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  1. Thanks that should sort out the first part.
  2. Seems to have done the trick with the column ordering which in itself kind of resolved the first part as well, thanks.
  3. Is there a way to hide all the players that you have already scouted on the player search section? I ask because I usually scout for all young players through the media description option and every player that has the 'promising' media description, so as you can imagine several players are going to appear every few weeks/months because of youth intakes etc and I want to be able to hide the players that I have already scouted as it means either having to select over the ones that have already been scouted or clicking in between the rows which takes forever for the new players. I've al
  4. First season won the league on goal difference using FM20.4.0-4231KnapPar1s-ParisienneWalkwaysWSSVOL2P102FA.fmf. Second season on H2H using FM20.4.1FireandWaterVOL3DL4321OXP102ECCC.fmf until about with 10 games to go I switched to FM20.3.0-4231KnapPar1s-ParisienneWalkwaysWSSVOL2P104ALLCUPS.fmf. Also won the CL which I did not expect and as you can see my squad is decent nothing amazing and with hardly any money to spend either.
  5. Go to this link it has all the tactics - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TE22-1gsGXb4Y3yxpsUST7KusUiFPl_XBkhvxIO0fH0/htmlview#gid=567996015.
  6. 4 full backs at the moment so I may just have to look into getting one or two in rather than several.
  7. @knap @RDF Tactics I'm into my 4th season with AC and have been switching between Kashmir tactics which wasn't a good idea in my last season as I nearly blew the title. I'm thinking about using the new Fire and Water tactic but I don't have any wide players at the moment. I could just buy some or do you think it may be worth trying a different tactic that doesn't need any wide players? I realise that most the tactics need wide players so will have probably have to go down that route, but just wanted to check with you guys first.
  8. !!!!!!FM20.4.0KnapKashmir433MUP111.fmf45.36 kB · 1,844 downloads I've been using this one from my first season and I'm now in my third season, I've won back to back Serie A titles with this and have changed the mentality to Attacking instead of Very Attacking. For big away games I have changed the tactic with these adjustments: Away Games !!!!!!FM20.4.0KnapKashmir433MUP111.fmf
  9. I switched up the formation to like below and changed the mentality. It didn't work for the first few games against the big teams, but after a few months I didn't lose any away games against them just won or drew.
  10. Yep this tactic is something else just won the double with AC Milan in my first season with it.
  11. Do you have a group server on there or something? I tried searching your name but it was asking for a four digit tag
  12. @knap Using your KASHMIR 433 VOL3 P110 EC CC and it's going well near the top of the league with Arsenal, but sometimes my team just loses their heads and end up losing 3/4 - 0 without even creating any good chances mainly against top teams. Any tips or tweaks you may have made that could help? I'm on 20.4 and I've been using it with Attacking mentality throughout I sometimes take off 'Get Stuck In' for tackles, but was wondering if there's anything else worth trying, thanks?
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