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  1. It would defeat the purpose of FMT to introduce all these times consuming talks back. It is supposed to be streamlined and faster to play. Full FM is processing very fast this year. If player interaction, dynamics is what you want, then that's the game you should play.
  2. I changed 3 players at half time. The screen showed the changes on the tactics screen but on the field the players remained. I then went to the tactics screen again but was only able to change 2 more (5 total subs allowed) and then said I can't make any more changes. So, while the game thought I did 5 changes only 2 actually happened.
  3. I guess it is more accurate and nuanced. It shows you how good the quality was. If you check the shot map you can hover over the chances to see it's score. With the shots it was a very crude way to identify how well you did. You had lots of shots but so what? Were they good? I suppose the analysis is the same in the end just that the xG will give you better Information.
  4. I am by no means am expert on this and there are various youtube videos explaining this in detail. The xG as far as I understand shows you the quality of chances you had. Each shot based on the position and danger it provides is given a score on how good it was and they are added up to a cumulative score. A score of 1 would technically mean you should have scored a goal based on the chances created. If you have a score of 2 but didn't score yet, then I suppose you were unlucky or maybe the opposition is just defending really well? If you see your xG is not good compared to the oppos
  5. I see the xG as a better CCC and it adds nice graphics. I like how you can see where you are in attack or defense compared to the other teams in the league. If you are aggressive or wasteful. The xG does show you much more the quality of the chances you have and often you can see even if you have 20 shots and 9 on target but the xG is 0.8 that they weren't really good chances. Maybe it's time to tweak something. Watch the game and enable your players to move into better positions. The twitter comments are just something to smile at as in real life. They added a couple of interaction
  6. The best place to start is the team report - squad depth. It will give you an overview of all players in all positions and what the assistant manager considers the best player and then the next best for each positon. This is based on the assistant manager's judging ability/potential attributes, so if they are low it will be less accurate but still give you a good starting point. If you set up a tactic with certain roles already in it, then you can go back to the squad depth and select the option that shows you the best player using the current tactic' roles. The assistant mana
  7. Maybe they don't need to remove it but add an option not to show it in the settings? After 8 iterations of FMC/FMT they finally added the option to disable first window budgets. So anything is possible now
  8. Usually comprehensive highlights or extensive depending on how it is going. Sometimes I watch the full game if necessary. Match speed, its like a click to the right (a bit faster). I don't see it afterwards though in the Dugout either (usually it stays there long after until I click ignore).
  9. I forgot to mention earlier. If you are looking for a younger Dost - check out Wout Weghorst from Wolfsburg. He almost has the same attributes but is younger - target man type.
  10. I think they changed them a bit this year. From what I have seen when you use a shout it takes a bit before it takes effect. You can see it on the smileys and if you hover over you can see what they think. I demanded more of my players and after a minute or so (in game) most reacted with the shout put pressure on them so all red or yellow smileys. Sometimes when I use encourage they calm down or are actually encouraged which again you see on the smileys and when you check them - the description next to the smiley.
  11. Very nice and Dortmund won the league.
  12. I am not sure if this is a bug but I had several penalties and did not get the option to change the penalty taker as in the full game. I am not sure if this is an option in FMT.
  13. Option to change the penalty taker before taking a penalty? This is in the full game. I had now several penalties and it did not give the option? Is this how it is or a bug?
  14. Really have to pay attention this year (or at least I do). I almost prefer to score late because once you score they will go aggressive and get a goal. You have to really guard and decide if it's too early to keep pressing or shut down. Had a very entertaining game against Leverkusen winning 3-2 at the end and missing a penalty whole they converted theirs.
  15. The information on the tablet during match does not update depending on the opposition but it seems to stick to the team depending on away or home game. If I played a team away and selected its formation and statistics, then next game (I am now away), it shows my team's stats and formation instead. If I then play home again, then it shows the opposition information.
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