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  1. But the original cerber tactic is more effective than these am i right?
  2. I dont know its just hapend to me but i got better results when i use IR what do you think guys it can be a bug or something?
  3. Are you gonna share your tweak? I really need something works. Every tactic i have tried failed after 5 games.
  4. Im wondering did you watch some games while you testing your tactics? Because in my opinion its not all about winning im also want to see beautiful football. Thanks for answer.
  5. Im also playing with Fenerbahce and i had success with Tff zeus tactic. Did you try zeus?
  6. wulf 4132 completly useless for my underdog team sympatyh still the best
  7. I have been using lassvest tweak for 2 days and i can only say best tactic ever i think its broken tactic for fm 2020.
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