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  1. If you're playing on PC check out the skinning forum. There are base skins two of those dark ones.
  2. I agree with this, except I am still not sure about the team talks. This is a slippery road. Yes, it is nice to interact a bit more - have more control. But if it becomes too much with Dynamics, etc. then it would take too long. Maybe if they find something in between that let's you have the feel of more engagement without increasing the time. Honestly, I love the full FM. This year it is also much faster and the depth is amazing. I just don't have time for it though. Due to the limited time with all these interactions and things you have to consider, I barely move forward in full FM. In FMT,
  3. There's already a suggestion in the suggestion forum. Maybe if more contribute they would consider bringing it back to FMT 20 standards at least for next year.
  4. Funny, i was just thinking why there isn't a German league thread. Looking forward to this. I have already started a Frankfurt and Leverkusen save in beta and then a Stuttgart and Wolfsburg save after release.
  5. Well, I put my Stuttgart save on hold just to try first Lyon (which I didn't feel) then Marseille, which was great but felt too simple, then back to start a save with Frankfurt from the Beta which was great but in the end, as usual, ended up with Wolfsburg. Let's see how long that will last but this one definitely feels right :)
  6. I submitted my save game before the penalty option. I switched to English and the dugout provides feedback earlier as well. When using German, there is rarely anything on it. I don't know if this has anything to do with the language but that is what I observed. I will let you know if the penalty taker option shows up again. new info: Just had a penalty using English and the choice popped up. This is definitely worth looking into re. language use.
  7. I had the language set to English and I saw the option to change the penalty taker each time. I changed the language to German and the first penalty I got, the option did not show up.
  8. Thank you for this. Using the dark alt skin now and it feels more comfortable for me. Is there any way to adjust the key/desired attributes highlights? The green and blue looks almost identical.
  9. I did a sub during half-time the same way and all was fine. I will let you know and provide the save game if it should happen again (I usually save before a game).
  10. The options are definitely too limited this year but do they differ on context? With my senior player I had no wage rise option but the youth player did have this "as a suggestion" already in there?
  11. On a different save I just had several penalties and the option to change showed up. However, I went back to one click to the right (match speed) as I felt the normal speed was just too slow mo for me It may be with VAR or other things showing up that the game somehow skips this. Maybe with the slow speed it would work but I don't think I can play at that slow speed and it worked with my current speed several times now.
  12. It was half-time, I clicked on the Tactics button (left bottom) to open up the tactics overview plus players. I selected 3 players (one by one) and dragged them to the pitch to replace the player I wanted out. The red arrows appeared and they appeared on the tactic. I started the second half but the previous players were still there. I waited a couple of minutes to see if the changes will show. As nothing happened, I went back to the tactics screen to do it again, as I thought maybe it just didn't take them or I forgot to accept something. I saw the red arrows there, however, and then I select
  13. Thank you. It may be also due to this year income breakdowns. I think this request is fine, if I see it again, I will upload the save.
  14. I had another negotiation right now and saw that the agreed playing time was in the promises "tab." I suppose those are the limits set by the board - maybe I should check in the data bugs thread? It may be possible that the wage budget is set below what the player currently earns but at the same time, he is earning it at the moment, so it should be at least on that level?
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