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  1. Just had a general question... Since the USL and that only play like 18 games or so I was wondering if anyone playing CPL had any luck being able to loan their players out to england or anything to the england lower leagues?
  2. If i remember correctly it was between December 26th and January 1st
  3. Uncle Sam... I was just wondering... if it was possible to create a file for like a addition tournament like they do for the return to play.. it would be interesting to have a tournament like this in fm
  4. 3 questions after just taking in all of that information 1) When playing the game I have talked with a few people and it seems like it has happened to me a few times this week. Where my team would be going for a face off and one of the players keeps on going in a circle causing me to have to close the game and reopen it back up and reload my save... Not sure if this was on the list or not but it is a very annoying thing that i have come across.. 2) When you were mentioning the colors for the player profile. I know in FM20 if you click on a style or position wise it will show you what tactics or attributes that co exist with that type of player is that what you mean? Just want to make sure I understood that correctly 3) When u mentioned the affiliate information. Is there going to be a easier way to find like your affiliated club. instead of going to the top going to and then country and then league and finding the team that where so the team information screen it will locate the affiliates there... Just an idea moving forward... I know FM20 has this but it has it for the U18 or such for the soccer teams was wondering if on the side panel or something it could be listed there or on the screen easier to find? 4) being in a long term save will this work on a save besides the DB stuff on a new database or will most of this stuff require a new save
  5. Uncle Sam question... I know the Canadian teams in MLS get a pass on the amount of Canadians that they can have on their team due to academy and such I was just wondering does the americans not get that same pass... Just because I was going to play as a expansion team but wanted some Canadians on my team but didnt know if it counts as foreign players or not
  6. Also if i use your database as well when i load it up with another database for Canada how do i know that other Canadian teams will be selected not from MLS
  7. OHL U18 Draft and American Drafts for QMJHL
  8. They have a in game editor that you just have to go click on commisher mode and you can edit stuff while in the save you dont have to restart the save
  9. Any team who joins MLS in 2020 or 2021 joins MLS in those seasons
  10. For those who do not read Russian Hello everyone. I am a longtime fan of the game from Russia, the city of Kazan. I have two questions: 1. Are you planning at least sometime in the distant future for a 3D match, at least on a weak graphic level? Well, conditionally take the NHL engine to Sega or is it even easier? I am sure that with such an innovation, the game would be sold with a bang in the USA and in all hockey countries. Yes, and fans of the FM series would connect 2. What about the crack (Russian in the game)? Even a fan for many years did not? I could not find after a long break without playing EHM. If there is, give plz a reference 3. Why in the game you can not make the sound quieter? Only disable / enable
  11. Each one has its own features... FHM has extra tournaments, able to play history DB, have U17, U18, and other tournaments.. You can alost i think have up to 36 NHL teams. You can create everything and edit everything within the game dont have to start up a new save file... Does not have training camp feature. The history database if you go back beyond the current year say like 2000 you do not have access to AHL or ECHL teams i cant remember. The databases are not as open as the one at TBL for EHM is. There is more leagues to playable in ehm1. EHM has the option of doing more then 6 pre-season games where as FHM you can only have 6-7 pre-season games where as EHM1 u could do a whole month if you wanted. There is more pros and cons to each game then just the few I have listed above.. it just depends on what you plan on having your save for..
  12. I know on January 1-3 players from mls academics move up at age 17-18
  13. Actually yellow put the base of the cis together.... I just added to it..
  14. The editor data folder where all database files go
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