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  1. Hi, im afraid i have since finished the season and the promises have since been fulfilled. do you still want me to upload my save game?
  2. There is nothing about his temperament like this, is it a hidden stat?
  3. Hello, i finished 6th in the league and qualified for the europa league but, also i forgot to mention previously that those players (after talking to them individually i promised them something about the youth players to appease them) and while happy with the improvement they will still not sign contracts.
  4. I finished in 6th place last season and got Europa League however i believe something was wrong with the team talk for the upcoming season where they were angry that they would not be playing in the Europa League and they would be. I was going to leave it but now in December and about to lose my wonderkid who won't sign a contract because of it.
  5. Player has become somewhat complacent after signing a new contract, how can i call him out on this?
  6. during a game there was a pop up about the opposition team and i clicked "the do it" option not sure what i was clicking, thought nothing more of it but at the end of the game i was in the opposition dressing room allowed to give them a team talk, i pressed the top right corner on dressing room and it led me back to my team. I assume that is a bug?
  7. Most say it's best to develop a player at your own club until he is 18 years old to get certain attributes higher and (assuming you have very good youth training facilities) and then loan him out at 18 to get first team football, however! even though he might well get first team football and competitive football and a much lower league, is there a case even a small case for keeping him in the under 18's or under 23's and playing him there to develop with the great or better facilities you have and also with perhaps the occasional league cup game?
  8. Hi @Tony Garvey unfortunately i don't have a save just before a chat but i will upload my save anyway, my save is David Higgins - Stockport County thank you for your reply
  9. i click on what i want to say and sometimes the chat then freezes before it takes effect and i can't click on anything else apart from end quick chat
  10. PKM added along with screenshots Tottenham v Stockport County.pkm
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