. Superb post. I do agree with what you're saying. I also note that the player base seems to have a tendency to lean towards overtly aggressive tactics as a default. Most of the stuff popping up in "tactical" download forums etc, tend to be obnoxiously aggressive, with settings and such that seem crazy, yet pulls out ridiculous wins on the basis of the aggression just seeming to be impossible for teams to get out of/bypass. I think not only do small teams need to be weaker when being aggressive, but aggressive tactics need to be bypassed more easily by players of quality, whether that'
  6. My team instructions tend to be sparse! Normally I stick something like, a bit more urgent pressing, and get the keeper to distribute the ball short to full backs or centrebacks depending on how top heavy the opposition set up is. My passing range etc tends to be on the mixed/neutral side of things. I'm usually on balanced mentality as well. I know it would probably be more beneficial to specialise in a style, but I've felt in recent years that a team needs to be able to encompass everything, from passing short to going route one if its the right option. A jack of all trades route I suppose?
  7. I'd like to pinch your opinion; Just considering, if I went with a three man midfield (4-3-3, you know the one!) I was considering something like: DM/D - AP/S - B2BM (Defensive / Creative / Movement) They would have a front three of an AF, backed with an Inside forward (attack) on the left, alongside the AP and on the other side a Winger (support). In my head, the way I visualise it, the AP should be getting the ball, being able to fire it forward (or rather, through ball it) to the IF, AF, or alongside to the Winger or B2B, or back to the DM or Wingbac
  8. Fair enough, I do remember the 2D days fondly, but perhaps with too much nostalgia?
  9. They should raise the PC/laptop requirements and make a dodgy deal with some old fart PC company like Dell, and have Dell make laptops/computers that are FM-ready, for 20% commission. They'd both make a mint. :P And every other gamer can get on with playing FM at a higher level of graphical prowess etc for free as it finally catches up?
  10. My Swansea save, they did hard brexit, but the work permit rules were so generous (average transfer fee rule waived the permit) that it actually made it easier to sign players. Anyone over 12million in fees was an automatic acceptance, so in the Premier League anyway, that was easy to fulfil, even for Brazilian youngsters. I think it would cause the game to stagnate IRL, but for a challenge in FM it would be neat. There's a lot of, fairly overrated British players that will fit in I reckon. I sometimes do a UK+Ireland file, with exceptions granted only to youth recru
  11. I mean, kill the discussion dead, and don't let the player tell you how to manage the team; My way is to tell them to be quiet and let me manage the team. That only really works if you have experience as a manager, or the player is weak-willed. Otherwise, they get uppity. (Sometimes, apologising makes them uppity as well!) You can make a promise with the aggravated player, to buy new replacements, but I never go that route as there's never a guarantee that they'd be happy with who you sign either. I wouldn't worry too much about it, until it happens tbh, in my experience, the player
  12. Depends... Some players will kick off if you sell someone they think is a 'hot prospect', because they see it as you "damaging the future of the team". Drama 101 basically, so you either shut them down or if you're unlucky and that player is a team leader, you take a huge bite out of your dressing room atmosphere.
  13. I forget, but can you go from all 1's to all 20's in attributes this way?
  14. I'm replaying a game (shush you in the back), for experiment purposes and to try and work something out. I have an opposition hogging possession, 70%+ When I watch, they play it back to the keeper and spread it wide where two players will double-up and win set pieces. I've tried everything instruction wise but I cannot get my team to press high. They drop deep (4-4-1-1), and cede the entire half to the opposition, which just leads to pressure. When we do get the ball, they press heavy and hard, which causes long balls that end up with them recycling possession.
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