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  1. Is this where the game pauses for a second or two along with audio cutting out? If so, this has also just started happening to me. It's been running amazing up until a couple days ago
  2. awesome! I do live in the US, but we visited England in 2015, just before learning about Lewes. We did make it to Craven Cottage for an FA Cup match against Sunderland! Fulham lost but they still hold a special place in my heart. I've tried holidaying the first year to get Lewes promoted but every time I reload, the same teams get moved up. How long before the season resets should I sim to in order to refresh the promoted teams?
  3. It appears that I have three options: give up control of youth training, Don't care that my youth team is using wrong tactics, or change my first team tactics to what i want my youth team to play before each match. All options suck
  4. one of my buddies randomly picked them in FM back in 09 or 10 and just fell in love. He later researched them and found out that he could join as an "owner". He told me about it years later and I did my own research and fell in love. Love the crest, kits, colors, stadium grounds, and what they stand for. I can't wait for the day that they make it back in the VNS so I can play as them properly
  5. That's interesting, I never knew that. When searching for a staff roll, there's 3 options, "Is" "partially" and "not". none of those imply interest, which is why i've always thought they meant familiarity.
  6. I'm controlling training so I cannot change anything on that screen. Note that my tactical options are grayed out I can change the tactic that they are training on but the playing tactic doesnt change unless I change my first team tactic
  7. I have a very specific formation that I'm using in my first team due to a specific player. Since he'll move on in the next year or two, I don't want my youth teams playing with that tactic. How do I set it so that they do not play with my first team tactic? Even better, I'd want to dictate the tactic that my youth teams use
  8. really? so if a staff role is a half yellow circle for a manager, that doesn't mean they will perform slightly worse as a manager?
  9. it's ok. The MLS rules are an abomination to even us americans
  10. And resort to downloading tactics, which are often cheat tactics. If the game did a better job of explaining everything, it would arm the user with knowledge so they knew what they were doing
  11. I'm not playing a network game but I'd prefer all my games being played on either a saturday or tuesday. Is there any downside to that option? Will I still get bonuses for games being broadcast? Does it affect youth teams?
  12. I like it. gives me something to do during international breaks
  13. For real, I play Pogba as my CM - AP, who is a decent jumper, but when I bring in Marcos Antonio as a sub, it's annoying to rearrange all my set pieces (He's a midget)
  14. There's a lot of misinformation regarding height and jumping. You see a lot of guides and streamers saying that you need a player 6'2" AND a high jumping reach to be successful in the air. The way I understand jumping reach is that it's the maximum height a player's head can reach, which means height is already factored into the rating. If jumping reached was the maximum height a player can jump measuring from the ground to his feet, then height would matter
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