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  1. @knap Can you please give med the link to the tactic? Thanks again Sir!
  2. @knap What tactic would you try with Leipzig? Looking into: ME 21.6 VENOM & FAITH 442 P105 ALL CUPS
  3. @knap i get the following error: Sorry, there is a problem Page Not Found. Error code: 2S136/B
  4. @knap this is the tactic you got 120 points on ME 21.6,lower league test: HOLY GHOSTFIRE 41212 TH P90, the link in google docs does not work anymore. Can you fix this?
  5. @knap you mean this one? HOLY GHOSTFIRE 41212 TH P90, link does not seem to work, can you fix that?
  6. @knap Test you did on ME 21.6, where you got 120 P, which tactic was that?
  7. @knap I saw that - but the link for download it self? or is it something i am missing?
  8. @knap download link for this? HOLY GHOST FIRE 41320 EBBSFLEET P110
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