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  1. So the only way to get some fitness is by arranging friendlies myself? Are you talking about 1st team friendlies? Also, if I send my more advanced prospects there, will they still develop appropriately?
  2. Thank you for the response, but I should have been more clear. I know what the II sides are used for in a real world sense. but I'm having questions about how it works in FM as stated by my questions above.
  3. So for this option...None of my first team players played and games for Stuttgart II when they needed match fitness. Is something broke or am I just not understanding it?
  4. no one has ever asked for information on white only players... there's plenty of questions and partial lists throughout the internet for female staff members... Don't make this into what it's not... Let's call this what it is, many would rather see a pretty woman face rather than a crusty old dude in their staff
  5. shouldn't info like fan demographics and potential be more apparent in game? I shouldn't have to dig in the editor to find out that the local fans don't care about football and never will.
  6. I am not sure how to feel about the reserve teams for Bundesliga. They don't play any games that I can see. Should I keep my good prospects away from there? Since i never get any emails about them, will my 1st team players ever be able to get match fitness?
  7. well i have to say that this is well done. I would make a couple changes with the VAR being turned at every level and only the premier league having prize money. It would be cool if the lower levels were regionalized a little bit. overall, this is probably one of the better alternate American files I've used. Do you happen to have a matching graphics pack?
  8. i wouldn't say it's working well as I have to have retina turned off. is this something that will be fixed?
  9. I saw this in my news items. I'm a bit worried of an "Angels in the Outfield" type scenario next time we play Wolfsburg.
  10. oops, sorry I have been messing around with things. I can say that I just unchecked "retina", set it windowed mode, and changed the text back to 100% and I actually had a good match. I even saw a couple animations that I have never seen before. my graphics settings is on High.
  11. but drivers are a part of the mac OS update. besides, there's not even a mac download link from the site you posted
  12. It's actually rather silly. I have never managed a top flight team until this weekend. Since I began playing FM back in version 15, my goal has always been to bring up a conference team up to the PL or I get into some county league. The thought of starting at the top seemed boring to me. For various reasons, I can never get more than 5 seasons in a singe save before the next version comes out. But this weekend I started yet another lower league save and suddenly the thought of all the hours needed, the frustration of not getting work permits, and the extra attention needed for lower league finances seemed too daunting. Perhaps that combined with my feelings of nostalgia from when I lived in Stuttgart, Germany as an American for 3 years, I started a new game and took over for VfB Stuttgart! All I can say is wow. In the second match of my Bundesliga career, we were playing Bayern Munich away and we held them even for most of the first half. Then right before halftime, Mario Gomez puts one into the back of the net with a header! Despite a very passionate halftime talk, we get drilled into for 2 goals. Then during stoppage time, Daniel Divavi blasted in a free kick to get us the draw against Bayern freaking Munich! It was insane. Definitely more intense than any Conference South promotion playoff game I've ever been apart of. Combined with the fact that I can actually use some advanced tactics or target legitimately great players, I think I will be playing this way for a while.
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