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  1. Only SI Games can tell for sure but seeing that they keep releasing FMT and also for phones, etc. there must be sufficient people playing the game on these platforms. I don't think you can really judge by the amount of posts. The types of people who play FMT have limited time and thus will post less. Youtubers won't use FMT as they play longer careers, although there have been some doing challenges or showing off the FMT side.
  2. Check this out: FM2020 - The Unofficially Official Training and Mentoring Guide
  3. Who are your preferred starting 11? When I first started, there are about 15 players with star player/important player/regular starter status. Obviously, we have 11 spots. So I had to cut that down a bit. My problem is Mason Mount came in due to injury and has played so well, I can't really justify dropping him for a "regular" starter. Current Starting 11: ST: Giroud (although Abraham is having more impact as of late) AML: Pedro AMR: Willian (although had poor performances and Pulisic is back from injury) MCL: Kante MCR: Kovacic / Mount DM: Jorginho DL: Emerson (Alonso injured) CDL: Christensen CDR: Tomori DR: Azipilicueta GK: Kepa (Zouma, Ruediger, Callum Hudson, Reece James, M. Alonso, Ruben Loftus all injured) Need to see how the injured wingers will do when they return but this seems to be a problem area. Both Pedro and Willian are getting old. Tomori by default has stepped in and played brilliantly. Midfield is very strong. Let's see how Abraham develops but this might also be an area of improvement.
  4. Any reason the FMT Club Vision cannot be as extensive as the FM full version one? Too much data? It is a really nice touch to see requests to sign young players or only give over 30 players 1 year contracts if at all. These very specific requests seem to fall away in FMT.
  5. This is simply untrue. There is no script. They didn't make it easier and scripted anything, they streamlined features to make it run faster than the full FM. I have played FM classic since its first inception. I know what I'm talking about as I have played FM classic (later FMT) and full FM for years.
  6. Match Engine is the same. UI is different. Some concepts are streamlined to make loading and playing more fluid: scouting, staff, club vision, training Some concepts are taken out: dynamics, team talks (mostly), press conferences (mostly) In a sense, FMT is more fluid but I would actually argue that FMT is more difficult than FM. There are less complicated concepts, however, because of that, you also have fewer tools to influence the game: no team talks to improve morale, no press conferences to unsettle people, streamlined training so you cannot get the last ounce of your players' potential, streamlined staff and scouting which does not let you maximize the potentials either, no during the match shouts. If you look at all these tools that you don't have in FMT, it actually is more of a challenge.
  7. If you download a tactic, you need to go to the person who provided it for feedback. That person tested it and should know the ins and outs.
  8. SI Presets to start, then I tweak the roles. Then I watch games and continue adjusting as I see necessary.
  9. Well not sure if it is a superstition but I hate stopping when I am winning. It doesn't mean that the next time I get to play, I will lose the game. But it might mean that I lose my rhythm of how I was doing things or rotating players.
  10. Having had little time to continue my save on full FM, I used the time I had yesterday and installed FMT and booted up a save. I played about 2 hours and went all the way through pre-season and am ready to start the season now (this would take me about 3 or 4 sessions on full FM). There are things you think you will miss but you realize that you just set them up once and then don't use them anymore. In FMT it just takes minutes to set all up and off you go. I could imagine actually getting through a season in a couple of sessions now. Club Vision is there. Development Center is there. Tutoring Groups are there. Ok, the training is a bit simplified for the general training but you can do individual training. No Dynamics. No team-talks. No 500 staff. These last two is why setting everything up takes so long. Oh and scouting. Always amazed by the quick flow. Definitely recommend to people with less time who still want 80% of the game details.
  11. If you are not sure about the tactic: in previous games (pre-FM19) I would have said, start with few instructions and then add to them when you watch the game. Now, at least that's the way I play it - look at your team and what formation and style will fit, the game actually helps you a lot with it, choose it as the base and see how it goes. Then tweak from there. There is no point to start with a tactic with 50 million instructions and then try to figure out why things are going wrong. It could be any of those. Pre-Season does not really show you how good you will do later. Your players don't take it seriously, the opponents don't take it seriously. They are there to build fitness and get your bars for the tactic up. I mean, if in pre-season you play a very low level team and cannot really win, then there is definitely something wrong, especially once your team starts gelling. You should win your pre-season games comfortably, unless you use them to test against bigger teams. Once the season starts, you want your guys to have good morale, fitness, and the tactic to be familiar. Then you see from there. If something go wrong, the only way to fix it, you either pause the game when your guys have the ball and without the ball and see the movements and options, or you finish the game and analyze it after (or both). I think there was a thread on here where someone is analyzing the games with videos and what they are doing to change it. That's a good and practical start. If you see your striker is being marked and cannot be effective, then either get him more support and draw the opponents to other players, or use another player to exploit that. Watch the match and see what's happening.
  12. Unrealistic. I don't think anyone anymore knows what it would be? We have seen players play for one club, then go to the arch-rival and play there for a couple of years. We have seen, just recently a manager go to a club that he said years ago he would not manage. So, what is unrealistic? Honestly, once you start up FM and press continue, you enter the world of FM - a parallel universe. Anything that happens there is then based on your save and the results in your save. In that sense, anything that happens then is realistic. Anything that could happen in reality can happen in the game. Rules change. Players change their mind. etc. etc. etc.
  13. My graphics driver updated. I didn't realize it. I loaded up the game and all was very blurry. I checked the graphics and saw it reset it to low. I put it back on very high and it is crystal clear. So, there is definitely a difference between low settings and high settings. Also, compared to previous years, the way the players move, shoot, look has increased substantially. I don't think anyone can deny that. Maybe one can argue that it wasn't a big enough change. But then again, FIFA tried and had these great graphics but no matter what you did, it did not get represented on the pitch. And they probably have 10x the budget? All graphics but no substance. I prefer it the other way around and see the yearly improvements.
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