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  1. Thanks man! Anything to know about it? Like tweaks in certain situation etc etc.
  2. Don't suppose I could be a pain and ask for it to? Really struggling to develop a tactic on the new update!
  3. Hi guys, Never played as Liverpool on FM before and thinking of giving it a try. Planning on using two 433 and 4231 tactics to try and make best use of the current players. Reading through the thread I've seen Lallana and Lovren can be sold for some handy money so contemplating that! Want to try and develop youth by both buying in and developing what the club already has. Who do you guys think are the best prospects to get in/are already at the club? Also, I've never really used tutoring that much before but am seeing it makes a huge difference. Any good combos of tutors and players for them to mentor? Finally, any must buy players who can make an immediate impact? Dont want to get sacked by Jan because i spent all my money of youth haha.
  4. With my Boston save in the 3rd season we managed to finish 5th and gain promotion through the Playoffs to League 2. Few games in and doing okay! 2013-14 - 1st Skrill North 2014-15 - 16th Skrill Premier 2015-16 - 5th Skrill Premier (Promoted through Playoffs)
  5. In my Boston save managed to win the Skrill North in the first season pretty comfortably. No luck really in cups but was not really expecting any at all tbh. Second season managed to finish 16th in the Skrill Premier and most impressively got through to the 4th round of the FA cup where we were hammered by Stoke but the money the run generated was ample compensation . Managed to get to the Quarters of the FA Trophy where we suffered a disappointing defeat. Overall pretty happy with the season! Woah Powello that is a great FA Cup run! Any players you would suggest to push for promotion in the Skrill Premier?
  6. Hi guys! Great thread! Thinking of starting a long-term save with Boston United in the Skrill North as the clubs nearby! Never really done a lower league save so does anybody have any general tips or players I should look out for?
  7. FM12: F.C. Barcelona – Més que un club

    Won everything in my first season! In the second season, hit a rough patch with injuries, lost to Lyon 4-0 in the first leg of the first knockout round in the champions league due to two sending offs. Came back to win the 2nd leg 4-0. Took it to extra time. Final score Barcelona 9-4 Lyon on aggregate
  8. FM12: F.C. Barcelona – Més que un club

    Any ideas for a young, potentially world class future replacement for Valdes?
  9. So as you can see the summary of my first season a couple of posts above, who do you guys think i should sign to strengthen my squad for my second season?
  10. Was just testing the awareness of the Lyon thread there . But i have sorted it now.
  11. there is the league cup win. So who should i look to sign for my second season? All ideas are welcome. Im not that experienced with 2010 so dont realyl know who i should look at.
  12. Season One: 09-10 Im fairly happy with my first season with OL. Got the treble, winning the league rather comfortably by 8 points although, 6 of those points were gained in the last 3 games. Transfers Rather quiet on the transfer front with only Jovetic and Luiz being the big name signings. League Again, won it rather convincingly. Lopez was the star finishing second top scorer at the end of the season. Squad Okay. From that picture you can see my team and tactics. (The wingers are mainly inside forwards). Who do you guys think i should be singing for my second season? Cups Winning both the League Cup and Europa league was impressive. Although, next season i want to do much better in the CL.
  13. Won the League, Europa League and League Cup. Pretty pleased but ill need to buy new players soon. Real update coming up in a bit.
  14. Just finished my first seasn. I seem to remember that imageshack had a program that you downloaded and then presses cntrl+u or something and it took the screen shot and gave you your link all at once. Anyone heard of such a thing? Dont have it anymore:(
  15. 1st Season Europa League, 1st Leg Lyon 4-0 Valencia (Lopez (2), Jovetic, Michel Bastos) Needless to say, i am impressed.