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  1. Summary: I have noticed that on 30/06/20 in game all Austrian staff have been released from their clubs. Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: Servettestaff.fm
  2. Grantham Town FC - Season 2020/21 Review Squad - Table - Graph - Transfers - Youth Intake Vanarama National League North League started so well, I was thinking to myself how so many people in here struggle so much. I overestimated things massively. The first month went to well we were in the playoffs. Then it all went downhill fast. October came thick and fast with 8 games in which we won 1, Nov we won once, Dec once, Jan once, theres a trend here. We didn't win at all in Feb and then the board gave me the Ultimate challenge of securing 8 points in 5 games, How on earth w
  3. Starting with Grantham Town. Doing this challenge together with dafuges challenge. Manager Profile
  4. Basford Utd - Manager page. Starting this tonight. Hopefully crack on through the week.
  5. Matlock Town FC Manager Profile Going to get stuck into this, hopefully it'll keep the enjoyment of the game going for some time.
  6. So going to give this a go with a Hendon, I used to drive past their old ground until it was knocked down to make room for houses.
  7. So I've started a new save with the latest transfer update. I was going to blog this and share on twitter but I don't have the time so ill post quick updates on here. Season 1: One of my most entertaining seasons for a very long time, disappointed to have missed out like this but we go again next season. Transfers: Not much movement this year. No budget and no wages free. Next Season: The usual goal at Forest, remove deadwood and bleed youth into the 1st team. And promotion.
  8. Sutton Coldfield Town FC - 2017/18 Manager Profile. Vanarama National League North. Predicted to finish 20th, got alot of work to do to stop up. Goal would be around mid table. Cups. Would like to progress as far as possible, for the financial benefits. Finances. Balance: £30k Transfer Budget: £0 Wage Budget: £6,300 (£5,000)
  9. Ilkeston Going to give this a go again this year. Hopefully I'll stick at it longer. My Profile
  10. Thanks. Mars_Blackmon I changed it after he got a game suspension for having 3 game misconducts.
  11. I've set a player of mine to encouraged fighting, now he fights every game but always get a game misconduct. Is this normally right for instigating the fight?
  12. Had Melbourne been taken over? £8.75m seem a hell of a lot of money for Oz. Good luck in Sweden though.
  13. Ilkeston F.C 2015/16 Manager Profile Gone with Ilkeston due to them being the closest club to me. Used the save file on the 1st page.
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