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  1. Very good start with Holy Ghost Fire 451 pt 107 and FM21.4PARISIENNEWALKWAYSKnapPar1s4231IFP103ECCC no transfer at all, i have set tranfer embargo for all the teams till 01-06-2021
  2. Hi, does someone know how to issue or create an editor file to make the transfer embargo for the whole first season for all the clubs? I have found something similar create for FM20
  3. Could you tell me which one exactly? The 4231 with If's? After having updated to 21.5 my go Tactics (vermom and Faith) seems less effective against top teams especially away and the suggested tricks (go cautious and lower the LOE) sometime works and sometimes does not works.
  4. free transfer, it's been some years that he has very good skills
  5. @knapdropping d-line is the only tweak for big matches or lowering the mentality to cautious still works? I am still with 21.4 so no way to try myself.
  6. Two questions the first one to everybody, do you think that cautious mentality is still working as well as in 21.4 or not? i'am still on 21.4 undecided if update the game or not so i was not able to try myself the second one is for @knap , i see that many tactics got more than 105pt when tested in 21,5, the average number or points was lower with 21.4, do you think that something has changed or you just set them in a better way?
  7. your link leads to VENOM & FAITH 41320 C P101 EC CC But in your line up i see 2 strikers therefore i guess it's not that V&F strikerless...
  8. it's very hard to keep get a clean sheet in general, in some matches i won 5-3 or 6-4, especially away seems to be a goal galore any time. A lot of times i dominate the first half (most of the time i play with cautious mentality away) and in the second half i have to face the coming back of other team.
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