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  1. How positive are you? And does the position ever change, and/or how do i change it?. for all, I'm fully aware that I can choose a specific role for my player, but I'm mostly trying to figure out how this particular setting works
  2. I appreciate the responses but I think you are misinterpreting what I'm asking. In my snapshot, take a look at Paulo Roberto. In my lineup, he plays as an MC - BBM. If you look to the right, it says he's training as a DM - Playing position. Does the DM mean that he's training as a DM despite that his playing position is MC?
  3. I'm setting up my individual player training and I'm trying to figure out which roles I want some of my players to train as. But something I have never understood is, what position exactly are they training at if you set it to playing position? For example, I have a player who's a natural DM. But I do not use a DM and I have the player playing as a CM. In the individual training screen, I can select a role for midfielder (center), but at the top of the dropdown show DM - Playing position. What exactly does it mean by "playing position"? Does it mean he trains automatically as whateve
  4. Right, my whole point of this is that I want to create a player, using the editor, that is something of an ultra wonderkid. Kind of like a Freddy Adu when he debuted for DC United at 14. I know that FM will allow me to play anyone at any age. But I'm asking about real life rules. Would a 14-year old be eligible to play in the PL? What about 12? Get what I'm asking?
  5. Thanks. I'm mainly asking for the real life rule. In FM, I could create a player 1 year old and play him. But I don't know if there's no minimum age because players are created at 16 or if there's truly no minimum age in the PL
  6. Could someone be so kind as to give me the minimum age for a player to appear in a first team match? I know the Bundesliga is 17, but what about the Premier League or the Dutch Eredivisie?
  7. Yes as stated in my original post, i set the responsibilities to the TD. You could have a TD with 20 in everything and he will still fail to fill out the staff
  8. I'm glad I'm not the only one having this issue. It's very annoying that my "personalized" instructions will change the team's position instructions. This is the first year that I've messed around with personalized instructions. It's pretty fun except having to change instructions for every player. I work around is to simply set personalized instructions for every player.
  9. I thought the meeting was really cool the first few times. But then I realized that it doesnt help me at all in planning my transfers. I skip them now
  10. I'm also american and I much prefer the UK english in game. It's more aligned with the terms I know
  11. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what the technical director is supposed to do. I actually really dislike finding and hiring staff so I've hired the TD and set all the hiring and firing responsibilities to him. The problem is, he is not signing anyone. The TD has not worked for me in all my FM21 saves and all FM 20 saves so I know it's not just a bug in one of my games. To clarify, every once in a while he'll sign like a youth physio, but if I have 6 available coach slots, he will NEVER fill them. My staff slots NEVER get filled unless I step in to make some hires. Is the TD worthless or
  12. Also, be sure to set the leagues already loaded to playable / view only below. If you don't change that then it adds the league
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