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  1. is it normal not to load all tournaments? whenever I start a new game, some tournaments always show up while others show up in some games, and not others, I checked the files again in the game editor and last time it loaded many of the tournaments, but the "brazil cup" didn't load, as well as all tournaments with the name of "barcelona" that are 4 or 5, the "madrid international" too
  2. just a detail, in this file there is a modification in the division of the Brazilian team Associação Portuguesa de Desportos, when using this file combined with some db from brazil that are used a lot and that create a fourth and fifth divisions, a missing team error appears, I solved it at fm 20 and came across this error at fm21 too, thanks for your great work on this and other files @majesticeternity
  3. it is because of an incompatibility with some other dbs that update these players in the post-career, when they become coaches, scouts, coaches, etc. at fm20 i solved this by editing the sortitoutsi db and excluding any mention of ashley cole, but it takes too long because it is a huge db and you need to do this every time you download the updated db
  4. it is because the database does not include players, only competitions, clubs, stadiums, it would be a lot of work for timo, claassen, chico, sangue blu to add players to all 220 nations of the game
  5. is it normal for file 50 to only allow 2 teams per country? in my case it depends on the europe league champion and the champions league there may be more times from the same country
  6. @Uncle_Samyou can revive the North American SuperLiga, like in your fm19 version?
  7. I want a db that keeps the original Champions League and Europa League, with both champions qualified for UCL next season, adding the Cup Winners Cup and Intertoto, so only files 5 and 6 give me that possibility, but in notes do not say whether the champions will qualify for next season. Which file should I use to achieve this configuration? I already tried file 5 and the Champions League was not scheduled in the first season, but I think it may be incompatible with some dbs that I use, such as the USSR, Yugoslavia, United Nordics and Irish Unified. Can you create a file with only cup winners
  8. you can update these tournaments for fm20? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1735598830 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1788048100 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1730599295 if possible you can add 3 more groups with the following teams, and a final phase in the knockout stage, or a pre-qualifier with 2 groups of 12 teams remaining , with final stage in the knockout stage. 1. Chelsea, 2. Seattle Sounders, 3. Atlético Mineiro, 4. Tigres uanl, 5. Shabab al-alhi, 6. Al-ahly, 7. sporting cp, 8. scunthorpe, 9. d
  9. thanks for you amazing new tournamentes, i really need do create a new save to play with all your pre season tournaments
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