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  1. Had a break over Xmas and trying to get back into it. I got moved in Serie C/A in the offseason and had to sell Cipolletta and Veglio and I'm currently stuck to the bottom of the table. Trying to work out if this is worth continuing with as this is now my 5th season going nowhere. I can't get near the playoffs and I'm not making any money so as soon as a half decent bid comes in for my best players they're sold by the chairman. It's a vicious cycle at the moment. Tempted to sack it off and move to Ireland to see how I get on in a smaller league.
  2. Finally had to sell Cipolletta as the chairman accepted a bid and Veglio is on his way out as well as someone met his £160k release fee.
  3. You'd be surprised how attacking a WM can be from the ML/MR positions. My ML was my second highest scorer last year on WMa while my MR was my leading assist creator on WMs. I had a FBa at DR for the overlap and a FBs at DL to cover the ML raids forward. There were a high number of times the MR would hold the ball for the DR to overlap as I wanted or hit crosses that the ML would score from at the back post. My striker is a DLFs and was my highest scorer. He's a great link player, holding the ball up when needed, but there are plenty of occasions when the ball would be played over the top for him to run on to. All of this was with a serie c side battling relegation btw.
  4. I retrained one of my young ST to play as an ML in my 4141 with the idea he'd play as a deeper inside forward. He plays as a wide midfield on attack, with stay wide and cut inside PIs, the thought being he'd stretch the defence and then exploit the gaps between the CB and RB. And based off last season it seems to be working - IIRC he was second in scoring, assists and rating and won player of the month in February. He regularly pops up at the back post or for those through balls between the CB and RB, it's a delight to watch,
  5. Vis Pesaro 1898 2021/22 Another solid season. We hovered near the bottom all season, but I never felt relegation was likely at any point. We ended up in 13th place, our highest ever finish even though we had 3 points less than last year. The goal difference was markedly better this year as we conceded less and scored more. We even played pretty well in both halves of the season! The squad (pt 2) is really coming together now, there are plenty of youth players coming through who are getting experience and blossoming into their roles. Of course there were no transfers in, but Scarano (21b) was sadly sold for a pitiful £110k. I continued the annual tradition of playing the last game with only tagged players, and for the second year running we lost 3-0. Maybe next year! There's been a lot of improvement made this year: Sauro Raparo (19d) - retrained to ML and was dominant - the team's second highest scorer, second highest rating and third highest number of assists. Won player of the month for February as well Alfio Capolei (19b) - played every game in goal, he's a solid player if not spectacular Massimo Cipolletta (19a) - club captain and Mr Reliable, I love this guy so much. Every transfer window I worry he's going to leave but I'm going to enjoy him while he's still here Antonio Buffa (18a) - realised that this guy was in the 2018 youth candidates (the year before I took over) so I changed his tag. He's a solid CB Gioele Veglio (19e) - retrained to DM and manned the position solidly throughout the year. The youth candidates weren't great this year, only a few standouts but they'll need retraining to new positions to be of use in my 4141: Joel Kane (22a) - retraining to MR Matteo Visentin (22b) - another MC to add to the team Cristian Bertolazzi (22c) - Scarano's replacement as the future LB, hopefully he'll get to stick around this time! Season best XI | Overall best eleven | Season awards | Season stats | Season review Overview Season League Position Cup Training Facilities Youth Facilities Junior Coaching Youth Recruitment Achievements Top Scorer -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 18/19 Serie C/B 18th Serie C Cup - Group Below Average Basic Adequate Average Playout win Sottovia (13) 19/20 Serie C/B 19th Serie C Cup - Group Below Average Basic Adequate Average Playout win Sottovia (16) 20/21 Serie C/B 15th Serie C Cup - Group Below Average Basic Adequate Average N/a Sottovia (12) 21/22 Serie C/B 13th Serie C Cup - Group Below Average Basic Adequate Average N/a Sottovia (19)
  6. Another absolute classic. Vicenza are already champions and I took a 3-0 lead in the first half. They pegged me back to 3-3 midway through the second half, only for Cipolletta to make it 4-3 in the 80th minute. They bundled an equaliser in for 4-4 in the 93rd minute, only for a penalty to be awarded to us in the 95th minute for a mental 5-4 win! The fans certainly get their money's worth out of us!
  7. @danbhtfc Napoli, PSG & Arsenal is a brutal Champions League draw! Great for the finances though. Europe's going to be a tough nut to crack from Wales! @TheWillsy Sockett looks like one hell of a player, no surprise he scored so many in League 1 p.s. if anyone is like me and sick of the horrific generated player faces this year, this tutorial from reddit shows how you can replace them with generic real life faces. I've used it for all my tagged players and they now look like this: Cipolletta (19a), Capolei (19b), Raparo (19d). The post has links to download a couple of facepacks to use so there are plenty of faces for you to choose from. All of my newgens were going bald or ugly as sin so this has made things much more interesting!
  8. I noticed in the first year there was an issue with the teams promoted from Serie D on the season summary page. A few of the teams that showed on there were still in Serie D. I had to go through each team in Serie C to find the teams that were actually promoted (look for those teams with no league history for 2017/18, they don't have any as they were in Serie D which wasn't simulated at all). And good luck! My chairman just sold my future left back, Filipo Scarano (21b), for £110k. That's the first tag that I've lost and for a pitiful amount as well. He's not going to play for years as well as he's gone to a Serie B team and is only 16. He was going to be my starter next year probably. I spent this year training him up to play LB and he was training his left foot. All that for nothing
  9. Can someone explain how the "attempts to train weaker foot" trait works? Is it a long term process that will see their other foot slowly improve? I thought that once they'd learned the trait their other foot would be better but that doesn't seem to be the case. Trying to retrain a RB to LB and a ST to ML
  10. Love that GK thread. Just realised that Capolei has 8 for free kick taking, although I'm not brave enough to set him as my FK taker!
  11. Hah, I knew NI football was bad but that's pretty mental. The European side of the challenge is going to take a while there I would imagine!
  12. That's good to hear, was worried I was getting stuck in a rut. I'm getting there with my attackers and midfield, I've got quite a few good ones coming through and I've retrained Raparo to play ML as that's essentially my second striker spot in my 4141. My defence leaves a lot to be desired though - I've scored the 5th most goals, but have the 3rd worst defence. I've blown countless leads including a 3-1 recently, but that's counteracted by coming back from 3-0 down to draw 3-3 in another game. At least we're interesting to watch!
  13. Kinda depressing to see people flying through the leagues and I'm here in year 4 happy that I'm not stuck in the relegation zone Talk about small steps! Some good progress being made though, @XaW @Sanno11 @TheWillsy Good stuff guys!
  14. People were really excited for our dead rubber Serie C Cup game , 13 people turned up!
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