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  1. Yellow... How do I remove Ottawa form USL and put Ottawa in CPL?
  2. Ive unziped the logos cleared clashe reloaded the skin and the logos arent running correctly
  3. Hamilton united just added a league1 team for 2020 how do I add them in the editor?
  4. Sam or anyone in this form.. since ottawa fury Ceased operations I wanted to move them to league 1 ontario in my save how do u do that in the editor.. secondly I’ve noticed everyone signs the fury academy players all of the time and never have enough players until mls canadin academy who get like maybe 4-5 prospects signed every year where as ottawa fury academy loses like 7-8 players maybe 9-10 before each season begins is there a way to fix this?
  5. I was thinking about doing that with Mac (U-Sports) I guess you would have to sign players from like academy's no?
  6. Is there a way to find out which file is for what thing like a break down because there’s like over 30 files donno which is what and if we use this file don’t use that file type thing
  7. Hey Uncle Same... Quick question... If i want to add an extra team to League 1 what is everything that I need to change? Like League Teams I know I have to change what about Canadian championship?
  8. I’m not sure if I post this in the database section or here since it’s a general question.. anyone know a low ranked country that has many games in their season? Looking to do a save and I know England could potentially have like 38-42 games and that’s what I’m looking for but a non strong country doesn’t matter in the country if it’s a non well known country or not? Is there somewhere I can find out what the ranks of the countries are and how many games they play IRL so u know which to go for?
  9. Uncle same... I just seen your new video on youtube how do i add the NCAA rules for U19-U23 that you showed in the video for CIS in Canada database?
  10. How does CIS teams in Canada have 14 yr old youth intake usually it’s like 18-19 yr olds when they first come to CIS or even 17
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