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  1. F.C. Pampilhosa 2018/19 End of Season Update Improving Pampilhosa climb the table League Table Graph Transfer Summary Finances New Faces Stephan Platzek - Signed as cover for both right and left back positions, played more often than I thought he would. He's good and developing well thanks to first team football Francesco Marchetti - The replacement for Ruben, has the potential to be amazing and is touted as the next Daniele Bonera. I've made him vice captain already with the hope that he'll take to it and be able to lead the side very soon. Season Summary I decided to take a big risk and let 7 squad players leave for just 2 replacements, which left us with a good but small squad. It was the only way I could afford the quality of Marchetti and offer new contracts to the best players I already had. Fortunately we didn't have any major injuries in the season and the gamble paid off. Marchetti seems a born leader and the perfect replacement for Ruben. I changed our pitch to the minimum allowed to try and make things easier for our defense and it seemed to work. We had a good start to the season but our form slid a bit near the end pushing us down the table. The finances are starting to look a bit better now though and with our new stadium next year and hopefully a higher finish we might have money in the bank for the first time. First Team GK - Tiago Martins - Continues to grow in stature and match the progression of the club LB - Edilson - Still not really living up to his potential but will do for now CB - Mohamed Akfir - He has his moments where I wonder whats going through his head but is generally solid CB - Francesco Marchetti - A rock in defense RB - Mario Rui - One of the first names on the team sheet, sometimes plays right mid in games where I need the ball won high up the pitch DM - Luizao - Very solid anchor man CM - Chinedu Okoro - Gradually getting better and learning his role in the team, could be the midfielder I've been searching for RM - Felipe - Good right winger but doesn't get enough assists, could be my tactics tho AML - Valdinho - Is a useful player to get the ball out to but often is selfish when he should cross AMC - Cristian Ponde - A talisman for the team, had a fantastic season STR - Jaguare - Was captain this season and I think the pressure got to him a bit Aims for next season : Solid mid table finish, turn the new stadium into a fortress ! [b][u][color=Blue]CLUB HISTORY[/color][/u][/b] Season Team League Finished Notes 2012-2013 FC Pampilhosa 2nd Division Central 4th 2013-2014 FC Pampilhosa 2nd Division Central 5th 2014-2015 FC Pampilhosa 2nd Division Central 1st Promotion 2015-2016 FC Pampilhosa Liga de Honra 12th 2016-2017 FC Pampilhosa Liga de Honra 2nd Promotion 2017-2018 FC Pampilhosa Primeira Liga 14th Survived 2018-2019 FC Pampilhosa Primeira Liga 11th [b][u][color=Blue]TROPHY CABINET[/color][/u][/b] [b][u][color=Blue]PAMPILHOSA HALL OF FAME[/color][/u][/b] Player | Pos | Apps | Goals | Seasons Played | Notes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ruben | DC | 164 | 30 | 2011-2018 | Captained the club through 2 promotions
  2. siLKPEAPE - Congrats on back to back promotions ! Your formation looks very similar to the one I had a lot of success with, only difference in mine was I moved one of the DMCs up to MC-Box to Box midfielder but he played so deep most of the time he was level with my DM anyway. StellaF1 - Best of Luck playing Serie A football in your new stadium Macshimmy - Good Luck in Scotland LLR - good luck in the playoffs Toonbalmy87 - Good job finishing 7th, nice to see a formation with 3 at the back actually working, I've never managed to do it. Danger_Mouse - Good solid season, I reckon you'll be promoted next year Flashman - Great season considering you had to do more with less after getting the budget cut. Finances only really seemed to get sorted in my game when you have either a cup run or high league finishes once you hit the premier division.
  3. F.C. Pampilhosa 2017/18 End of Season Update Pampilhosa struggle but survive League Table Graph Transfer Summary Finances After our unexpected promotion I figured this season was going to be tough and I was not disappointed. As soon as they returned from holiday, I assigned all our players plenty of time with the sports psychologist* to make sure they could cope with the odd thrashing and still perform against the teams we needed to beat in order to stand a chance of staying up. *not an actual feature of the game - maybe they can add it to FM13 ! We still have the smallest stadium of any club in the division at 1,000 fans and no money to spend. However we have wheeled and dealed to get this far and we aren't going to stop now ! A new stadium is on the way and the team needs to become one worthy of filling the 8,250 seats. Unfortunately, after player wage rises for promotion to the Primeira Liga i was only able to pay the wages of one new good player : New Faces Edilson - left back to fill a weak area of the squad, defense will be key so had to focus on that as a priority, unfortunately he didn't play as good as his stats are on paper but I suppose he made the best of a difficult job. Season Summary The toughest of seasons, at 5000-1 to win the league we were underdogs in every single game but there were just enough bright moments spread over the season to keep us and the fans hope alive that we could do the impossible and stay up. Highlights of the season were a 1-0 win against Benfica and a 1-1 draw against Porto both in front of the home support. Porto got their revenge when we visited them though, thrashing us 6-0, the worst defeat of the season. We went into the final weekend with our fate in our own hands, 3 points and we'd be safe. Anything else and it depended on the Naval result at Academica. For 60 minutes we were getting relegating after conceding 3 goals, the first after just 4 minutes. But luck was with us and Academica finally broke Naval down and sealed our fates. I was quite shocked Naval went down given their squad and they hammered us but they have been on the slide for a couple of seasons and only finished 13th last year. Martins and Ponde have been the most influential players, and both are making noises about bigger clubs now. Captain Ruben sadly can't cope at this level and will have to be replaced somehow. In acknowledgement of the service he has given to the club, he will be the first player to be inducted into the new Pampilhosa Hall of Fame. Immortalised on the wall at the entrance to our new stadium, which is on schedule to be opened this time next year. Aims for next season : Avoid relegation [b][u][color=Blue]CLUB HISTORY[/color][/u][/b] Season Team League Finished Notes 2012-2013 FC Pampilhosa 2nd Division Central 4th 2013-2014 FC Pampilhosa 2nd Division Central 5th 2014-2015 FC Pampilhosa 2nd Division Central 1st Promotion 2015-2016 FC Pampilhosa Liga de Honra 12th 2016-2017 FC Pampilhosa Liga de Honra 2nd Promotion 2017-2018 FC Pampilhosa Primeira Liga 14th Survived [b][u][color=Blue]TROPHY CABINET[/color][/u][/b] [b][u][color=Blue]PAMPILHOSA HALL OF FAME[/color][/u][/b] Player | Pos | Apps | Goals | Seasons Played | Notes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ruben | DC | 164 | 30 | 2011-2018 | Captained the club through 2 promotions
  4. Crikey so much to catch up on in this thread… soon I will be spending less time playing and more time on the forum !! Amethyst21 - Congrats on promotion, 17 games unbeaten is brilliant form. Scoring is fun ! Your finances look fantastic too. Best of luck next season. ArranoBeltza - Good work reaching the playoffs so soon. I'd take a 15 point deduction for a 44,000 stadium ! That's 43,000 more than mine. Those newgens look really good, I haven't seen many like that in my game. Either my scouts are rubbish or they aren't getting released so quickly. Rlipscombe - Ouch, being bumped down to semi-pro is going to make life tough. Hope those young whippersnappers do the business for you ! Vikeologist - sounds like it was a fitting game for a cup final, good effort. Very unlucky to miss promotion with so many points but the money from the cup this year and europe next will be fun to spend ! Danger_mouse - looks like you could be going up whether you like it or not ! I had a similar thing when Pampilhosa unexpectedly got promoted last season. Berty1978 - Looks like France is a pretty difficult place to make it to the top, at least you have some cash to spend. Hope next season is a good one. Neushoorn70 - Hope you can hold on to Teddy Caron and get promoted next season. Andy Sava and Britrock - Congrats on promotion and manager of the year, great work ! Brettney1980 - Consistent form in the Premier League for 3 years is good work and Europe next season… good luck ! LLR - Looks like it could be a great season for you… fingers crossed. Macshimmy - Welcome to the challenge and good luck with Elgin ! On the newgens being released by top clubs I'll just add that I didn't load players from top clubs in my save so it will be interesting to see if that makes my challenge easier or more difficult. I guess we'll be able to tell if I ever manage to qualify for EURO cups. I flew through another 2 seasons over the weekend (easy when you're getting thrashed in half the games) so will post the write-ups tonight.
  5. Yeah only 30 games so the seasons go by quick. Only 2 cups in portugal as well, but I haven't made it far in either of them so far. Fewer games might be advantage when I get into euro comps but it's offset by less income
  6. F.C. Pampilhosa 2016/17 End of Season Update Pampilhosa fans discover dreams can come true ! League Table Graph Transfer Summary Finances New Faces I let a lot of the average players leave when their contracts expired and tried to use the freed up wages to get a few quality signings. Pedro Sa - I'm still looking for a consistent classy midfielder, Sa had 15 starts but wasn't amazing. 1 goals and an average of 6.73. Most disappointingly he didn't get a single assist. Hope he improves over time. Cristian Ponde - AM/RLC and he is the real deal. Gives the team attacking drive and was superb. 7.11 average playing out wide mostly but could be even better if he plays centre. Antonio Manuel Silva - Young and quite similar to Ponde. One for the future i hope. Chinedu Okoro - Alternated with Sa in midfield but was average. Carlao - Bit of gamble, really high finishing stats but not a lot else to shout about. Made 7 appearances from the bench but didn't score. Luizao - DM primarily but covers lots of positions similar to Felipe who we signed last year. Youth Prospects No new ones and Diogo Rocha hasn't played in the first team yet. Season Summary Quite an amazing season ! The stuff dreams are made of. With my new players we went back to the more attacking formation that I had used the season we got promoted from the bottom division. It's 4-1-1-3-1 with the two wingers swapping position and as you can see worked really well ! My captain, Ruben I didn't think was cut out for this level but he had the season of his life with last ditch tackles and game saving clearances. Averaged 7.06 and was named in the team of the year along with Alipio and Jakubov. Tiago Martins in goal is becoming absolutely amazing too, I'm sure his development played a big part in us going up. The question is how long can I keep him ? The only worry is we're going up too soon, our wage budget was still tiny at £9.25K a week and we have never had a transfer budget until now. Its fantastic to have got this far on so little but I really doubt we have the ability to compete in the Premier League. Next season I have got a war chest of £12.8k to spend and the budget is a huge £13.5k per week !! I'll be back to parking the bus for most games I think. The best news is that finally we've been granted planning permission for the new Pampilhosa stadium which will have a capacity of 8,250. 2 years away but will really help with the finances when we move in. Aims for next season : Don't get thrashed ! [b][u][color=Blue]CLUB HISTORY[/color][/u][/b] Season Team League Finished Notes 2012-2013 FC Pampilhosa 2nd Division Central 4th 2013-2014 FC Pampilhosa 2nd Division Central 5th 2014-2015 FC Pampilhosa 2nd Division Central 1st Promotion 2015-2016 FC Pampilhosa Second League 12th 2016-2017 FC Pampilhosa Second League 2nd Promotion [b][u][color=Blue]TROPHY CABINET[/color][/u][/b]
  7. Took the afternoon off work and had an absolutely crazy season. Update on it's way.
  8. F.C. Pampilhosa 2015/16 End of Season Update Pampilhosa find life tough in the second league Shorter update this time, it's been tough going and I just want to crack on with next season ! League Table Graph Transfer Summary Finances New Faces Felipe - Versatile player offering cover in lots of positions Alexandre Marques - Young left back, will hopefully push for a start Mohamed Akfir - Quality CB which was definitely needed, made a big contribution. Alipio - Bought to challenge Diogo Lopes in the hole to make sure he doesn't slack off ! Nelson Mendes - Taken on loan to play DMC in my new defensive formation, alternated with Jorge Guedes Jorge Guedes - Is hopefully the long term DMC, played OK but he's still learning. Gives us a bit of depth and cover for injuries Youth Prospects Diogo Rocha - First kid to come through youth recruitment who stands any chance of making the first team After a long, tough season I'm exhausted ! All fans and staff are just relieved the season is over and we'll remain in the Second League next season. We had cracking start to the year getting lots of points on the board and climbing up the table. The aim was to play defensively and try to grab the odd goal. That strategy worked out pretty well but next season we'll have to go more attacking to try and get enough points to be in a top-half finish. The opposition had me sussed by the new year and we had a really poor second half of the season. The local council continue to block any moves to a new stadium so it's a packed 1000 fans every game. Aims for next season : Finish mid table [b][u][color=Blue]CLUB HISTORY[/color][/u][/b] Season Team League Finished Notes 2012-2013 FC Pampilhosa 2nd Division Central 4th 2013-2014 FC Pampilhosa 2nd Division Central 5th 2014-2015 FC Pampilhosa 2nd Division Central 1st Promotion 2015-2016 FC Pampilhosa 2nd Division Central 12th [b][u][color=Blue]TROPHY CABINET[/color][/u][/b]
  9. Just a quick one for everyone getting low bids accepted by the chairman, i think if you remember to set a high asking price on the players transfer status screen (even when they aren't transfer listed) it should discourage other clubs from offering cheap money for your best players. And on my game Pampilhosa have had an awesome start to life in the second division and I've got high hopes we'll stay up if we can carry it on
  10. F.C. Pampilhosa 2014/15 End of Season Update Perfect Pampilhosa win Promotion ! First, thanks for all the positive comments from the last update. Wasn't sure how it would go down so I'm pleased everyone liked the style. League Table Graph Transfer Summary Finances New Faces Magano - We were still weak in midfield so 36 year old Magano was signed to bring some mental toughness and experience. He played in nearly every game and was reliable and kept a cool head. Goncalo Paciencia - Only played in 8 games from the subs bench, he scored once this season but will hopefully improve. Jorge Carvalho - Another one for the future I hope, he made 12 appearances as the anchor man and did fine. Diego Lopes - Identified by my scouts. I wasn't looking for an AMC but he's the best player I'd seen so far so I signed him up and rebuilt the tactics around him. So glad I did ! Jaguare - Was spotted after local reports said he was arriving for a trial at Electrico, another 2D club. I sent the spies to a training session and stole him from under their noses. Scored 5 goals in 6 (9) appearances since January, one of them a crucial winner against the league leaders. Season Report by Paulo Pestana of the Pamilhosa FC magazine We all love football because of it's ability to surprise us with unexpected results, and few expected the meteoric rise of F.C. Pampilhosa this season which has seen them take the title of Portuguese Second Division - Central Champions and win promotion to the Portuguese Second League after finishing second behind Gondomar in the playoffs. A more adventurous approach this season has seen them score more goals than any other side in the league and they've won over many new fans with their exciting brand of football. After the initial celebrations were over I had a chance to speak with division Manager of the Year Ricardo Chimenez and after congratulating him on the success, asked him what promted the change in strategy. "Last summer one my scouts Guilherme Mesquita left me a note saying I really had to take a look at this player, Diego Lopes. I was a bit dubious at first because we had no place in the team for an attacking midfielder playing in the hole but the next day Guilherme saw me in person and told me I'd regret it if I didn't at least give him a trial. He staked his reputation on it !" said Chimenez. "So I met the lad and he trained with us and impressed everyone at the club. It was obvious we had to sign him and change the way we played a bit to get the best out of him." The gamble of rebuilding the teams tactics just to suit the style of one man certainly paid off for Chimenez. Diego Lopes stayed fit and played his part in every game Pampilhosa played this season. The champions scored 60 goals this season, almost half of which were created or scored by Diego. "He exceeded all our expectations" enthused Chimenez. "I'm wary of heaping attention on a lad his age but the 18 assists and 8 goals were obviously crucial to our successful season. He was a class above." Many would say that Pampilhosa's biggest game this season was the 4-1 victory over Camacha which ultimately meant they gained promotion, but Chimenez says it was a different game that defined their season. "It's hard to pick one game out as the defining moment, there was the win at Camacha in the playoffs but we wouldn't even have got to the playoffs if we hadn't won away at Mafra in January. Every game is important these days. If I had to pick one I'd choose our comeback against Torreense in March. We were 2-1 down with 5 minutes left and it looked like our title dreams could be over, then Lopes equalised and Valdinho scored the winner with seconds remaining. It was a cracking game with loads of chances and the manner of the win gave the players the belief they could do anything." The squad will need to keep that belief with them next season when it will surely be an even tougher test just to stay up in the Portuguese Second League. If you haven't got your season ticket to watch them already you might be out of luck, with only a thousand capacity stadium and 700 season tickets already sold, chances to see Pampilhosa in action will be few and far between. Aims for next season : Avoid relegation [b][u][color=Blue]CLUB HISTORY[/color][/u][/b] Season Team League Finished Notes 2012-2013 FC Pampilhosa 2nd Division Central 4th 2013-2014 FC Pampilhosa 2nd Division Central 5th 2014-2015 FC Pampilhosa 2nd Division Central 1st Promotion [b][u][color=Blue]TROPHY CABINET[/color][/u][/b]
  11. F.C. Pampilhosa 2013/14 End of Season Update Part-time Pampilhosa building team for the future League Table Graph Transfer Summary Finances New Faces Andre Serrao - Still more experience needed in midfield and has a few good years still in him Fredy - Seasoned pro, brought in more as cover than anything. Is very similar to my current left back Joao Fonseca - DM in the middle of his career, expected to be playing from the subs bench Mario Rui - Young kid for the future, the quick right back will hopefully soon be pushing for a starting place Rui Rodrigues - Young CB who is probably good enough to get in my squad straight away Season Report by Paulo Pestana of the Pamilhosa FC magazine It's been another solid if unexciting season for the 300 or so season ticket holders at F.C. Pampilhosa. The team from central Portugal who always seem to get the winter blues continued the pattern from last season of a great start followed by a poor January which ultimately costs them dear when it comes to chasing down title contenders at the end of the season. Rumour has it in the media that the manager has a habit of completely misjudging the mood at New Years team meetings and that the predictable dip in form regularly follows. In spite of the morale issues and worries that operating costs drive the club further and further into debt, the outlook is positive says chairman Manuel Ramos, who took over the club in January 2013. "We have a great deal of confidence of Ricardo and are sure he's the man to lead this club to glory. The board and I are very happy with the steady progress we're making. This season I asked the local council for planning permission to expand the stadium. It was declined due to a technicality but my commitment to those kind of projects should demonstrate how ambitious our long term plans are and Ricardo is going to play a key part." When asked about the club finances Ramos claimed to be unconcerned. "Yes we owe the bank manager a little, it's no more than our preseason budget allowed for though. In fact the board recently agreed we have 90% confidence in Ricardo thanks to his control of the wage bill. For that reason and to push on in the league we're actually going to increase the available budget next season by around 10-15%" The future does look bright for Pampilhosa. Arguably their most influential players this season have been youngsters signed by Chimenez who under the clubs guidance have developed into key first choice players. None more so than first choice goalkeeper, Thiago Martins. As the first signing Chimenez ever made there was a huge amount of pressure on both player and manager for Martins to be a success. "I'm lucky that the boss had faith in me right from that first day" said Thiago, reminiscing "in our first meeting he said to me 'I want this club to be number 1 in the country and number 1 in europe and I want you to be my number 1 on the journey.' that gave me the confidence to believe in myself and desire to do all the hard work in training and at the gym that's made me a better player." That training work has certainly paid off, in just 2 years Martins has increased his average overall player stats by a respectable 4.5%. The gym work alone has produced an amazing increase in the players strength of 43%. Assistant Manager Rogerio couldn't be happier "Thiago's the most focussed young goalkeeper I've ever worked with. In the 2 years he's been here his positioning is up 14%, concentration up 8% and both aerial ability and throwing up 10%, it really is incredible when you think about it." It's all very well listing a players increasing stats you might say, but does it mean he's going to make the difference when it counts ? Wiser men than me say it's too early to tell. I say this time next year Thiago Martins will be preparing to play in a higher division, and the rest of the Pampilhosa squad should be there playing right in front of him. Aims for next season : same as last year, challenge for promotion [b][u][color=Blue]CLUB HISTORY[/color][/u][/b] Season Team League Finished Notes 2012-2013 FC Pampilhosa 2nd Division Central 4th 2013-2014 FC Pampilhosa 2nd Division Central 5th [b][u][color=Blue]TROPHY CABINET[/color][/u][/b]
  12. DodgeeD - Good luck with Keçiorengücü. I've had Yüksel Sariyar in my Pampilhosa team for a couple of seasons now, he's been a quite boring but very reliable midfielder. Brettney1980 - Nice second season with Dardanelspor. Very respectable 10th place. LLR - Goals win games, defenses win championships ! Looks like you've got the first bit well sorted just need to get the balance right. Berty1978 - good to see La Vitreenne on the up, sounds like you are the opposite to LLR, the defense is solid you just need to find the goals. Iacovone - nice first season write up. If I ever leave Portugal I think I'll manage in Italy next. Giorgio Natale has been awesome for you, great wheeling and dealing to get him ! Ohanzee - I remember FC Mulhouse ! Great to see that name back in the challenge. Good Luck ! Romanista1994 - Don't worry too much about your finances, if I remember rightly once you go up in spain the money grows on trees. Drake44444 & Charlesbeams - Brilliant Promotions !
  13. Into my 3rd season now in the bottom league and not written the season 2 update yet but have high hopes this season after my new signing Magano scored an absolute screamer Shame it went in off the keeper but he's still claiming it !! [video=youtube;ufE3ThdPjgw]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufE3ThdPjgw
  14. Romanista1994 - Good Luck with Barakaldo, looks like a club with lots of potential Charlesbeams - Excellent season finishing 5th... Guei is the kind of striker I'd love to be able to find for my team Drake44444 - Well done on staying up ! berty1978 - Good solid season. Wierd decision on the new stadium, hope you aren't stuffed financially because of it. vikeologist - Nice job getting promotion first season - good luck next year.
  15. F.C. Pampilhosa 2012/13 End of Season Update Part-time Pampilhosa better than expected Well my first season at the helm has proven this challenge is going to be very difficult with this particular club, but more of challenge = more satisfaction when we finally make it, however many years down the line that might be ! With no official transfer budget and a wage budget of £3k per week my first priority was a new goalkeeper. I had to adjust the budgets to buy Tiago Martins for £50k but he was absolutely worth it and visibly improved as our season progressed. He was so good that by the end of the season he even got a call up as 3rd choice keeper for the Portugal Under-21 squad. Hoping he will have a long and successful career with us. Transfer Summary Yuksel Sariyar - Experienced centre midfielder, approaching the end of his career but his experience is needed to influence the youngsters. Lucas - Another experienced player in the centre of the park. He was ok but did nothing amazing. Gleydson - My new CB tore a hamstring 6 games into the season and missed the rest of it. But at 23 he has time to recover and come back stronger. Marco Aurelio - A quite average looking winger but has a great attitude as is always willing to learn. Joao Viana - Also injured for all but 6 games last season, the 21yr old right back looks like he has the potential to make the position his own and contribute much. Bruno Gaspar - Was intended to be cover for Viana but ended up as first choice due to the injury. Solid and reliable. Valdinho - A favourite with the fans already, scored 6 goals in 10 games including the clubs first hatrick. Always seems to be in the right place at the right time and provides quality service to the strikers. Ricardo Catarino - My other new winger alternates flanks with Valdinho, he's starting to show some promising form. Season details The season started well with us picking up some unexpected results and climbing to second but a dramatic dip in form in the middle of the season saw us drop back as low as 8th before a strong finish got us up to finish 4th. The dip in form was completely my fault thanks to a team meeting in December where I completely misjudged the mood and ruined the team morale. A lesson for next season ! The midseason change of ownership did nothing for our finances and with only 1,000 capacity on part-time money I don't expect us to have any money any time soon. Aims for next season : Challenge for promotion [b][u][color=Blue]CLUB HISTORY[/color][/u][/b] Season Team League Finished Notes 2011-2012 FC Pampilhosa 2nd Division Central 4th [b][u][color=Blue]TROPHY CABINET[/color][/u][/b]