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  1. Blackburn Rovers. He's in the England U19 set up as well. He's labelled as a promising midfielder, so I think Rovers will want him in their team soon enough. We'll just try to use him while he's here.
  2. Ilkeston FC- League Two - 2019/20 So our first season in League football was a struggle. While we never really got played off the park by other teams, our biggest failure was that we couldn't find the 'scrap a late goal to draw' or 'hold on to lead' button. There was probably like 10 games that we conceded a late goal that either turned a win into a draw or a draw into a loss. Mildly infuriating as we needed the points to survive this year! There were points in the season where we thought that we'd turned a corner and put the relegation scrap behind us, but the other teams around us k
  3. Just got my Brexit result... Would have preferred no change but its fine. Makes things slightly more challenging to go up the ranks as I'm sure all the domestic talent will be hoarded by the top teams. Good season @Kaiserwatman and welcome to the challenge @mavericktangoII Edit: And as you may be able to tell, I'm not exactly storming League Two at the moment!
  4. Ilkeston F.C. 2018/2019 Season - Vanarama Conference A magical season from the Robins saw us start in the playoff places and stay there for the rest of the campaign. Despite being favourites for relegation, Ilkeston confounded the pundits (and myself) by pulling out wins and draws that they had absolutely no right in doing so. Ultimately, a 3rd place finish in the table lead us to the playoffs. A nervy 1-1 draw to Nuneaton was followed by an equally nervy 1-0 win at home in Ilkeston to send us to Wembley for a playoff Final and a spot in League football in the balance.
  5. Would have much preferred this to the Board building a new 4k stadium, putting the club more than a million pounds in debt!
  6. Ilkeston 2017-18 Season Review Conference North I don't think I've ever 'officially' done this challenge before (if I have, I failed horribly), but I wanted to give it a good go this year. I went with Ilkeston mostly because they looked like they already had some good players in the team. And they certainly did. (Manager Profile Here) Even though I'm usually pretty, um, terrible at FM, I managed to Win the League by a point! I'm deathly afraid of getting massacred in the Conference, but even my inept management couldn't keep Ilkeston from the title. Cup Runs - Our FA Tr
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