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  1. Not sure if I have seen this posted somewhere but I am wondering how do I go about posting like MLS standings where you have east conference and west conference type thing
  2. League1 British Columbia joining in May 2022 will be added into next year file when they join
  3. I know he was used in a fantasy database before but not that i know of.. I know Guzman was involved in the League1 barrie Ontario team at one point
  4. I have not seen one for Sask yet... or one to use
  5. maybe if i get rid of the U18 it might work ill give that a try next
  6. I just noticed something for each team that I am going to try and fix and see if it works... Each NCAA team was given an U18 team if i remove that I am going to see what happens
  7. They were set for 17-24. I dont know what the age limit for college in US is so i can prob change it from 17-24 to what it is but it seems to like it is kind if working a bit...
  8. Is there any changes that fans would like to see in the FM22 file
  9. the only thing I am just trying to figure out is how Uncle Sam got the age thing to work because i did the same thing and its not working for me...
  10. when i go to import it into the fm21 the editor crashes
  11. I seen above that it is possible to import a database from FM20 to FM21. However when i go to import it into FM21 the FM21 editor crashes? am i missing something
  12. Made some changes to the file: - I have added a 16th Club to League1 Ontario (https://northerntribune.ca/simcoe-county-rovers-football-club/) - CPL U18 Clubs are now Academy clubs and I put changed them to Feeder clubs then that way you can play as them in the file (remember youth intake day I believe for Canada is around 9/21) - Cavalry & FC Edmonton clubs that play in AMSL instead of U18 squads I changed them to U21. - To give every Youth team an even playing field, I have given each CPL Academy, training as if they were a MLS Academy since the CPL teams didnt have any training 319934091_CanadaProvincialU-Sports(2).fmf
  13. I am also getting this area too now after testing something out... Basically what i was trying to do is create a Cup where its 29 MLS teams teams 11 CPL Academy teams. The 30 teams (29 MLS plus 1 CPL Team) play in Qualfying to see which Pool they go to Premier or Champs and then after those pools are decided the 10-11 other CPL teams join after the Qualifying if I created it properly.. SO Qualifying Round is 5 Groups of 6 5 round robin games. Then it splits off into another 4 Groups of 5 (Champs top 2 teams of the Pool from Qualy go Champs and then the 3rd and 4th team go Premier) They will play another 4-5 games to determine Semi (4 Teams in Premier for Semis and then Finals) where as Champs has Quarter Finals, Semi and Champs. Uncle Sam had the idea in his FM20 database however he calls it the Generation Cup where as mine is NA Youth Cup. I have attached his database so you can see what I was trying to create. 319934091_CanadaProvincialU-Sports(2).fmf 004_USA Expansion 2.1.fmf
  14. I created a Custom Cup in the Advanced Rules and now it is not showing up in the game and I did everything properly.. Am I missing something wrong.. The Cup I made was the North America Youth Cup
  15. Seems like it will be something like the NHL to AHL is but for MLS... I can add this into the league and have it separate then the USL teams etc if people want
  16. Where it shows Champions in the FM21 editor I want to duplicate the Name and call it something else... How do I go about doing that?
  17. Wanted to run something by you guys… do u guys want a youth league all together (CPL u18 teams plus mls academy’s all of them Canadian and USA or just a Canadian youth league only candian mls academy and CPL u18
  18. I got a HMDI splitting coming in the mail tomorrow so I am going to look into with my two monitors look at what this file has compared to Uncle Sams 2020 roster and compare the two and go from there. I tried to make to a U23 Division and even his was a Domestic as to what this one is and still isnt working properly... I may just remove all of the teams delete the league and restart from scratch and see what happens and go from there but ill test it out some more tomorrow and see what happens
  19. I dont see it as being annoying... I see it as fixing the file and making it better
  20. Thanks Alex i will look into that for you as well...
  21. i dont know ill have to look into that... it seems like according to this .. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_Championship#Format that its mainly MLS and CPL teams this year however i am looking into something to add to the file even though its not realistic but just something i seen on another file just checking it out to see how it was created and going from there. For my plan to work I have 39 youth teams i just gotta find 1 more for my plan to work for my 40team plan just gotta find where to find the other youth team.. I have 9 CPL and 30 MLS
  22. hopefully this helps.. 6 leagues in this pack CAN League Logos.zip
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