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  1. Seems to only work with the Advanced Editor: MLS.Swapped.Austin.Sacramento.fmf - Austin and Sacramento swapped However, if I try converting the advanced rules back to basic rules i get the same problem as in the opening post.
  2. Austin join in 2021 and Charlotte join in 2022 No Sacramento Republic or St Louis City in FM21 (MLS).
  3. Can't find the settings to assign Hotkeys for FM21. Are they no longer in the game ?
  4. Just a heads up for those who may endeavour with MLS promotion/relegation. Found a slight problem and is most likely hard coded. - end of 2021 Hartford promoted to MLS and Austin FC relegated from MLS Slight problem is at the end of 2021, Austin FC have draft allocation picks in the 2022-2024 Superdraft. At the beginning of 2022, Hartford will be granted draft allocations beginning with the 2025 Superdraft. Austin FC will hang onto to their 2022-2024 draft allocation picks (while relegated out of MLS) and will not participate in the 2022-2024 drafts unless they promoted back into MLS. Hartford will not draft until 2025 (assuming they remain in MLS). I don't see any way around this with the editor.
  5. You can force a file to verify by: - Exporting to .xml - Add the following to the top of the file: <list id="verf"> <string value="21.1.1"/> </list> - Import the .xml file back into the editor and save the file (.fmt extension)
  6. Stage->General - check Stage Flags - Store Stage With History
  7. Crashes to desktop when Creating a Club and editing kits: - when selecting either a default color or a recent color will crash to desktop.
  8. It is possible, It's a lot of work though. Every year I modified this file to use the NFL structure, MLB structure and a couple of other league structures such as 4 divisions of 8 teams. All MLS Rules are in place including all of the drafts.
  9. Does the 10% Steam discount for FM21 run through Nov 24th ?
  10. I'm sure you've probably heard the news today regarding the St Louis MLS expansion team: St Louis City SC
  11. In real life, Charlotte Independence is a separate team that plays in the USL. Charlotte FC will be a brand new team that will join MLS in 2022. I don't know for sure but I assume when 2022 comes around, both Charlotte FC (MLS) and Charlotte Independence (USL) will both be playing.
  12. Yes, they announced theirs 2 days ago (7/22)
  13. On Aug 13th, St Louis will officially announce their team name, colors and logo.
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