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  1. I would love to play a women's league but I understand the reason why it's not included. I really enjoy playing as the women's teams in FIFA
  2. aside from the general success reason, what drives club attendance to increase or decrease? I'm mainly looking at the in-game editor so I'm wondering if attendance is tied to reputation. If I set the attendance higher, will it do down if the reputation doesn't change? If I set the rep higher, would the attendance increase? Is reputation tied to league reputation?
  3. I'm very curious how some of you manage your squad sizes. Do you take a hoarder's approach or a minimalist's? I think it would also depend on the kind of competition you're in and your budget. Since I'm never deep in cup competitions and any kind of continental competition is nowhere in the cards, I tend to go minimalist. I'll have my subs and maybe a few reserves and that's it. How many players should I keep on my senior team? 18? 23? more?
  4. so how bad will my game turn out if i let it be?
  5. So something big i've noticed is that a lot of teams have the max age of 23 which really kind of ruins it at lower levels. idk if it was something you intended but i'm going to see if I can fix it, at least for my own game
  6. Is there any way to remove transfer policies from a team? I'm using a custom US structure and I just noticed that there's so many teams with a U23 only transfer policy. That will really have an effect on my save. Is there anyway to remove it with the in-game or out of game editor that doesn't involve me having to restart my game?
  7. awesome, thanks. I'll try it out. I enjoyed the first file
  8. cool. i'll give this a go. how extensively have you tested it?
  9. are you sure about this? I remember something being posted from a developer about how there's no difference in how teams in loaded league act vs teams in an inactive league.
  10. I was wondering if manager stats will ever increase. I know they will when I gain license levels but do they gain with experience/reputation? For example, I create a manager with the highest coaching badge but was a Sunday league player. Will he ever get better? Is the only way to have a top rated manager is by making him a former international star?
  11. why is it that a game like OOTP lets you change anything you want but Fm is so locked down? are football leagues really that much more strict than baseball?
  12. i've thought about creating a national league team and making 11 players that are 16 with very low CA but very high PA and seeing how far that group rises.
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