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  1. I’m sorry, is this not a feedback thread? I gave my feedback. I don’t know why you feel the need minimize my feedback.
  2. Basically everyone here participated in beta. It’s only fair to let us know, who provided SI with a free service BTW, if anything major was changed/fixed. There is a change list. It’s just being held back. I just want to know if there was any changes other than database that I need to create a new game to fix
  3. Is it more beneficial for a youth to train with the first team than training with youth? When should I do it, when should I not?
  4. Hey, How did you get it so that the youth intake day was in march and not in June? Every time I create a new setup in the USA and set the calendar to match Europe, my intake day is always the day after the preseason begins
  5. I'd be interested in seeing the teams you made for Pittsburgh Colorado Springs and Omaha. Second, when do you plan to release?
  6. yes it's a playable league i know right! For some reason Villa and Leeds became really consistently good. I don't know if the big 6 just got weak or the league as a whole got better. Probably a bit of both as evidenced by Arsenal getting relegated
  7. Often, I like to go on holiday just to simulate seasons overnight and I woke up to this. I have literally never seen any big 6 team get relegated unless I messed with their financials. What in the hell happened to Arsenal!?
  8. Those are all good choices for league teams, but which ones have the best chance at sticking in the PREM?
  9. I'm looking to starting a save with a club in the National League, North, or South that has the most realistic chance at developing into a Premier League club. Would it be another club from the London area, Manchester, or somewhere else? Any suggestions?
  10. That's rather absurd to suggest that the developers need to have that suggested. Teams being locked out of having their U23 in a league should be an obvious problem
  11. What in the world happened to AFC Wimbledon where they got 1.36B in sponsorship? The only thing I did to this file using the editor is giving them max training and youth facilities at the start of the file
  12. not to mention the fact that you're still in jail for the entire appeal process
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