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  1. Going to give this a go after getting back into FM recently, still terrible at the game though. After a few reloads I chose Witton Albion, quite a low rep team so expected to finish rock bottom and promotion odds of 300/1. Not many players to start with so will need to make plenty of free signings. Not an exciting history, once runner up in the FA Trophy and spent most of the last 30 years in the Northern League apart from three seasons in the National League, in fact they were a newly promoted team into the Northern Premier last season so had two successive promotions into the Vanarama North.
  2. Virtus Verona - Lega Pro Girone A Season 1 Review (2015/16) Results 1 Results 2 League - Graph Inbetween the friendly matches we went out of the Serie C Cup in a disappointing manner, after winning the away game at Padova just a point at home to Cremonese would have seen us through, however we drew a blank in a 1-0 defeat to see them through instead. I certainly would have taken 11th at the start of the season, but after an excellent start with Scapani and Dimas scoring freely we were still 6th after 18 games. The season got much worse after that, just as well we gained the points we did in the first half of the season because we won 5 of the last 21 to finish 11th. My main concern going into next season is the -16 goal difference, we were hammered on a number of occasions, including conceding 8 against both Novara and Monza over the two games, something I will clearly need to address for next season. Squad Best XI Key players Davide Bianchi - Goalkeeper on loan from our parent club Chievo, kept us in a number of games. Marco Croce - Certainly one of the key players, the attacking minded midfielder scored his fair share of goals in a good season. Dimas - Our key player, however after an excellent start to the season went off the boil and disappointed a little bit in the end, despite scoring 16 missed too many clear cut chances. Matteo Scapini - The star of the season and outclassed Dimas up front, scoring 24 goals which helped us on our way to the 11th place finish. Confirmation I was offered a one year contract extension. Wage budget doubled for next season, gives us much more freedom in looking for players. Oh dear, I didn't actually know the board had planned an expansion, but fair play for having the ambition to do so. Season | League | Position | Cup | Serie C Cup | Europe | Achievements | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2015/16 | Lega Pro A | 11th | | 1st round | | Avoided relegation |
  3. Virtus Verona - Lega Pro Girone A Season 1 (2015/16) - Intro Manager details Manager Info. Manager Profile Club details Club information Club background Club facilities League history Virtus Verona are Verona's 'third team' and are certainly a team with very little history, they had one season in Serie C/2 but and were relegated back to Serie D due to the disbandoning of that division. They had to play at various other stadiums due to theirs being too small, no such joy in FM as we are stuck at their tiny 800 capacity ground. Did I mention they are also a very anti-fascist club similar to the likes of St-Pauli in Germany and Wrexham of all teams. There is quite an interesting article about them in FourFourTwo: Virtus Verona article Finances - Happy with the finances at the moment but surely we will be losing money at an alarming rate. This is going to be tough, and I must admit I have taken some players on loan from our parent club Chievo just to make up the numbers a bit.
  4. I haven't been on here for a while, fancy giving this a shot again this year. Have loaded up the Italian league and chosen a team, small update to come. Have plenty to catch up on too, great thread again.
  5. C.F. Mérida - Season 2038/39 - update General information | Facilities This is going to be a difficult challenge, the finances are poor, almost £2m in the red and we are over the wage budget. Also in the General info screenshot it shows prediction of 5th, that was for last season but this season we are predicted to finish 14th (third bottom). I have let go some of the top earners but have had to give slight pay rises to the star players and bring more in to bulk the squad up a bit so we are still over the wage budget (which has dropped to £23k a week), good players won't sign for much less than £2k a week which is a bit much considering our budget. Looking at the squad depth I'll look to be playing a 4-5-1 or 4-2-3-1 type formation, a style I haven't used for a while as my previous few clubs I have played three at the back so I haven't used full backs for a while now. One obvious concern is that we're slightly lacking in the attacking department. Key players: José Alfredo Romo - Very good defender for this level, can play on the right or centre so will come in very handy. Hervey Osuna - I'll be looking at Osuna to create chances from the back, he can be a key player in the team. Luis Hernández - Strong defensive midfielder who should form a good partnership with Osuna. Mark Jiménez - Very quick American/Mexican right winger who I will look to be getting plenty of crosses in for the target man. As you can see all the key players are on well over £2k a week, they were already at the club and I will sell if the offer is right but will keep them otherwise.
  6. Don't think I've ever managed in a league with open and close stages let alone in Mexico so will be an interesting challenge.
  7. Did a good job at Mattersburg, and back at Ipswich, wtf. Will they be your last club now? Good luck against Norwich, ahem.
  8. That's come as no surprise, where to next? I've had a job offer from the Mexican second tier, interesting league setup so think I'll be going there.
  9. Sanat Sari F.C. - Season 2037/38 - Season review Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 League table | Graph I've left Sanat Sari after winning the league remaining unbeaten, the first time I've achieved that in FM13. I have to be pleased with the way the season went overall too, if I took out the defeats in the CWC the whole season was unbeaten including the cup and Champions League. We could have done better in the CWC but we were never favourites against Manchester United and couldn't pick ourselves up for the third placed play-off. I also qualified for this years Champions League quarter-finals before leaving so it will be interesting to see how they continue. Squad stats Seasons best XI Key Players: Jerónimo Falcioni - Good season for the Argentinian 'keeper in his first season in Iran. Charles Chukwu - Continues to be our best performing defender and remains at the club for now despite plenty of rumours of him leaving. Ahmad Alwan - The Iraqi international midfielder is getting better and has had another very productive season. Alireza Hatami - Excellent but his season has been plagued by injury and has unfortunately declined considerably abter breaking his foot. Javad Nazari - Perhaps the sensation of the season even outperforming Hatami when he came in, 10 POM awards and 22 goals in 24 appearances, outstanding. Ahmed Al-Lihiani - 33 goals in the league and 47 in all competitions, says it all really. Season | Team managed | League (Country) (Position) | Cups | Continental | Notes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2012/13 | Intersport Aroma | Divizia "A" (Moldova) (3rd) | Cupa Moldovei - 3rd round | | Promoted 2013/14 | Intersport Aroma | Divizia Nationala (Moldova) (10th) | Cupa Moldovei - Semi-Final | | Avoided relegation 2014/15 | Iskra-Stal | Divizia Nationala (Moldova) (4th) | Cupa Moldovei - Quarters | | Took over in October - qualified for Europe then sacked 2015/16 | Mertskhali Ozurgeti | Pirveli Liga B (Georgia) (4th) | Davit Kipiani Cup - 1st round | | Kept my job 2016/17 | Mertskhali Ozurgeti | Pirveli Liga B (Georgia) (4th) | Davit Kipiani Cup - 1st round | | Kept my job 2017/18 | Mertskhali Ozurgeti | Pirveli Liga B (Georgia) (1st) | Davit Kipiani Cup - 2nd round | | Promoted 2018/19 | FC Dinamo Tbilisi | Umaglesi Liga (Georgia) (1st) | Davit Kipiani Cup - Quarters | | Champions 2019/20 | FC Dinamo Tbilisi | Umaglesi Liga (Georgia) (1st) | Davit Kipiani Cup - 2nd round | Europa League - Play off | Champions 2020/21 | FC Viktoria Plzeň | Gambrinus Liga (Czech Rep.) (5th) | Pohár České pošty - Semis | | 2021/22 | FC Viktoria Plzeň | Gambrinus Liga (Czech Rep.) (2nd) | Pohár České pošty - 3rd round | | Qualified for CL 2022/23 | FC Viktoria Plzeň | Gambrinus Liga (Czech Rep.) (3rd) | Pohár České pošty - 2nd round | Europa League - 1st Knockout | Qualified for Europa League 2023/24 | Atlético Madrid | Liga Adelante (Spain) (1st) | Copa del Rey - 2nd round | | Promoted 2024/25 | Atlético Madrid | Liga BBVA (Spain) (3rd) | Copa del Rey - 5th round | | Qualified for CL, Manager of the season 2025/26 | Atlético Madrid | Liga BBVA (Spain) (6th) | Copa del Rey - 5th round | Champions League - Quarter Finals | Qualified for Europa League 2026/27 | Recreativo de Huelva | Liga BBVA (Spain) (2nd) | Copa del Rey - Semi-Final | | Qualified for CL 2027/28 | Recreativo de Huelva | Liga BBVA (Spain) | | | Sacked in November 2027/28 | VFB Stuttgart | Bundesliga (Germany) (3rd) | DFB-Pokal - Final | Europa League - Quarter finals | Qualified for CL 2028/29 | VFB Stuttgart | Bundesliga (Germany) (2nd) | DFB-Pokal - Semi-Final | Champions League - 1st Knockout | Qualified for CL 2029/30 | VFB Stuttgart | Bundesliga (Germany) (1st) | DFB-Pokal - Winners | Champions League - 1st Knockout | League and Cup double 2030/31 | VFB Stuttgart | Bundesliga (Germany) (1st) | DFB-Pokal - Final | Champions League - Winners | Treble winners 2031/32 | Real Madrid C.F. | Liga BBVA (Spain) (1st) | Copa Del Rey - Winners | Champions League - Quarter Finals | Domestic Treble 2032/33 | Real Madrid C.F. | Liga BBVA (Spain) (1st) | Copa Del Rey - Winners | Champions League - Winners | Quadruple winners 2033/34 | Real Madrid C.F. | Liga BBVA (Spain) (1st) | Copa Del Rey - Final | Champions League - Winners | CWC winners 2034/35 | Sanat Sari F.C. | Persian Gulf Cup (Iran) (12th) | Hazfi Cup - Quarters | | Avoided relegation 2035/36 | Sanat Sari F.C. | Persian Gulf Cup (Iran) (3rd) | Hazfi Cup - Semi-Final | | Qualified for CL 2036/37 | Sanat Sari F.C. | Persian Gulf Cup (Iran) (1st) | Hazfi Cup - Semi-Final | Champions League - QF, ongoing | Champions 2037/38 | Sanat Sari F.C. | Persian Gulf Cup (Iran) (1st) | Hazfi Cup - Winners | Champions League - Winners | Champions, CL winners
  10. Sanat Sari F.C. - Season 2037/38 - update We are still unbeaten in the league although the draw at Zob Ahan was a decent result we should have beaten Nassaji away. The four wins in the league during February and March were by three goals or more, and it's always nice to beat Mes Kerman even though they are struggling. As mentioned before we finally won the cup by beating Persepolis in the final. We entered the Champions League in the group stage this season and got drawn a very similar group as last season with a Saudi and a couple of Qatari clubs in there, we've had an unbeaten if unspectacular start.
  11. Thanks for the comments, I have won the cup. I'm leaving at the end of the season but will keep an eye on this player, could certainly be one of the best Iranian players around.
  12. Sanat Sari F.C. - Season 2037/38 - update As mentioned December started with a disappointing Club World Cup as we finished 4th. We sneaked through the Quarter and Semi finals of the cup but it's the first time we're competing in the final so good opportunity to add another competition win. We still doing well in the league but a couple of poor draws towards the end of January has allowed the chasing teams to catch up a bit, we're still unbeaten but only five points clear with 11 to play, no room for complacency now.
  13. We were favourites for that match and we got through 1-0 but we were far the better side. Unbelievable, admittedly we were outclassed as the article says but not outplayed, we had a few chances but they scored from a cross. The goalscorer, Marty Birney (northern Irish) has since won the Ballon d'or and World player of the year to give some indication of how world class he is. After that disappointment we went and lost to Tigres in the third place play-off courtesy of them scoring with their first four shots, we just looked jaded. We now have top training and youth facilities.
  14. Cheers guys. The CWC has been a disaster though. Thanks, I wish I could afford a season ticket to Carrow Road, I have to make do with watching Lowestoft when I can get along there, which isn't a bad thing although we've lost three successive play-off finals. If that happened in FM there would be posts of conspiracy.
  15. Sanat Sari F.C. - Season 2037/38 - update An excellent couple of months with the highlight obviously being the Champions League victory. We're also through to the cup quarter finals and top of the league. The only dropped points in the league came at Mes Kerman where I haven't won yet so it's a good point but we had more than enough chances to win the game. Despite only dropping four points so far after sixteen games we are still only four points clear at the top so there's no room for complacency like what happened last season.
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