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  1. Right everyone, I'm going to attempt this again this year. Not been around for a while, but will attempt to make some progress. I have decided to head to Romania to begin my journey. The lucky club? I've taken over Bucovina Rădăuți, they have no real history of any note. Promoted into Liga II in Romania, they do not have much infrastructure - a 2,000 seater stadium, basic or poor facilities and £185,268 in the bank. Should be a good challenge!
  2. Cranking up the new game now. Holidaying in Italy. Let's see what the promotion gods throw me...
  3. Right everyone. I have a new computer. I have installed FM17. I am at home ill. This seems like the perfect time to fire up a challenge game! Downloading the Italy save and ready to launch myself back into the mix!
  4. Hello all! Not been around for a while. Life just gets busier and busier. But I have got the new game and after an enjoyably bobbing around the Swiss Leagues last year I'm going to try this challenge again. I'm in-between computers at the moment, so they'll be a bit of a wait, but that save-game in Italy and the option of San Marino might be too much to resist!
  5. I like the idea. I'm afraid lost interest in keeping my players in the youth thread I'm afraid because I had so many that it just took hours to do them.
  6. Yeah I thought about putting that in too as a suggestion. But I wanted there to be some way that well managed teams could stay at the top. Without losing all their best players. I'm not sure though.
  7. I've had an idea. Don't all faint. They happen occasionally. I don't, however, know if it's manageable, or if someone's already done it. What I'd like to do is alter the prize money, and TV revenue for the leagues, basically reversing it, so that the BSS/BSN would have that of the Premier League and the Premier League that of the bottom leagues. It should in theory mean that the further you get towards the top of the pyramid the poorer you get. While if you drop down the leagues you get richer and richer. What do you guys think of it as an idea, and is it possible.
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