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  1. If i am not mistaken i think Palk had it for either 17-23 or 18-24
  2. @jimmybronxwould be able to answer that question he worked on that part... As far as kits go I am working with a kit designer for L1 expansion teams as well as all of CIS kits as well. Once I have an update on when they will be done ill post them
  3. the files we had before do we have to unsubscribe and resubscribe to them to get the updated verisons with the update
  4. Sorry it's taken so long... I know there is some errors in the pack I'm going to fix them today just going through them now I thought i would upload whats done now and then go through each league and double check ncaa.zip
  5. sorry its taking me longer to do the logos... the setup that you have compared to what uncle sam with teams in what division and what has changed in the last 1-2 years the logos are in different leagues so just trying to locate what teams are in what league
  6. As you can see below I have 26 directories for the large logos and then another 26 for the icons aka small logos... I should i have them completed tonight
  7. i can do like a discord video demo if you guys want i can create a channel and do like a share screen type thing if that helps... just want i know people take different notes..
  8. it's Palk file i mean i can add the expansion teams in the near future as I know how to expand leagues
  9. correct... it will add fake players to the NCAA team. The age limit is 17-24
  10. sorry had problems with my internet now that it's fixed... i sent the file to palk... I will have the logo pack up later today
  11. Almost done got Southern Conference, Summit League, Sun Belt, West Coast and Western Athletic left Update: Just double checking the teams before i send you the file... completed it, looking through each league to make sure I did not miss anything
  12. I got 17 more to go then ill send you the database... and then ill fix the logos from Uncle sam's 2020 pack and then we will be good to go
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