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  1. What year is it ingame.
  2. ManchesterCentralFUN

    FM League size

    Okay get Classens German leagues, go to nation rules were it says maximum clubs and change to 20. Then move clubs to meet the 20 quota.
  3. ManchesterCentralFUN

    [FM17][SKIN] VITREX17 v2.0 (updated 1.1.2017)

    SI has really gotten lazy and sloppy with football manager and Emil won't support a mediocre football manager. I still hope he comes back, his skins were just so perfect.
  4. ManchesterCentralFUN

    Creating a nation

    yes i have and i will be happy to help you with your project
  5. ManchesterCentralFUN

    Creating a nation

    After FM 11 things changed now the only thing you need to do that is if you want to change the continent or add a local region
  6. ManchesterCentralFUN

    Creating a nation

    Actually the FM Editor does not allow the creation of a new nation rather to have your own nation you can edit an existing nation like Luxembourg, Andorra or Gibralter or edit an extinct nation such as East Germany or Zaire.
  7. FM Online is just too slow and its a hassle
  8. ManchesterCentralFUN


    Hey guys, I am planning on creating a new nation on football manager editor. In this nation I would like to create local regional leagues, however I do not know how to do this and I have not found any video or information on how to create regional divisions. I wanted to ask if one of you would walk me through how to achieve a workable regional league set up.
  9. ManchesterCentralFUN

    Map of Clubs

    oops just shot myself in the foot there
  10. ManchesterCentralFUN

    Map of Clubs

    It would be great to have such an addition but not for JREIDS snobby reasons. I just think that their more important features to be improved or added to the game for example improvement to how transfers and wages work . Moreover, if they did add the travel distance fatigue which does happen, you will get more injuries which most FM gamers do not like.
  11. ManchesterCentralFUN

    [FM18] CanPL and Canadian Pyramid

    on a real note this is a huge project, how do you do it without getting bored
  12. ManchesterCentralFUN

    Pre-game editor problem?

    am sure, if you wanna test it out create a copy of your save file then sim the game up to 3 years to see if you can play in the FACup
  13. ManchesterCentralFUN

    Pre-game editor problem?

    New Clubs do not play in the FA Cup until after 3 season, its best you change your new clubs founding date from 2017 to 2014 so that you may play in the FA CUP
  14. ManchesterCentralFUN

    Swaziland king renames country 'the Kingdom of eSwatini'

    Actually it was not Czech people who changed the name in fact they see that as an insult. The Olympic authorities advised the Czech govt to use Czechia because it was easy on the month and did not include republic