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  1. As someone managing in Greece, it's flipping hard to win the league. PAOK, AEK, Olympiacos and Panathinaikos have a MASSIVE headstart on everyone else financially and trying to claw that back without CL football (because those teams dominate the league) is super hard. I started in year 2 with a newly promoted team in div 2 and I can now consistently finish top 4, but I've still not made the CL group stages and only made the qualification rounds once. PAOK have won the league 7 times in a row and are so dominant. I've made three europa conference league finals so I've boosted our coefficie
  2. Check out the ultimate fm challenge in the challenge forum - 10 top leagues, 10 top cups, the Pentagon challenge, all the international continental tournaments, world cup and club world cup all in one save. Now add the same but in the women's game on top of that!
  3. It can be interesting if youre managing a team in a nation with zero connection to your national job and you end up with two games on the same day. I was managing somewhere in south america and the Nigeria NT at the same time and ended up with games on different sides of the Atlantic when the AFCON was on.
  4. Seems like a great idea to me. FM is probably pretty much at market saturation at this point I would imagine - if you want to play a football game it's either FIFA or FM. To increase sales they need to appeal to a new market and the biggest one left out there is the women's game. Sure they could make changes to the ME, add new leagues or improve the squad building (and I'm sure they'll still do all of that and much more) but that isn't going to move the needle that much in terms of sales year to year. To do that they need to appeal to new people and the women's game is the perfect way to do th
  5. I did that and it made a noticeable difference. I also knocked level 10 off after last season to speed it up even more. Trying to process all those games in various leagues takes forever
  6. In what may be my most disappointing FM moment of all time, we conspired to finish 3rd in the league, 2 points off promotion, having spent nigh on the entire season in the top 2. In our 3rd to last game we were 3-1 up on the team that finished 2nd at 90 minutes and managed to concede two late goals to draw 3-3. In the last game of the season we couldn't beat the team that finished second bottom and so fell out of the promotion places. I'm absolutely gutted. Sam Hedges was our standout player, scoring 40 league goals and 52 in total while averaging 7.68. I need to find some new player
  7. Alt + s in game to take a screenshot, then copy/paste it in from documents/SI Games/FM21/screenshots (or similar)
  8. @aldojags what's the Bulgarian coefficient now you've won the CL twice? They must be up there by now surely? Are any of the other teams in the league doing anything in Europe as well or is it just you?
  9. I'm churning through level 9 at the moment so I'm still going at it. 🙂
  10. Another season, another league and cup double. This time the Eastern Counties League Division 1 South and the Eastern Counties League Cup. We won the league by an absolute mile, 20 points clear of second place. Bobbie Dale was probably the star player this year, knocking in 36 goals in 39 games. So many players got stolen from me during the season that our form dropped off in the second half, but as I'd won 20 out of 21 to start the year I had such a massive lead it didn't matter.
  11. Player Name: Britus Rock Nation of birth (choose from: France, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, Reunion) Reunion Month and date of birth (year will be set for all) 5 Dec Ht/Wt (in meters/kgs) 1.85/80kg position(s): MR (secondary DR) Assign one attribute (4 total) (technical/mental/physical) at 18, 15, 12...and 3. Rest of attributes will be randomized by the database.: Acceleration - 18 Passing - 15 Work rate - 12 Long shot - 3 You may select one PPM Tries long range passes
  12. Your youth players will need to be in the senior squad to get into mentoring groups with senior players as well
  13. The first season is done and we won the league and cup double. Played a direct 4-4-f'ing-2 and Tommy Hutchings was the star, banging in 38 goals. Catholic Utd ran me close in the league, but with 10 games to go or so I did what every experienced FM player has done at some point and bought their star striker. He never played for me, but as long as he wasn't banging in the goals for them it was worth it. We've already turned semi-pro, which seems really early but fingers crossed we can keep rolling in level 10.
  14. Wow, 30 years!? And I thought 7 years was a long time in Greece!
  15. I don't know how long it takes to get Liechtenstein nationality (or if it's even possible) but isn't it worth casting your net as wide as possible so that players that are good, but not quite good enough for their own national team, can change nationality and play for your NT? After over 10 years in Greece I've had 4-5 players change their nationality to Greek to get in their NT, changing from Belgian, Spanish and Portuguese among others.
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