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FM12 Big Euro Nation: Small Club to Big Club Challenge

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The biggest match in our history. Tbh, the most nerve wracking FM game I've had for years, (I don't do playoffs!)

Scottish Cup Semi Final

East Stirlingshire 2 Dundee 1

So what? you may say. Well, we're still a semi-professional Division 1 club, and we meet Rangers in the final, who are currently 9 points and a goal difference of 14 clear of Celtic at the top of the Premier, with 3 games to go. (The Glasgow derby is next, so if Celtic win 5-0 I'll start being a wee bit worried).

So, we're in Europe next year, unless there's some rule against teams of our stature being allowed in.

Also of course, we may beat Rangers in the final and win the Scottish Cup. Oh, ok, I'm getting a little carried away, but still.

Guten Jour, Somos Il Shire.

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SV Wilhelmshaven Season Report 2015-2016

I was a little more hopeful this season that we wouldn't be pulled into a relegation battle as we had the previous two years in the 2.Bundesliga. Our starting form was uneven, safely mid table. However after losing to Leverkusen in the German Cup, the team apparently decided to gel and went on a quite amazing run of form after the winter break, not losing for 17 games! A run that included a fair share of frustrating draws but some lucky wins, but that form shot us up the table! Not enough to win the 2.Bundesliga, but enough to secure 2nd, and an automatic spot with the big teams for next year.

The 2.Bundesliga is a difficult league because rarely are any of the teams bad, in fact I dropped points to all the teams that were relegated this year :o. However with a young team that is chock full of talent we were able to overcome it.

A main difference is that I eschewed our counter-attacking 4-5-1 for a standard english 4-4-2 figuring that actually scoring might be fun for a change. Frankly, 4-4-2 is the only formation i've ever been able to use successfully in FM.

This is still a very small club though, we were 16th in the league in average attendence and 18th in salary. So I'm getting value for money, quite clearly but I'm not sure how long one can keep that going.

League : A very tight promotion race. As you can see we had the league's top defence, which was very nice to see. Scoring was occassionally difficult, but with a great defence grinding out draws and gritty wins is a lot easier.

I was praised for the promotion success, with some saying that I would be moving on to bigger and better things. I also won manager of the year. The fans also think I'm some sort of tactical genius :o

Cup: Out in the 3rd round to Leverkusen, the eventual Bundesliga champions, we actually led for about 15 minutes early in the match, but they battered us in the end.

Key Players:


Sippel - Finally found someone to take Voss's spot as the top keeper at Wilhelmshaven, Sippel is a Bundesliga level talent that came in January.

Voss - Still solid, but Sippel is going to get the chance to be the club's keeper. Still a nice keeper to have on the bench


Ivanildo - An absolute bargain for 40k (tbf his contract was expiring). A monster centre back that never put a foot wrong. Hopefully will be at Wilhelmshaven for years to come

Martinovic - I like this right back a lot, though he's had some problems with injury

Musil - Our best left back, not sure he's a long term solution but at the very least will be a squad player

Wolf - Ivanildo's most common partner, not sure if he's going to cut it in the next level


Bogovic - An excellent little croatian, I'm trying to mold him into a classy defensive midfielder. Has tons of room to grow still at on 18 years of age

Jurco - I always feel like I should be able to get more from the Slovakian. Nice attributes, only a few good performances. Still young

Tomasevic - Probably the best of our central midfielders, Tomasevic is key to the club

Uzun - Productive season for our German winger contributing a club record 12 assists

Vieira - If Jurco and Tomasevic were the attacking midfielders, Vieira was the player that let them get forward. Probably my current favorite player at the club.

Vila - Decent season from our right winger, probably not cut out for the next level

Wagner - Our homegrown talent continues to progress. Will probably loan him out next year to get playing time, because he's almost certainly over matched in the top flight.


Rakels - Our little Latvian poacher thrived in a 2 striker formation. Probably not cut out for the top flight but his goal scoring record can't be ignored, especially as we traditionally struggle for goals

Suk - Didn't live up to his namesake and proved to be a decent striker, might look in to bringing him back next season.

Zoidze - The Georgian with a name that sounds like it should be from a comic book looks to have huge potential. His stats are a tad decieving because although he didn't score or assist to often he was a useful outlet to build the attack from.

Facilities : Pretty poor for a Bundesliga club.

Transfers: Most actually worked out this year!

Finances : Still good

Next season: Survival is obviously key, but I'm not going to sacrafice the progression of our youngsters to do so. A few older players may be brought in, but I want to get it done with a large portion of these players, I think the talent is there - scoring will be key, I think the defence will be fine stepping up.

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Amethyst21 - congrats on making the bundesliga. you have got some decent looking players there. good luck in the Bundesliga - hopefully with a few signings you should be able to survive and then kick on from there...

vikeologist - congrats on making the cup final. i think it's safe to say you'll be playing in europe next season..

LLR - Happy birthday Radakovic..... A thread legend turn's 16.... ;)

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The easy thing about this challenge?

Playing with one country means that foreign clubs release buttloads of awesome newgens. Couple that with the fact that I'm playing as a team with good money and a decent rep, and I'm in a league without registration restrictions and you've got the perfect formula for epicness.

I'd like to raise this point again. I think it'd be better if from next year, participants in this should be required to load atleast the top divisions in the other top Euro leagues, so that the teams in other divisions also improve, making european success harder. I can see this was avoided to actually make the save more difficult, but with the loading all players from top clubs, its become more of an advantage.

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I'd like to raise this point again. I think it'd be better if from next year, participants in this should be required to load atleast the top divisions in the other top Euro leagues, so that the teams in other divisions also improve, making european success harder. I can see this was avoided to actually make the save more difficult, but with the loading all players from top clubs, its become more of an advantage.

You may have a point. I'm managing East stirlingshire in the Scottish First, but not one member of my squad is Scottish. A few are English, Irish and I think one is Welsh, but the vast majority are from other European countries, as these are the good players that are available to me. It's maybe not true to life.

If I were in a league, such as Russia is i think, where there's a limit to the number of non-nationals, this would be much tougher.

Would an alternative to loading all the leagues be to not load the players from top clubs?

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Currently in the second leg of a promotion play-off vs. Stuttgart. Probably won't pull through but that's alright.

Also, look who won the German Cup in 2014 in my save- they beat teams such as Hertha BSC, St. Pauli, and Wolfsburg on their way to the final. If only I could be so lucky, I couldn't even beat Koeln in the first round!

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RasenBallsport Leipzig 2013-14 Season Review


I am having so much fun with this save that I flew through another season.


Once again, the team over-performed. We ended the season in third place and played in a promotion play-off against Stuttgart. We failed to score a single goal in the play-offs but put up a spirited fight. Honestly, though, I am not too upset as I have a very young team that still could use some development and my squad has proven that it still can't quite measure up to top squads- having put up a few inconsistent results in the Second Division and failing when we did play against Bundesliga teams. It seemed to me that we conceded lots of late goals that led to losses or draws so we dropped points that way, however, we also scored a good number of late goals that rescued us a few points.

League Table

Fixtures 1

Fixtures 2


We were just....bad. Drew Koeln away in the first round and, no surprise- they crushed us. However, look who won the cup:eek:!



The board gave me some money and I brought in some new faces- mostly free newgens but a few good signings. I feel like next season I will hardly sign anybody, but if the right players are available I may. Håkon Kjæve did not do nearly as well for me- his composure in front of goal was bad, it seemed he hit the post every game. He actually did that a lot in the Third Division as well, but we created so many chances there that he was almost guaranteed at least one goal a game. Florian Klein was superb on the right wing when healthy, while new boy Georg Teigl impressed on the left. After my main target-man was suffering from spotty form, I gave Sven Noguera a few starts and he cemented his place as my #1 target-man he ended the season second-placed in the league scoring chart. Unfortunately, he was unavailable for the final league match of the season as well as the promotion play-off (damned youth international matches).

In the attacking midfield, Lars Iver Strand still did well for me (and played a few matches at RM when Klein was injured), but he is on a big contract which is up at the end of the season. Due to my tight wages, I decided I will let him go (which is why he didn't play as much, he had an extension clause), so I brought in Paco Van Moorsel as a replacement. He was extremely inconsistent and failed to truly impress me (despite a few flashes of brilliance), so in January I signed another Norwegian Frederik Midtsjø who was also relatively inconsistent, but still has lots of potential for development.

Once again, I have a very young team that appears as though it will be going somewhere when they develop. I am also still having trouble dumping off my surplus players, though, which kind of sucks because I have a pretty tight budget.

Squad pt. 1

Squad pt. 2


Top Newgens:

Celso (21 y/o, DC- last season)

Junior Kalala (20 y/o, DM)

Michal Kovac (20 y/o, ST)

Matjaz Vidovic (18 y/o, DR/L)

Henrik Yngvesson (22 y/o, MR/L)

Sven Noguera (17 y/o, ST- last season)

There are many others in my squad, but they're either out on loan or in the U18s, will post them when they start playing for me!


It turns out my finances weren't all that bad. They went up when prize and sponsorship money came in. Still not great though, and my 44,000+ capacity stadium still only averaged attendance of 12,564. That is a step up from last season's 7,925, but still unimpressive. Once we start selling those seats, though, we shouldn't lose as much money and maybe I can get the board to start upgrading the facilities. Our reputation will surely be on the rise.


With a solid squad full of excellent prospects, we look pretty safe to stay up again next season and probably could mount another promotion challenge. Still, I wouldn't mind playing at least one more season after the next one in the Second Division to guarantee that my youngsters can get more playing time. My main goal is to develop my kids and to get at least a little bit further in the Cup.


[td]Third Division[/td]
[td]Promotion!!!, D3 MotY[/td]
       [td]Second Division[/td]
       [td]1st Rnd[/td]
       [td]Play-off (lost)[/td]

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Wow, Arrano - Noguero looks like he's going to be a fantastic player, especially as he basically already is.

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well done Alzano - unlucky in the play-offs but your time will soon come. Noguero is indeed a cracking prospect

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SV Waldhof Mannheim - German Third Division - Season 2013-14

Season Preview

So after last season's 12th place finish we were reduced to semi-professional status due to our poor finances. the wage bill was reduced by the board from £40k per week to £34k per week and obviously no transfer money was available. i decided to reduce the number of high-wage earners at the club not considered starting line up material and to introduce some low-wage players with potential. to that end, here is my new arrivals



Manfred Witt - Young Swiss goalkeeper who has joined as third choice at the club. plenty of potential


3. Petr Novotny - Young Czech LB with decent quality and bags of potential. will push for a starting spot.

32. Samet Bayraktar - Young Turk brought in as cover at RB

Yilmaz Ercan - Turkish defender who will provide cover this season but who has plenty of potential.

Celestin M'Pondo - young Cameroonian RB who will compete with Bayraktar and Postic for the RB shirt.


7. Ivo Tomas - Promising German attacking midfielder released by Hajduk Split. will press for a starting berth

8. Nico Haas - Nico joined after Laudrup was ruled out through injury for 5 months. decent midfielder.

11. Carsten Mathiesen - Carsten was discovered towards the end of the transfer window and will go into the starting line-up. potential to be a good Bundesliga player.


9. Riccardo Bocalon - Riccardo initially came on trial last January but i went for Dumitru instead. Back at the club now after the release of Manno and Tiffner.

19. Kevin Friesenbicher - Young Austrian striker released by Bayern. will add competition upfront.

29. Thomas Eriksen - Thomas adds depth to the squad but has a bright future.

So that's it - plenty of youth added to the squad. hopefully we can defy the odds and at least achieve a mid-table place this season.

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There's been some excellent progress made since my last visit, well done.

As for my season, it did get better but still not great. Not getting promotion means half my team wanted to move to a bigger club. I got a bid of £6m from FC Twente for Angan (my star striker), I negotiated and they pulled out, however Angan is a club icon now and am not going to let him go that easily.

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Good luck this season rlipscombe Mathiesen looks a good find.

cheers, i think he is. settled ok which is always a bonus.

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Great result there Brettney, and I agree Rlips, he looks like an excellent player.

Also does anyone remember Dag Alexander Olsen, he once played alongside Radakovic in my Fafe days...As for Parla we are continuing to roll along, I managed to get the core of players to re-sign for slightly less money, but I had to sell Yetgin, Grosjean & Moldovan as they would not reduce their wage demands. Grosjean will be with the club til January, but then will leave. We continue to score goals. 48 scored & 18 conceded in 14 games, at least the conceded rate has dropped a bit this season.

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so, at the end of the break in the Russian season, the table sits as follows

League Table

tough isnt the word, not really been able to add much quality to the squad, the board instead accepting a sizeable offer for our young Tajiki international Umarboev, over and above my head, leaving me a player down. we are starting to adjust to the tactics ive got in place, and conceding less goals now per game than at the start of the season. survival is most definitely going to be an achievement, but i fear i may fall at the first hurdle :(

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Vikeologist’s 2014/2015 End of Season Report




After i finished the last league match of the season I was about to start on my end of season report when I thought, oh yes, I've still got a cup final to play.

Scottish Cup - http://i1237.photobucket.com/albums/ff468/catchandcarry/EastStirlingshirescottishcup.png

We had a fairly easy route to the semi-final where we beat Dundee to book a place in the final against Rangers, and much more importantly a place in Europe next year.

I didn't think we stood a chance in the final, but we took the lead in the second half, but Rangers equalised and it went to extra time. We held on till the 107th minute, but then they scored three times in the remaining 13 minutes. The final, and unrepresentative score, 4-1.

In retrospect perhaps I should have gone defensive and tried to play for penalties, but I'd got that far playing fairly attacking football. The harsh relaity though is that my players are part-time and weren't as fit as the opposition. Still, who cares; we're in Europe!

As for the league, http://i1237.photobucket.com/albums/ff468/catchandcarry/ScottishFirstDivisionOverview_Stages.pngwe finished with 62 points. In the 2011/12 season we would have been champions and promoted to the Premioer Division. In the 12/13 season we would have been champions. In the 13/14 season we would have been champions, but this was the 14/15 season and we finished in third, a long way behind our local rivals Falkirk, who in turn finished a long way behind the champions, Hamilton.

The problem wasn't that we couldn't beat the top clubs. We just had bad results against the poorer clubs, especially Livingston who finished bottom and seemed to be our bogey team. On the other hand, as they did finish bottom, they won;t be a problem for us again next season.

I bought and sold some players but most of the players I bought in were back-up players, http://i1237.photobucket.com/albums/ff468/catchandcarry/EastStirlingshireTransfers_History-2.png and my team was largely the same one as had won the 2nd division the season before. http://i1237.photobucket.com/albums/ff468/catchandcarry/EastStirlingshireSquad_Players-2.png I have reached a bit of a plateau with difficulty in improving the squad, or improving the current players who are all part-time and thus showing minimal if any improvement. However, it may be that being in Europe, and hopefully an eventual improvement to our reputation will help to attract better players.

We also had a good year financially, making a profit of 1.25 million (out of our current balance of just shy of 2 million) so hopefully we can make some improvements to our facilities. We also got a new sponsorship deal, which isn't great, but at least it isn't still the worst in Scotland at just over £500 a year.

We also won the Scottish Challenge Cup, which was nice, but there's no money or other attraction it in, so I'll play my reserves in it next year.

Season             League            Pos           Cups                      Europe     Achievements
2012/13            Sc Div 3          1st           No comment                n/a        Manager of the Year
2013/14            Sc Div 2          1st           Challenge Cup Finalists   n/a        Manager of the Year
2014/15            Sc Div 1          3rd           CC Winners & SC Final     qual       None

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I decided to actually use the set-piece creator.

I set Noguera to attack the far post on attacking set-pieces with a central defender challenging the 'keeper. Noguera has scored a few off of free kicks and corners, while also adding assits by heading the ball to the feet of players in front of goal. Sometimes, I am guessing because of his height, the teams will mark Noguera leaving other players open who end up grabbing a goal. :cool:

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Arranobeltza - i haven't really thought about using the set piece taker. sounds like it's working for you...

LLR - i remember Dag... formed a good partnership with Radakovic. those were the days...

Amethyst21 - congrats on the Bayern win! nothing sweeter than a smash and grab victory...

G-Wiz - tough going that mate. Russia seems a tough league to start in. hopefully you can make a breakthrough and push up the league in the second half of the season.

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Arranobeltza - i haven't really thought about using the set piece taker. sounds like it's working for you...

It's not a guaranteed goal, but it usually at least makes opposing defenses work to prevent one. Any lapses they make, though, are jumped on by my team.

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Well just over half way through our first season in Liga Adelante and were sitting in 3rd, now thats all well and good but our squad is no where near good enough to get promoted, we have a 4000 seater stadium, were like £2m in debt. Its not like i wouldnt take the promotion but i feel its all happening to quickly.

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Was going to get a mid-season update done but had a late FM session last night and then finished off the season this morning! (It seems the seasons pass more quickly on this version - anyone else find this?)

We were not relegated but that's all I'll give away for now ;)

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Tano - Congrats. Only 30 league games a season? Are there lots of cups to play for in Portugal, and have you had any luck so far.

Yeah only 30 games so the seasons go by quick. Only 2 cups in portugal as well, but I haven't made it far in either of them so far. Fewer games might be advantage when I get into euro comps but it's offset by less income

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So Davide Petrucci has torn his hamstring and is out for 6-8 weeks, which means he will be back for the last 2-3 games, gutted just dont cut it.

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I share your pain danger_mouse, my starting MC, Wilmer Kousemaker, just got injured for 5 months and he'll be unavailable for the rest of the reason :thdn:

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Finished my first season in Serie C1/B and will post a report tonight or tomorrow. Lovely to read all of your updates, who do you think will finish the challenge first?

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Aventure française de Berty Bassett

La Vitréenne FC - 2018/19 (French Ligue 2)




League - Graph

A poor showing in the Coupe de la Ligue saw us out in the first round at home to Sedan. The league was a no show really, didn't start off too badly as we won 3 of our first 5 but followed by 3 straight defeats. A run of appaling form upto and just after winter saw us in relegation contention and the board getting slightky impatient. Another drastic change in formation saw us win 8 of our last 13 games and finish in a more respectable 9th.

French Cup - 7th round

During our poor form we went out at home to National side Troyes in the 7th round, shocking.

Transfers - Carlos was our record signing but never worked out as he got impatient waiting for first team football, sold again at the end of the season for £1m. Ueakasaka looks good but can only register 2 non EU players and those go to Herrera and Rafael. Ion is a defender that went straight into the first team.

Squad - Team report - Best XI - Best XI overall

The players

Thomas Nielsen

Søren Kjærsgaard

Manuel Gomes Lima

Johann Rouault

Johan Åsheim

Jean-Jaques Angan

Christoph Hien


Season  |  League   | Position |    Cup     |Coupe de la Ligue| Achievements  |
2012/13 | National  |   10th   | 7th Round  |                 | Overachievers |
2013/14 | National  |   6th    | 6th Round  |                 |               |
2014/15 | National  |   6th    | 7th Round  |                 |               |
2015/16 | National  |   3rd    | 8th Round  |                 | Promotion     |
2016/17 | Ligue 2   |   14th   | 10th round |   1st round     | Survived      |
2017/18 | Ligue 2   |   7th    | 11th round |   3rd round     | Overachievers |
2018/19 | Ligue 2   |   9th    | 7th round  |   1st round     |               |

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Apparently my fans have come up with a new chant for one of my strikers. Nothing particularly impressive about that you might think. Aha, well this particular striker is Cypriot and called Venizelos Chrysanthou, I admire the chanting creativity of the Lusitania Acores people if they've managed to fit that into something passable!

Still, I suppose we Norwich fans chant 'Simon Lappin king of Spain, king of Spain, Simon Lappin king of Spain, he looks Spanish', so it doesn't necessarily need much!

They are however complaining about me releasing Alan (the centre back) at the end of last season. I'm challenging for the European places and he has dropped two leagues, right back down to where I started. They need to get some perspective!

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2015/2016 review

I knew we could challenge for promotion if we were consistent.

League table

Position graph

Again we had an awful start, we improved, but because we couldn't keep form and lost to all the teams around us, and couldn't hold on to leads after half-time we didn't make it again.

Transfers - A couple of young players and reinforcements, our top striker Bah was sold in january by my chairman.

Squad 1 | Squad 2 - A good squad but with Bah being sold we need another striker who scores consistently.

Top players:

5: Zoltán Lipták - with Gonther not being good enough anymore, I got in this to lead the back line, and he did.

4: Matthias Buszkowiak - Another good season from the defender

3: Paul Schinke - He really stepped up this season and excelled in my new 4-2-3-1 tactic.

2: Gianmarco Zigoni - After Bah was sold I needed him to take over, but next season we need a more consistent and faster player

1: Teddy Caron - This guy is way too good for this level and was even our top scorer after Bah, and will even get better through the coming years.

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I know the feeling neushoorn70, hang in there and Caron looks like a star.

Well done in the cups vikeologist, hard luck in the league though, you would have swapped the cup runs for the league title.

The end of an era at La Vitréenne as Rouault is in the last year of his contract and wanting to move to a bigger club. Have to cash in on him and there were a few offers. Accepted the Bayern offer for £6m rather than Monaco because he stayed with us until January, so only lost out on 5 months and gained £6m. Fans upset at him leaving.

Also got this result in the cup against the team top of Ligue 1.

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Vallee d'Aoste


Serie C2/B


League | Graph | Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 | Squad

So, those of you who saw my earlier update might remember that I was languishing 3rd from bottom and 7 points from safety. Well, to say things turned around after that post would be a HUGE understatement. I switched to a nice simple 4-4-2, playing rigid, counter attacking football to slug out some boring wins. For the last 7-8 games I finally had the confidence to push the wingers up and move to a 4-2-4 which meant that my guys had the freedom to attack and score a few more goals. It was an insanely close season, I went into the last game in 3rd knowing that a good result could win the title but a bad one could leave me out of the playoffs completely! Luckily I dominated the final game and results went my way, giving me an unbelievable automatic promotion! :D


The normal flurry of activity, dredging the free transfer market. I decided that I wasn't going to sign any old joe blow but was looking for quality. This is probably why I had such a bad start to the season - it took a few months for the right guys on the open market to want to sign for me.

The star performers:

Manager's player of the year

Marco Tonello - banged in 20 goals and was just consistently the best player on the team. Always a solid goal threat and a reliable finisher. Third place in Serie C2/B top goalscorer and player of the year.

Young player of the season

Carmelo Spada - the first signing of my reign, the 16 year old had some growing pains in the first half of the season, but in the second half he slowly grew into his potential. I think he was one of the players most helped by the move to a more attacking formation and tactic.

The "If Only..." award

Luca Pramatton - injured for the first few months of the season, sensational upon his return. Dominated the right wing when he played.

Why wouldn't you sign for me earlier?

John Thomas Adamo and Andrea Irrera - the full backs that I clamoured for from the start of the season, when these guys finally signed my defence got so much stronger

Quietly solid

Andrea Tanferna - never incredible, never bad, always good. Chipped in with a few assists, a few goals and a few MotM performances, Tanferna helped running the midfield in the second half of the season.


Errr, yeah. The normal disaster. The less said the better. I spent most of the season over the wage budget because I needed the players. Thankfully the promotion helped me get that one past the board, otherwise I might have struggled a bit next season...

To top it all off, I was awarded Manager of the Year. :D

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britrock - congrats, and I like the award categories. It really doesn't look as though anybody in that division wanted to get promoted.

Neushoorn- Hopefully your younger players will step up for you next year.

Berty- glad you didn't get sacked.

El sid- good luck in the playoffs

silKEAPE - My money's on welsh wizard to achieve it first. I suspect that he'd already completed Dafuge's challenge before he even bothered to start this one, but he'll probably still be the first one here. Respect.

Charlesbeams- Hope that you find a way to sabotage Besiktas soon, or manage to qualify for Europe this season behind them.

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I ended up getting Skyrim, hopefully it doesn't take over this :p

As did I...oops. Will try and flit between the two, but my initial pace will certainly slow down :D

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End of Season Report

Manager Profile & Info | Team Overview | Team Info


Not much happened in my pre-season games.

I only played one friendly match away at Augsburg, losing 4-2. Match Overview


Being the first season at Leipzig i had to clean up the squad a bit. 18 players were let go during this season while 8 were brought in to complete my squad and help us achieve our goals.

Sören Gonther (DC / DR) - Signed on a free transfer from Paderborn, the 26 years old defender was one of my main figures this season, playing in 32 games, scoring 3 goles, 2 MoM and finishing with an average rating of 7,31.

Marek Strestik (AML / AMC / ST) – The 26 years old czech attacking midfielder was brought on a free transfer from hungarian side Györ. During the season he played in 33 games, scoring 14 goals and helping his teammates with 12 assists, he got named MoM 4 times and had an average rating of 7,41.

Dominic Pürcher (DL / WBL / ML) - Bought for 85k euros from SK Sturm Graz, Dominic, age 24, had no problem making the left full back position his own. He played 38 games this season, was named MoM in one occasion and had an average rating of 7,09.

Nico Hammann (DL / DR) – Came on a free transfer at the start of the season, appeared in 16 games and had an average rating of 6,83.

Louis Goncalves (DM) – Also brought on a free transfer, at only 19 years old i brought him as a hope for the future. He had an average rating of 6,57 from 14 games played.

Maximilian Arnold (AML / DL / WBL / ML) – Another free transfer for the future. Did not use him in any game this season but will definitely start using him next season.

Fabian Schnellhardt (MC / AMC) – Promising Young german midfielder brought on a free transfer. Played in 9 games and showed real promise.

Julian Marten (MC / AMC) – I don't know if he was worth the 625k euros but at 15 years old he seemed to be a good investment in our future. I just hope he will develop into a decent player.

Squad & Tactics

Thanks to Red Bull we had a very big squad (1 & 2) which really helped us with our promotion. To be honest for a Third Division side this squad was overkill. However, even with this squad, we had a sucky mid-season and had to struggle to the title.

In the tactics department i started the season with a 4-4-2 tactic with wingers. After a few games i changed to a 4-5-1. After the winter break we started loosing and drawing some easy games but i didn't want to change the tactics until i saw our rivals catching up with us. After that i went back to 4-4-2 and secured the title with some wins in the final games of the season.


This department does not look good. Didn't play to much attention at my finances this season. This will have to change starting next season if i want to complete this challenege.

German Third Division

Started the season as outside favorites in the eyes of the media. After a few games i installed myself at the top and people started to take me serious. After the winter break our rivals catched up with us because we had a few bad games that we really should have won. The title was up for grabs until the last game but we managed to secure it with 5 wins in the last 5 games.

Fixtures 1 & Fixtures 2

Top Gloalscorer

Player of the Year

Manager of the Year

Team of the Year

German Cup

Did not participate this season.

Next Season Preview

Managing our finances is a must in order to survive the promotion. My aim is to achieve a mid-table position in the next season and aim for promotion the season after that. Hopefully the drink we love, Red Bull, will suply me with a nice amount of cash and alot of Red Bulls :D

Board Expectations: Mid-table finish

My Goals: Mid-table finish; Secure our finances

Media Prediction: 10th

Also starting next season i will try to have more detailed reports, hopefully i will have time to play this game like i want to.

EDIT: Added my fixtures for the season, forgot about them initially.

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Well done Britrock and Andy Sava on first time promotions, has anyone actually taken longer than my 4 seasons yet? :o

Thank you Sherlock :rolleyes:

Had the week off work so have managed to get a few seasons played.

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