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  1. Basford Utd - Manager page. Starting this tonight. Hopefully crack on through the week.
  2. Matlock Town FC Manager Profile Going to get stuck into this, hopefully it'll keep the enjoyment of the game going for some time.
  3. So going to give this a go with a Hendon, I used to drive past their old ground until it was knocked down to make room for houses.
  4. So I've started a new save with the latest transfer update. I was going to blog this and share on twitter but I don't have the time so ill post quick updates on here. Season 1: One of my most entertaining seasons for a very long time, disappointed to have missed out like this but we go again next season. Transfers: Not much movement this year. No budget and no wages free. Next Season: The usual goal at Forest, remove deadwood and bleed youth into the 1st team. And promotion.
  5. Sutton Coldfield Town FC - 2017/18 Manager Profile. Vanarama National League North. Predicted to finish 20th, got alot of work to do to stop up. Goal would be around mid table. Cups. Would like to progress as far as possible, for the financial benefits. Finances. Balance: £30k Transfer Budget: £0 Wage Budget: £6,300 (£5,000)
  6. Ilkeston Going to give this a go again this year. Hopefully I'll stick at it longer. My Profile
  7. Thanks. Mars_Blackmon I changed it after he got a game suspension for having 3 game misconducts.
  8. I've set a player of mine to encouraged fighting, now he fights every game but always get a game misconduct. Is this normally right for instigating the fight?
  9. Had Melbourne been taken over? £8.75m seem a hell of a lot of money for Oz. Good luck in Sweden though.
  10. Ilkeston F.C 2015/16 Manager Profile Gone with Ilkeston due to them being the closest club to me. Used the save file on the 1st page.
  11. Unfortunately im getting crash dumps at a certain point in my save which is preventing me from playing the save. Until I can get it sorted I cannot continue. Good luck to everyone else though.
  12. I had the same end of my 2nd season, they took a loan out for £350k I think which costs £2.5k p/m and the interest is £75k.
  13. Leça - 2016/17 SEASON REVIEW Squad | Transfers | Finances Competitions Campeonato Nacional First Phase: Fixtures - Table Well I said I wanted to push for promotion, and we had a nightmare. Started the season off not too bad but the mid season slump saw us fighting the bottom 4 again. Were along way off challenging for promotion as it stands. Campeonato Nacional Relegation Phase: Fixtures - Table Signed afew players in between phases and it seemed to have improved us, only losing 4 of the 14 fixtures. So we survived by a long shot but we need to improve yet again to get out of the bottom tier. Taça de Portugal: Fixtures Well we beat last seasons performance, round 2. Aims for next season. Improve finances. Push for Promotion Playoff. Season | League | 1st Phase | Rel Phas | Cup | ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15/16 | Campeonato Nacional de Seniores | 7th | 5th | 1st Rnd | 16/17 | Campeonato Nacional de Seniores | 8th | 3rd | 2nd Rnd |
  14. Leça 2015/16 Squad | Transfers | Finances Competitions Campeonato Nacional First Phase: We got off to a bad start and were always towards the bottom end of the league wondering if we were going to survive, that is until the last 4 games of the season were we could of still finished 4th, but we bottled it and lost all 4 games. A disappointing way to finish the first phase after a good mid season run of results. Campeonato Nacional Relegation Phase: We took our bad form with us into the Relegation Phase with only 1 win in 5, with a tweak in tactics we won 4 of the last 5 which was just enough for us not to enter the Relegation Playoff. Taça de Portugal: Not a lot to say here, we got smashed in the first round, better luck next year. Aims for next season. Release dead wood. Promote/Sign youth. Reduce wages. Push for Promotion Playoff.
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