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  1. 25th of March 2020 in Hungary and im supposed to be playing the 2nd leg in the cup, yet most of my team are still away on international duty. So i have to play alot of greyed out players?
  2. Say i just do a European journeyman, and choose most of these lesser leagues: Finland, Austria, Bulgaria, Belarus, Norway, Romania, Hungary, Greece, Iceland, Bulgaria and Slovenia should i keep the 5 bigger leagues loaded up to? if so what detail?
  3. Hi lads, I've never done a journey man save before and im wondering how many leagues do i load up, what leagues should i load up and what kind of data base? Thank in advance for your help.
  4. It's one thing to overachieve in the first and second seasons as a club who originally were supposed to not get relegated but in my third season i was told i was to qualify for the Champions League (at the time i thought it was the Europa League and i thought that in itself was gonna be hard) however i finish 4th by a single point, we qualify for Champions League football something the board had no right in asking for as we didn't even qualify for the Europa League any of the previous 2 seasons. Still all that and im in a sack race of all things? Where is the common sense in this game?
  5. I do use the ongoing option, that's the thing but i still had to redo it the following season
  6. Does it have to be done manually EVERY season or is there a way to have my scouts to remember what competitions and current and potential ability and ages i want unless otherwise instructed? It's a pain having to do it every season.
  7. In my backroom team advice i am getting coaching team improvements for U/18's manager when i already have one and also much much better than the ones being advised. Is this a bug? Lol wait i think i just solved it after just posting this. he is not recognised as a manager more of a data analyst maybe that's the reason.
  8. Never mind, mate. I started a new Villa save and i'm doing very well.
  9. I have never felt so inept with this game, i'm usually quite capable but i've come unstuck in this series with Villa. These are the screenshots of my tactic and formation and only my wingbacks and Inside Forwards have PI's
  10. i used to always start without but since im finding my Aston Villa save hard i may redo and start with the "recommended badges" i'd like to get your thoughts.
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