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  1. Kelty Hearts - Scotland Starting this challenge with Kelty Hearts in Scotland. Surgery is one week today, so using some spare time before hand to get things set up and organised, so i can jump into it properly post-op. My Profile - first time i've used the 3D photo game face a la Fifa, and it was too funny to change Club Profile Club History Excited to get started, never tried the challenge in my homeland. Wish me luck!!
  2. Currently holidaying in Scotland (exciting times) with a view to starting this challenge. Havent been able to commit much time to FM the last few years, but about to undergo some major surgery, and will have LOTS of time to get stuck into this. I like the look of the Kelty Hearts project, but not sure whether thats where i'll stay or whether to try Portugal (somewhere i've never played before), so i'll keep you posted on what decision i make
  3. congrats on avoiding relegation PaulHartman71, hopefully you can kick on this season
  4. 2015-2016 - End of Season Review AD Marco 09 Squad | Transfers | Finances So, as previously stated, we endured a torrid start to the league campaign, which meant by the end of the first phase of the league we were well and truly in amongst the relegation battle. However, the switch to the relegation phase coincided with an upturn in fortunes, and ultimately we were comfortable enough in the division. National Championship First Phase National Championship Relegation Phase Player-wise, there is a serious lack of real standout talent in the squad, with the majority of my sig
  5. Brief progress report from myself... After what seemed like the worst possible start to life in the National Championship, only winning 1 of our first 10 league matches, things have taken a tremendous turn for the better at AD Marco 09. Our poor start left us in 8th after the first stage of the league. However, we are now flying, only losing 1 of our last 11 matches, and so sit in a healthy 3rd place in the relegation stage table. Thanks, largely to this man...Ricardo Ferreira, who has been a revelation up front, with 18 goals from 20 league starts. Hopefully this form can continue thro
  6. I appreciate the support, wish i shared your optimism
  7. good to see you've turned a corner PaulHartman71. Sadly, ive made a terrible start to my season, only picking up 7 points from my first 11 matches. Its going to be an epic job to keep this team from going straight down
  8. Been a while since i've competed in any challenges, so im looking forward to getting back into the swing of FM after a hiatus, and think ive found the ideal project to take on for this challenge: AD Marco 09 2015-2016 - A New Beginning Futebol Clube do Marco was founded on 25 May 1927. In 2000, it reached the second division for only the second time, being relegated at the end of the season, but immediately gaining promotion back. During four consecutive seasons, Marco competed in the second level. In 2004–05, it achieved its best ever position in the league, finishing in fourth posit
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