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  1. Its odd but neither Preaching or Sympathy P108 works for me... Had great success with sympathy 442 Leipzig , Beowulf 442 and Sicilian but this 2 unfortunately don't achieve great results . I picked a 442 tactic , don't recall if it was beowulf or 442 Leipzig and done some tweaks , mainly on players role, hoping to improve an already great performance . The start is promising 7 games and 7 wins 31-6 goals
  2. ok. i am thinking on switching to preaching blues at half season.
  3. Had great success with sympathy , beowulf and Sicilian . won both EPL and UCL 3 seasons in a row This season decided to test the new sympathy P108 however things are not going so well and things like this keeps happening ... any thoughts ?
  4. BEOWULF 442 with a notch back at the DL because was leaking a lot of goals lost the 3 last PL games, had no losses at the 35 game week , due to managing the squad for FA Cup and CL finals
  5. ME is very nonsense because I get all games with 30 shots or more score 1 or 2 , few times more than this and the opposition shots 2-3 times and gets goals regularly ...
  6. Changed PF to CF ( the forward on the left side of the tactic ) now I play with a Complete Forward with Attacking role on the left and Advance Forward with Attacking role on the right. I won Portuguese Super Cup, Portuguese League Cup, Portuguese national Cup, Championship undefeated , and sadly lost CL final do Liverpool with Sympathy vol 1
  7. Sympathy is working well for me. I changed the 2n forward (working one) to Complete Froward with attacking role and achieve more goals for both strikers , maintaining overall effectiveness of the tactic .
  8. I am testing 4141 . I don't have much more possession but I have plenty of shots per game 25/30 but score very few and the oposition keeps scoring every 2 shots, so I am having lots of draws in games like 30-2 in shots and result 1-1 , very frustrating I don't think is a tactic issue, rather something else ...
  9. I have an issue with fm 2020 , beta or final version . Its a ratio issue regarding shots . Despite the tactic or version of the game , I have a ratio of shots on goal vs total shots 25/30 % average, opposition 40/50 % and the worst of all the ratio of goals vs shots on goal is way higher on the oposition than me ... Anyone else with this annoying issue ?
  10. The 4411 was the best tactic in years for me! In 2020 lost a bit effectiveness for me so I decided to try other approaches , i won leagues with it but it was far less efective . 4141 and 4132 never came near the 4411 so dropped it. I managed a very good half season on my Portuguese League game with a 4231 of my own, I was top of the league with 15 wins a 2 losses , still in national cups and qualified for 1/8 final on Champions League, but then came the updated and I was smashed by Barcelona on CL and finished 3rd on the League after the worst 2nd half of the season in my life... won 6 games in 17 ... I will try the Away 4 , hope it works Thanks again
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