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  1. Hello everyone! After so far failing to get into any save on the new game, I'm returning to my spiritual home - the Big Euro Thread! Sad to see we've lost a few of the old-timers, and that the thread seems a little quiet, but glad to see iseemonsters1 taking over the old thread and doing an excellent job on it. Anyway, it's half-term for me, and that means I have some time to kill, and a chance to get into the game without having to mark anything! Currently holidaying in Turkey as it's a nation I've not attempted in the past. Hoping to takeover an Istanbul-based minnow since it's my favourite city in the world.
  2. LLR - Sad to hear that you're handing over responsibility for the big euro challenge. I'd love to have taken over the reins, but alas I'm also playing the game less and less recently due to work etc.
  3. I usually play in the Big Euro challenge when I start, so this year I'm going to combine the two and holiday until I get San Marino promoted and go from there! Looking forward to it!