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  1. They're all over the place really. It is up there with the demand that you win every game by 3+ goals. I don't really pay any attention to it anymore.
  2. If I remember right, you had to scout U18's comps to be able to gather information on U18 players/hot prospects. Scouting the Premier Leagues etc won't pull them up in any serious number, beside the one or two that get some minutes, as the scouts will be focusing exclusively on the senior fixtures, which most teams won't be putting out U18's in. Any U18/Youth in a senior league, is probably already known to your basic database and is going to cost you a premium to gain. Likewise, nation scouting is similar, they go for senior fixtures. So, if you're content with a basic
  3. I'm just wondering if it may be tied to two things? 1. A low adaptability stat - they may not feel they want to move, as they won't settle into the culture? 2. I wonder if they might think they won't get the work permit, so they're not kicking up a fuss? Just my guesses though.
  4. My eye is drawn to the fact that Liverpool had 5 CCC's and presumably missed all five and their goal came from a fluke/worldie. Possession and 'control' of play is irrelevant, when he's not set out to do that tactical style, by his own admission he is playing direct, quick football. As he says, he's making better chances, and yet is failing to convert them, whereas Chelsea, for all their 'possession' and 'control' only popped up with one clear chance. (Please don't say 'well CCC's are misleading/bad' when we just had a post early on suggesting to check that stat since 2020 doesn't
  5. They get a mention as the 'festive' fixtures - in the Premier League anyway. I've no idea if that has much of a factor in terms of TV money etc though.
  6. Right, because they're playing more aggressive. Yes, they will leave more space to exploit, but that requires you to get the ball off them. They'll also be more aggressive with their pressing and their pressure, and operate at a higher tempo. All these factors will lead to them naturally exploiting how you've set up, which they don't exploit when they're more passive at your home stadium. Try tuning down your own aggressiveness in the set up (or go one further and go even more aggressive) and see how it changes things. Sometimes, just making a role more conservative (attack du
  7. I doubt that. The AI in general is definitely more aggressive when they're at home, and more conservative away. Usually only the top teams will be positive (or higher) in both formats. Weaker teams may well be defensive both home and away - especially if you build up your reputation and are an all-conquering side. In fact, this is partially what makes things easier, if you can sustain some wins early on eventually you'll be able to play how you like because most teams will sit off you. The rare exceptions to the above are in cup matches. There, weaker teams will play be m
  8. I see it happen in other people's games where they play silly 4-2-3-1's full on aggression, super duper high tempo etc, and they rack up 50+ shots, but 90% of them are long shots or set pieces, so bad chances throughout. Then the AI's 1 or 2 chances were like penalties, easy peasy. Sometimes it happens to me, and sometimes I get to do it myself. Is there anything more funny than winning 1-0 with your only shot when the heavily favourited rivals pepper you with 30+ ? Bonus points if we score in the 96th minute and I didn't even change to be more aggressive. >_>
  9. Loan out the ones that won't go on the transfer list due to silly wages? I managed to get Sanchez and Phil Jones to do this at Manchester United. If you can get 10-40% of wages paid, job done. I managed to get a loan for Jones with 40% his wages paid whether he was used or not and he ended up breaking his leg and then ankle, so all that time out 40% paid by another club. He then accepted mutual termination for 2million (or four months salary almost), which cleared him off the wage books. Sanchez stuck around to the end of his contract, whereupon he retired cos no one was interested in his
  10. In fairness, England does kinda need to move on from the 66 world cup win.
  11. Kinda wish they'd make a PL record and have an old farts record for pre-1992. No one seriously says 'ooh team won the Premier League back in 1928', and no one really pays attention to any team winning pre-1992 since that's a bygone era now. >_> Yes, I will fight all the granddads on this. :P
  12. Nothing wrong with '2.5 star' players. Go by attributes and personalities, or not at all.
  13. I'm not sold on AI squad building being poor. From my longer term saves, they do quite well thesedays. They get some youth talents out, and buy aggressively. Liverpool almost had an unbeaten season until I ruined it for them. They went on to buy Kane, Depay and so on, and were absolutely nonsensical the following season. Indeed. I'm wary of all the 'holiday' results and experiments going on here, as I don't think they prove anything tbh.
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