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  1. Could you kindly send me the link to download the milla skin 19 directly?
  2. Yes, thanks. But it's very hard to read something to FMNation for me... any useful links?
  3. Simple question: Is the procedure to insert a cut-out face the same? Or has something changed on fm19?
  4. yes.. exactly... The ME is still too primitive. All players look the same..
  5. The knowledge of the countries does not work very well... Not always scouts acquire knowledge. I don't know why...
  6. Ok. But I don't understand why for other games, I can unistall the DLC content. And not for FM. It 's absurd.
  7. this is "hide" ? I continue to see the icon... The icon is not clickable, but is visible..
  8. No! The icon si permanent. I've just unflagged this option. You can try it and see.
  9. yes.. thanks. But there is a very annoying permanent icon in the game...
  10. what a bad thing... why? Should I uninstall the game?
  11. How I can unistall the in-game editor?
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