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  1. Sv Babelsberg 03 Season 2023-2024 Year End Review Shorter update this time, because I've gotten behind on them. In short we were terrible in the league and flirted with the relegation spots. Our venerable 5-3-2 completely came apart at the seams and teams seemed to figure us out. We were basically inept in front of goal, it was that simple. Table - We managed to scrape and claw our way to 13th. A forgettable season, except for.... The Cup Amazingly, in a season where we had absolutely no form - we managed to get to the Cup final, beating Bayern and Dortmund...actually no, we basically got absurdly lucky as Dortmund and Bayern got bounced, we basically never played anyone good, and we stumbled our way into the final. Fixtures The Final In a scrappy and rather dull game Fillip Lesniak set up Swedish International Martin Nilson to strike home in the 24th minute, and it was good enough for the Victory! We are in Europe next year! We also have a new Stadium on the way. Overall We have to hope that our cup form was our true form and that our League form was an abberation. The pressures of Europe will also be...interesting on a squad that is pretty deep, but not all that talented. Oh, and because of our new stadium, I don't have that much money to spend. Sweet!
  2. Sv Babelsberg 03 Season 2022-2023 Year End Review Our second season in the Bundesliga was...pretty much like our first season in the Bundesliga. We never looked like going down, nor did we ever look like threatening any of the top sides. However, we were able to bring in some nice players in the transfer market that will hopefully help us build. Best part about our season was our rock solid defence, conceding the 3rd fewest goals in the division. Table - We finished 8th, but that final position flattered us hilariously as we won several games that we didn't deserve to. Prize money was nice though... Cup - Wolfsburg knocked us out in the 3rd round. Boring. Transfers - We were big spenders, bringing in a bunch of new signings. Biggest signing was Cyle Larin, the Canadian who didn't live up to expectations (note to self, just because you are Canadian, doesn't mean Canadian players will perform for you!). No one of significance left the club. End of Year Awards - Laurin von Piechowski, the mainstay, the icon won the fans player of the year...again. Even over 15 goal man Nilsson! Key Players - Best XI (5-3-2WB) GK - Micu - Dislodged Calliard as the #1 keeper. He's decent, but nothing amazing. DCR - Rojas - The Paraguyan is a nice fit in the 5-3-2, as he's pretty pacy for a centre-back. DC - von Piechowski - Another great season from the Captain. DCL - Anica - Romanian center back with great physicals - if he ever gets better technically he could be a real gem. RWB - Dardouri - Our Moroccan right back is a nice, if not technically gifted, right back. LWB - Baltham - He's solid as ever at left wing back. Would love to bring in someone to compete with him, but he's solid. Is considered homegrown too. CM(At) - Hayakawa - Displaced Stulac as the first choice in his role, Hayakawa is a nice prospect for the future CM(DLP) - Altsinger- Came in for 5.5 million from...New York Red Bulls (really?) and was really good for us. Nice to actually have a German player in the team (but I love my foreign wonderkids too much, heh!) CM(BBM) - Khedira - Another good season for Sami's little brother Rani. ST- Lesniak - 6 goals. 5 assists. Meh! I like Lesniak, he's a nice bit player to have around, but man does he disappear in games sometimes. ST- Nilsson - Came in last season when I needed a new striker after Diaz left and didn't play well. This season...he was a man on fire. When Nilsson came to play he'd just dance through defences and slot home. Great player. Ended up nicely on the goal chart too. Dishonorable Mention Larin - 5 million pounds. 2 league goals. Was absolutely useless. I kept playing him, thinking that he can't be that bad, but he was. Missed sitters, shot when he needed to pass, loved shooting from distance even though he sucked at it. Just a horrendous signing. (A shame, because he's great in real life) Young Players/Prospects Tokihisa - I have no idea how to pronounce that name. For a free striker...he looks pretty good! Kaji - I'm liking the look of this Japanese attacking midfielder. Kostic - Our homegrown defender continues to progress. Hansen - Incoming for next year - looks the business at 18!! Next Season The squad is young, but if we can keep a hold of some of these players - Nilsson, Altsinger and Hayakawa in particular we could progress. I think we'd be hard pressed to finish 8th again, but if we can keep bringing in talent, it should be another safe midtable place for us.
  3. Sv Babelsberg 03 Season 2021-2022 Year End Review Our first season in the Bundesliga didn't go as I expected, really. We got off to a strong start (at one point ripping off 4 wins in a row) and settled into a comfortable midtable position, which we never surrendered. In the end, we finished a solid 12th. Table - As you can see, we finished well above the relegation battle and were in and among the midtable. Cup - We went on an excellent cup run this year. We knocked out Hertha in the 3rd round, Frankfurt in the 1/4 final and went into a home tie with Leipzig for a shot at the final up for grabs. Unfortunately RBL ran out deserved winners. Still it was very good for us financially to get to the Semi-final. Gotta admit I had dreams of Europe there for a few moments... Transfers - We weren't overly active in the transfer market. We generally sold off our chaff and stuck to what got us promoted last year. In January, Hamburg activated Diaz's release clause and he was off to a bigger club for 8 million pounds. He would go on to score a single goal for HSV in the remainder of the season. Finances - We're rich (thanks, Bundesliga prize money). We spent almost nothing on wages this year (there were 2.Bundesliga teams that outspent us by some margin. I run a tight ship!) End of Year Awards - Laurin von Piechowski, who has been at the club since the 3.Bundesliga was named Fans player of the year again. Legend. Key Players - Best XI (5-3-2WB) GK - Caillard - Kept his place from last year and played well despite the step up in competition. DCR - Gersbach - That last name really sounds German, doesn't it? Nope. Aussie. We've had good success with bringing in cheap Aussies, and Gersbach looks like he could be a fantastic player if he develops. DC - von Piechowski - Could von Piechowski handle the step up to the Bundesliga? Of course he could. He was arguably our best player too, chipping in with 3 goals. DCL - Magnusson - Snapped him up for like 250k which was an absolute steal. He's nothing more than decent, but he is experienced. RWB - Dardouri - Isn't really a great fit for the system as he's much more of defensive fullback than an attacking wingback, he's done a good job in that position. LWB - Baltham - Another solid season from the Moroccan left back CM(At) - Stulac - Decent season from the Slovenian. The Bundesliga looks like it might be a bit too tough for him, but he's still a good player to have around. CM(DLP) - Gutierrez - The American was very solid again this year. My coaching staff don't rate him, but I have to explain to them he's one of our best players! Idiots. CM(BBM) - Khedira - Another good season for Sami's little brother Rani. ST- Lesniak - An absolute mountain of a man, we've found the Polish Jan Koller. Unfortunately, unlike Jan Koller, Fillip doesn't have a nose for goal. Nice player to have though. ST- Pellegrino - When one of your key strikers has 4 goals in the league, you know that it's a problem. He's just not good enough for this level. (I like him though). Young Players/Prospects Kostic - The sole prospect I have any faith in actually developing. Pain - What a name. Sounds like a WWE wrestler. Promising Aussie striker that looks like he might become a decent poacher. Next Season The Board is building a new stadium....kind of. Would be nice if they let me know what is going on! Otherwise we'll push on and continue to bring in some better players to drive us forward. Really having fun with this save, the Bundesliga is such a nice league to play in, and playing 34 league games means I can really fly through the seasons.
  4. @wynter Great job! Nice cup win! @fabreth Great season - whenever I try to play the challenge in Russia I end up relegated, in the first season, so you must be doing something right!
  5. Gutierrez is that I player I really want to develop (I have a soft spot for North American players being Canadian), but he's just...not getting the progression I'd like. Going to keep him because I really like him, but he's not a star (sigh). Anyway, this is tactic The DLP is the focal point of the team, providing a deeper option in attack and being the most defensive of the three midfielders. The tactic is really a 3-5-2 in attack and a 5-3-2 in defence. The system is pretty fluid as I want everyone to flow to where there is space in attack. This tactic isn't necessarily great at breaking down teams that set up shop defensively, but it is pretty tough for teams to break down.
  6. Sv Babelsberg 03 Season 2020-2021 Year End Review Our third season in the 2.Bundesliga was a cracking one. Right from the start, there was a different intent about the squad. Games that we would have drawn in previous seasons we won. Games we would have lost in previous seasons we drew. In the end, there could only be one result. We ran out as Champions! Table - Our main rivals were Frankfurt and it was a very tight run in to the title. However, we managed to pip it at the end. Cup - We managed to progress to the 3rd round where Red Bull Leipzig put us out of the cup in a competitive fixture that ended 3-2. Transfers - The big news of the offseason was star striker Ingram being shipped off to Kuban. 3.9 million pounds was a nice fee for a player I was basically sick of by the end of the previous season. That signing freed up the funds to strengthen all areas of the squad and freed up space for a new top striker and boy was he fantastic. Gael Andonian left during February to Salt Lake at a time where we were top of the 2.Bundesliga. I rejected a nothing bid from Salt Lake, figuring that Andonian wouldn't be too fussed considering our relative success and the fact that he was a current international. Unfortunately, Gael apparently really wanted to go to Salt Lake for reasons that defy logic. So I shipped him out. He now plays in Utah. We play in the Bundesliga. Congrats, idiot. Finances - We are in good financial shape. Our budget seems pretty absurdly low considering we'll be in the Bundesliga next year. Club End of Year Awards Key Players - Best XI (5-3-2WB) GK - Caillard - Our funky French keeper turned in another good season. Probably slightly out of his depth in the top flight, but he'll be a tough keeper to unseat for his first team place. DCR - Beyer - A lot of players played here, but Beyer was consistent. DC - von Piechowski - Another fantastic season from Laurin. Now the club captain, he's a fixture in the first team. Just a total rock-solid defender. DCL - Ceitil - A decent little defender that seemed prone to making some of the oddest errors I've ever seen. RWB - Dardouri - Not the most attacking wingback ever created, Dardouri is nonetheless an effective presence on the right half of the pitch. He's still only 21 years old, but he has 18 caps for Morocco already. Really a fan of this player. LWB - Baltham - Shopping in Morocco has been good for us this year, giving us two very handy players down the flanks. Baltham is the younger of the two Moroccans, but he might have the most potential and attacking instincts of the two. CM(At) - Stulac - The star man in midfield, Stulac had a fantastic year, scoring 4 and creating 6 more. A player with an eye for the spectacular, he's a delight to have on the pitch - in fact our form tends to drop off when he's hurt. Somehow isn't a part of the Slovenian set up which almost beggars belief. CM(DLP) - Gutierrez - Making Babelsberg great! (in the midfield) is Gutierrez. Never really developed the way I hoped he would, he is still a very, very tidy player. The deep lying playmaker role is a key one in this system and he plays it very well. CM(BBM) - Khedira - No, not that Khedira. His brother. Rani isn't quite the talent that Sami is, but he was a very nice player in our midfield when he joined in January. ST- Diaz - Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Goals! Goals! Goals! 22 goals in 32 appearances. 8 Assists. 10 man of the match performances. Diaz came in for a modest fee and if he leaves it will be for a club record transfer. A phenomenal season from the young Australian. He really was a class apart. I had to break my wage budget to get him to sign a long term deal, but hopefully that will beat back some of the (significant) interest he is seeing. Led the league in Average Rating ST- Pellegrino - The Argentine came in on a free and formed an instant partnership with Diaz. 12 goals in 27 games is a pretty nice return from your support striker. Looking forward to his development. As the Goal Chart shows, we had two very good strikers this year. Young Players/Prospects Thomas - Continues to progress, but slower than you'd like to see. Kostic - He's still being tipped to succeed, and I think he might be able to do so. Next season - It's top flight football for us! Fortunately we went up along two sides I'm pretty confident about beating. Plus we have Diaz and his talent. While it will not be an easy (or fun season) in all likelyhood, we'll see if we can fight against the big boys in Germany.
  7. Sv Babelsberg 03 Season 2019-2020 Year End Review Our second season in the 2.Bundesliga was a building season. Last year it was about finding players to keep us up. This year it was about finding players that could help us push on. We found some good players, while some of the old guard found themselves on the way out. All in all, a late run of form saw us finish 7th. It probably flattered us slightly, but we were pretty safely mid table for the whole season without ever threatening to be more than that. Cup - We beat some rag tag non-league side in the 1st round before bowing out to Hertha Berlin in the 2nd round. Transfers - A lot of wheeling and a lot of dealing. No one of note left the team, and we brought in a bunch of players to help us build the foundation of our team for years to come. Finances - We've got a nice balance. Board won't let me spend it on players, nor on facilities which is annoying. Still, we're pretty well off. Key Players Vocaj - Fans player of the year and deservedly so. Took a punt on him as my scouts rated him and I was pretty 'meh' on him. He was fantastic, popping up with goals out of nowhere, which were usually stunning strikes from 20+ yards. His skill and versatility made me nickname him 'discount Owen Hargreaves.' Stulac - Our record signing for a cool 1 million pounds was the midfield playmaker Leo Stulac. He scored in his first two games and I thought that he was going to take the league by storm. He didn't. Still chipped in 5 goals from midfield which is a nice return in 27 appearances. Stang - Has been at the club since I arrived, but this was the first time he got decent first team playing time and he was...fine? Never really found his legs and eventually found himself at the fringes of the team. Ingram - The definition of a hot and cold striker. Would go without goals for games on end, then pop up and score a brace. I think I might have run out of patience with him though. I can only watch chances go squandered so many times before I want to send a striker to Siberia. Fiumara - Central Defender that I just *wish* would develop that slight bit more. If he can, he'll be class. If he can't, I don't think he'll last. Gutierrez - Star man in the midfield. A fantastic deep lying playmaker that was capable of taking over games. There is tons of interest in him from big teams, but he doesn't seem fussed about it, which is nice. Keeping him at the club is a top priority. Haas - The steel in midfield. Older player that is nice to have around the team. Dardouri - The Moroccan international is one to watch as a rightback/wingback. He's getting lots of attention from Bundesliga teams and if he continues to develop he's a star in the making. Caillard - One of the few keepers on this version of FM that didn't drive me absolutely crazy. His howlers, when he made them, were so hilarious you couldn't help but laugh. Fortunately, those were kept to a minimum. Andonian - Good player that I am paying wayyyy too much in wages. Was hoping for a better season from him, but him and von Piechowski never really clicked. von Piechowski - The talisman, the legend, the local boy, Laurin is the rock at the heart of the defence. Truly a club legend, he's the first name on the teamsheet and someone I can't imagine this club without. Young Players/Prospects Thomas - With a name like that you'd swear he was English. He isn't. However he does look like a decent prospect for the future - came through our youths this year. Hugo - The young Brazilian came in on a free in January and played well when he went on a loan spell. Thinking that he'll be on the fringes of the first team next year. Beck - Another youth product with potential. Abt - Hoping that this youth product will be a first choice player at some point in goal. Might have to settle for him becoming a second choice keeper.' Kostic - If I had to bet on one prospect from my academy making the youth team, it would be him. Next season - I've got a good squad in place and I'm going back to the 5-3-2 with wingbacks for next season. Feels like if I can get a striker to fire in 15 goals and we play to our current standard, we'll have a chance at promotion. I'm going to assume that I'll fall short, so I'd settle for a strong season with a good cup run.
  8. @SuperSubFM Nice first season! The dutch leagues are a good place to accumulate talent, but that first year can be rather difficult - interesting tactic too - I'm sure your games were never boring!
  9. Sv Babelsberg 03 Season 2018-2019 Year End Review Our first season in the 2.Bundesliga was an interesting one. We were basically never in danger of going down courtesy of a strong start that saw us comfortably midtable at the halfway point. However that was when our season, went to hell. Our last win for the season came in February. 13 games without a win. It was absolutely surreal stuff. There was nothing I could do to stop our abjectly terrible run. In real life, I'm sure I would have been sacked. Messages like this were not uncommon. However we scraped enough points together to finish 13th in the final table. Securing our spot in the 2.Bundesliga for next season. Cup - We managed to knock St. Pauli out in the first round before getting absolutely hammered by Hoffenheim. Transfers - Lots of ins, lots of outs. Only notable transfer was Argentinian Franchini who played okay for the team before a bunch of teams bid for him. Everyone raved about his potential, but he seemed pretty mediocre to me, so he was off to Leverkusen for 1.2 million. Last year's big loss (and Canadian star in the making) Whiteman when on loan to Karlsruhe from Dortmund and the nothing more than a benchwarmer. Except for his jumping, he looks like a great player for the future. End of Season Awards Key Players Ramos - spent 55k on this Spanish striker who was an okay buy. Couldn't score for the life of him, but was a decent creator. Haas - Our best midfielder by miles. Will probably be captain next year. LvP - Fantastic season from the defender who was voted fan's player of the year, and deservedly so. Started every game we played, and is my favourite player on this version of FM so far. Just a tower of strength. Ingram - Is there anything more frustrating then finding a striker that looks the business and then having him to absolutely nothing? Jake Ingram should be a good goalscorer. Unfortunately I think he has 1.7 finishing, not 17 finishing. Will give him another season to succeed. The coaches think he has what it takes to play in the top level, but colour me unimpressed. Cubukcu - Was only okay for me this year. Because I'm sentimental, I gave him another contract extension that he probably didn't deserve. Sue me. Young Players Smits - A young Canadian, he's been pretty good when he plays. Hoping to find some more potential from him. Abt - Promising looking goalkeeper from our academy. Hoping he turns out to be solid. Finances - Our Board thought that we were in dire shape all season for some reason. The six million we got in prize money from the league table finally shut them up. They're continuing to upgrade our stadium, which is nice, but they've proven to be irrational pennypinchers, at one point not letting me take a coaching course because they thought I was going to leave them as soon as I got more badges. Ungrateful snots! Next season - Hoping for midtable and building towards a team that can challenge for promotion. Bayern won the Treble (Bundesliga, Cup and Champions League, so they are a pretty good team. I've always found it a challenge to overcome Bayern...and that was when I played as Dortmund! But first we have to get into the same division!
  10. SV Babelsberg 03 2017-2018 Season Review It was a season of two halves for Babelsberg. For the first half of the season we played a very defensive counter attacking strategy and basically managed to eke out a midtable existence. We played some of the most horrendously boring football I'd ever seen in FM, just absolutely dire. So with our safety looking relatively safe, I decided to throw caution to the wind and decided to cobble together an attacking 5-3-2 formation and it really worked a treat. In the end, we managed to finish 3rd in the table, which left us with a 2-leg play off with Furth. The first leg we got absolutely battered by Furth, but managed to grab an away goal and lose 2-1. That left us needing a victory at home, and we obliged with a sensational hat trick from on loan striker Bassala Sambou, who propelled us to the 2nd division! Really a remarkable season if I'm honest. Club Table Transfers Finances - Not looking that amazing. Squad Key Players Whiteman - So I trialed this guy on a whim at the start of the season since we share a surname and he was out of contract. I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw his attributes! Unfortunately he actually played pretty badly for us. His jumping stat was '9' for most of the season and he seemed to absolutely wilt under any sort of pressure, so it was kind of a relief to see him leave to Dortmund for 1.3 million pounds. We'll get 20% of his next transfer so I'm hoping he manages a major move and we can cash in on what is probably the best Canadian player of his generation. von Piechowski - I initially didn't rate him very highly. Too slow, no good enough tackling. I was wrong about him. He was our best defender by miles. Hufnagel - Had him on loan from Freiburg, and as you might expect he was absolutely a class apart in the 3rd division. Was one of the main beneficiaries of a more attacking tactic. Was disappointed that he didn't want to join us on loan again next year. Cubukcu - Fans player of the year (deservedly). Great playmaker with an eye for goal. Fantastic player, will be leaning on him in the 2nd division, and I think he's got the quality to thrive, unless age or injuries do him in. Next Season: Going to be a big challenge. The Board has taken out 2 loans. One was in the first year to install undersoil heating in our stadium and the second one has been to upgrade the stadium to fit 15,000 people. So not only do we have to go up a division, we don't have the greatest finances at the moment. The next season will be fight against relegation no doubt. As usual in the German second division there are some big teams up there. Right now there is Bremen and Mainz, which are two teams that are totally a class apart. I'm hoping for 15th place. Hopefully I'll manage.
  11. Decided the enter this years challenge. Chose Germany, because I generally have fun playing there (though it pains me to beat Dortmund, it does give me the chance to attempt to topple Bayern). Reloaded a bunch of times and finally found a team that I liked in SV Babelsberg. Playing in Potsdam, a city with some historical relevance as well as a city I've actually been to in real life, it felt like a natural fit for me. Profile Babelsberg have a indifferent history in German football. They reached the second division once the 2001/2002 season and were relegated. Since that point they've bounced back and forth between the 3rd division and the 4th, displaying absolutely no penchant for being anything more than a regional level side. That all changes (hopefully) with my appointment! Squad - Some decent players, some chaff. Par for the course, really. Should be fun. Think avoiding relegation will be a cinch, though nothing beyond that seems likely,
  12. Blackburn Rovers. He's in the England U19 set up as well. He's labelled as a promising midfielder, so I think Rovers will want him in their team soon enough. We'll just try to use him while he's here.
  13. Ilkeston FC- League Two - 2019/20 So our first season in League football was a struggle. While we never really got played off the park by other teams, our biggest failure was that we couldn't find the 'scrap a late goal to draw' or 'hold on to lead' button. There was probably like 10 games that we conceded a late goal that either turned a win into a draw or a draw into a loss. Mildly infuriating as we needed the points to survive this year! There were points in the season where we thought that we'd turned a corner and put the relegation scrap behind us, but the other teams around us kept finding points and we kept losing points. Eventually we went on a bit of a late run and buried the teams around us with some good performances, finishing 19th, 5 points clear. League Table Cups - Nothing to write home about, though we could have (and perhaps should have) beaten League One Fleetwood Town in the 2nd Round of the FA cup, but they managed to see us off in the replay. Finances - Uh, well, not so good. Our wage budget actually got slashed going into next year, which is less than ideal. Transfers - Lots of ins and outs. Polish team Ruch came in for our playoff hero keeper Wusiewicz. I honestly negotiated the deal up to $250,000 pounds, expecting Ruch to come back with another, lower, bid. But they accepted the negotiation and I bit their hand off to sell my backup keeper for 250k! Managed to sell a few others for some pocket change as well. Key Player Profiles: Worrall - Rob Worrall again was our leading scorer. Probably because he managed to stay fit the entire year. 16 goals is a good return, but he could have easily had 25 if he was a better player, and when you only play with one striker, you need that one striker to be absolutely lethal. Bogle - Was signed to be our key striker in the offseason, got off to a decent start and them promptly broke his foot and was out for months. He was never the same player after he returned, which was a shame, he has a great name and was a decent target man for this level. Alnwick - A brilliant young midfielder that we got on loan, he played a deep lying playmaker role and was very proficient. Really loved this guy. He'll back back on loan for us next year which gives me hope. Martin - Came in January and was instantly the best keeper in the squad. I feel like he's a solid keeper for this level, though my assistant thinks he's only a decent Confernce goalkeeper, which is why I don't let my assistant run the club! Hare - Love this kid. In my opinion he's got just about every attribute you could want from a defender at this level. Wassi - Solid right fullback that kept his place despite me trying to bring in an upgrade. Serves me right, I guess! Diaz - Excellent little loanee midfielder that could only score the most cracking of goals. Header from 6 yards? Over the bar. One on one with the keeper? No goal. Free kick from 35 yards? Top corner. Was somehow both really good and really infuriating at the same time. Will be back with us next year. Zmimer - Was a late January signing and played pretty poorly despite looking quite good. Going to alter the tactic to give him a creative position that he probably needs. Watson - Decent midfielder with a nose for the goal. His ability to bank long shots off of defenders was uncanny. Youth Absolutely dreadful intake this year. From last year's intake Sean McDonald looks like he might be able to make something out of himself. Next Season I feel like despite finishing well off the pace this last year that we have the places in piece for a promotion push. I feel like I've finally got a handle of the tactics. I thought that we had a lot of quality in midfield that we never really took advantage of, and I realize that I wasn't playing smart, tactically. I'm going to try to keep the ball, possession style and try to bury teams that way, and initial results are quite good! Career Overview Season League League Finish Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2017/18 Vanarama North 1st Promoted! 2018/19 Vanarama Conference 3rd Promoted via Playoffs 2019/20 League Two 19th Survived!
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