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  1. I had my FM18 thread all lined up but then had a funny turn and ended up turning it into a YouTube series instead
  2. Slow progress in my save in Portugal as we had an awful start to the season, losing eight of our first ten. I then spent some time working on tactics in another save before returning to GRAP and it seems to have done the trick - we have only lost one of our last seven and have now pulled out of the drop zone at the halfway stage: Young striker Manuel Brites has been the key to our turnaround with 12 goals for the season, 10 in our last 7 outings. I will be happy if we are still in 13th come the end of the season!
  3. Half a season in most other South American leagues! Best of luck in the top flight next season
  4. GRAP 2018/19 Season Preview Manager Profile / Mixed Social Media Reaction Will I be a legend or nothing to get excited about? Time will tell. Club History Just turned semi-pro, no competition wins ever - perfect for this kind of challenge! Season Expectations Avoid relegation is all I can hope for. Even the cup 2nd Round may be a stretch.. Transfers (Scouting Range: Portugal) Recruitment has proven tough so far. I've had to lower my usual high expectations for determination and work rate to find new faces. Even then, they add depth rather than improve. There are still a few weeks for wheeling and dealing so hopefully, more new faces are to come. Also, lost my best young striker Nuno Sola as he was still on an amateur contract and was poached by a First Division side. And right before the first match of the season, this: Looks like I need a new keeper as well as better options in defence....
  5. Cheers Nobby - round up to come when I can pull away from FM18 for long enough
  6. Still time to turn things around in the second half of the season. Those loan signings should help
  7. Doubly unlucky there with the last day of the season and the play-off final. Themed careers are fun but, as you are proving here, just selecting a few leagues and seeing how far you can go makes for a great save as well
  8. Fantastic first season. Good luck in the Europa League next year
  9. What a load of GRAP I eventually settled on Portugal with my mind set on a club from Maderia or the Azores. Ribeira Brava duly came up but this club caught my eye... Maybe it was the shouty capital letters of their name... er.. GRAPPING my attention, or perhaps it was the lure of a club that has never reached this level before and plays at a stadium with a capacity of 300. Mainland Portugal it is then! Manager Profile GRAP Domestic League History A closer look at the GRAP I have to deal with GRAP players Only my backroom staff are not GRAP mainly because I don't have any yet. Plenty of challenges to be grappling with here.
  10. Well, I decided to ignore my big nation leanings and went for Sweden. Unfortunately, I tried this about an hour before the hotfix was released and the game crashed right after I chose my club. At least I learned the Swedish rest date is December 15th. Will have a look at Spain and Portugal later this evening - Portugal has the advantage of fewer domestic games of course...
  11. Trying to decide where to start... I have completed the Gundo section of the challenge twice (FM08 and FM09 if memory serves correctly) but have always fallen short with the big nations... Played in France on my most recent save so I've narrowed it down to Spain, Italy, Portugal or Germany. Any suggestions?
  12. Finally! Only took me two and half years I will write up end of season and end of career reports over the next couple of days as well as the ending to my little dramatisation of events. For now though, FM18 is installed and waiting for me
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