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    I'm a Canadian in Korea.

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  1. Nevermind! The date I was proposing was just too close to their first league match. They accepted on a better date.
  2. I have a senior affiliate, and the agreement states I host a friendly and keep the revenue each season. However, the affiliate senior team and reserve team both reject my offers of a friendly at my stadium. Is there any way to force this to happen?
  3. Has anybody ever seen a penalty awarded in FM15 that wasn't converted (shoot-outs excluded)?
  4. Can anybody confirm or deny that FM15 Korean box version is playable in English? I live in Korea, where the game can't be purchased via Steam.
  5. Aye carumba, S.I., it's just embarrassing. I remember several years ago reading that for S.I. "realism" was the Bible. Lol.
  6. Why would the AI cheat? Would a game manufacturer create a program that intentionally treats the player unfairly for the sole reason of ******* them off? Lol. The idea that the AI would cheat against the customer is at its most basic level, laughable and juvenile.
  7. Board expectations disabled?

    Nevermind. Sorry.
  8. [WIP] [FM14] Canadian Soccer System

    XXXtreme, have you been able to convert Canada to advanced rules without wrecking the Canadian Championship/qualification to Champions League?
  9. What does "Ignore Teams" do?

    In the teams screen for a competition stage (advanced rules), one option in the get teams function is "ignore teams". Does anybody know what it does? For the US Open Cup, I'd like a way to qualify all the teams from a certain round in the PDL playoffs to the cup for the next season, but I'd like to EXCLUDE any Canadian-based clubs who make it to that round (they aren't eligible for that cup in real life). If I added a get specific team entry for each Canadian club with the Ignore Teams option checked, would it exclude them? Failing that, any ideas how to exclude specific teams from qualifying for a tournament?
  10. Cup group phase specific stadium?

    Nah, that doesn't work. Under individual group rules -- dates, there is an option of specific stadium, but if you choose it, it doesn't create a menu from which to actually choose the stadium name. This is the same problem in many other places of this broken-down old editor!
  11. Cup with qualifying stages not recording champion

    In the competition records, only teams and matches from stage 0 are being recorded. I don't know what this indicates.
  12. Cup with qualifying stages not recording champion

    Failing this, perhaps I'll need to set up all the stages as separate competitions. If I did this, is it possible to set up the qualifying competitions so they DON'T create a champion? I don't want a "trophy" being awarded for these. Is it as simple as ticking the "Don't process winner as champion" for the final round of the qualifying?
  13. Cup with qualifying stages not recording champion

    One thing I've noticed when testing competitions in the editor is that it says there are 3 clubs in the competition each year tested. This corresponds to the 3 clubs in stage 0, rather than the 27 clubs in the competition overall. However, in the game, the competition is completing perfectly (except for not recording the champions).
  14. I would like to make a club ineligible for promotion. One workaround I considered was setting up a fake 'parent' club as main affiliated club in a A-B club setup (and make B clubs inelgible for promotion). But if I do this, would the B team still be managable? Would there be any other side-effects? Is there a better way to do this?
  15. I've set up a cup with 8 stages. The first 7 stages are each regional qualifying tournaments that choose individual teams, which I've entered manually. The final stage has the 7 regional winners plus 5 more clubs that come out of regions with no opponents, so I choose individual club at this stage. The tournament is running perfectly, but at the end, the champions aren't being recorded. All 8 stages are cup stages. I've checked other cups that are correctly recording champions, and I seem to have all the same settings selected, so it's really baffling me. I've set ranking levels for all 27 clubs involved both in the competition ranking levels, and in each round of every stage. Thanks for any help or tips!