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  1. At the end of the game.. there are too many retirements... too many staff members... I don't understand why not using players/staff in the db.... (You should not to retire so many of these.... or only players/staff that are free for long time) The game after one year lose too many real members.... In my game.... chairman retired (? in real life it not happens ) ... scouts... retired..... not real at all....
  2. In italy regens should be added in the game not in march but for example in May when regular season is at the end... because they are ready to play immediately and so youngster's championship is becoming not real at all...
  3. CAP TSUBASA db There is a fantasy league (not playable) with teams real and semi-real as there aren't all necessary info in the web to complete all teams... Players are set as 2005 /2006 (as dob) so you can buy one of these in the future.. with over 200 players here the link https://fmsiamonoi.forumcommunity.net/?t=61470005 http://www.mediafire.com/file/kav90c3an8t8sdj/FUSION_DB%40TSUBASA%40.rar/file
  4. In my game there are different call up. as at the start of the game...where there are 2 comps from october (u19) and november(fifa u17)
  5. Our files (fusion DB) is ok.. if you wanna look it.. Last year first work.. this is the second.. (obviously we have changed some dates.. in order not to clash with u19 comps)
  6. Somebody there is something to force.. but not with editor.
  7. About u17-Fifa world cup 2019 there are team set as in real qualification start in 2020 for u-17world cup 2021 date for u17 are not the same as in the real... because of there are only u19 so We should change dates in order not to clash with u19 comps
  8. as in the real... there are all qualification matches
  9. In my file we have done all u17 comps You can set max age. only... but you can add only u19teams
  10. U17 is impossible to set.. I try in every way, only u19 is allowed
  11. link is working It s good.... I tested for several years xml file
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