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  1. Uncle_Sam, Any chance you can include Austin FC as an MLS expansion team for 2021 in the next update ? Appears they will officially be announced as MLS team #27 on Tuesday (1/15), links: https://www.statesman.com/sports/20190108/austin-fc-expected-to-be-officially-recognized-as-27th-mls-team-at-celebration https://www.prosoccerusa.com/mls/expansion/austin/austin-fc-announces-apparent-launch-event-with-commissioner-garber-on-jan-15/ Thanks
  2. Uncle_Sam, What about using an existing Academy in the game (that's not currently affiliated with an MLS club) and assigning one of those academies to Nashville SC ? Would that work ? There are many academies in the game not currently associated with an MLS team.
  3. Same here. I tried this last night, testing and at one point LAFC had 5 DPs.
  4. Maybe I'm missing something but I don't see an "Annual Wage" in the drop down list. I see options for "Annual Salary" and "Annual Wage Except Designated Players Including Released Player Salary". Which should "Annual Wage (MLS Capped)..." be changed to ? Thanks
  5. Uncle_Sam, Thank you so much for all of the work you've put into this wonderful project and for sharing it with us. Awesome job !! Question: When setting up a new game with your file, if I were to only select MLS and not have all of the other USA leagues, would I still get all of the features you've added such as the increased number of youth players and all of the nice stuff you've done with player development, etc ?
  6. For a minimum salary, wouldn't you set the Criteria to "More Than" ? In your screenshot, you have the criteria as "Less Than". Thanks
  7. With the Pre game Editor, there is an option (under Nation Rules - Transfer section), to change the number of rounds in the various MLS Drafts including the Super Draft. No matter what number is entered for the # of rounds, after verifying the file and loading it into FM, it will always be 4 rounds in the Super Draft in FM. The # of rounds seems to be hard code.
  8. MLS: Trying to change the number of rounds in the SuperDraft and remove the Salary Cap for both team and players and also the number of DPs a team can have. There are options in the Editor this year to do all of the above, but can't get any of them to work. It seems the # SuperDraft rounds are hard coded in the game at 4 rounds. I changed to 8 rounds in the Editor and verified but still only 4 once I start a new game. Also there is still a limit (under 1 million) to the amount of money you can offer a player (non DPs) after removing the Cap on player salaries and setting the max contract size to $500,000,000. I also tried changing the # of DPs a team can have to 50, but still the max is 3-4 in the game. Anyone have any luck modifying these MLS rules with FM19 ? Thank you
  9. I noticed this too. We were able to attend matches from the Schedule screen in FM18 and all previous versions. Can also attend matches from the Schedule screen in FMT19, which is why I think this is still a bug in FM19.
  10. Only Cincinnati, Nashville and Miami are not added to MLS in FM19 or FMT19.
  11. Played around with removing the salary cap. Had success, but after simming 5 years or so teams have a lot of players on their roster that are grayed out. Can't figure out what I need to do to prevent the grayed out players from showing up on teams.
  12. I think I would put all of the MLS affiliated teams that can't be promoted in a separate league/division, maybe revise USLD3 so the league would be right above NCAA and right below the leagues/levels where teams can be promoted all the way into MLS. Only thing is this would be getting away from the way it is (in reality).
  13. I did not know that, and would have never realized this. Thank you so much !!!
  14. Thank you for the quick response, appreciated. At work now and won't be able to open up the editor until tonight. I have experimented with the USA->Fixture Rules in the past, but didn't recall seeing anything for the MLS salary cap for each team. There is a rule for Max Player contracts, but I don't believe this applies to the overall MLS salary cap for each team. I really hope I'm wrong. (did see the foreign player limits for squads).
  15. Uncle_Sam, utstanding !! Thank you for sharing your amazing work !! Very nice job !! In your Real Life USA Pyramid thread, you mention it was possible to remove the salary cap and MLS squad rules while keeping the Drafts. Could you please tell me, how to remove the MLS salary cap in the Advanced Rules ? I can't seem to find it. I'm guessing it's somewhere in the USA Rules section. I would really like to play this file without the salary cap. Thank you
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