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  1. I was just wondering if the MLS roster bug with the expansion draft and new gens signing by their parent club and everything was fixed in the save because i want to start up a MLS save and not sure if these fixes have been fixed or not because i know it was a bug before but didn't see anything in the update so that's why i am asking.. thanks
  2. We have added U18 and U21 for the top 3 leagues CPL, CEL and CNL... For those people who are like me that like to use majesticeternity's youth tournaments it has U18 tournaments. So the top 3 leagues have U18 leagues and U21 everyone else has U18 and U21 but you will have to schedule friendlies.. just to keep it fun and interesting. Also jimmy also changed the Impact for the CPL as well. 913058191_CanadianFantasyPyramid.fmf
  3. So I was able to get the leagues in but now having four leagues under 1 name that shows four different standings under one league I’m not sure if that’s possible... for example if u looked at Portugal division 3 it shows four groups under 1 league.. I want to be able to show all 6 cis leagues under USports but not sure if this is possible if u know what I mean... but the six leagues still play within their league tho
  4. If u head over to the editor where databases are posted... our file is there... someone that I was doing file with was able to fix it
  5. This is more of a general question and didn’t want to make a thread for it so I thought I would post in here.... my general question is when loading up a save... when u load up databases and then u go to select the countries... would the lower leagues in tha database still be in the game if u did not select them at the additional setup screen.. the reason why I ask is because I like to play lots of countries so I have their database selected at the database screen but I only tend to have 25-30 countries loaded but a lot of teams as view only.. so my question is if I say have a bunch of databas
  6. Note: If you want to play as a U-Sports School u will have to Auto Sim until 2021 due to not having enough players season 1 even with Add players to playable leagues on because it has to create so many players for all other Canadian leagues.
  7. I have updated the link in opening post with all logos and both databases
  8. IN the opening Thread... It includes the Link for those who want to download the file and U-Sports logos... I will be updating it later with the rest of the logo pack once it's done.. If there is any errors please let us know by posting in this thread and we will fix them..
  9. JimmyBronox who is working on the Canadian file said this when i asked him "it's unmodified as far as qualification goes, just the names are changed".. As you can see in the two screenshots below
  10. It should be... the person I’m working with is just doing logos and such so then it will be good to go and he’s just change some team names around..
  11. pending any corrections needing to be done after the test sim we will be adding the Databases tomorrow as well as the megapack for the logos as well Edit: Yes The database will work with other mods from SI forum and all other sites
  12. Also we have added in to the MLS Academy for the US Fans as well as a MLS Academy Championship
  13. Here is a screenshot of all Leagues within the Canada Side of the Database... Not in order but you get what i mean
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