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  1. - Please remove some of the hardcoding and allow the option for Promotion/Relegation in MLS with the pre-game editor. Currently with FM17 adding in Promotion/Relegation messes up the Superdraft. - Add to option to change the salary cap in MLS.
  2. Uncle_Sam, Very nice work !!! Thank you for sharing !!!
  3. I also have a file/structure for Major League Baseball with the 30 MLB teams, draft, etc..
  4. Yes, I have put together an NFL structure, with all NFL teams: FM17.NFL.dim13.fmf Logos: Logos.rar (Logos created by wkdsoul) FIle includes: - anual entry draft (Superdraft) - limited transfers in/out from the country - college system for rookies in the draft - but no college leagues yet - trades (players and draft picks only) - each of the 32 NFL teams has a Development team. I haven't worked on this file for maybe 4-5 months now, so my details on the file are somewhat rusty. I haven't been playing FM.
  5. The United States Project

    Could you send to me also, please ? Thank you
  6. Squad selection rules error

    Dallan, Thank you so much for the tip !! I did change the language to US English in the editor. I'm also a work for the day and will try this later tonight.
  7. Squad selection rules error

    It seems to be a problem with the editor. I added the default USA/MLS rules, converted to Advanced Rules, saved and tried to validate without making any changes at all to the rules or database and still got the error message: " Error in Nation Rules - Invalid squad selection rule " .
  8. There seems to be a bug when converting USA/MLS Rules to Advanced Rules and there is no way to fix the problem. This happens with the default USA/MLS rules with no changes made to either the rules or database. To duplicate this issue:. 1. Load Database 2. Rules -> Add Nation Rules Nation: Current Nation -> USA - Add Lower Division And Cups To Existing Structure 3. Rules -> Convert To Advanced Rules 4. Save 5. Rules -> Test Rules -> (choose either Major League Soccer or All - will get the error message with either one) The following error message will popup: - Error in Nation Rules - Invalid squad selection rule This happens even when using the default USA/MLS rules. Absolutely no changes have been made to either the rules or database. Won't verify and crashes when used in FM17.
  9. Guide: EDT, DDT and LNC Files

    Yes, it will work with FM17 Beta. You can add to one of the existing .edt files or create a new file. I think would also work in an .lnc file. I would create a separate file called MLSSwap.edt however and keep the original SI files as is. "SWAP_TEAMS" 105180 20040608 - would swap Montreal Impact with Miami FC. Strange thing though, when you create a new career game, Montreal Impact will show on the Career Game Setup screen as one of the MLS teams, and you will not be able to start the game coaching Montreal/Miami. But once the game is created Miami FC will replace Montreal in MLS and you should be able to add a new coach and select Miami FC as your team.
  10. [U.S.A.] (Official) League Specific Issues

    MLS Schedule (2017+): In FM17, each team plays only 31 games in the year 2017 (and onward) with the additions of Atlanta and Minnesota. I'm pretty sure in real life they will continue playing 34 games in 2017.
  11. Best prices for FM17

    It was on GMG up until a few weeks after FM17 was announced. I purchased it there and about week or 2 later got an email from GMG saying they were refunding my purchase, Later noticed they no longer offered FM17 or any of the previous verions of FMs.
  12. CDKeys specifically mention it does not include the beta. It is noted in bold under Product Description.
  13. CDKeys is reputable, but they do not offer the Beta.
  14. Seems like the Beta version is very limited this year. FM is no longer available at GreenManGaming - I preordered FM17 when it first became available on GMG, but a week or two later they sent me an email refunding my purchase and I noticed FM was no longer being sold on GMG. CDKeys specifically mention the purchase of FM17 does not include the Beta. I believe last year they offered 2 versions, with and without the Beta. FM Scout also offer the Beta for FM17. Only other place I know of other than Steam.
  15. In previous years, SI provided us a list of who offered the Beta version of the game when pre-ordering FM. Maybe I missed it, but I haven't seen a list of yet for FM17. I don't qualify for the discounts with Steam. In the past I've been buying from GreenManGaming every year, but seems they are currently not offering FM17 this year. CDKeys does not mention getting the Beta when pre-ordering FM17. Anyone know of anywhere else (other than Steam) where I can get the Beta when pre-ordering FM17 ? Thank you