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  1. If i Load up leagues that are view only will i still get players showing up in the game will they be on the transfer/loan list and general players lists and will newgens come from those leagues to?
  2. I don't run anything else usually if i do it would be windows media player playing music. But i've played without running anything else it's the same. My graphics are as follows:
  3. Hi Neil, yeah i snuck them back on again a few days ago when the problems persisted even without the added graphics, i have deleted them again but the problems are still there and even after deleting the preferences and caches folder too.
  4. how come my DoF and my HoYD didn't make any bids? at least that's what i believe.
  5. Oh now, gee that makes all the difference in explaining it to me Does my DoF and my HoYD try and poach players from teams?
  6. How can i poach other good youth intake players like mine getting poached?
  7. I mean my good youth intake that i offer youth contracts to and after a few months other teams offering them contracts.
  8. I've now also noticed the game stops during the match itself alot anywhere between 40 secs to 2 mins, i have uploaded that video for you named game stops. Also during one of those game freezes i got this image out of nowhere
  9. How come other teams poach my youth players but i can't seem to poach another teams youth player? Have they signed them up to a pro contract already? Is that what i should be doing?
  10. Hello Neil, it's still a bit laggy im afraid. I uploaded a video to your cloud named Liverpool v Southampton for SI if you need to take a look at it. It's not bad but not great either.
  11. Hi, sorry for the late reply, i have un-installed Kasperksy and deleted the cache and preferences folders and also deleted my face packs. It's still pretty much the same, laggy and my fan still runs fast and a little loud.
  12. Im currently in 2nd place managing Liverpool, 2 points behind Man City after 16 games, yet the board are disappointed that the team "only challenged" for the league this season. a bit premature no? and the fact that the team is so many points behind where we were expected to finish makes the under achievement even more pronounced. Is this a bug?
  13. No, i don't know what changes to make. I posted screen shots a few days ago for you to ask what should i change?
  14. I did all the above and it's still the same, unfortunately. EDIT i would say it is a little bit more playable but still not good.
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