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  1. Pre-game editor problem?

    am sure, if you wanna test it out create a copy of your save file then sim the game up to 3 years to see if you can play in the FACup
  2. Pre-game editor problem?

    New Clubs do not play in the FA Cup until after 3 season, its best you change your new clubs founding date from 2017 to 2014 so that you may play in the FA CUP
  3. not everyone will have their countries league in Football Manager. So people if you want your league in FM, SI blessed us with the Pre-game editor. With this software you can move mountains and add your own clubs, nations, continents, players, league.
  4. lol most gamers turn of the commentary because it get boring ...people usually listen to music. besides fifa and pes are games to relax to whilst football manager is like a chore..a satisfying chore
  5. Activating leagues

    That's true, because of all those league to input you are more prone to make errors when editing and its a huge turm off
  6. Activating leagues

    its already easy , you just add nation rules
  7. US Pyramid & CONCACAF Champions League

    because I am interested in creating my own fictional nation with kits, logos...its going to be 4 tiers
  8. how long did it take you to create the database and will you ever create kits and logos for neloxia
  9. Finding FM hard to get into...

    i pretend the interviews matter, i would watch a Jose mourinho interview, a Kloop interview and a pep interview then do my own interview imitating the managers i had just watched. I would pick on opposition players in the press and lower their morale or play mind games with the managers, i would get angry with the press after a lose and defend my player...only i would criticize my player. However that was FM 16 when FM was cleaner and smooth running...everything was perfect. I even started creating my own clubs to rival my favourite club Manchester united. This would motivate me to play on, i once even created a team and put my best eleven, no it did not have Ronaldo or Messi it had players such as Oblak, Perini, Gaya, Jorge, demerai Gray.
  10. Finding FM hard to get into...

    motivation and inspiration comes from within, if you want to love fm try learning about tactics and being a great manager because realism equals fun
  11. US Pyramid & CONCACAF Champions League

    This ain't no solution but how long did it take for you to finish your database
  12. Graphics not appearing

    Football manager 2018 is super messed up, its like SI decided to punish us by complicating the game, editing is harder, skinning harder,too many useless panels. However our addiction to FM will prevent us all from throwing the game away. SI 100- Customers 0
  13. @claassen how do you come up with the reputation for the teams in your databases
  14. FM 2017 is a joke!! (and so am i) ;) <3

    lol, this has made me love football manager because real life football is now more unrealistic than fm just look at man united