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  1. A few things from your original formations that I notice I always go for one FB on attack to get a runner from deep I never leave players on automatic, they'll never work out what I want them to do on their own Carrick as an anchor man doesn't have enough freedom to be creative. I'd have him as a DLPd. You have no runners from deep in the 433: Rooney on attack with support roles around him will get isolated, I'd have one of the IFs on attack and Rooney on support so he drops in the hole behind him and plays people in I like having a CMa in 433 to get into the box (I always think of Lampard playing this role, arriving late in the box to score)
  2. What do you pay his agent? I've signed a fair few guys on lower wages because I "bribed" the agent with a huge signing fee.
  3. Blah. Game crashed 8 games into the season and everything's lost. Was sitting nice and mid table too. Changed tack and off to Finland instead now. Got FC Viikingit, pics to follow when a season is finished (in case it all goes tits up again).
  4. Brilliant, thanks for that. Started in Germany with FSV Zwickau. Profile
  5. Am I being blind or has the season summary page gone? I used to use that to see who has been promoted but having not played since fm14 I can't find it any more.