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  1. I have not used it yet but perhaps might try it out this time around. In my mind, it might "free" the manager to pick more liberally as you won't be able to see a difference between a 12 or 13 or 14 or 15. If you see the numbers, you would probably pick the 15 over the 12. If you see a bar, you can't exactly tell, so you might take the one with the 12 because of other reasons.
  2. I don't think there is any point of such a speculation without facts. Either way, you can wait until just before the full release and still benefit from a 10% off. By that time, you will know more, as the beta would be out for at least a couple of days and you can judge for yourself, if you want to purchase this year's edition or not. I have purchased FM since 2011 and these guys themselves play the game and live the game. They love what they do, so they try to make the best they think they can for each year. One problem, I personally think they have is, they have so many things they improve, even small things, that are not mentioned. You see a headline of 5 new features but these are just big visible ones. The under the hood stuff you won't see until you play the game. But there is always a lot of it. A lot of people complain about the ME not being updated but it always is - even with each patch. They already mentioned they updated the graphics. You just have to wait and see what all has changed. Each one has to decide themselves if it is a step up from the previous year to buy or not to buy.
  3. Wow you're correct. Completely missed that. 12 teams and then the top 6 decide the winner.
  4. Football manager is definitely a game for some but not for others. Many people enjoy it but some like other types of games. It is one's own subjective opinion. For me, personally, this year's FM has been the most fun for a while. I love the new tactical styles and how the tactics were revamped. I love the new training and the mentoring. The match engine for me has improved (the visuals) and I enjoy these curled balls. As for the new tactical styles. I've had 5 saves now and tried different ones. I only needed to make minor adjustments each time and am doing really well. It's a out man management and rotation. And check the roles.
  5. Both can be top. De Jong more versatile.
  6. Very dynamic league once again. Interestingly, in my save (granted after only 5 games) but Bayern is only 9th. Top is Schalke, Werder, Dortmund. Out of curiosity, how is Bayern doing in your saves? From the screenshots I have seen here, they seem to grab 3rd or 4th?
  7. I have played several times with Rapid or Austria Vienna. Red Bull is, of course, super dominant at the moment due to the financial backing. The "unique" thing of the Austrian Bundesliga is that the league only has 10 teams and you play each team twice at home and twice away.
  8. What a surprise :) I was looking for a file to add lower levels but they seemed to change the entire structure and not just add other tiers. I continue to slowly progress towards the main season. It seems I won't be able to register all my players as there is a foreign player limit.
  9. I am actually finding it quite interesting. I really like the idea of parity in terms of budget and they give enough wiggle room to bring in some big names and promote youth. It really feels like almost playing a different game due to the rules. Slowly going through Pre-Season at the moment and getting to grips with the unique characteristics of the MLS.
  10. Yeah, quite a bit of rules but I think I understand them. Let's see when it comes to application. Interesting structure also with a regular season and then playoffs to decide the champion.
  11. I just started for the first time in the MLS with DC United. Crazy amount of rules but quite interesting. I don't know the players that well, so that is also a nice, fresh challenge. Of course, you have these 30+ year olds who you know well. As lblanc mentioned, if anyone has any tips, please
  12. If you have 30 shots vs 1 shot of the opposition you must win, otherwise the game is broken. If the opposition scores from that one shot - then the game is even more broken. (and no, it cannot be the tactics - it must be the game). Might be more than 1 myth up there.
  13. Had one game against them. Drew. Pretty good line up.
  14. Die Transfer Frist für germane Vereine läuft heute Abend um 18:00 ab. It should be deutsche Vereine
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