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  1. I was editing.... nothing special... I don't remeber what... probably a skill or changing a colour.. (file X) then crash.... after it I reload (saving items lost) then I incorporated this file with original (file X) another crash.. and file X disappeared...
  2. I was editing a file.... suddenly error in the editor.... so I re-load the file.... I try to save immediately and error again.,.. So I open editor... but there is a problem.. this file is DISAPPEARED... in the editor/folder where there are all files edited..... there isn't... Editor 2019 v19.3.0.1198898 (2019.03.04 18.51.18).dmp Editor 2019 v19.3.0.1198898 (2019.03.04 18.47.54)
  3. I have downloaded an update of editor 19.2.3 and now all FILES edited are NOT compatible. SOLVED I try to re-install fm19 and now it seems regular
  4. First release with over 2100 new players (next release after official patch) New youngsters, national team players (u15/u16 u17 teams) and wonderkids) PS: You you find something to change please report here... https://fusiondb.home.blog/fm19/wonderkids/?fbclid=IwAR0YI0105N57G5O1BQ3u-mubNZQ5328eidi_9hnBjx8X8uddcxSdLrrOmp4 FB page https://www.facebook.com/groups/643019436087539/permalink/899337030455777/?__xts__[0]=68.ARA4kibJhDeVBgecQ67pWPnNSr26Ud_qEg8nt_u4AgAfnNVbXOCJ6zwirNybhP-CNWENTGs6YZ98IpNdBC3YIXBMYYfgY_UB2AgCm2UEfx56VlfKvbsTzOnqzB8HNX2ZfHTJ1CP6Vj4vAxSsGmkruaBi9lbmQ0ifMdK2k8iN0rJWG-rlHIzZD4Y_qnrCVoR-Ft8nGPdCBbuBJFxHxTAOJNoKbTkGnd_pfqjFHAn-EGZbD8NqqQ2ZKF4sBN2UhTt3-gvALDDarFemLj5xY9VbEaSf7jMkYj5wTVTL1O359HrSBpDTQVgJp7lYYqFQ6zyxd9mC89D1Qj-E_hGbfcV4WuJjaA&__tn__=K-R
  5. In the editor (fm19.. because in fm 18 it was ok) there is no 4123 DMWIDE only narrow (or 4213 wide) .. this tactic I found that changed name.. for the 3d time.... (at the start it was 433 wide) now is4141DM WIDE
  6. DUPLICATE PLAYERS LUCAS PEGAS 83273308 83223659 (delete)
  7. GLOUCESTER DUplicate players WILL TUNNICLIFFE 94050970 e 89065666
  8. ALBANIA Duplicate players JANO BOZHANAJ 43339175 (ok) 43269188 (delete)
  9. DUPLICATE PLAYER; Mathias Knügle Svendsen 27150755 and 27142243
  11. DUPLICATE PLAYER: SY ILLA 49054324 Amiens (to delete) and 49048898 (OK) but to move to AMIENS (history is more updated)
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