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  1. Another title lost in the last game after we were in 1st place for most of the season. I'm tired of how this version plays, 100000000000000000000000000000000 of 1v1s not converted into goals by my star strikers, it seems like every GK is a god at saving them. I'm done, not playing anymore.
  2. Season 15 - 2034/2035 - End of season report Club Profile | Club Info | Facilities | Finances | Competitions | Andy Sava Bundesliga Overview | Past Positions | Fixtures 1 - 2 What a great season for us. A season with only 3 losses in the league, 22 wins and 9 draws. We beat Bayern in both games, we even managed a 3-0 at home. Between the end of september and the end of the season we only lost 1 game against RB Leipzig. And still, even with this form, the title fight went to the last game. Bayern were playing away against last place Heidenheim so they almost guaranteed to wi
  3. I would'nt even spend that much for an attacking player. I managed to stabilize the finances though, Champions League money helped.
  4. @Muggert Congrats on the title & EL win! @Balahara & @karanhsingh Sure, here he is now, Mario Rosner. Not even worth that much anymore, not even close. Edit: I sold one of my centrel defenders to Barcelona. They came with a 49M Euros offer and i didn't say no, needed the money after this 97M transfer.
  5. Season 14 - 2033/2034 - End of season report Club Profile | Club Info | Finances | Andy Sava Bundesliga Overview | Past Positions | Fixtures 1 - 2 I didn't expect a repeat of last season but i still hoped for a top 4 finish. Unfortunately that did not happen, we had a decent season but not good enough. Bayern was a beast this season and won the league with 4 games left. DFB-Pokal Overview | Fixtures We got to the semi-finals and we were stopped by Borussia Dortmund. They went on to win the final against Bayern Champions League Gr
  6. And to top this blunder, the board is expanding the stadium with 11k seats and it will cost 23M Euros.
  7. I just made a big big big mistake. There is a goalkeeper, Mario Rosner, 19 years old playing for Schalke and he is already playing for Germany. Tried to unsettle him, made a few offers for him and he wants to join but schalke will not let him. I thought, hey lets ask the board to negociate and the board were happy to do it. A few days later an e-mail came, Schalke accepted the offer. And then i see the offer. RIP my finances, i am such and idiot. He will probably be a great goalkeeper, but 97M for a 19 years old?
  8. I am getting tired of this. 4 out of the 5 CCC's were 1v1's. 2 of them were missed by Panzardo in the first 20 minutes and i got mad and subbed him after he missed the second. The other 2 were missed by the striker i brought in... Edit: Now i have 0 points after 2 games in the group, Ajax has 6 and Liverpool has 3 but will most likely get 6. Goodbye Champions League, hello Europa league (hopefully). The league isn't going well either. Edit 2: : Liverpool drew away to Lokomotiv Moskow so they are at 4 points now. There is still a (small) chance.
  9. @karanhsingh It's a good season so far, back-to-back promotion would a great achievement. Camara is pretty fast for Serie B.
  10. @Geminilightning & @karanhsingh Not sure how i'll spend it, never been one to spend alot of money on established players. I like bringing in young players and turning them into superstars.
  11. @karanhsingh Yeah, that was an unfortunate season. We did achieve one goal this season!
  12. Season 13 - 2032/2033 - End of season report Bundesliga Overview | Past Positions | Fixtures 1 - 2 I think we recieved some good karma for all the bad luck from the last few season. We started okay but we were still middle of the table at the end of october. Before the season i decided to go more attacking but that backfired and we failed to win against teams we should have. So i went back to what we played last season and boy was that a good decision. A 16 games undefeated run brought us in the title race. We bounced between first and third and after we lost to Frankfurt
  13. I got sacked from the England job. We were eliminated from the European Championship in quarter finals, France defeteat us 1-0. The FA wanted semi-finals.
  14. Season 12 - 2031/2032 - End of season report Bundesliga Overview | Past Positions | Fixtures 1 - 2 Again, it happened again. The start was shaky again, but we managed to stabilize and started getting results. At some point we managed 8 wins in a row in the league. This took us in the top 4 and we were even 3rd for 2 weeks. For most of the second half of the season we were in a Champions League spot. That wend downhill fast when several of my important players got injured and we finished 5th. Another season where we had a disastrous end to the season. Will this end? At lea
  15. I hate this game. He was our best player this season. Right as the season is ending and we are fighting for Champions League. My right full-back is also out for the rest of the season. I hate this game. Edit: My second choice right-back and my goalkeeper got injured too, they will miss the rest of the season. Edit 2: My 2nd GK got injured too, might miss the last game. My last choice that i could play in midfield got injured and will certainly miss the last game.
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