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  1. Yea I have been interested in seeing this database since FM 15. It would be nice to see the files even of they aren't done.
  2. This seems like a great idea for an Fm20 save, a new world with different domestic leagues and Cup and even a new World Cup with New Countries.
  3. I have created several nations using the football manager editor. Firstly the FM editor does not have an add nation button, to create your own nation you have to use a preexisting nation or an extinct nation such as C.I.S or East Germany. Its easier to use an extincted nation as you don't have to delete cities and regions. Now to change the continent and to add local regions to your nation you will have to edit some files to allow that.
  4. He is taking the **** since you said the same thing about the Netherlands. Nederland is Dutch whilst Netherlands is English the same with Germany is english,Allemagne is french and Deutschland is German.
  5. Pass the file so that I can check it out and see whats wrong.
  6. Because the project is done for every FM edition shows how incredible of an addition the Balkan League is.
  7. i cannot wait to try out this database, it is a brilliant idea. if you need any help with graphics am here
  8. Okay get Classens German leagues, go to nation rules were it says maximum clubs and change to 20. Then move clubs to meet the 20 quota.
  9. SI has really gotten lazy and sloppy with football manager and Emil won't support a mediocre football manager. I still hope he comes back, his skins were just so perfect.
  10. yes i have and i will be happy to help you with your project
  11. After FM 11 things changed now the only thing you need to do that is if you want to change the continent or add a local region
  12. Actually the FM Editor does not allow the creation of a new nation rather to have your own nation you can edit an existing nation like Luxembourg, Andorra or Gibralter or edit an extinct nation such as East Germany or Zaire.
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