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  1. Uncle Sam, I've been playing this for a couple months now and it's absolute dynamite. Thank you!
  2. Amazing work!! Thank you! Think I'm ready to change gears from editing to playing.
  3. Incredible! Uncle Sam, may I ask a small favour? Could you just indicate which of the new files are based on competitions that are active IRL at this moment, and which ones aren't? On a different note, the Pacific Coast League in Canada *officially considers the end of year playoff as a separate cup competition with a separate trophy. I'm going to try to make a version of your file with that one small change, I will share it here with your permission.
  4. These files are breathtaking. I made a South Korea file that is child's play compared to this, and the hours of work were nothing to sneeze at. Kudos to you, Uncle Sam. Simply amazing.
  5. Includes National League Cup, National Sports Festival, and regional qualifiers. A few known small inaccuracies that I can't figure out how to fix, but in my opinion fairly accurate. http://www.mediafire.com/file/7r3dme7wm3q82me/South+Korea+to+Level+5+Incl+Sports+Festival.fmf
  6. I've been setting up a few cup rounds in various competitions with 2 legs. I've been setting the away goals after 90 minutes+extra time+penalties, but in-game it always adds away goals after extra-time as well. In the editor, there are 3 options: away goals after 90 minutes, away goals after extra time, and away goals after 90 AND extra time. I've triple-checked, and I'm certain I've selected only after 90 minutes. Any ideas how to solve this?
  7. Are you using basic or advanced? If you go to the cup stage of your North/South America comp, and go to fate actions, you should be able to set the quarter-final winners to qualify for the other competition. Then do the same for European Champions Cup (if possible -- is it editable?) Then in the inter-continental competition, in get teams, you would choose qualified teams from other comp (or something like that, I can't remember the exact name of the option). You need to enter all the information carefully.
  8. Hi all. I'm trying to set up a club cup involving a group stage, so that all group stage matches are played at the same specific stadium. Anybody know how to do this? :)
  9. Great files! There is a problem with several teams in the Canadian leagues. In many cases, a senior team is in two different divisions (ex. Brantford, FC Edmonton). I'm guessing that the senior team should be in the higher division, and the reserve or B team should be in the lower division.
  10. Nevermind! The date I was proposing was just too close to their first league match. They accepted on a better date.
  11. I have a senior affiliate, and the agreement states I host a friendly and keep the revenue each season. However, the affiliate senior team and reserve team both reject my offers of a friendly at my stadium. Is there any way to force this to happen?
  12. Has anybody ever seen a penalty awarded in FM15 that wasn't converted (shoot-outs excluded)?
  13. Can anybody confirm or deny that FM15 Korean box version is playable in English? I live in Korea, where the game can't be purchased via Steam.
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