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  1. Hello.Can someone suggest me a very good 4-5-1 tactic for man city? Thanks.
  2. Hello. I want to ask asomething. Can we remove a continental ban from a team via editor? Thanks.
  3. Hi guys.I did a new save with panathinaikos.The problem is the new technical director i singed Alexandros Karabas. https://prnt.sc/rx5st2 If you see the photo it seems like ghost.Something like this. Thanks.
  4. Hi. With the new patch can you suggest me a super 4-3-3 or similar tactic for Man city plz? Thanks.
  5. A very big srry guys it s my fault not yours.I understood my mistake. And again srry.
  6. Hi guys.I got Pari and after 3 years i ve won all the cups i could participate. I am 8 june 2022. After 3 years i took the ligue 1 trophy 3 times in row.Should i have unlocked the achievement "Domination"? Also i realized at transfert market before the seson 2021-2022 starts i sold Timo Kehler to bayern 45 milion euros.But the achievement "cash to burn" didn't unlock. Also for "full faith" and "beating expectations" at manager performance i have B+.How much i need to unlock the achievements?Because i remember i had(not anymore) a save with national team of Greece,i took the
  7. unfortunay i dont have before but i ll send you few months later. The name is Asterionas 13 Greece. Thanks.
  8. Hi guys. I have the national team of Greece and i have chosen the 30 players to get for the European Championship. When i decided for the players i had this message. https://prnt.sc/r22y4j The message says MItroglou beat MItroglou to greece call. Hahahahahaha Mitroglou beats himself. Anyway.
  9. hi guys.I am looking for a very very good tactic for the man city. Plz can you suggest me one?Thanks.
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