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  1. They can make a difference- it depends on their mood, finances available, their trust in your, and the chairman's personality. But I have noticed that there isn't a single option better than the others- you just need to talk to your board and see what works best.
  2. Keep in mind, I'm an Athletic supporter and play them every year in FM, but I'd strongly recommend them. They have a solid squad that can fairly easily finish in the top four in season one; given their transfer restrictions it's also really fun to go around scouting/developing youngsters and trying to bring in (or bring back) the best Basque players. Also a minor challenge in fending off interest in your best players from other clubs.
  3. Save the game where you are. Take the Metz job and save it separately. If you don't like it, you can always go back- or you can have two saves running simultaneously.
  4. Last year I did the Big Euro challenge and took Portugalete to the top. I don't remember what I won with them (pretty sure I won the Europa League), but I turned them into a top-tier Spanish team with a number of fantastic youngsters. It helped a lot that I got a tycoon takeover only two or three seasons in. EDIT: Just looked at my photobucket albums from that save. I won Liga Adelante in 2020-21, Copa del Rey in 2023, Europa League in 2026. Finished 4th in La Liga 2024-25, and third 2025-26. 2025-26 was the last season I had completed. I'm getting kinda nostalgic looking at these and now I w
  5. Find senior affiliates, sell players for profit, and arrange friendlies with larger clubs; a healthy combination of these things should help at least a bit as far as finances. As others have said, though, the race is long. Pace yourself.
  6. Work permits for UK teams are annoying enough...but, seriously, the OP's issue smacks of bull to me. A Celtic player for a while, no issues, moves to England and no UK work permit?! It just doesn't make sense...
  7. Being a perennial manager of Athletic Club, youth development is something I've generally gotten pretty good at (I like to think). What I usually do is promote my best youngsters and make them available for the youth team almost immediately. At the same time, I try to get them a good tutor and bring them into a few games here or there as a sub. Depending on the needs of my team and how they've developed, I'll loan them after a season or two. For other ones (good, but not the best), I'll leave them in the youth team for a season or two while trying to tutor them, before either promoting them
  8. I don't know- it makes sense to me. I'm currently running a save as Dundee FC and I have a midfielder who used to be four stars. I'm in my fourth season and he's still with the team and still fairly good, but I've since brought in a number of good players and promising youngsters, especially in the midfield. At the same time, my club's reputation has climbed a lot and the SPL is also climbing rankings. He still plays well for me (although he now plays a lot less), but now he's rated at 2.5 stars; I really don't see how that's unfair. The star system doesn't necessarily mean that a five star p
  9. It's probably because the overall quality of your team/league is increasing.
  10. They'll develop better with the B team because they play competitive matches against higher quality (sorta) opposition, though this is relative to what team you're playing as and what division their B team plays in. Though, what I tend to do with my best youngsters is promote them to the senior team, make them available for B team games, and then tutor them/play them in occasional matches against weaker opponents.
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