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  1. Experienced Defender could you share your FM 2018 4231 tactic ? Im playing fm 2018 now.
  2. which team shape , mentality ? fluid and control ? how about team instructions ?
  3. The set-up GK: Goalkeeper – Defend DR: Full Back – Automatic DCR: Central Defender – Defend DCL: Central Defender – Defend DL: Full Back – Automatic MCR: Central Midfielder – Defend MCL: Deep Lying Playmaker – Support AMR: Winger – Support AMC: Advanced Playmaker – Attack AML: Inside Forward – Support STC: Advanced Forward – Attack The 4-2-3-1 is good for all styles of football due to its flexibility, but in order to have any success with it, it is essential that you play a central midfielder on defend. Without this, your back four will be left isolated and will be overwhelmed. The full-backs need to be defensively solid and it's preferable not to give them attacking roles as you want to maintain a defensive shape in the side. The striker can have any role that suits him best, but you may have to adapt the trio behind him to accommodate his role. For example, if he is a target man or plays deeper you need an inside forward to make attacking runs past the forward to exploit the space he leaves or use the balls he plays. how about this set up ?
  4. How is your results ? Is it successfull tactic or not ?
  5. GK D FBS CD D CD D FBA CMD DLPD W A TREQ IF A DLF S which mentality ,instructions and philosophy work with this tactic ? Actually is this tactic work ? thanks. playing with MC's .
  6. Marko1989 how about your team shape and mentality ?
  7. thanks thomit and colinho. By the way I forgot to say that Im currently playing Fm 2014
  8. 4-2-3-1 makes me cancer if any body find a good one pls notify me
  9. which strategy did you use in this tactic ? balance or fluid control or attack ?
  10. could you give me player roles and duties for playing like barca ? Bauer1337
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