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  1. Russia's reset date is the 20th, as it was in FM 14
  2. 118 Appearances, 0 Senior Goals. 93rd minute against Stuttgart he does this :eek: [video=youtube;Sduih26J_DA] I think that might be goal of the week....
  3. LLR- Another great update Randy Palmer - Looks like great progress in France! Swinburn - That's a spectacular
  4. SV Wilhelmshaven Season Report 2022-2023 The first season in the Champions League for Die Schlicktowner proved to be a memorable one. How did it turn out? Read on! League|Graph: We pushed Bayern Munich to the very limit this season. In fact with the amount of time spent atop the table, I have to say that we blew a great opportunity to grab the Bundesliga title. On the last day the table looked like this. All we had to do was win at home to Hoffenheim and we would be champions. Yet, it was not to be. We managed only one shot on goal and had only one really good chance as Choi Kyung-Ho broke in on a 1on1 but hit the post. It ended 0-0 and Bayern were confirmed as champions. Heartbreaking. Yet it has to be said that this was a really, really fun season where there were 7 really good teams in the League with Bayern being the class of course. But there is definately still a challenge to be had domestically. For once we didn't manage to be bottom of the league in average attendance, and we even filled out our newly expanded 22k seat stadium on a few occasions. Our salary is now competitive with the rest of the top flight German Cup: Went out in the 3rd round to Schalke, who eventually won the competition Europe: First Champions League run for Wilhelmshaven started in the group stage with a fairly easy group. We dominated the group even drawing Arsenal in London and beating them in Wilhelmshaven. The Portuguese and Greek sides were dispatched easily and we were into the knockout phase with ease. In the knockout phase we drew Man City and we just barely didn't have enough to beat them over two legs losing 2-1 on aggregate. Still we proved that we belonged in Europe's premier club competition. Squad Keepers: Farkas - Plays pretty much every game and is completely reliable Peralta - Because I'm tired of the backup keepers complaining for playing time I've decided I'll be loaning in keepers to be 2nd choice from now on, at least until one of my homegrown keepers develops to an acceptable level. Fullbacks: Andersen - Tearing his hamstring early in the season limited his involvement and might have signaled the end of his time at Wilhelmshaven, as I don't think he could be considered a top flight fullback Kocourek - The young Czech is the new backup to Perrone with the departure of Martninovic. He's good and has promise but needs to stop collecting yellow cards like they are candy. Musil - Yawn another solid season from the left back. Has that position on lockdown Perrone - Continues to be awesome and has been recognized by his national team as he now has 2 Argentine caps Centre Halves: Balan - The towering Romanian is one of the first names on the team sheet for important fixtures. Dembele - 3rd choice plays well when called upon, which isn't often as Balan and Oldani have been rarely injured Ivanildo - No longer cut out for the level, I'll probably let him go this offseason, thanks for the years of service Ivanildo! Oldani - The finesse to Balan's strength Oldani has become a truly great centre half. He's even solid from the penalty spot, converting 2 penalties this year. Central Midfielders: Falah - The Swede has been a fixture for Wilhelmshaven and continues to be a solid player Jansen - A frustrating figure as when he decides to play can single handedly win a game, but does not do that very often Loose - The German with a decidedly un-Germanic name is a player that I'd like to play more...if he didn't seem to have a weekly appointment with the physio Schussler - My Germanic midfield destroyer. Has a nice touch of class to go along with his tackling ability. Tomas - The Spanish international was rotting in the Tottenham reserves, so I swooped for him. Hasn't produced any great performances, but will get more chances Vieira - The Brazilian/German international turned in possibly his best season yet. 29 and looks like he might have a few years left in him, barring another major injury Wagner - I keep him around because he's homegrown Wingers: Fofana - The Malian is a strange one, because every time I think that he's not up for it he goes off to score a hat trick. Still not sold on him but 11 goals in all competitions is a great return for a winger Santos - Got the Brazilian on loan cheap to back up Worn, played decently, I don't think he'll be back though. Urbanek - When he's not hurt he's amazing. Yet he manages to get hurt at least once a season Worn - The Austrian continues to dazzle down the left side Forwards: Cirovski - I'm a sucker for Canadians, gotta support the national team! Cirovski looks like he might be the best Canadian striker ever and I hope to give him the platform to play at Wilhelmshaven Daniel - The Brazilian hasn't quite managed to reach the form of two years ago where he banged in goals for fun, has been a solid goalscorer though Kyung-Ho - Still waiting for him to find the form that saw him tear up the league the first half of last year Zoidze - The captain put on his scoring boots this year and got 14 league goals, a career high, however like every year he goes through one 11 hour slump of not being able to score. Had he managed to score a few in the last half of the season, he might have been lifting the Bundesliga trophy. Finances - Healthy even before we got 16 million pounds for Champions League TV rights Transfers - Sold off bit parts and loaned out a ton of prospects. Facilities - Besides a tiny stadium it looks like the facilities of a proper top half club Club Screen - Somehow neither myself nor legends like Eldar Zoidze have managed to become Icons at Wilhelmshaven... Next season: More Champions League and perhaps a bit of a revamp of the squad. Another title challenge will be expected in the extremely competitive Bundesliga
  5. SV Wilhelmshaven Season Report 2021-2022 After a really poor season last time out that saw the club take a step backwards, this was a season for the talented youngsters of Wilhelmshaven to show if they were capable of breaking into the elite of the Bundesliga League|Graph: This was the season that finally saw Wilhelmshaven establish itself as one of the top clubs in Germany, even managing to lead the Bundesliga into the Winter break. However Bayern's amazing form and our slight drop in form due to competing in Europe saw Bayern claim their 5th! consecutive Domestic crown. Bayern lost only once and conceeded only 14 goals, and look to be just as dominant in the years to come. Europe: Made it to the Euro Cup group stage and then walked through the group stage winning all 6 games. We dispatched Lorient, Feyenoord and Zenit in the knockout phase and met Udinese in the semi final. However we left our goal scoring boots at home and they squeaked out a 1-0 aggregate win. Udinese went on to win the Euro Cup German Cup: Went out in the 3nd round to 1860 Munchen, who are in the 2nd division. I played a strong squad but they actually outplayed us and claimed the victory in extra time Squad Keepers: Farkas- The undisputed top keeper at the club, now being recognized for his exploits as he won German Goalkeeper of the year. Covelli- The Canadian-Italian backup was brought in January as I let the previous backup leave. He's unhappy but whatever. Farkas is the clear number one. Defenders: Andersen- Our Danish attacking left back did not have a great season as a backup and may not be of a class needed to compete in the Champions League Balan- Has emerged as a tower of power in the back line. Form fell off near the end of the season which is worrying Dembele- 3rd choice defender is reliable when called upon Ivanildo- The club captain has really regressed at an early age. I'm loathe to part with a player that has been with us for so long, but he's not up to the standard anymore Jansen- There is probably a way to get more out of the Norwegian though I don't know how, decent enough as is. Martinovic- Our 'German' right back appears to have reached the end of his line here, as I have a talented youth player that I think can be equally as good Musil- The long time left back is the epitome of solid and reliable Oldani- Touted as the next Philippe Senderos, Oldani was our best defender this season and looks to have the world at his feet Perrone- Star right back struggled a bit with injuries this season Midfielders: Falah- The Swede is integral when fit, which has been his problem the last few seasons Fofana- Malian right winger alternates between brilliant and invisible Huertas- The hero of our Euro Cup triumph of a few years ago has been really average since that moment, may be time to move him on Loose- A summer purchase to get the team some more Germans, Loose has been a nice little addition, though he is injury prone Schussler- A nice player to have, a nice combination of a combative midfielder and a deep lying playmaker Urbanek- Brilliant Czech winger Uzun- A pure backup that will be moved on when one of our homegrown players develops to a point that he can play regularly, still Uzun can do a job when called upon Vieira- Our Brazilian/German international continues to struggle with injuries and a crowded midfield Worn- The Austrian star only gets better as he matures Forwards: Zoidze- Much better at setting people up than scoring himself, his partnership with Kyung-Ho will be key to our fortunes. Kyung-Ho- Showed why I had stuck with him by lighting the league up in the first half of the season, though his season was eventually derailed by injuries, and thats when the season fell apart for us. Integral to the team. Daniel- Way off his form that saw 13 league goals last year, though scored at a decent rate in other competitions Oumaya- I'm not sold on the Tunisian though my assistant manager thinks he's the next big thing, good scoring record in Europe to be fair. Finances: Never been a problem while I've been at the club Facilities: The stadium is being expanded by 5k, as well as the youth facilities improved, which is a step in the right direction. Transfers: Only a few signings and the only major player to leave was Wagner who was never going to displace Farkas from the keeper jersey First season in the Champions league is coming up, however domestically Bayern look to be a hard team to topple as they are loaded with talent.
  6. SV Wilhelmshaven Season Review 2020-2021 League table | Position graph | DFB-pokal | Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 Season Review: A season where we didn't do much of anything and thus this will be a shorter update as many of the players are the same and the results are essentially the same as well. The big theme of the year was thinning out of the squad and the acquisition of star Brazilian striker Daniel. Our record 9 million pound signing came in and provided the goals that were so sorely lacking for this team over the years. Frustratingly our airtight defence of the past few seasons also dissipated. As you can see in the fixtures list, we had both great runs of form and some pathetic ones. The key loss of form was just after the winter break where we lost 5 games in a row and only scored 1 goal, which was a rare revert back to the hapless infront of goal Wilhelmshaven of years previous. The other theme of the season was injuries. Aside from our 2 main strikers, essentially every one of our key players had a serious injury this year, despite the fact that we played the fewer games than we had in previous seasons. Losing both Vieira and Falah at the same time takes away the bite from our midfield. Overall, a disappointing cup run along with another 7th place would have meant no Europe, however a Bayern Munich victory in the Champions League final has apparently granted us entrance into the Euro Cup for next season, so a rare thanks goes out to FC Bayern Munchen :. Finances - We're crazy rich, but our chairman is pragmatic (read: tight fisted) Transfers - Only player in of note was Daniel, others were just prospects. We sold off a number of fringe prospects and squad player, looking to develop some of the clubs academy players which are showing promise. Top players: 5: Farkas - A somewhat average season for our Slovak number one. Still, he provides the best goalkeeping the club has ever seen. 4: Falah - Our best midfielder the Swede's season was derailed by a torn hamstring and it could be argued it derailed the team's whole season. 3: Worn - To score 6 goals for Wilhelmshaven is a feat considering our offensive inepitude, he's a really solid winger 2: Zoidze - Vice-Captain Zoidze scored 12 goals and added 6 assists to be a key player for us up front. If his goal totals keep improving he may eventually be the striker I thought he could be. 1: Daniel - For the first time in the top flight we had a player break double digits in goals. He misses more than I'd like, but with my history of buying strikers I'm not going to complain.
  7. Wow that game had a little bit of everything Toonbalmy!
  8. SV Wilhelmshaven Season Report 2019-2020 Defending German Cup winners Wilhelmshaven did not manage to capitalize on their success and produced a season that met expectations but never exceeded them League|Graph: Once again the theme of the year was a lack of goals, although we managed to right that somewhat at the end of the season, we were basically toothless in front of goal. A frankly pathetic start to the season meant that we settled for 8th, no European football in Wilhelmshaven for the first time in 2 years. Worriyingly, our average attendance remains poor, even though we are now Bundesliga mainstays. I know Wilhelmshaven isn't a big town...but some fans...please? Super Cup: We drew Bayern through 90 competitive minutes before absolutely losing our composure from the penalty spot, however having Manuel Neurer in net will do that to some people Europe: Passed into the group stage with ease and was placed into a group of death that included Blackburn, Benfica, and Monaco. We didn't have enough to get out of the group. German Cup: Went out in the 2nd round to Dortmund. Pretty ugly defence of our crown, but Dortmund is a strong team Squad Keepers: Farkas- The Slovak number one was great again...until he started randomly dropping shots and crosses at random. Is a brilliant shot-stopper but giving up easy goals is not a good trait to have Lindstrom- More solid than Farkas but without his shot stopping ability. Might sell him as his contract is running out and get a cheap young replacement, but I'm undecided. Defenders: Perrone- The best overall player at the club, potential future captain. He's great at right back. Martinovic- Now German international Martinovic as somehow he can't break the Serbian squad but the German squad is no problem? He's decent enough but Perrone is the first choice. Musil- Solid and consistent as ever Musil plays left back well. Andersen- Danish left back performs when called upon Ivanildo- Club captain and legend even though he is only 27. 146 league appearances and 11 league goals, will be totals that will be built upon. Balan- Good season from the Romanian, though yet to really show the massive potential my assistant sees in him. Dembele- Competes with Balan for the other spot in defence alongside Ivanildo. Provides a little more culture and speed. Bell- Falling out of most other competitions quickly meant little rotation at the back, so Bell didn't play ofter. Will probably be off in the summer as I'm bringing a promising youngster into an already stout defence. Midfielders: Falah- Played a LOT after Vieira broke his leg early in the season. Kept the season together for us, has been rewarded with a call up to the Sweden squad for the Euro Championships. Fofana- After a disapointing season Fofana produced a very good season, and was relied upon after Urbaniak broke his leg. 5 goals on a team that struggled to score shows his importance. Huertas- Was starting to be an anonymous season from last seasons German Cup hero Heurtas, until he hit a patch of goal scoring form that saw him piledrive in 4 goals in 3 games. Would love to see more of that form. Jansen- Forgetable season, though didn't see as much playing time. Included in the Norway squad for the Euro Championships. Jurco- As much as I like the Slovak, he's not going to help me win the title and with no Europe there might not be too many appearances coming for him, thus I might look to sell him on and let some younger players such as Jansen play more Schussler- Loaned him from Arsenal when Vieira got hurt, proved his worth and at 1.9 million he might prove to be a bargain. It's also nice to have SOME Germans in a very international squad. Urbanek- The Czech right winger is a great player for us, but broke his leg midway through the season. On his returned, he repaid the faith that his manager had in him by scoring a hattrick to sink Frankfurt. Uzun- Keeps rolling along as a backup, now on the clubs favoured personnel Vieira- A broken leg derailed his season and was not quite up to his usual standard. Really hoping he gets back to his best. Has taken German citizenship and is going to be eligible to play for Germany after the Euro Championships are done. Wagner- The homegrown Wagner played well when called upon, but he's a squad player only Worn- Somewhat disapointing season from Worn considering his high standards, but still a great talent. Forwards: Zoidze- Appears to be the only striker on the books that can acutally score. 9 equals his best league total. Hardly prolific. Kyung-Ho- Flashes of brilliance from the Korean. Tore his calf in the last game of the season, but shouldn't miss too much time. Ferry- Produced an outstanding 0 goals! Almost 1000 minutes of no goals means I'm absolutely sick of him already. He's going to be off in the summer. Possibly my worst ever FM signing. Keles- Has a chance to be worse than Ferry. Has already been on leave to Turkey twice and produced no goals. He's got time to turn it around, but seriously, can't I sign a striker that can put the ball in the net for once? The Departed: Bogovic- Sold to Racing for 3 million, just wasn't good enough anymore though I wonder how the broken leg affected him. 86 league appearances, 3 goals for Die Schlicktowner Englezou- Why anyone was interested in a striker from Wilhelmshaven is beyond me. Why Fulham would part with 6.75 million for a striker that barely scores is a mystery. 73 league appearances, 14 goals. Finances: Despite no attendance or progress in Europe Finances are strong...if only the board would let me spend some.... Facilities: A good standard. Would ask for them to be upgraded further but I need to keep that money to strengthen the squad Transfers: Made a good profit. Still really lack for a top flight striker but will be waiting a while more. The transfer budget set by the board is only 6 million with hardly an increase in the wage budget despite there being plenty in the bank . Going to be doing some wheeling and dealing to improve the squad I think.
  9. SV Wilhelmshaven, the favourite team of insomniac's across Germany! I can almost hear the chants of "Boring, Boring Wilhelmshaven" coming through my speakers..... Bringing Catenaccio back one game at a time! It's become clear that I have no idea how to make this team score goals
  10. Good season toonbalmy! You're putting me to shame with your progress
  11. SV Wilhelmshaven Season Report 2018-2019 The defending Euro Cup champions had a very odd season. We had success in some competitions and dismal failure in others. Which ones did we succeed in? Read on to find out. League|Graph: A torrid start to the season saw the club drop as low as 16th. It was bad enough that some of the club's players were concerned that we were underachieving. I don't think I was getting close to being sacked, but I was definitely close to losing the dressing room in the first half of the season. Fortunately as has been the case for the past 4 seasons or so, the squad hit it's stride and managed to move into more comfortable territory but was never able to really threaten breaking into the top 4 or 5 positions. Some uneven form near the end of the season dropped us to 7th in the league, and I feel that was a fair result for the season. However to move forward the club needs to not have these terrible starts. Overall the main problem was goals. We can play stern defence, but when it comes to the attack, it often lacks teeth. I don't know if it's my tactics or the players but it's been a common refrain for us over the years. Super Cup: A respectable loss to Marseille who had won the past two champions league titles Europe: Yikes. We went directly into the group stage....and then went directly out after the group stage. We were terrible. Frankly a pathetic defence of our championship bowing meekly out to an easily winnable group. German Cup: For everything the Euro Cup wasn't the German Cup was for Wilhelmshaven. A favourable draw that saw us only play 2 first divison sides to reach the finals surely helped. However sending Schalke out of the semi-final on penalties was a bit sweet as we topped them on penalties to win the Euro Cup last year. A nervy final that saw Mainz take the lead in the first half, only to be equaled by an Eldar Zoidze strike late in the 2nd half led us to extra time. In extra time, South Korean wonderkid Choi Kyung-Ho found an open Cristian Huertas who fired home from just outside the area to put us ahead in the 118th minute. Mainz couldn't muster anything in response and Wilhelmshaven were confirmed as German Cup Champions! This made up for our horrible Euro Cup run and brings home a 2nd piece of silverware for the club. Squad: Keepers: Farkas- The Slovak is perhaps the best keeper I've ever had. An amazing shot stopper, he is locked down for his best years, though he is the club's top earner Lindstrom- I thought at one point he'd be the number 1. He has no chance now, plays well but is not as good as Farkas Defenders: Andersen- Decent enough season for the 2nd choice left back, and has made his debut for Denmark internationally. Balan- The young Romanian is the 4th choice in central defence but the coaching staff sees huge potential in him, so I played him where I could Bell- Okay season for the Cameroonian. With us having a couple of nice prospects in defence he may be moved on. Dembele- The more cultured defender suffered some poor form this season, though he overcame it near the end of the season Ivanildo- The Wilhelmshaven captain produced another excellent season. I would like him more if he wasn't playing for USA (as I am Canadian ) Martinovic- Was okay, though according to some of my players he has a poor attitude so he might be moved if I have the funds and an adequate replacement lined up Musil- Solid, no nonsense left back Perrone- Fans player of the year and an excellent right back, to think I almost sold him to Boca for 6 million! Midfielders: Bogovic- The Croatian that I had originally thought would be a huge contributor at Wilhelmshaven appears to have reached the end of the line. He has been eclipsed by superior players and he never really recovered from a broken leg that he suffered 2 seasons ago. Will almost certainly be moved on. Falah- The swede is an excellent midfielder. Plays well in defence and adds in several assists. Fofana- The Malian was supposed to be the right winger for the present and future, however he produced a poor season. He has one more season to turn it around Huertas- A bargain for 3.5 million especially after I sold Tomasevic for 6. Scoring the winner in the German Cup in extra time should make him a fan favourite for years to come Jensen- The Norwegian clearly has the world at his feet. Part of my excellent central midfield. Collected his first cap for Norway after I took the screenshot Jurco- Had a really good season...until some club decides that they want him and then his play goes into the tank. Frustrating. Urbanek- Came in January and right away became first choice on right wing. Scores goals too which is nice for a club that doesn't score enough. Uzun- Now 118 appearances into his Wilhelmshaven career continues to be decent backup and a good servant Vieira- Another good season for the Brazilian. Worryingly he has been somewhat injury prone lately Wagner- The home grown midfielder is okay, but nothing more than a squad player. Worn- He is so good down the left. Scores goals with his head more than his feet. They all count though! Forwards: Englezou- The mercurial Cypriot plays well but doesn't score. Might be moved on unless he can prove he can hit the back of the net. Ferry- The Scot was our big summer signing that was supposed to come in and score goals, yet a poor start and injuries derailed him early. When he came back after the winter break he showed his potential with a series of good performances. Kyung-Ho- A bargain for 900k, the South Korean is lethal off the bench though seems to struggle when starting. He's young though and that may come in time. Zoidze- A frustrating striker, he appears to have all the talent in the world but rarely scores for us, even though he has 16 goals in 31 appearances for Georgia. I keep hoping he'll eventually become a great goalscorer, though maybe I don't know how to use him tactically. Youth: Drum- When you can't bring in talent from you're own academy, buy it from others. Augsburg's loss is our gain. Duka- Duka is the next big prospect for the club. I'm a bit worried as his attributes don't exactly scream star, but he has potential to grow into. Oldani- The next Phillipe Senderos apparently, definately need to get him playing time Schwartz- The left winger of the future, apparently has 'leading first division left winger' potential The Departed: In this section I'll list the important players that have moved on, noting their contribution to the rise of Wilhelmshaven Tomasevic- Was no longer important in a crowded midfield, and we got a good (6m) fee for him. 97 career league appearances, scoring 7 goals. Vila- Wanted to leave when we were underachieving early in the season, I could not make him happy so he left for 500k to Kaiserslautern, where he failed to make an appearance. 121 league appearances, scored 20 goals. Finances- Strong, but I only have 4.2 million to spend in the summer, so that is disappointing. Transfers Next Season: Continue onwards and try not to fall into an early season slump.
  12. The winner of this football game was the fans. Choi Kyung-Ho was the hero for Wilhelmshaven as he scored 2 and added 2 assists to outduel Mario Gotze who had 4 assists Was somewhat bittersweet as a real life Dortmund supporter because it essentially ended their title challenge, but hey, we'll take it!
  13. SV Wilhelmshaven Season Report 2016-2017 This was the second season in the Bundesliga for the club. It was also the first for the club in Europe. It turned out to be quite the successful season for Wilhelmshaven! League: A good solid season in the top flight. Competing in Europe meant that we had many uneven performances, after rotating the squad. Nonetheless we deserved this position fully. We may have been able to catch Leverkusen for 6th, but we were competing on to many fronts to make that a priority. Our second half of the season was far better than the first which has become a bit of a trend for the club, so its up to me to get the club off to a good start if we are to move up the table and challenge the top 3. However the top clubs are spending miles more than us Cup: We crashed out pathetically to Dusseldorf in the second round. I played a decent squad and Dusseldorf absolutely played us off the park. Losing to a 3rd division club is not exactly what I had in mind. Europe: This is where the club shone. Though it almost was not, as we lost the first game to Vaduz of all teams! We were able to overcome the mighty Lichtenstein club which started our remarkable run. In the group stage we got Malaga, Monaco and Benfica, and not only did we survive this group of death, we managed to win it! In the knockout phase we played some really big opponents including Bayern Munich, Tottenham and Malaga, yet we overcame them all (with a fair share of luck truth be told). In the final it would be a familiar opponent in Schalke. We played our tough defending, counter attacking style which produced a rather dull game that went to a penalty shootout. In the shootout, we held our nerve and converted all of our spot kicks while Schalke missed twice and thus we lifted the cup! A proud moment for Wilhelmshaven getting their first ever European trophy in their first season of competing in Europe. This also guaranteed us a spot in the Euro Cup next year, which is a mixed blessing as it brings the club prestige, but it also weakens us on the domestic front, but lets not complain about winning trophies! Squad: Keepers: Farkas - 11 clean sheets in Europe speaks for itself. An absolutely brilliant shot stopper he has saved us on numerous occasions. Lindstrom - The only reason Farkas doesn`t start every game. Asked for more first team playing time and I was loathe to lose such a prospect so he played in many league games, where he performed well. Defenders: Andersen - The dane produced a solid season, he's a more attacking option than his competition at left back, Musil. Bell - I knew after last season that we'd have to improve at the back and Bell was key to our improvement. A bargain for 2.8 million. Dembele - Came in on a free in January and played well. He's the 3rd choice in central defence, but that shows the growing depth of the squad. Ediev - Has been a good servant for the club, but he's not good enough now, will be moved on Ivanildo - The big Brazilian turned in another quality season. He has been called up by the US for the World Cup, which is a bit strange as he`s never played for an American team, was born in Brazil and doesn`t even speak english! Martinovic - Another season of strength for Martinovic Musil - First choice left back, doesn`t offer much going forward but is great in defence Perrone - The Argentine is a nice prospect and played well in his first season Midfielders: Bogovic - A couple of injuries have derailed Bogovic but he's a nice squad player. Falah - Possibly the star of the season, the Swedish international proved that any way you want to play him in midfield, he would excel. Key to the club. Fofana - Occasionally genius, but more often the not just average it was a decent season for Fofana but I think there is more to come from him Jansen - Though we probably didn`t need more midfielders, I couldn`t resist this Norwegian available on a free. Only 19 and looks a real nice prospect. Jurco - Club Captain, though that seemed to bring his performances down, probably will be nothing more than a squad player though a decent one at that Tomasevic - Solid season from the Croatian Uzun - Look an actual German! Not a great season from him Vieira - The player that was labelled the next Gilberto Silva turned out a lot like him. He is awesome. Vila - An old fart in this young squad, he continues to perform. He`s cheap, and doesn`t mind coming off the bench so will be kept. Wagner - The homegrown prospect, I keep loaning him to get him playing time but he`s not really developing. Sigh. Worn - When he is on, he is unplayable, a great young left winger. 10 goals meant he was our second top scorer. Forwards: Englezou - The Cypriot is a nice player, but he's not exactly the poacher I envisioned when I bought him. Still pops up with key goals from time to time Mendicino - I brought him in on loan in January just to have a player to take the pressure off my main strikers. He delivered 5 goals in 6 starts, so maybe a permanent move is on the cards Rakels - Plays well in limited time, might be moved on in the summer Zoidze - Top scorer but never prolific, I know he`s a good player but I don`t think he`ll ever be a 15-20 goal scorer Facilities - Ever improving. Our stadium now fits 17k though it`s never been sold out. Finances - Prize money is nice Transfers Next season - I think the biggest need for the club is a top striker so that`s what I will be searching for, otherwise I`m going to be trying to keep my talented youngsters for another run at the Euro Cup.
  14. Great 2nd season in the top flight with a cup win to top it off! Lopez looks like a real bargain, 17 goals in 19 appearances is impressive, I bet Valencia regrets selling him now!
  15. SV Wilhelmshaven Season Report 2016-2017 Our first season in the Bundesliga turned out to be a successful one as the youngsters that got us promoted from the 2.Bundesliga made the step up with ease. It took about 10 games for the team to settle into the season, but from there on we looked like we clearly belonged amongst the big boys. A 2-1 comeback victory in the final fixture against HSV secured 6th in the table and a favourable result in the German cup meant that not only did we survive our first season, we'd be competing in the Euro cup in the next! A great season overall that saw me named manager of the year for the 2nd year running. League: Leverkusen absolutely ran away with the title, they were almost unbeatable. I was memorably able to get a result against Bayern but realistically the sides ahead of us are miles better than us. The other mid table teams around us were poor, but we rode our luck on more than one occassion. I don't think we can achieve as high as 6th next year because of that. We spent, far, far less than the other teams in the Bundesliga Cup: Beat Bundesliga side Mainz before crashing out to Schalke in the 3rd round. Key Players Goalkeeper: Farkas - In the preseason our German keeper Sippel had his minimum release clause met so we needed to search for a replacemnent. Farkas came in and was really good, though he frustratingly spills the ball at the worst times. I'm working on his handling but it has not improved, though it is his only real weakness. Defenders: Andersen - Young Dane that competes for the left back spot with Musil and is also decent cover at left wing Ediev - The Russian proved to be the best partner for Ivanildo this year. A spot that needs to be upgraded next year Ivanildo - Our towering Brazilian/American was an absolute beast this year. He is awesome. Once he learns German, I'll probably make him captain. Martinovic - Martinovic has been a fixture at right back since his arrival 3 years ago. Don't see that changing anytime soon. Musil - Our Czech left back offers little going forward but is reliable in defence, will compete with Andersen for a starting spot. Midfielders: Falah - Was available on a free after his Djurgarden contract expired. Proved to be a great signing as it allowed me to move Vieira further forward. Jurco - I feel like I was finally able to see the best of Jurco this year. Not an everyday player but a nice threat off the bench. Tomasevic - Not a great season from the Croatian. Will get his chances next year to prove he can play at the level. Vieira - Labelled the next Gilberto Silva I broke the wage budget to resign him, but he is absolute class. Equally able to play as a defensive midfielder or an attacking threat, he is our top player. Benfica and Porto have been sniffing around him, but his new contract should keep him happy in Germany. Vila - Each season I think will be his last at Wilhelmshaven I get proven wrong. I'm going to bring someone in to compete with him, but if Vila keeps scoring, it will be hard to replace him Worn - The signing of the season, Worn is everything you want from a winger, 5 MoM performances speak for themselves. The big clubs are sniffing around him, I'd love to keep him. Forwards: Englezou - A Cypriot that was purchased for 500k, he provided a good return of 8 goals. Good value for money and provides a pacy option up top Zoidze - The big Georgian with the odd name was top goalscorer for the club with 9. He misses a boatload of chances it seems. Still has amazing talent for a 20 year old, and Man U were enquiring about him. I'd like more goals out of him to be perfectly honest. The Homegrown talent: Wagner spent the season at FSV Frankfurt in the 2.Bundesliga. With us being in the Euro Cup next year, i'm going to keep him at Wilhelmshaven and have him play a bunch of European games in order to keep him progressing. Facilities - The board is upgrading capacity on our stadium as well as improving the youth facilities. Slowly but surely our facilities are catching up to our progress as a club Transfers - Didn't spend a ton, as you can see Sippel left near the start of the season which caused the panic buy of Farkas...turned out okay in the end. Finances - The prize money from the Bundesliga is helpful. The club has 8 million pounds of debt but at this point it is merely a drop in the bucket. Next season: Would settle for mid table as having overachieved plus being in Europe will test the squad depth and talent. There should be money to upgrade the squad, and improvements need to be made to the defence. In general, I'd like to keep most of the squad together as I feel that it could be the core of a team that could push for a champions league place