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  1. A serious problem.. as in fm20 all regens after first year are too old. so for nations with a comp u18.. after 2/3 years there are few players with that age.. I think the best think should be to add regen to the game with 15yrs old at least... 15 to 16,, and not over
  2. probably because i have another problem... and about files of comp created?
  3. I try to change id... etc... but in game... is not working (in the editor is ok) new players are not there...
  4. I hope there will be a fix ... and not to do all "manual"
  5. too many problems this editor... In the club/staff.. where is the list of all staff... there aren't U20 manager u18 manager.... although these kind of staff are in the club... example Armando Madonna u20 manager (fc Internazionale) ... is in the general list .... but not in the list of the club (there is something wrong in the editor..) as for analyst u20 u18
  6. Every old files.... with created items are not working..... with fm21,, Editor don'read these changes... new weather... new players... new awards.... new derby...... nothing Please fix
  7. qui dice cosi... io non so se sia piu giusto uno o l'altro... cosa tiene conto uno o l'altro... e nel bilancio esercizio Lazio si parla di quasi 121 milioni...... quindi ... nn so cosa dirti
  8. Premetto che si sta parlando di un gioco.... e non è semplice rendere reale una situazione finanziari... dato che è limitato e mancano parecchie voci... x i debiti è stato usato lo stesso metro di giudizio x tutte le squadre.. e dato che nn è cosi semplice leggere i bilanci di esercizio (ci sono voci che ripeto nn si possono importare) e non si può star li a controllare ogni semestre.....la situazione abbiamo usato i debiti che riporta la gazzetta dello sport...I BILANCI DELLA SERIE A (calcolate che sono i debiti del bilancio d'esercizio passato.. stagione 18/19) e non quelli dell'
  9. WHen your team is near to change chairman ... it should be more realistic/interesting if the new chairman should be a player... (that like club.. ) and not regen chairman .. totally out from reality..
  10. 3 features.... I wish It should be interesting to have a song (example we are the champion.....) when the team is promoted or winner of a cup.... or similar Second A zoom replay when there is a penalty..... with a window on the top of the screen... in order to see the foul third : skill for goalkeepers (as penalty saving)
  11. CAP TSUBASA db There is a fantasy league (not playable) with teams real and semi-real as there aren't all necessary info in the web to complete all teams... Players are set as 2005 /2006 (as dob) so you can buy one of these in the future.. with over 200 players here the link https://fmsiamonoi.forumcommunity.net/?t=61470005 http://www.mediafire.com/file/kav90c3an8t8sdj/FUSION_DB%40TSUBASA%40.rar/file
  12. In my game there are different call up. as at the start of the game...where there are 2 comps from october (u19) and november(fifa u17)
  13. Our files (fusion DB) is ok.. if you wanna look it.. Last year first work.. this is the second.. (obviously we have changed some dates.. in order not to clash with u19 comps)
  14. Somebody there is something to force.. but not with editor.
  15. About u17-Fifa world cup 2019 there are team set as in real qualification start in 2020 for u-17world cup 2021 date for u17 are not the same as in the real... because of there are only u19 so We should change dates in order not to clash with u19 comps
  16. In my file we have done all u17 comps You can set max age. only... but you can add only u19teams
  17. U17 is impossible to set.. I try in every way, only u19 is allowed
  18. link is working It s good.... I tested for several years xml file
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