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  1. Yep that's what I found also so decided to take a break from the game as I was getting too frustrated.
  2. Hi @Totalfootballfan, I want to say thank you for your tactics, I have tried many but yours have been so much better with beautiful football, I am managing Chelsea in the second season and started using your tactics from the start of the second season and its been great. I had a horrible start though lost 0-3 in my first match but persisted with it and now I am on a good run of form. Won 14 on the run now.
  3. What does RNG mean i keep seeing it mentioned around? Also fully argree with you, the fun in the game is the micromangement, I get happy when i need a good move pay off and annoyed when my defender does somenthing abosolutely bonkers and we concede.
  4. I must say I am overwhelming too looking at all the tactics so many to choose from, great work though from knap and co who are producing these tactics makes the game so much more enjoyable we appreciate your time and effort. What I am looking for a good 4-2-3-1 or 4-5-1 where I can utilise wingers @knap Similar to how the best teams play today and looking at history how Jose transformed Chelsea with Robben and Duff ripping teams apart from the wings, any suggestions?
  5. Didnt get the pm - had to switch from this tactic lose 7 games with chelsea switched to the invincible tactic back to winning ways also i was getting a high amount of red and yellow cards
  6. yes it is i will post some results soon but defending is very bad. My Fixtures so far And this is an example of one of my matches
  7. Like this tactic however concedes far too many goals just way too many end up losing too many matches but its a good tactic
  8. Havent commented much on here in all my years but this is the best tactic i have used, i have taken it as base and tweak it to suit my players great tactic mate
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