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  1. One hell of a defensive midfielder at 19. Picked him up for €1.5M
  2. Another good league win, hoping for better luck in Europe for Ajax next season
  3. Been following this since the beginning and I've got to say it's been a great journey. A shame you have to start over but I do understand with the lack of rep increase and that idiot of a chairman. Will be following the new thread
  4. Tanzanian former international Ajali Kikwete has taken charge at Barcelona. He's looking to best former manager Pep Guardiola as the best ever manager at Barcelona, and will one day look to take over his home nation Tanzania.
  5. I might have just witnessed the longest and worst penalty shoot-out ever. 12 penaltys each and I win 5-4. Through to final of the CL so a big deal, just wanted to share it and was wondering if anyone has ever seen worse than this. http://s824.photobucket.com/albums/zz161/heavyscope/random%20FM/?action=view&current=penalty.png
  6. Season review 2022/2023 League Table | Position Graph | Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 The season didn't start well for us with 2 1-0 losses against Schalke and Werder Bremen, so it looked we were in for another frustrating season. Things however picked up with 3 good wins in row, even though we lost three of our next 5 games, we then went on a 6 game winning streak, which led us to the european places, we didn't end well with a 1-2 loss against Leverkusen. The second half of the season was a lot more inconsistent, with wins followed by losses or draws. We won 2 games against Schalke and Werder Bremen, but then lost 2 against Stuttgart and Wolfsburg, this was again followed by two wins. But after the lost game at 1860 München, form picked up as we then went 6 games unbeaten with just 2 draws. We lost our last game of the season at home to Mainz, we were still very much in the race for european football next sesaon and could even get champions league for the first time ever. We easily beat Nürnberg 3-0 in the first game, after that came the very difficult away game away Bayern München. We won the game with a lot luck and so all came down to the last game of the season. I was competing with Dortmund for the last CL spot. We played Leverkusen at home and the played HSV at home. They won in the last minute, and we were just the better team and also won, so their game didn't matter as we grabbed the CL spot, and will enter at the best-placed playoff. DFB-pokal - We had more trouble with both Bochum and Wehen than we should have, and our awful cup form continued as we dissapointingly went out in the third round after a loss against Leverkusen. Squad 1 | Squad 2 - We have a strong squad that can only get better over the coming years, especially with some smart investments. Transfers - We bought some good players for the depth of the squad and it worked out well. Top players: 5: Stefan Kalpakov - Again had a very good season for us, not as much goals as last season, but still did great. 4: Servet Taylan - Bought last season as a back-up for Caron, but performed very well and got himself a spot in the first team. 3: Jacob Gibbons - Has been at the club for 8 seasons now, and the faithful servant and a great player for us every season. 2: Nicolas Levis - Not as much goals as last season, but as he's only 21 and already has been called up a few teams for the national team. 1: Kola Opara - The young nigerian striker had a great season for us, missed some games due to the african nations, and still got in third on the top scorers list.
  7. Season Review 2021/2022 League Table | Position Graph | Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 A season with two very different faces. We started the season off horribly with a 4-2 loss against promoted Aachen and after a 2-0 win over Stuttgart I thought things would pick up from there, but they didn't. We lost 2 easy games in a row and after a draw and our second win in 5 games, the season didn't wasn't going well. We only got four more wins in the first half of the season: 1-0 over Mainz, 4-0 over Nürnberg, a very lucky 1-0 win against Dormund (who had a horrific season) and a 2-0 against last-placed St. Pauli. The rest of the games were all lost in a similar way: We dominated possession but didn't create anything but the opponent could create plenty and would eventually score. With some tweeks during the winter break, the second half started off much better than the first with 8 game winning run, we played some great football (especially at home) and were rising the table steadily towards the european places, the run only ended because our away form started to drop and we lost 2 games in a row against Mainz and Hoffenheim. 3 good wins followed but after failing to win three games in a row we still had to fight for european football as the table was agonizingly close. After the heavy away loss we had to win our last 2 games and needed Mainz to drop points to end 5th and get into europe again. We did our part of the deal, but on the last day Mainz succumbed to 5-0 win over Aachen and got the fifth place, and as 6th isn't enough anymore, we aren't playing in europe next season, off by a point again. DFB-pokal - I hoped to make a bit of a run this season, but with the bad form in the league we couldn't get the best of Gladbach and again were out early. UEFA Europa League - We started in the third qualifying round with an easy draw against Jagiellonia they were dispatched of easily enough to set up a place in the last round, in which we were drawn against Braga, A 2-2 draw at their place put us in a good position for the second leg, and we did it profesionally, which meant we would be in the group stage for the first time ever. We were drawn a winnable group against PSV, Besiktas and our feeder club FC RB Salzburg. We won the first three games, and even after we lost the second game to Salzburg, we still qualified for the first Knockout round. The other 2 games were a bit dissapointing with a loss against Besiktas and a drew at PSV, and that meant we finished the group in second place after the other Red Bull club from Austria. In the knockout round I thought we got a easy draw against SK Sturm Graz, but because they scored a lot away goal we made it more difficult for ourselves than we should have, and in the lost 3-1 at their place, so the european adventure lasted shorter than I hoped. Finances - The finances ar healthy enough with the prize money received at the end of the year, the only thing still keeping us from making a monthly profit are the low attendances. Transfers - I brought in a lot of fresh blood this season for quite a bit of money, but they're all big prospects who had great seasons. Squad 1 | Squad 2 - We have a very capable squad that should be able to qualify for europe on a yearly basis. Top players: 5: Sabri Kasa - A great first season for the winger. 4: Stefan Kalpakov - A big improvement, and one of my best players. 3: Kola Opara - The young striker did great and is still developing expecting a lot from this guy. 2: Nicolas Levis - The potential star had a very good first season, only just fell short of the 20 goal mark. 1: Scott Brownlie - The explosive striker was again our topscorer, 1 goal short of the 20, but has a lot of competition from Opara.
  8. I want to thank every1 here for the help, my team is playing much better now, I've won the last 7 games in a row, my defence is a lot more solid now and I'm scoring more as well, I guess the change from BBM to DLP had a big impact, I also now play counter-attacking football in away games because there we were much worse than at home, but at home I still try to dominate the game and have more possession since that seemed to work before and it's working now as well. Thanks everybody
  9. Sorry I just closed the game, I'll post some screenshots tomorrow. What exactly do you mean with assistent advices?
  10. Despite having 55-60% possession every game game against almost any team, my team seem to create a very small amount of chances while the opponent creates a lot them, sometimes 15-20 shot a game when I have like 5. I play a flat 4-4-2 with a cover and stopper centre-back, two FB's on support in defence, my midfield consists of 2 wingers (attack) a BBM, and and advanced playmaker in attack is deep-lying forward(support) and a poacher. I was wondering if any1 could give me some help on how to create more chances and make the opponents create less. If you want some screenshots or anything just ask me. Thanks in advance.
  11. Just knocked out Braga to qualify for the EL-group the first time we played in europe, we've been drawn in a group (as 4th seeded) with our parent club FC RB Salzburg, PSV and Besiktas.
  12. Season review 2020/2021 League Table | Position Graph | Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 We started the season greatly with a 3-0 win over Werder Bremen (who had an awful sesason), but it was followed by two dissapointing draws. Form didn't really pick up after that as we only got 2 wins and 2 draws from our next 7 games, and just as I thought we were starting to play better we had 3 hard games in a row against Bayern, Leverkusen and Dortmund. Bayern and Dortmund are still just too good for us and easily beat us, but we got a good and important win over Leverkusen. We hit form the last two games before the break, and kept going after it, with 4 wins and a draw in 5 games. But even though we kept winning, we didn't play well and my tactics crumbled agains Bocgum as we lost 3 games in a row and then drew 3. But with a new tactic we started playing better and we got only 2 draws and 2 losses in our last 8 games. DFB-pokal - The DFB-pokal is really something I don't want to talk about as we were awful in both games, only just getting a win over 3. liga team Ingolstadt and losing heavily to 2. Bundesliga team Rostock who have been a bit of a bogey team in the last few seasons. Finances - The finances are great at the moment, I think we could make a monthly profit if our stadium sold out every week, but as we don't, we still need the prize money for the money. Top Players: 5: Jacob Gibbons - Been at the club for 6 seasons now and still he's a very player for us, and will be for a few years. 4: Stefan Kalpakov - His first season at the club was a very good one, he scored his fair share of goals, but will need to give more assists, but there's still room for improvement as he's still young. 3: Mael Barrett - The young midfielder did well when he played, but as I want a more attacking midfield his playing oppurtinities may be limited. 2: Scott Brownlie - Our top scorer for the second year in a row, but with 11 goals it shows the front line will need some improvements. 1: Pedro Lopez - An awesome midfielder and a very important player for us, and he scored quite a few goals, as he's still young he will only be getting better and more of a leader.
  13. I apologise for the lack updates from me, but I haven't played the game in a while as I wasn't in to it and kind of lost interest. I'm starting again now, I'm currently in march 2021 and still challenging for european football. As I'm very busy right now the end of the season might still take some time so I'll give you a quick update now. Table || Graph || DFB-pokal || Fixtures 1|Fixtures 2 I'ts been quite a dissapointing season so far in my opinion, I had hoped for an easy european qualification and maybe even challenge for the CL, but it just wasn't to be. The main cause was that my tactics just crumbled and didn't work at all, we couldn't score nor defend very well, and that makes games kind of difficult most of the time. If you look closely you can find 1 run of 3 wins and 5 undefeated games. Whenever we won a game or two we would always then play awful and draw or lose. espacially in February and March we just couldn't find a win so I changed the tactics and we'll just have to see if it will work. The DFB-pokal is really something I don't want to talk about as we were awful in both games, only just getting a win over 3. liga team Ingolstadt and losing heavily to 2. Bundesliga team Rostock who have been a bit of a bogey team in the last few seasons. Transfers - I bought in some new talent for the future. One player I would like to to mention is Pedro Lopez, as he's been by quite a distance our best player and is currently our second top-scorer (which does say a lot doesn't it?) and was brought in for a free at the start of the season and is already attracting interest from Udinese. Squad 1|Squad 2 - A very decent squad at the moment, but does need some fresh blood next season, due to a change of tactics, and an inability to score a lot of goals, so that mostly means new strikers and wingers. The only objective now is just to get european football next season, and in the summer the squad will probably get a big revamp to get some fresh blood in and some young talents.
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