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  1. Thank you SI, for a very good match engine and very good graphics pre match. This alone is a reason for buying the game. Thank you
  2. I keep pressing the continue button to exit the game, but it won't.
  3. likes i really really like the recruitment meetings (but they could be made better by them asking you if you have any targets/players you'd like to bring in) the match engine is much better than last year for sure dislikes wanting to talk to an individial ALL boxes are ticked so you have to untick all apart from the one or two you want to chat to the short and long passes indicator in the dugout (please remove this) it serves no purpose team talk screen is awful, the players are all over the screen im not a fan of the dark skin, preffered last years when lower league team
  4. It's like im still playing FM 20 to honest. But i do like the recruitment meeting, the team sheets before the match (very tidy and easy on the eye) and the better match engine.
  5. I WILL throw water bottle at Miles' head if it's not out at 16:30
  6. 25th of March 2020 in Hungary and im supposed to be playing the 2nd leg in the cup, yet most of my team are still away on international duty. So i have to play alot of greyed out players?
  7. Say i just do a European journeyman, and choose most of these lesser leagues: Finland, Austria, Bulgaria, Belarus, Norway, Romania, Hungary, Greece, Iceland, Bulgaria and Slovenia should i keep the 5 bigger leagues loaded up to? if so what detail?
  8. Hi lads, I've never done a journey man save before and im wondering how many leagues do i load up, what leagues should i load up and what kind of data base? Thank in advance for your help.
  9. It's one thing to overachieve in the first and second seasons as a club who originally were supposed to not get relegated but in my third season i was told i was to qualify for the Champions League (at the time i thought it was the Europa League and i thought that in itself was gonna be hard) however i finish 4th by a single point, we qualify for Champions League football something the board had no right in asking for as we didn't even qualify for the Europa League any of the previous 2 seasons. Still all that and im in a sack race of all things? Where is the common sense in this game?
  10. I do use the ongoing option, that's the thing but i still had to redo it the following season
  11. Does it have to be done manually EVERY season or is there a way to have my scouts to remember what competitions and current and potential ability and ages i want unless otherwise instructed? It's a pain having to do it every season.
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