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  1. unfortunay i dont have before but i ll send you few months later. The name is Asterionas 13 Greece. Thanks.
  2. Hi guys. I have the national team of Greece and i have chosen the 30 players to get for the European Championship. When i decided for the players i had this message. https://prnt.sc/r22y4j The message says MItroglou beat MItroglou to greece call. Hahahahahaha Mitroglou beats himself. Anyway.
  3. hi guys.I am looking for a very very good tactic for the man city. Plz can you suggest me one?Thanks.
  4. Hey knap i mean to write specific this tactic is for Man city this tactic for liverpool this tactic for pari etc.That i mean.
  5. Happy new year. Knap i have a idea.Why dont you make a table as you did before to show us which tactic is suitable to each team? I would be nice.
  6. That means the greek translate is wrong.Because with the Greek language it's written that they are angry.
  7. HI.I had in my mail box this message. https://prnt.sc/q17ehn AEL FC arena is Larisa's home stadium.Since they won 3-0 Olympiakos(a big team in Greece) why they are upset? Thanks.
  8. Hi guys.I want to ask(i am not sure if is bug or not) how i could get the achievement "Confederations Winner" when the confederation cup does not exist anymore? Thanks.
  9. Hi guys.I d like to make some "geography" lessons. When you are in the panel to pick up which nations you want to your new save,as you can see in the picture https://prnt.sc/pqx761 i's been a star near to Sweden. I ticked Sweden to see what will happent and guess what? https://prnt.sc/pqx6ta As 29 years old Greek i learnt atlast Sweeden is a neoghbouring nation to Greece.Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I hope is gonna be fixed. Thanks.
  10. Hey knap may i ask one more question plz? Can you suggest me a tactic for small rep team?From Greece Turkey Croatia or lower leagues of england spain etc? Thanks.
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