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  1. Still stuck with this if you guys can help i would be grateful @davie77 @dim13 So what i want to do is to play MLS with 30 teams (15 teams for west conference and 15 teams for east conference) But i want to split each conference in 3 divisions so i dit that at "stage 0 - group (6 groups)" but now i want to make 2 overall standing for the East Conference and the West Conference and transferts results from these 6 groups to the right overall standing for each conference. so aim: Overall MLS standing (30 teams) split in Overal East Conference standing (15 teams) with Atlantic Division (5 teams) Central Division (5 teams) Southeast Division (5 teams) Overall West Conference standing (15 teams) with Pacific Division (5 teams) Northwest Division (5 teams) Southwest Division (5 teams) And i want to pick up 8 Teams for the Playoffs based on overall standing in each Conference and not based on each separate division but after a lots of try i have no idea how create these overall standing for each conference. I give you my file. the file is actually with 24 teams but the idea is the same, i will add teams later when the structure will work. Cheers. MLS_FM19.fmf
  2. Thanks man! Will look at that tonight!
  3. I almost dit it! Except the part that my groups results (so 6 of them) aren't transfert in their proper overall league stage (east and west) but funny thing the global results of all groups are well transfert to the global mls standing. Need to work on that if anyone here have some ideas don't be shy :P sorry for my english i'm not native speaker though it's not really an excuse :P
  4. Hello, I want to change the MLS format a little bit. Keep the west and east conference but split them in 3 divisions each but i can't figure out how making this. Does anyone here know the process or drop me any file where i could get inspiration from ? I know dim13 made this types of leagues but his files are not available anymore on the forum - MLS global standing - Conferences standing (west and east) - Divisions standing (6) 3 divisions for west and 3 divisions for east any help would be grateful i'm working on it for a week now and can't find any solution, thx
  5. Hello uncle_sam. First of all thank you for your amazing work. I was wondering if i could expand mls to 30 teams and eventually split each conference in 3 divisions. But how i could do that? Do i have to create in stage 0 the 6 divisions and then create 1 league stage for each conference and link the results of every groups to the right league stage. so like this : stage 0 group (6 divisions) stage 1 league (east conference) stage 2 league (west conference) stage 3 league (global standing for east and west conference) stage 4 wild card stage 5 ecup stage 6 wcup stage 7 finale
  6. Ok i'm gonna explain what i tried until now. I created 1 group stage with 3 groups for the east conference and same thing for the west conference. But i have no idea how can i combine all the results of these 3 groups in a global standing for each conference. Any help would be grateful.
  7. Hello everyone, I need some help for something. I want to edit the MLS structure to looks like NBA. I want to split each conferences (East and West) into 3 divisions each. I think it's not so hard but i tried and can't find the way to do this. My editor knowledge is too weak i presume. Major League Soccer (30 teams) split in West Conference (15 teams) East Conference (15 teams) split in Northwest Division (5 teams) Pacific Division (5 teams) Southwest Division (5 teams) Atlantic Division (5 teams) Central Division (5 teams) Southeast Division (5 teams) then West Playoffs First Round (8 teams) East Playoffs First Round (8 teams) West Playoffs Semifinals (4 teams) East Playoffs Semifinals (4 teams) Conference Finals (2 teams) Conference Finals (2 teams) MLS Finals (2 teams) Regular season (47 matches) - Each team faces three times opponents in its own division - Each team faces twice others opponents in its own conference - Each team faces opponents from other Conference once Thanks for help!
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