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  1. It has been very interesting actually. They are run quite efficiently with a concept in place. Austria is also interesting to play in with their league rules that are a bit different than the usual point system only. Good luck.
  2. First, nice thread and thank you for putting it up for all those who play in the Bundesliga. With respect to Schalke. I played with them last year and they have huge debt and for the squad you can see that there is no clear concept as there were several managers and even in FM you can see that no style really fits. So it is a great team to rebuild and bring back top. I for myself, after playing with Manchester United in the beta selected RB Leipzig as a first (I usually stayed away from them but it has been a while now and maybe I can get them the first title and since I have never played with them it is an interesting change.
  3. @Gee_Simpson for some reason it did not let me continue in the previous post. Leverkusen is always a great save to try to finally, finally get the title.
  4. @Jimpanzee Lino is an excellent prospect. @Mackem742 Good luck with Wolfsburg. Great Squad. I have had many saves with them ever since Grafite and Dzeko being part of their squad. @LucasBR I have had several injuries adding up one after another all of a sudden as well. But great position with Stuttgart. @Gee_Simpson
  5. @Jimpanzee Romano Schmid has been outstanding so far. He is top in training for weeks now, his attributes are going up and he is constantly one of the best and most dangerous players on the pitch for me. @WoodyFM I am not exactly sure but I did a quick search. It seems it depends on the reputation of the 2nd team and whether there are lower leagues. I think for Germany, you can add lower leagues but you would have to start the game with them or use the editor, otherwise it seems it would take a while for the team to "naturally" have the reputation to climb high enough (probably recruit good players for the team so they can succeed and rise). @FCArsenal Yes, that is the challenge to stop Bayern Muenchen . You already played so many years, nice. I am still in my first season. 4th place the 1st year with Stuttgart is very, very good.
  6. Amazing skin. Just brilliant. I just wanted to let you know. I linkes my laptop to my big screen and there it works with 1920x1080 and 85% zoom out without changing the magnifying of the laptop to 100% :). Just in case others have the issue.
  7. Hi, no worries, I just play sometimes in German but might switch back to English since I can't seem to be able to see the attributes I like right away And you were right, it was set at 125%. I changed it to 100% and I can see the stats now. thank you.
  8. I did as instructed but with 1920 and 85% still nothing showing. Otherwise amazing skin. Thank you.
  9. Good luck with the Saarbrücken save. I don't know much about them, so looking forward to updates. Stuttgart is always a great choice. They also have a very good youth system. I think they can stay up with what they have. Bochum and Schalke are probably the most difficult, although Schalke has pretty decent players (not many young ones though, so an overhauls is necessary there as well). I am about to start my first game of the 2nd half in January against Köln. Unfortunately, there was no transfer activity except for sending players on loan. Zetterer the backup GK wanted a new contract and more involvement. I told him I would talk about it end of the season. He insisted now. (--> right click, squad, Werder II + Offer to Clubs). I brought in a young GK to replace Pavlenka in 2 years or so, who is already almost as good as Zetterer. So, bye bye, good luck with the contract negotiations elsewhere. I am itching to see my transfer budget end of the season as I have a list of players to bring in and improve the squad. You can see that there are constant trainer changes as there is different ideas with the different types of players. They had wingers but then little back up and play a more 532 style. Similarly with the Strikers, they have rather slow but tall/stronger types and then they have a small fast one and one who just has good physicals and nothing else. I already have replacements for the main strikers and back up strikers to improve this side.
  10. Winter Transfer window opened, and they gave me a whopping EUR 350,000. I put it towards the wage budget so I can extend those contracts that I need to extend. I have already several players in line to buy, depending how much they will give me . The defense looks great, so unless some teams poach someone, I can keep those in tact. The trouble is the scoring, although that has improved lately as well. I have, however, found players who will improve on both Duksch and Füllkrug with little transfer budget but will also require the same or less wage than those two. Currently sitting 14th and the second half of the season is about to start. Stand out player so far, Romano Schmid.
  11. Rules/Guidelines I have adopted over the past 10+ years playing FM: 1) Stay away from the General Topic Forum (when you go there, you always regret it), 2) This game really allows you to set up your style and, while not perfect, replicates it to a very high degree, and definitely exponentially better than any other football game. I used to play the EA Manager back then and nothing you asked the players to do worked. Fortunately, I went on a trip to London and saw Football Manager 2010? (I think) and after a steep learning curve, I was just amazed that the players actually did what I asked them to (mostly). People who complain, complain at a very, very high level as they are so accustomed to the match engine and don't really have anything else to compare it with. Also, once you see or focus on some bug you keep seeing, then your are just stuck with that, which is why - Read 1). 3) I am by no means any expert and play very casually but with a thought out tactic following "normal" rules, you can have success. If you are in desperate need for some help, then this tactic forum is usually the best to ask and get some feedback. 4) I usually don't like these asymmetric tactics as I like things to be more organized and also I feel it may be a bit too "gamey" for my taste. In the past when I started I did use to play the 4231 with one CM and one DM as it gave more stability but they have improved the match engine and the roles and players' natural positions much more. 5) The most fun you can have in the game is if you take it slower, build your own tactic, watch the players play and tweak it, and then either get the players that will fit this tactic and improve it. I know some like a plug and play tactic, which is fine, but then you will always be a bit lost when things don't go according to plan.
  12. Almost at the end of the first half now. Interesting scheduling with packed games towards the end and a break mid November to mid December due to the World Cup. Now doing the friendlies and training during the off-season until it starts in January again. Let's see if the board gives any transfer money in January.
  13. As Rashidi mentioned. I started up my Beta save recently and opted for a preset tactic. Great. My players were starting to get tactical familiarity. And then after friendlies and the easy cup game, I went into the real season in the league and started losing badly. And I wanted to make a change. But what on earth should I change? I had all these instructions that were pre-selected. I started from scratch. Created my own tactic - looked at the players at hand (since we have little budget I can't really yet create the tactic I want but the tactic the players need :). Then looking at the mentality, I just selected Balanced. When in doubt take the neutral one. From there you can reduce risk if need be or in crease risk if need be. And then I looked at the instructions and added 4 or so that made sense to me. Now, when I play the games I and things go wrong, I can adjust. And this is how you have to an extend "control." Now playing with a team that is set for relegation (as mine is), you can't really expect to win much. For me, my goal is trying to draw away games and trying to win home games and accumulate some points. I had 10 games with 2 points because of my initial "mistake" to take the preset. Since then, I am 5th in home games but, yes, still last in away games but safely out of relegation zone. You need to set your expectations and set up your team so that you can control things = you need to understand your team, instructions, tactic, players to have that comfort to understand and affect change. If you have no clue what is going on how can you change anything. As for the Match Engine itself, it is amazing this year with the moves, goals, passes, that the players are able to do.
  14. Yes. I'm a bit slow. Watch matches at full until the tactics works and then i watch comprehensive. I manage maybe 2 matches every two days or so.
  15. Nice. I had a longer Frankfurt save in FM22. Great team. I haven't really gotten far enough to accumulate billions :). So far there's almost no transfer budget at Werder and i used it to increase some wages / bring in some potential players for the future instead. I can't wait for billions but even 15mn would let me improve the team a lot.
  16. Arn Korton - Werder Bremen. (There may be something additional but the game took the name plus the club as a default save name.)
  17. Ah, I have the same issue. Playing on 1020x1080 with only sidebar icons. Standard Zoom. Not a biggie but it is cut off there. Also, on the tactics screen, the first letter of the GK is cut off slightly. I will test some different settings.
  18. All the best and good luck in your saves. I am not sure about 2. BL and 3. Liga but in the Bundesliga they are allowing 9 subs on the bench and 5 substitutions but you can only substitute 3x per match (not including half time). So you can easily sub someone out, then another 3 to bring in fresher legs and keep 1 in reserve for the 80th+ minute or if you fear injury keep it till the end. Or you can sub 2, then another 2, etc. This allows for quite a change in momentum at times, depending how good the bench is. It also allows you to give young players some game time if the game is under wraps or if you are desperate and let the kids show the men how to do it.
  19. I myself had started the Beta with Werder Bremen, which has a rich history as well and made it back to the Bundesliga but does not have the same budget as the other Bundesliga clubs. So you need to try to remain in the Bundesliga, which is possible, since the squad is quite good. Also, there is little pressure because you just have to draw most games and perhaps win a couple not to get relegated.
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