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FM12 Big Euro Nation: Small Club to Big Club Challenge

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berty1978 - good progress this season. unlucky with the no european spot. bit of a shame that. good luck making the top 4 next season.

iacovone - hello stranger :) good news on Natale, even if you have the min. release clause. aim for promotion and then offer him a new one if get opportunity to give bigger wages...

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berty1978 - good progress this season. unlucky with the no european spot. bit of a shame that. good luck making the top 4 next season.

iacovone - hello stranger :) good news on Natale, even if you have the min. release clause. aim for promotion and then offer him a new one if get opportunity to give bigger wages...

That's the plan! Need to really press on and get promotion this year :)

How are you getting on?

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That's the plan! Need to really press on and get promotion this year :)

How are you getting on?

not too bad... promotion last season to Bundesliga II despite being relegated to semi-pro due to poor finances... just into September of new season now - hopefully a season preview will be up tonight so feel free to check it out!!

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Des Tiny's AD Parla


Pre-Season 2015/16

Liga Adelante

September 1st Update

The Transfers

In Brief

In: 5 Players (€4)

Out: 1 Player (€200k)

Loans: None

Wages Total: €15,210 (p/w)

Wage Budget: €19,825 (p/w)

Remaining Transfers: €3.08k

New Signings

First Team

Adrian Vidorreta (AMC) - He will generally play just behind a single striker if we go down that route when the strikers are injured.

Martin Lopez (DC) - A youngster who will provide cover after the sale of Dumast

Matias Lopez (MR/ST) - He will be the most likely number 1 target man feeding Herlein once the season gets underway.

Riccardo Martinelli (MRL/ST) - He is the back-up right now, will be looking to fight for a starting spot all season long.

Talha Kilavuz (DRC) - Another back-up for the centre pairing, he can also play at right back which is a position we are short at.



Transfers Out

First Team

Riccardo Vignali

The Friendlies


Really just a series of warm-ups as I attempted to get the team ready for the new season. No-one even really posed a challenge, and starting with a 12-1 humping just delighted the fans. I also managed to cement that Lopez, Martinelli & Virrobeta are all viable options to provide the ball on to the number 1 striker.

Liga Adelante

23.08 vs Levante 0:3

A terrible start to the season saw us have Levante come visit and send us out with our tails between our legs, at this point I thought there was a large possibility that this was going to be a very long season.

30.08 at Racing 2:0

Martinelli (22,90)

Well that was a huge turnaround from the previous week, Racing had just been relegated alongside Levante, and I was expecting a result along the same lines. The boys though showed some real class as they pulled out a great victory. This is the strength I wanted to see during the season, and Martinelli was making a push for himself to line-up with Herlein when the captain returned.

The Team

So without Further ado, here is the team I expect to lead Parla in the Liga Adelante this season:

GK: Cappellari

DR: Aranda, DC: Marin & Ozlu, DL: Malheiro

DM: Guillou

MR: Ogan, MC: Gomes, ML: Kuru

ST: Herlein, Lopez

Three changes this season as we had to let go of Vignali, and Dumast wasn't keeping up as I signed new players. Also had the replacement for Grosjean coming through. Looks stronger than last season, but overall not sure whether they will be good enough to avoid replacement yet. As shown in the Parla Report, Ozlu is going to be key to our season and attempting to stay up. Losing Herlein before the season was always going to cause trouble though. Though almost immediately Aranda became our highest capped player of all time as he passed Pablo Ancos and he is only 27 so he could play for a few more seasons too.

We have 3240 tickets this season, and we will be spending most of this season in the Municipal El Soto which has 15000 seats so we could see some record crowds before heading home to our 4000 seater.

The increase in wage budget has been a slight help, and we look to be strong enough to survive in the division, will see going forwards whether I can actually start to attract some better players, we're also out of the red already.

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SV Waldhof Mannheim – German 2nd Division – Season 2014/15

Season Preview

So after our unlikely promotion last season I had a mammoth job trying to build a squad capable of competing in this division. Once I had some of my key players tied into new contracts the wage budget was fully used which meant some wheeling and dealing. A number of players left and my offering a number of contracts at the same time I managed to bring in a few players to build the squad. We’re £7k p/w over the wage budget but I’m not concerned as money available in this league should help clear the debt.

So, here are the new signings…


Full Backs

22. Andreas Schroder - Young Austrian RB with bags of potential. Despite his tender age, he will push for a starting spot this season.

Centre Backs

6. Osmar - Brazilian Under-20 defender who will help add quality to the centre of our defence.

44. Kostas Bantounas - Kostas is a Greek youth international who adds some physical strength to our defence.

49. Ricardo Tavares - Portugese youth international and another with fantastic potential. could be a key player for the club.


16. Ozgur Olgun - Ozgur joins our ever increasing band of Turks at the club. A good midfielder for this division and another with great potential.

17. Ronaldao - Ronaldao is on a season loan and adds strength in depth to the left wing.

43. Mert Acikgoz - Mert adds competition to the right wing and will push Verbist for the spot.

72. Jaud Nkusu Landu - Jaud joins after his release by Man United and has fantastic potential. could be a revelation for us this season.

The Upcoming Season

So we are ready for the new season. Time will tell how well we do – I’d have liked to have brought in a few more but wages wouldn’t allow me it. Missed out on some real quality too which is frustrating. Hopefully survival will help the finances and give me more money to play with.

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Vikeologist’s 2016/2017 End of Season Report




[left]Season             League            Pos           Cups                      Europe     Achievements
2012/13            Sc Div 3          1st           No comment                n/a        Manager of the Year
2013/14            Sc Div 2          1st           Challenge Cup Finalists   n/a        Manager of the Year
2014/15            Sc Div 1          3rd           CC Winners & SC Final     qual       None
2015/16            Sc Div 1          2nd           CC & SC Winners, LC R/U   UC 3Q      Manager of the Year
2016/17            Sc Div 1          1st           Challenge Cup Winners     UC 4Q      Manager of the Year




Third time’s the charm, as we finally won Division 1. It wasn’t exactly a glorious season though. We conceded a lot of goals, and it took a last minute spurt to secure the title. We were 5 points clear with 2 games to go, but then lost the local derby against 2nd place Falkirk in the penultimate fixture, which meant that it went to the final game of the season. However, we won that comfortably, and so we are Premier League.

Having won the Scottish Cup the season before, we were in Europe again. This time we entered in the 4th qualifying round of the Euro Cup, where we faced Braga, who some of you may be more acquainted with than I. We lost our home tie 2-1, but won 2-1 away from home before losing in extra time. Who know when we’ll get back into Europe.

Anyway, now begins the long slog. In fact, I’m a bit worried about staying up unless we play a lot better next season. It was our first year as a professional club, which pushed our wage bill up considerably, and necessitated saying goodbye to some players who aren’t ‘worth it’.

We had quite a lot of money, but that’s all gone now with the cost of improved training facilities and the 3.4 million cost of making Ochilview Park all seater to meet the demands of the Premier Division. Why bother? It’s not our stadium! It’s Stenhousemuir’s. While they’re redoing Ochilview Park (which will still have a capacity of just 3,776) we’re going to be using Livingston’s Almondvale stadium which has a 10,000 capacity. Why can’t we just stay at Almondvale? (I know it’s absolutely nowhere near Falkirk, or even Stirlingshire, which is where we’re supposed to be from). I suppose we could have asked to share Falkirk's ground, but since we just edged them out for promotion, I suppose raw wounds, salt, rubbing.

Hopefully we’ll scoop up the discontented fans from Livingston, Stenhousemuir, and even a few from Stirling confused by our name, which we’ll then change to East Livhousekirkshire.

Anyway, to end on a positive, we won the Challenge Cup for the third time in a row. I don’t know why the other teams kept bothering to turn up. We’ll let somebody else have a chance now. We’ve bigger fish to batter now.

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Congrats neushoorn70

Hope you get back to back promotions rlipscombe

Lower Leagues Rule - You're going to be in the same stadium position as me. "I'm not leaving. You can't make me!"

berty1978- tough luck missing out on Europe. No fair play lotto reprieve?

Amethyst21 - Way to go with the Euro Cup! Are you the first this year to get a European trophy?

I find it hard to keep track of everybody, or remembers everyone's name, but what's happening with team that keeps finishing second to Besiktas? Can't remember seeing your updates recently.

Almondo -hope your new stadium is on schedule.

PRDH - Hope you make the breakthrough and challenge for the very top this season.

Well any further back than that and you guys probably won't even remember the season I'm commenting on. Apologies if I've missed you out.

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Congrats on finally achieving that elusive promotion Vikeologist. I had the same thing as you and LLR when the board decided to put the seats in etc and we went to Osasuna's ground for half a season 2 years running.

But the annoying thing is that it's not our ground that's being improved. It's not even in Falkirk. It's Stenhousemuir's. In effect our rent has just gone up 230,000% for the year. Their fans all had seats already. I want my own stadium.

Anyway, never mind, at least we'll get plenty in on the gate for half a year.

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Another season in which I knew we could secure promotion, players are growing up now so I was confident.

League table

Position graph

We did it! We finally made it to the Bundesliga! The table is actually not a very good represantation of the entire season as I only had a good run at the very end, just when Aachen and Hannover were out of form, but who cares right?

DFB-Pokal - My back ups lost to Hansa Rostock in the first round.

Transfers - Not very interesting, just some young players to add some depth to the squad.

squad 1 | squad 2 - A good team with some great players.

Top players:

5: Koray Günter - Made some great progress this year and secured himself a spot in the first eleven for the first time.

4: Stefan Valenta - A young player who developed greatly, even got called up for world cup!

3: Johan Larsson - Not even a very good player, but played like one.

2: Teddy Caron - By far his best season yet, just hope I can hold on to him.

1: Jacob Gibbons - His first season in the eleven, and boy did he deliver! Already attracting some interest just hoping I can hold on.

Next season:

I'm confident we can stay in the Bundesliga if we can hold on to our best players, but we'll have to do that first.

Also want a bit of a cup run next as I've never reached beyond the 3rd round.

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vikeologist - congratulations on finally making the SPL. hopefully you can survive and kick on from here.

neushoorn70 - well done on making the Bundesliga. hopefully i won't be too far behind you...

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We got a new Sponsorship deal in the game, so I spent almost all of today making new kits for my team :D Realism ftw \o/ (tbf its something I've wanted to do for a while)

What do you guys think?


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el sid - like them a lot... i'd love to make my own kits but don't have photoshop... (though this may change over xmas). i always like to have fantasy kits for my teams if i don't have the original. better than a blank kit.

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After not paying attention to my teams in the last attempt, and taking over a playable team from the start I am starting again but this time in Scotland( cause I know I cant make the same mistake with their being no relegation in Scotland)

After finishing bottom of the Scottish leagues, Elgin City sacked their manager and appointed an unknown in the form of Jim Bowman, hoping that this sunday league footballer can take a fairly ambitious Squad to new heights.

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Good luck with Elgin jimbowmanuk.

Well done on promotion neushoorn70, free Red Bulls all round, good luck in the Bundesliga.

Congrats on that elusive promotion vikeologist.

Good luck in your respective seasons rlipscombe and LLR.

As for me, apologize for this being ahead of schedule seeing as I haven't done last seasons review yet but... I could go through with a win or a draw if Arsenal get anything at Bayern!!

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Welcome to Scotland Carl0s and Jim, good luck in Elgin especially Jim,

I've taken them to the 3rd div title, but my laptop just bit the dust, so feel free to

pick up the baton. Craig Gunn was great for me, scored more than a goal a game.

Cheers Macshimmy, I'm sitting 2nd by a point at the moment and I know what you mean about Gunn he scored 5 goals in 1 game for me and has scored in almost every other game

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Macshimmy, Carl0s and jimbowmanuk - good luck to the last two of you just starting and hope you get the laptop fixed and are able to continue your save, MacShimmy. Good to see some other people playing in Scotland. There was one guy who was also playing as East Stirlingshire, but he had to start as another team, and I haven't seen his messages recently. He was playing a lot faster than me, and I felt as though his messages were sort of foretelling my future, although things seem to have panned out quite differently for me in terms of ground development, professional status etc, even though it's the same club. I think the Premier League is going to be a long hard slog.

Incidentally, I wonder if Scotland does have relegation written into the game. IRL, if a team finishes bottom too many times they may have to re-apply for the league. In my game Clyde finished bottom twice in a row. I wonder what would have happened in they'd done the threepeat.

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Get in!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just hammered PSV 3-1 (their goal being a penalty in the 93rd minute) to qualify for the knockout stages in my first season in Europe. Now working on last seasons report.

Good luck with Clyde CarlOs.

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Aventure française de Berty Bassett

La Vitréenne FC - 2022/23 (French Ligue 1)




League - Graph

Reserves (CFA-C)

Where do I start, after 4 games we had only won 1 and there I was thinking I would be happy to scrape a Euro spot, little did I know then. Things got better as we went on a winning run but 2 poor away defeats in November stopped our progress a bit. Going into January we were in the top 3 but 8 points behind Lyon who seemed unstoppable. All I could do was keep winning and we did, we actually didn't lose a game in our last 22 matches, winning 16 of them. We went into the last two games 2 points behind Lyon, and home to Toulouse should have been a home banker but they had beaten us in the cup and they frustrated us again in a 0-0 draw as their keeper played a 9.2 game and we had a goal disallowed in the last few minutes. I was more gutted when I saw Lyon had lost at Marseille, our last match was at Monaco who would overtake us if they won. We held out for the 0-0 draw but Lyon failed to win their last match meaning if that goal against Toulouse had been allowed we would be celebrating the championship!!!!

Coupe de la Ligue - Quarter finals

Very disappointed to go out in the quarters away at Dijon on penalties, we had already beaten them 4-1 away in the league.

French Cup - 10th round

Again disappointed to go out at this stage against my now arch enemies Toulouse at home.


Squad -

Best XI - Best XI overall

The players


Jack Butland - Now England's number one keeper with Joe Hart now 35, had a good season.


Roberto - Now happy at the club and had another good season, should be a Brazilian international.

Soren Kjaersgaard - Another excellent season from the Danish international.

Pablo Herrera - The come back kid, after 9 months out last season he came back this better than ever.

Marius Ion - More of a bit part player now but does well when needed.

Francis Aman - Still doing well when needed.

Andreas Panagiotou - Got our player of the season award despite only playing 26 games in all because of injury, not bad for a 19 year old.


Thomas Nielsen - Now 7 seasons at the club, played in Ligue 2 and still a first team regular, excellent.

Robert Barth - Really broke through this season, magnificent season as the ball winning midfielder.

Pedro - Unfortunately one of those who has failed to live up to previous potential, good back up player though.

Rafael - Shows how far we have come as he only gets two and a half stars from the Ass. man, however still a first teamer and I have no reason to drop him.

Henning Grob - The German with the lovely surname came on a free at the start of the season and did ok, the board and fans were unhappy with the signing first.

Martin Schulz - The defensive midfielder had a good solid season.


Gerjan Joosten - I tried to sign Joosten when he was at Excelsior but opted for Vitesse, I signed him from Monaco in January when they offered him out for £4.4m. Made a great start but then got injured for a couple of months.

André Silva - Another good season from Silva, would like him to play a part in the team despite having a lot of strikers.

Patrick David - Scored 13 league goals but should have been a lot more, had a good season and still only 21, got his first full international cap.

Hans-Donald Bakayoko - Record signing from Vannes for £5m (my scout said I needed a £9.25m bid just as well I didn't listen). I'm expecting more from him in future.


In other news:

I won the manager of the season award.

Season  |  League   | Position |    Cup     |Coupe de la Ligue| Achievements            |
2012/13 | National  |   10th   | 7th Round  |                 | Overachievers           |
2013/14 | National  |   6th    | 6th Round  |                 |                         |
2014/15 | National  |   6th    | 7th Round  |                 |                         |
2015/16 | National  |   3rd    | 8th Round  |                 | Promotion               |
2016/17 | Ligue 2   |   14th   | 10th round |   1st round     | Survived                |
2017/18 | Ligue 2   |   7th    | 11th round |   3rd round     | Overachievers           |
2018/19 | Ligue 2   |   9th    | 7th round  |   1st round     |                         |
2019/20 | Ligue 2   |   2nd    | 11th round |   3rd round     | Promotion               |
2020/21 | Ligue 1   |   9th    | Semi-Final |   Semi-Final    |                         |
2021/22 | Ligue 1   |   5th    | 10th round |   4th round     |                         |
2022-23 | Ligue 1   |   2nd    | 10th round |   Quarters      | Qualified for CL groups |

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Now up to date, sorry to disappoint people who thought I had won the league, so damn close. :( But like I said probably the biggest progress in a single season yet, and seemed to have missed the Euro cup qualification thing out, gutted. ;)

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Yes, Berty, when i read the opening paragraph I thought you were going to say you'd won the league. (Has anyone done that yet?). Still, fantastic season + well done.

In my season, after 8 games I'm in 10th place in the Scottish premier Division, just above Inverness Caledonian Thistle - and Rangers!

Yes, Rangers, who've shown no real sign of a slump in previous seasons, despite only missing out on the league to Celtic for the last couple, have only one win (and 5 points) from their first 8 games. No doubt the universe will be returned to its normal axis in their next game; at home to us; a relegation 6-pointer.

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Always funny to see those big teams struggle, not really happened in my game. Although IRL Monaco sit bottom of ligue 2 and in my game they are one of the big teams, scored an incredible 113 goals last season, mainly due to Lenny Nangis who started his career at Caen and has got an incredible scoring record including 80 in 83 international matches.

Profile - History

Interested to find out if he has that sort of career in anyone else's game.

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GL against Spurs Almondo, I got Man United in the CL first knockout stage, home first due to finishing second in the group.

Unbelievable, Man Utd all over us, went 3-0 up but I went all out attack expecting them to get more but we come back to win on away goals. :D

Actually Silva scored the winner at Vitre too, what a legend.

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el sid - like them a lot... i'd love to make my own kits but don't have photoshop... (though this may change over xmas). i always like to have fantasy kits for my teams if i don't have the original. better than a blank kit.

Thanks :thup: Kits are surprisingly easy to do, could whip up a couple for you if you'd like.

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How can you explain a sudden loss of form, and I mean sudden. From being 6 points clear of Monaco we're now 7 points behind after no wins in the last 7, the strikers suddenly can't score for s**t. It really was our title for the taking but I'm left disappointed, again.

F**k me, Monaco just won 8-0, how can I compete with that.

I think I'm going to go and attempt another challenge, maybe Gundo's, I'm just bitter after losing the title like that, come back to this later though.

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Wow! I've missed a lot in the last week - had fun ctaching up on all the updates though. :)

Congratulations to all thoe who have won promotions and silverware so far. Good to a few of us getting into Europe as well, speaking of which....

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Keçiorengücü 2016/17 Season Review


Quick Overview

Premier Division: 6th

European Places Play-off: 3rd Round Winners

(qualified for next season’s Europa League)

Turkish Cup: 4th Round

Premier Division

Another step forward this season as we built on mid-table safety last time to be in the mix for a place in the end of season play-offs. Generally, our form was very good except for a couple of rough patches caused by the fixture list (early in the season and again after the winter break, we ended up playing Bursaspor, Trabzonspor, Beşiktaş and Fenerbahçe in consecutive matches). At one point, it even looked like we might be able to push for 4th place but that proved beypnd our reach. Nevertheless, I was very happy with our performances (despite the defence still being a bit leaky for my liking). Stand-out performances included a 2-2 draw away to Galatasaray, in which we were unlucky to conceded in the final minutes, a 4-1 win away at Trabzonspor, a much needed result coming in between those tough games, and a 6-0 thrashing of Gaziantespor.

Final Table

European Places Play-Off

6th was enough to get us into the play-offs. The system is quite complicated with the top 4 going into a ‘Championship Group’ to decide the league winners and 5th to 8th playing each other in two-legged knockout games. The winner of those play-offs then has one more game against the 4th-placed team from the Championship Group to determine who takes the final Europa League place. Still with me? I hope so… ;)

Anyway, our first opponents were Bursaspor. The away leg brought up an unexpected victory as we came from behind to win 2-1. The home leg was a tense affair with Bursaspor taking the lead late on. As they pushed for the winner, we hit them on the break to level the game 1-1 and win the tie 3-2 on aggregate. Trabzonspor were up next. We played at home first this time and again it was tight with the score 1-1 going into the last ten minutes. However, we would prevail in front of our own fans scoring twice late on to win 3-1. Trabzon were deflated by the defeat and it showed in the second leg as we strolled to a 4-2 win to advance to the final game.

Our opponents there were Kayserispor, who had finished bottom of the Championship Group. This was a one-off match in front of our own fans so I was hoping for a good performance. That as what I got as we ran out 3-0 winners meaning there will be European football at Keçiören Aktepe next season!

Turkish Cup

Less said about this the better. We were drawn against Denizili Bld. Spor, bottom of the First Division and took it a bit too easy, losing 5-3 in a shocking performance menaing we have yet to make any kind of progress in this competition.

The Squad: Transfers

A bit of money was spent this season to bring in a couple of young Turkish defenders. Apart from that it was all business as usual – new players coming in on frees and surplus playing staff being transferred out or let go at the end of their contracts.

In January, there was one new addition in the shape of Jules Priso, who came in on a free and did well in his first few months at the club. The addition of a feeder club in the Second Division was also welcome as it allowed me to send several youngsters out on loan for the second part of the season.

The Squad: Key Players

Berkay Tokatli (DR) – I signed three new young right-backs last summer and I wasn’t sure which one would prove to be first choice. After a couple of months of rotation, it became clear that Berkay would be the one. He was very consistent and is now a regular feature in the Turkey U21 squad.

José Carlos Ada (DC) – A good solid season in which the Argentinian marshalled the defence and banged in a few goals at the other end as well.

Samet Kalaç (DC) – Made the step up from the Second Division with no problems at all. He could be a first team regular for many seasons to come.

Joe Marshall (AMR/C) – Another fantastic season from the American who was one of our main sources of goals. Easily my best signing so far! The only problem is he now has just one year left on his contract and is refusing to consider a new deal. That leaves me with a tough choice over the summer: sell now and lose my best player or keep him and risk losing for nothing next summer…

Berkin Arslan (AMRLC) – Berkin was back to his best this season after a patchy first year in the top flight. 17 assists meant he recaptured the form that made him so effective as we won promotion from the lower divisions. It’s great to still have a player who started this journey with us in the Second Division.

Nicky Woodford (ST) – I said pre-season that I hoped the former Man City player’s patchy form after joining last January was just a settling in period and he would score consistently this season. I love being right! 28 goals in the league set a new club record and was vital to our success.

The Squad: Ones to Watch

Hakan Konak had a good season switching between central midfield and the right wing and could be a replacement should Joe Marshall leave. Jens Meyer had a decent first season, ending the season with a good run of goal scoring form. Earlier in the season, Murat Tezcan was the in-form youngster with his 9 goals coming in the space of 6 games. Our own youth product Şahin Kaya also had a good debut season, turning in some commanding performances in the holding midfield role – a star for the future.

The Squad: Awards

Nicky Woodford was the league’s Top Goalscorer and was also named as the Supporters’ Player of the Year. He finished third in the Foreign Player of the Year standings with team mate Joe Marshall the winner. Both players made sure Keçiörengücü were represented in the Turkish Premier Division Team of the Year.

Marshall was further honoured as the Midfielder of the Year and young right back Berkay Tokatli was second in the Young Player of the Year poll.

I was named Manager of the Year, allowing me to complete the set of manager awards from all three levels of the Turkish league. As a team we were named as the league overachievers and we also topped the Turkish Premier Division Fair Play League.

The Season Ahead…

Our training and youth facilities are being improved again, with enough money in the bank to cover it and allow for a decent transfer budget again (3.5 million TL was the initial amount given). With more back-up players set to leave, I need to add some depth in central defence and potentially scout a replacement for Marshall in case I can’t persuade him to sign a new deal.

In terms of seasonal targets, I will be aiming for a top eight finish in the league once more and a decent cup run. As for the Europa League, we’ll just see what happens!

The Story So Far…

Season  | Division    | Position | Play-Offs | Turkish Cup | Europe | Achievements
2012-13 | 2nd (Grp B) | 5th      | QF        | 1st Round   | N/A    | N/A
2013-14 | 2nd (Grp B) | 1st      | N/A       | 3rd Round   | N/A    | Promoted!
2014-15 | First       | 1st      | N/A       | 3rd Round   | N/A    | Promoted!
2015-16 | Premier     | 10th     | N/A       | 4th Round   | N/A    | Stayed up
2016-17 | Premier     | 6th      | Won in R3 | 4th Round   | N/A    | Qualified for Europa League

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How can you explain a sudden loss of form, and I mean sudden. From being 6 points clear of Monaco we're now 7 points behind after no wins in the last 7, the strikers suddenly can't score for s**t. It really was our title for the taking but I'm left disappointed, again.

F**k me, Monaco just won 8-0, how can I compete with that.

I think I'm going to go and attempt another challenge, maybe Gundo's, I'm just bitter after losing the title like that, come back to this later though.

I was tempted to resort to the lazy stereotype of saying that, since they're French, perhaps your team had gone on strike. We could apply it to all the other leagues. In Scotland the teams turned up to the match drunk. In Germany they were distracted while putting their towels on the team benches.

Anyway, you're so close. Don't give up on the challenge. Give them another season to redeem themselves.

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berty1978 - unlucky on missing out on the title but that was a great improvement. can't get over Monaco's goalscoring feats!! fact they didn't win the title means their boss should have been sacked!! :) the record of Nangis is incredible at international level..

el sid- thanks for the offer. if i need some new kits doing (which i may soon as i'm on my second season with them..) i'll be in touch!!

DodgeeD - well done on making the european competition. hopefully you'll establish yourself as a regular qualifier now.

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Good to see you've got European football next season DodgeeD, although that playoff rigmarole made my head hurt.
Best solution - win every game! ;)
DodgeeD - Frankly, the fact that you seem to understand the European qualification system is going to put the eventual and lesser accomplishment of achieving the challenge in the shade.
LOL. Good thing they have this complicated system though - we wouldn't have got into Europe without it!

DodgeeD - well done on making the european competition. hopefully you'll establish yourself as a regular qualifier now.

Cheers. :thup: Hopefully, we can start making an impact in Europe soon.
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Bad news - Made the tough call and arranged a transfer for Joe Marshall.... :( 6.5 million TL to Danish side OB.

Good news - the deal was arranged after the transfer window in Denmark had closed so he won't move until January 8th! Effectively, we get to transfer a player for a large fee when he has less than 6 months left on his contract. :thup:

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Città di Pontedera

Season 2016/2017 -Serie A

With tiny budgets and a tiny stadium, but with an attacking formation and style of play, we started well in the league. And it continued.

We won against Fiorentina, Roma, Napoli and looked really solid. Even managed to be top of the table for a couple of games, but had no chance to follow the top teams when january arrived.

We did manage to turn things around and managed an amazing 4th place finish in the end. Right after beating roma 0-2 away in the league we lost at home to Serie C1 team Varese in the cup, but I think this only helped us maintain our league form. Overall an amazing season, coming 4th in our first ever Serie A season is huge!

Table - Graph - Club Information

Right after we had finished 4th, the board announced this - new 23k seater stadium named after Marcello Lippi!

Training facilities are also being upgraded. These are actually the first changes to the clubs facilities since I took over.


GK: Sergio - Developed nicely this season aswell, and finished with a overall rating above 7. Still only 20!

DR: Athoumani Marthadi - This young frenchman made the rightback-spot his own this season, hopefully he will continue to develop next season.

DC: Mattia Pagano - Played well, but my assistant is doubting he will improve much more. Will keep him around anyway.

DC: Jorge Soares - Been in the club since the Serie C2/A days, and is developing nicely.

DL: Lucien Tchany - Even though his defensive skills are not the greatest, he was solid this season. Pace has alot to say it seems.

DMC: Jacopo Fortunato - Our captain since Serie C/1 B, and is still going strong. Has accepted a new contract as with a "rotation" squad status.

DMC: Valentino Flavi - The "new De Rossi" developed nicely this season and attracted interest from Fiorentina and Inter. Thankfully he accepted a new contract.

AMR: Uche Opara - The most entertaining player I have ever had in FM. It is absolutely amazing to watch him tear the right flank apart in the match engine.

AMC: David Lopez Montana - The brains in my attack. Scored alot more than I expected him to do, very very nice season.

AML: Pedro Coutinho - Not as dangerous as Opara, but a good season nontheless.

ST: Alessandro Pieroni - The new "Christian Vieri" had an allright season. Scored some absolutely amazing goals and attracted interest from Inter and Juventus, but willing to remain at the club.


DC: Unai Sesma - Played both DC and DR and did well. Wish his jumping was higher, though.

DMC: Piotr Towarnicki - Didn't develop as much this season, but solid for a youngster anyway. Still has lots of potential.

MC: Koen Koster - Brought in this youngster in january for a ridicolously small fee. I am absolutely sure he will turn into a cracking player, even did well in Serie A at age 16.

ST: Emmanuele Ferrari - This talented italian didn't have the best of seasons, and it was fair that Pieroni got the most playing time. Might try a formation were both Ferrari and Pieroni can play together, but this depends on our summer signings.

Hopefully we will make it to the group stages of Champions League and get some money. The clubs facilities are indeed in a dire situation.

I don't expect us to challenge for a top 4 spot next season, as I think playing in Europe will make my tiny squad very tired. I will make a pre-season report with screenshots of all my players later this week. Didn't bother posting images of my anonymous squad players as alot of them will be offloaded this summer.

The challenge so far:

[TD]Serie C2/A[/TD]
[TD]Lost in playoff-final[/TD]
[TD]Serie C2/A[/TD]
[TD]Serie C1/B[/TD]
[TD]Serie B[/TD]
[TD]Serie A[/TD]

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