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  1. anyone doing this challenge in 2024 verison if so what roster you using?
  2. is your database up there for 24.0.0 because fm24 doesnt allow me to pick it in database selection?
  3. I tried and got this. I just opened it saved it and tried to rule the rules and it came up with that error
  4. I was asking if this U17 tournament is regular U17 or if it replaces the U18 teams.
  5. how does this work in the game does it make U17 as it's own team or does it replace U18?
  6. https://www.league1ontario.com/news_article/show/1305063 schedule for league1 champions and league2 if anyone wanted to create league 2 and add in the teams.. keep in mind looks like some league1/champions reserves play in league2
  7. SO i have a question... In 4 years with AC Libertas the board wouldnt let me improve the youth intake even though i had 6 million in finances. that was over 4 years. Just wondering how much bank balance do you need to improve your youth intake. This was when i left. Then i went and got a job at Tre Prenne their Arch Rivals. does it have to do with bank balance or reputation or something before the board will allow you to improve it.
  8. So I have been doing a build a nation San Marino save… I’m 4 seasons and the club I was with we won 3 league titles out of 4 but have the worst youth ratings ever.. the board won’t improve it.. so after year 4 I said I had enough and went to another club in the same country to see if I can get this club up to the top and get some better youths.. how do you improve ur club through the youth if your board don’t allow u to improve ur crappy youth coaching, facilities etc..
  9. anyone ever see CF Montreal B sign players. I have always wanted to play as that team but could never sign players as that club in Fm23?
  10. I did have ones from 2023 and before that but when i went to go load them there was errors gonna try another day
  11. Question.. when it comes to stuff like cf Montreal B can u still sign players for that club is it only cf Montreal who can sign players and then reassign them to cf Montreal B in the Quebec league?
  12. Here’s my question… I wanted to start in level 20 of England S s created team nothing special everything would be the same as all of the other teams at that level.. my question is when it comes to scouts.. if we can’t sign players what do u use scouts for?
  13. https://northerntribune.ca/league1-alberta-expansion-promotion-relegation/ any chance to add these in the future to the file?
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