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  1. 20.4.1 TeaForOneVol4411 no lossess Premier League Sadly lost UCL semi final on the 90+3 minute ...
  2. RDF's TequilazCousin4141 is a blast ! . Credits to him and Knap Awesome results on the last matches of the season including 2 times 4-1 win over PSG on Semi-final of ECL and 4-0 over City on the final as shown below . I was using a mix of 4231 of my own and knaps 451fire&water depending on the opposition and won PL & ECL also last season but this one seems very promising and more effective. I will test for a complete season and report the result Thanks to the great work to both of you
  3. I find the 20.2.4 Match Engine completely ridiculous , frustrating and annoying . At least with smaller teams it is. Didn't test it with major clubs . I am managing Luton on Premier League , I control the majority of matches , more shots and everything but then the ratios of goals vs shots its absurd. The scoring ratio average is 0,085 The conceding ratio average is 0,345 4 times higher ... Why ? no reason I see logical for this
  4. @knap i am using simpathy but do you advise 20.2.4Wulf442DL instead ?
  5. I tweaked the tackling hard to off , but now the scenario is even worse 21 games 85 yellows & 5 red cards !! I am desperate
  6. 20.2.4 beta I am having 7 yellow cards per game and 1 red each 2 games and switched off aggressive tackling is this normal ??
  7. thanks sorry but I am lost with so many tactics , where are the links for this ones ?
  8. @knap won Championship with Luton Town using Venom. Now on Premier , built a very decent squad but results are not quite as expected . I was smashed by Everton 1-4 and Newcastle 2-5 , lost normally to Spurs 1-2, a draw with Norwich 1-1 and 2 wins against Fulham and Southampton at home. Do you think I need to change tactic or mentality ? I am conceding a lot ...
  9. Its really impossible to understand how after so many years of the game we still have so many stupid issues on ME 1.number of yellow and red cards completely stupid and unbalance punishing always more human players 2. games of completely domination and losing 1:0 only happens to human players 3. Too many chances created vs scoring 4. possession seems many times unrealistic due to all other stats 5. too many disallowed goals and vast majority to human players 6. mentality changes seems to have in the majority cases the opposite effect
  10. Its odd but neither Preaching or Sympathy P108 works for me... Had great success with sympathy 442 Leipzig , Beowulf 442 and Sicilian but this 2 unfortunately don't achieve great results . I picked a 442 tactic , don't recall if it was beowulf or 442 Leipzig and done some tweaks , mainly on players role, hoping to improve an already great performance . The start is promising 7 games and 7 wins 31-6 goals
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