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  1. @aldojags Greece get 4 European slots but I think the 4th is the cup winner (Panathinaikos won it this year). Selling players is going to be difficult, no one is interested in anyone I've got yet, unless their contract is running down, and the youth squad has a lot of potential but no actual ability yet.
  2. Veroia FC - 2022/23 end of season review A fantastic season where we basically maxed out our potential but ran into the steamrollers of AEK, Olympiakos, PAOK and OFI to mixed but generally bad results. We managed to take down pretty much everyone else in the Super League though, although long term things don't look great because our finances are a complete mess. The Greek league splits into two (top 6 and bottom 8) after everyone has played each other twice and we somehow snuck into the top 6 which meant we were in the Championship Group. That meant we had definitely beaten relegation, bu
  3. 0-0 seems perfectly fair for that game based on the stats and xg. You're not going to win every game, if you start with that expectation you're always going to be annoyed.
  4. The best thing about this result is that I rested more than half of my usual first choice team because it was a midweek game and we've got the the team that's bottom on the weekend. I figured I could rest my guys against Panathinaikos as I'd get totally pumped and save them for the more important game later. Turns out, we can beat them with a bunch of backups!
  5. Olympiakos just exist in a different stratosphere to the rest of Greek football...! My £600k is spread over 4 seasons and basically used all my transfer and wage budget from this season!
  6. @aldojags I believe there is a setting in the db for which countries other nations are more likely to buy from, maybe Italy has Bulgaria set as a preferred nation? Edit: here is an editor mod that updates those preferences to make them more realistic. No use to you now, but it's how I found out such a thing exists https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/542260-fm21-realistic-transfer-preferences-v20-and-new-league-reputations-by-daveincid-and-majesticeternity-updated-11421/
  7. The RPM in the DM strata is probably my favourite role in FM, but I don't know if he'd offer enough defensive cover in a 442. A DLP on support might be a better option
  8. I believe SI have said that playing a player out of position will affect his decision making as he's unsure of what to do, but beyond that if his attributes fit then he won't be negatively impacted by playing the wrong position
  9. Veroia FC So after stumbling around between saves, I've settled into Greece with Veroia FC (although they're called Veria FC on Wikipedia, there's a bit of confusion in the translation from Greek to English I believe). Greece struck me as an interesting challenge because there are quite a few dominant teams (Olympiakos, Panathinaikos, AEK, PAOK) so domestically it won't be too easy, and they're not one of the top leagues but also not a bottom feeder in Europe (the Super League is ranked 18th in Europe). My starting profile and the club overview are here There are only 2 league
  10. >Squad …needs a complete overhaul. I mean if you ever need proof that the transfer AI needs to be improved try taking over an AI team mid-season a few years into the game. The Fiorentina team is full of 32 year olds (I mean not even 30+ but literally most of the original first team players are 32+), and I could really feel their form and attributes dropping off as we reached the business end of the season. @dkouv this was in issue last year as well, I took over Orlando Pirates 10-15 years in and they literally didn't have a CB in their squad. Needless to say they were at or near the bo
  11. With your team on attacking, a higher LOE and a CF on attack I'd be worried about him being completely detached from the rest of the team and running down a lot of blind alleys when he does get the ball.
  12. The confirmation bias in this thread is pretty strong. Just because something unlikely happened to you doesn't mean the game is scripted. Unlikely is not impossible, and therefore is actually possible and could happen to you, me or anyone playing the game at any time.
  13. I may be back on this challenge in Greece! I'm bouncing around between so many things at the moment trying to get one to stick and I think this may have done. I'm going to try and get a year or two in before I post anything to see how it goes though, but I've kept screenshots of the important things so far. I tend to get ~4 years in and realise I'm going nowhere and get the itch to start a new save almost every time but I'll keep trying! I still have my Azores save but I think that still needs a rest as it was driving me mad and I tried the youth only challenge but after a few years I rea
  14. I holidayed in England and this is the table with West Brom bottom on 3 points, currently 8 points from safety I chose to set my reputation at the WBA level and then pumped most of my attributes into mental stats to help with team talks! Fingers crossed I can work something out and get us our first win of the season before too long, the current results do not look promising! We haven't even scored a goal in over half of our league games! West Ham and Southampton isn't too bad for the first two games however, hopefully we can build some momentum
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