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  1. i would second this. i would argue that morale would be affected more by not even trying to win
  2. i honestly don't know why we have to download a 3rd party skin to use instant result. Yes I know it's a "manager" game, but literally every single sports game on the market has the ability to simulate games you don't want to play. It's not an absurd request
  3. ok, thank you for the explanation. i should have known that EA had an exclusive deal. One more reason for me to hate them
  4. with that attitude, why do we have licenses for any league?
  5. well obviously, but i'm referring to the barrier that it would cause to get a full league license
  6. I believe this sets a very bad precedent. What if other PL teams only allow their license to be used if they get their own edition?
  7. I've actually had pretty good luck using multiple roles, even at higher levels
  8. lol no that was my attempt to get him to accept a much lower wage
  9. I see a recommended limit of 24.72M p/a. So is that the limit that they will allow me to offer? How does that change?
  10. So the board will prevent me from using my budget how I want?
  11. I have a huge wage budget and I am not using all of it, so why am I being limited on how much I can offer Ronaldo??
  12. I'll never understand the "make me not able to cheat" mentality. Want to win legitimately? don't cheat. don't exploit. It's really that simple
  13. Well being married with kids certainly doesn't mean that one cannot play FM without neglecting the other. I'm not sure the point of this thread but good for you for finding your balance...I guess...What was this about again?
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