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  1. Hi, If i have a promising youth player (AMC) who really lacks bravery can i have him tutored by a player who doesn't play in the same position as him (RB) but has good bravery or will he pick up unwanted ppm's from that tutee?
  2. Thank for you're comments and votes lads, and for anyone interested i played the game with some first teamers and some youths and lost 1-0.
  3. This says it all, plus get to know the overall reshape of the team tactics too, it's night and day.
  4. You know i don't think we're right, it seems the club is not being held in the same high regard as it was before you took charge. Which is pretty strange as i don't believe Roy Hodgson, Kenny Dalglish or Brendan Rogers win the Europa League and get to two champions league finals ???? ODD!!!
  5. I just won in the semi-final in the league cup but im wondering should i stick with the kids and fringe players who got me to the final or choose my strongest team to play a strong Spurs side certain they would beat my kids and fringe players?
  6. first season i won the Europa League finished 6th in the league second season 6th in the league, lost in the champions league final third season finished 3rd league in the league, lost in the champions league final fourth season league finished 2nd in the league fifth season league finished 4th, lost in FA Cup final i always finish there abouts but can't get over the finish line.
  7. "the club are concerned that the clubs stature is being tarnished by the teams performances on the pitch since you took charge" what does this mean exactly? Is it my style of play or results?
  8. team: these team meetings are losing there effectiveness boss i would like the option of: how about don't give me cause to call a team meeting to warn you about your performances?
  9. Cheers for the pictures mate, and just as i thought released without having to pay him.
  10. IN game, i think it only appears when offering or negotiating players who are very injury prone.
  11. If that player is injured for a long time i have the option to cancel his contract without paying him off?
  12. I would LOVE to see (should i win) my team getting their medals and lifting the trophy be it on the pitch or a walk up the steps it would be a nice little feature to have.
  13. Gee, do i need to give more information on my team/tactics and formation for more replies or is the above just not relevant to anybody?