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  1. Impressive thus far. Great work Knap!
  2. A lot of strikerless tactics these days. Seems to be the way forward.
  3. fmguy

    FM14 Under Pressure

    Nice will give it a try.
  4. Yes I agree, the ghost tactic is the best tactic I've used throughout my years of playing FM.
  5. Show some screenshots of your results, players performance, training if possible etc.
  6. How the hell do people upload there images without linking them to another site so they just come straight underneath your comment?
  7. When you become the new manager of Man City morale is awful. I mean the whole team expect you to fail becuase your a rookie etc.
  8. fmguy

    Saved Games Thread

    I don't think there's one for FM11 so good idea.
  9. I'm looking forward to the France tactics.