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  1. Gave Sandboxie a try with the FM 20 Editor and it works perfectly. Thank you !!!
  2. I remember reading awhile back there was a way to open up multiple instances of the pre-game Editor. This is useful when working on a file and using another file for comparison, especially when using advanced rules. I can not locate the thread on how to do this. Could someone please help me ? Thank you
  3. Very nice logos !! Incredible work !! However I like your previous Titan's logo more, the other 13 are much improved. Can you tell me how you make your logos ? What software do you use ? Thank you
  4. Uncle_Sam, Sacramento, St Louis and Charlotte have their minimum age set to 21. All of the other MLS clubs do not have a minimum age set. Is this because those 3 teams start off in the USL Championship ? And will it make a difference when they join MLS in 2021 and 2022 ?
  5. wkdsoul, You're artwork is incredible !! You're logos and kits are amazing !! I have a huge favor to ask. Could you please design a logo and kit for the Houston Oilers ? They were by far my favorite sports team growing up in the 80s and 90s and I'd like to put them in the game. I was truly heartbroken when they moved to Tennessee. Thank you
  6. Uncle_Sam, Thank you again for sharing all of your outstanding work year after year !! Your files and videos make the game immensely more enjoyable. Your videos are very helpful and I have learned a lot by watching them.
  7. I tried this step by step, set max DPs to 30 and simmed about 20 seasons with MLS only. The most a team had was 4, Vancouver. The other team had no more than 3 DPs. Has anyone else tried and seen more than 3 or 4 DPs ? I suspect this may also be hardcoded.
  8. Absolutely no need to apologize. Family and work always come first. You're file is amazing and you have been doing us a great service over the years by sharing your work with the community. Thank you !!
  9. The Prize Money (Win/Draw) for Premier League games should be bumped up by a factor of 1.21. The declining Prize Money ratio for Level 1 compared to Levels 1-4 are out of sync, since the Premier League (Tier 1) only play 38 games and Tiers 2-4 play 46 games. As it is now, teams at Level 2 (US Championship) will earn more prize money overall than teams in the Premier League because of the extra 8 games they play during the season. I'd recommend for the Premier League: 182k for each Win (instead of 150k) (46/38 * 150) 151k for each Draw (instead of 125k) (46/38 * 125)
  10. Yes, you can have more than 512 teams. You will have to export/save the file as an .xml file. Then manually edit the .xml file - changing the number of teams and then import the .xml back in the editor. I've made files with over 10,000 teams in a cup competition.
  11. University Of Arizona (Tucson). They do not have an NCAA soccer team in real life, but would like to have them included if possible. Their mascot is the Wildcats. Thank you
  12. Looks like Charlotte will be announced as MLS team #30 on Dec 17th: https://www.wbtv.com/2019/12/05/sources-mls-announce-charlotte-newest-franchise/ https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2019/12/05/charlotte-mls-team-to-be-announced-soon-sources.html
  13. I only use Advanced Rules and never Basic Rules. Would never go back to Basic. If the Advanced Rules ever become unavailable in future versions, I would no longer purchase FM, The best way to learn is to look at other files as samples and by trial and error.
  14. Great news !! I noticed last night in the FM20 database that MLS has St. Louis FC listed as a registered MLS team for 2022. However they are not included in the default MLS advanced rules as an expansion team.
  15. No in game please, just another thing to load up and slow down the game.
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