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  1. Could it just be that you're trying to extrapolate from a small sample size? There's no reason why 3 goals shouldn't be scored from corners in the games they showed. It's entirely possible that if they'd continued playing the average would have fallen back in line after a while, we just didn't see enough games
  2. I play a 4231 on balanced, with shorter passing, higher tempo and play out of defence and hardly ever see my CBs punt the ball long. In fact most of my highlights come from a goal kick where my gk plays it out to my CBs and we build from the back all the way to the front. This is with a Greek super league team as well, we're not exactly Man City.
  3. Got some bad news for you... https://twitter.com/milesSI/status/1442249399669714946?s=20
  4. Youth recruitment is also heavily impacted by your club's reputation IIRC. However good your recruitment is at e.g. Oldham, you're going to be near the back of the queue for players in the north west with so many huge clubs around you hoovering up the best talents first.
  5. FM21 is great fun to watch. The number of through balls I've seen and the quality of the football on display is fantastic. Such a huge step forward from FM20
  6. I haven't updated here in a while for various reasons, and I've cheated by adding 19 other leagues to my save in the last few seasons, but I finally won the Greek Super League with Veroia in 2038. I also reached the semi finals of the Champions League where I only lost to Chelsea because of away goals
  7. Yeah, he's ace. I tracked him for a few months when his contract started to run down and it took a while to convince him to move to Greece but he's been ace. Check out Zealand's newGAN facepack, it's got loads of AI generated faces in it that you can assign to all the newgens in your save. They're so much better than the generated faces used by SI. https://fm-base.co.uk/resources/newgan-facepack.1266/
  8. This is my current 4231 tactic, where my AMC is my main creator who also chips in with his fair share of goals. I find the AP on attack means that he can be found running past the CF onto through balls regularly, I think he'd be too passive on a support role. This is my starting AMC, signed on a free from Liverpool originally to play the BBM role, but his passing and vision were so good he was a natural to replace my club icon (who held the role for almost a decade before) when he started to decline. Last season he racked up 17 assists and 10 goals in 47 appearances (41 starts, 6 subs) and this season he's already got 3 assists and 2 goals in 12. Tries killer balls often has to be my favourite trait in the whole game, it's vital for playmakers with good passing and vision. Usually I'd train tries long range passes as well but the coaches say he already knows enough traits so not to bother.
  9. Either Serbia or Denmark as they've provided so many great players for my FM21 save in Greece. I'll holiday a year and take over a newly promoted team into the bottom league and try to take them to the top.
  10. Yeah, you only ever need one playmaker. In a midfield 3 I aim for one destroyer, one creator and one runner. Your DM is your destroyer, the RPM is the creator then the CMa is the runner. It gives you a balanced midfield then and you're not repeating roles.
  11. I'm a huge fan of a roaming playmaker in the 433. They get up and down the field and create loads of chances. I've had players average over 8.0 for half a season before in that role.
  12. My current 4231 is CFa IFa APa Ws BBM CMd WBs BPDc CDs IWBa SKd The number of through balls that go straight through a defence is amazing to watch. The IWBa gives an extra man in the middle of the field when attacking that the defence just doesn't know what to do with and he's chipped in with 5+ goals so far. The CFa holds the ball up by default but is also attacking enough that he stretches the opposition - you do need someone there who is good in the air though to win a lot of knockdowns though. The IFa is always looking to get beyond the defence for the through balls and is regularly on the end of the winger's crosses (the IFa is my top scorer so far this season).
  13. I generally do this if my 4231 is having a bad day vs a DM. I'll drop my defensive CM to DM and my AMC into the CM strata and go to 433. That way he's not playing on top of the DM and getting completely taken out of the game by him.
  14. Uruguay was fun in FM20 when I played there. 2 leagues and a cup between them that also contributes to the final league standings. It confused me a little at first but once I worked it out I had fun. Nacional are pretty dominant as well so you get to take them down (or dominate with them)
  15. I just upped my save from only one country loaded (Greece, with two divisions) to 20 nations (the top division from the top 15 Euro leagues, Brazil, Argentina, China, USA and Mexico) and there isn't really that much of a difference in processing speed from what I've seen in my first season with this setup. The game takes longer as there's so many more teams that are now making bids for my players, but I was surprised at how little difference it's actually made.
  16. Argentina is bonkers in FM this year, the second division league structure changes every year for the first 5 years or so. Good fun though
  17. Yep, I've retrained an AMR with 10 tackling to be an attacking full back and he's been a stud. His backup is a converted MC as well.
  18. I took a few months off this challenge and FM due to frustration, but I started up again recently and at the 4th time of asking I finally won the Europa Conference League! I also finished 3rd in the league so I get a chance to finally qualify for the Champions League next year. I might do a proper catch up review at some point (I've done a couple of seasons since my last one) but this was too good!
  19. As someone managing in Greece, it's flipping hard to win the league. PAOK, AEK, Olympiacos and Panathinaikos have a MASSIVE headstart on everyone else financially and trying to claw that back without CL football (because those teams dominate the league) is super hard. I started in year 2 with a newly promoted team in div 2 and I can now consistently finish top 4, but I've still not made the CL group stages and only made the qualification rounds once. PAOK have won the league 7 times in a row and are so dominant. I've made three europa conference league finals so I've boosted our coefficient to the point we're a top 6 league and have 3 CL places but it's still super hard to crack that top 3.
  20. Check out the ultimate fm challenge in the challenge forum - 10 top leagues, 10 top cups, the Pentagon challenge, all the international continental tournaments, world cup and club world cup all in one save. Now add the same but in the women's game on top of that!
  21. It can be interesting if youre managing a team in a nation with zero connection to your national job and you end up with two games on the same day. I was managing somewhere in south america and the Nigeria NT at the same time and ended up with games on different sides of the Atlantic when the AFCON was on.
  22. Seems like a great idea to me. FM is probably pretty much at market saturation at this point I would imagine - if you want to play a football game it's either FIFA or FM. To increase sales they need to appeal to a new market and the biggest one left out there is the women's game. Sure they could make changes to the ME, add new leagues or improve the squad building (and I'm sure they'll still do all of that and much more) but that isn't going to move the needle that much in terms of sales year to year. To do that they need to appeal to new people and the women's game is the perfect way to do that
  23. I did that and it made a noticeable difference. I also knocked level 10 off after last season to speed it up even more. Trying to process all those games in various leagues takes forever
  24. In what may be my most disappointing FM moment of all time, we conspired to finish 3rd in the league, 2 points off promotion, having spent nigh on the entire season in the top 2. In our 3rd to last game we were 3-1 up on the team that finished 2nd at 90 minutes and managed to concede two late goals to draw 3-3. In the last game of the season we couldn't beat the team that finished second bottom and so fell out of the promotion places. I'm absolutely gutted. Sam Hedges was our standout player, scoring 40 league goals and 52 in total while averaging 7.68. I need to find some new players because a lot of my team were below average and averaged less than 6,8 over the season, but everyone I bring in is absolute rubbish at the moment. Scouting is difficult when you've got no money and rubbish scouts!
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