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  1. @knap, thanks! trying 343, looking good so far. won against bournemouth home and drew away at Arsenal..should have won, so looking good
  2. @knap, which tactic would recommend for Norwich, trying your 4411, but not scoring goals... Any suggestion?
  3. 105?? on the newest patch, this must be one of the best tactics you have tested so far?
  4. @knap Whats the main difference between this and the other 343 tactic?
  5. Sorry to ask, maybe you have said it before, but is this tactic you made on a earlier version or updated on the lateste patch? 20.2.4
  6. @knapwhich tactic has tested best on the latest update, struggling with 4141 knappreachin blues, cant score goals, often my matches end 1-1 or losing 2-1/1-0
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