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  1. do we have to make an account on that site to download the file
  2. I don’t know yet I havnt started the season yet just did the pre season
  3. Did a little 7 game pre-season test with the 4-4-2 tactic and the 4-2-4 tactic with my CPL team against Leaguer 1 Ontario teams since 95% of the CPL is made up of USL and League1Ontario players. 4-4-2 went 6 w 1 L 0 Drawn 21 GF 8 GA 4-2-4 went 7-0 45gf 3 ga including a 14-1 win
  4. Yellow.. dont know how this split season works after spring season done does all stats go to zero or do both spring and fall count towards the players staffs in team screen and player profile?
  5. Sorry if I post this in wrong sport I tried searching YouTube for scouting packages information and didn’t find anything and wondering more info on it and what it’s about since it really wasn’t in fm last year? Like does it find u better youth intake if you have a better youth package I’m confused? Thanks any help greatly appreciated
  6. Me U so is there a schedule import that we use for prevseason for each week if we schedule 1 game each Saturday ? Usually I do 4 games a month from start of pre season until 2 weeks before regular season begins but I was thinking of doing this plus only doing Saturdays what training do I import for pre season and how
  7. Does this include some of the CPl players who are missing from DB including the Netherland player who Hamilton just signed?
  8. I am using a Canada save.. I’ll give the tournament a try
  9. Yellow... Just letting you know TFC III is missing from League 1 Ontario https://www.league1ontario.com/page/show/3999907-mens-2018-
  10. ohh ok thanks yellow... I thought only registered players could play in reserves which is why i was trying to do youths... ill let them play for any affiliate my team games. also curious since its 2017 when i started Nov 17th to get my staff ready etc its what may 2018 when the youth intake comes in for Canada not sure for fm19?
  11. Question... So with 23 players max on roster can we still have players signed but not registered but playing for our reserve or do i have to increase the roster amount? Because I want to add U18 league and such and want to know what i need to change I went and changed reserves to U18 so just went to basic rules and changed reserves to U18 and i got this error when i went to go save it
  12. The second photo that shows customer divisions/cups is that the one that we will get s message in our news feed asking us if we want to join the league like it does in England in the game
  13. How do u make u18 leagues as I downloaded a database and I want to have a u18 for the league with all teams having u18 teams
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