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  2. btw, I play team 6lvl in England and I have distance goals like the one above in almost 90% of matches, in some matches more than one goal per match
  3. Hi @this_guy1289 Although the two don't seem directly related, I don't think it's unreasonable to say that having a bigger stadium would boost reputation globally - including the US
  4. Kevin Ball should be set as Sunderland's Loan Manager as confirmed by Academy manager Paul Reid in the latest Roker Rapport podcast (19 mins 20 secs in) https://play.acast.com/s/therokerrapport/32cb1cf1-1789-4376-bed9-cbd7e6342ab0
  5. I dont know English word for this when player have pass from other player, but look how behaved ball when it go to player on top side of video. przyjęcie piłki.mp4
  6. This is very odd - have you got a save game from before the change occurs by any chance?
  7. Son is definitely improved!!! Eriksen and Dele are comparable except that they finally have made Dele much more fluid in terms of his roles. He can play naturally as both a Advanced Playmaker in the #10 slot and an Inside Forward in the AML spot. Something I have begged for in the past.
  8. hahaha this is an impossible game finally reached the bottom i have been playing for a whole week already and i have not seen any team score a goal ONE at ONE.... funny give me the money for the game
  9. Despite ME is not perfect and we all want more, any system will broken if use two AP roles in the same time?
  10. These sponsorship deals do not necessarily carry straight on from last one, although if you keep going without any new ones appearing, could you upload a save from before the previous one expired, as well as the latest save available, cheers.
  11. How much did you get for Sissoko, Aurier, and Rose. Haven't managed to get a single bid for any of them.
  12. Hi, this is an issue we are aware of. It's intentional to have some high quality newgen staff available at the start of a game, especially in the newer roles so that users can actually sign some - but it was too easy to do this and some tweaks will be made before release.
  13. There is not, but that is certainly worthy of a feature request https://community.sigames.com/forum/680-football-manager-feature-requests/
  14. My whole squad is upset about being left out of training camp squad before I've even named it. Still angry once I've named squad even thought they are in it and whole squad morale ruined.
  15. Hi @mertcocuk77 The budget is created with this summer's transfers also taken into account, do you think it's possible this budget is realistic on that basis? If not, could be one for the research team.
  16. During the match (regardless of the graphics settings in the game), the picture is twitching when the camera is moving, and there is also a low FPS. With a static camera, the situation is better, but as soon as the camera begins to move, it is impossible to watch the match. The same thing happened in the last part of the FM (FM 19), then this was fixed by disabling streaming optimization in the settings of NVIDIA. In this part, changing the settings in the settings does not help.Video card - NVIDIA GeForce 750 TIHope to fix this problem in the next patches, thanks. P.S. This is what happens with the far field edge; the FPS also decreases when the camera is moving changing the smoothing settings does not help
  17. No problem. Sorry if I came across as a bit harsh; it's just that I'm seeing so many users posting ME bug reports without reading the pinned thread about PKMs.
  18. Really? Actual Football is tons more random every Season somewhere. On FM there's a solution to almost everything, and in General Progression is far more predictable, sadly. Else you wouldn'T have Dortmund sitting 18th place iN February 2015..... and speaking to the OP: Just sell that bloody sucker already. https://www.fourfourtwo.com/features/why-cristiano-ronaldo-has-been-real-madrids-major-problem-season-he-can-also-be-their And whatever you do, don't go Arsenal. Even Wenger himself argued it was all "cyclical". https://www.skysports.com/football/news/15118/10189870/wasteful-arsenals-premier-league-title-hopes-hit-by-poor-finishing
  19. Wingers MR/ML (p102)p106 442 wingers amr/l 343 IF wingers that can play striker BM 433 DM ARGUS 343
  20. Don't forget that xbox supports mouse and keyboard. I'm not entirely sure why it doesn't live on xbox when it's on ios, android and switch. The X is more powerful than a substantial amount of the devices, let alone pcs so it seems a bit crazy to not be there.
  21. FeralpiSalò v Reggiana.pkm Gubbio v Reggiana.pkm Reggiana v Sambenedettese.pkm
  22. You can't have him tested for drugs. But if you have a save game showing this issue then would you please be able to upload to our cloud service. Details on how to upload can be found below. We will then be able to check to see what is going on. Cheers, Ben
  23. Thanks for pointing this out, would have never noticed otherwise. Is there currently anyway to filter players in player search to match board criteria?
  24. Mateusz Pieńczak is missing from the database. He's a young Cracovia central-back, included in the 1st team almost a year ago. Here's more: https://www.transfermarkt.pl/mateusz-pienczak/profil/spieler/650292 http://www.90minut.pl/kariera.php?id=36239 https://cracovia.pl/kadra/
  25. Hi @SpS_Zen, Yeah if you could upload a save from just before they ask you, that would be great thanks.
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