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  1. So after hours of testing, inspecting and (my worst fear) recreating from scratch. I think I have solved the issue. Luckily I seem to have found the issue 15% in the recreation so I just went back to the original save It seems that you need to have all leagues in order in the nation rules under the competition menu, without interruptions (pictures included). In my case, I wanted to add a league cup for the top tier league (something like how the MLS has the supporters shield [in my case called and working as a league cup], I will include a link to a previous post of mine that explains
  2. Basically either the wrong teams get promoted/relegated or not at all. Sometimes even jumping multiple divisions over seasons. they are so many examples I have found over different in game tests that it's a bit difficult to show a lot of examples but the following is one (after one in game year of simulation, but have had other test over multiple seasons with a persisting issue) Form the second division league (football league) teams that are suppose to be relegated remain in the same division while teams that finish mid table are relegated to the third division (Pro-League 1) I
  3. Are you still having this issue? I just set up my custom awards for my competitions and they work fine. I never really had an issue with creating awards and them not showing up But if you want to send the file I can give it a look and see if I can help out at all. (just let me know which awards to look at as well)
  4. @davie77 Thanks mate! For some reason it didn't occur to me that I needed to send the results from the main league! Did exactly that and it's working perfectly now! Thanks again!
  5. you don't need to necessarily do it for each round. In the stage there is a "Round Defaults" menu, where you can set standard rules for all the rounds, subs included. competition -> stages -> stage -> round defaults
  6. They are a few tutorials on youtube (search fm editor advance rules) on how to access an existing countries advance rules (leagues, cups etc). From there you can access the nations rule sets and that is probably were you will find the u21 rules You will have to do some digging and/or reverse engineering and a lot of testing (depending on how many changes you do I guess) to make it work how you wish.
  7. I am trying to take results from the main league and feed them into a different competition. Basically what happens in the MLS in real life. I've tried to use ideas that the game uses for the MLS, but I don't what the equivalent supporters shield of mine to be in the same rules as the main league (if possible) basically want the main (top) league [super league hellas] results to be used in the league cup table [super league cup hellas]. I have managed to set the league cups table up and all, but the results aren't showing up. any help/advice? (using the original database)
  8. I've been creating a league structure from scratch. The first 3 tiers verify and work fine in game. However, when I continue with adding the forth tier it pops this national rule error (image) I'm not sure what the issue is, as all tiers are both active (in rules) and non extinct (in database). I don't know what else to look for, any help would be appreciated. Thanks! NGL
  9. Trying to edit a league using Advanced rules. I have found an issue with a few menus where you cannot access the detail panel which means I can't edit specific detail for some options (as was possible with previous years editions). The following are two examples that I can remember right now and I am having issues with (screenshots included). Money -> Final Ranking Money; unable to set money allocation to specific positions Stage -> League Schedule -> Brake Period; unable to choose the start date/end date drop down options I am running version 21.4.0-1522281 of th
  10. I think I got it working correctly. I change a couple of date settings in general and it seems to be working as intended. I think the issue was that it was trying to set up the competition for the summer of 2019 (even though I told it not to) with the 4 teams, but as the fourth tier league is a brand new one it didn't have a winner to pull from. So I offset it a year (summer 2020) and it seems to be working correctly.
  11. I am trying to create a pre-season competition/supercup (green underline) that takes the winners of the top four leagues of the country. The idea is that they play a quick cup tournament. The issue is that I can't get the fourth (lowest) league winner to be added into the tournament. I've edited it so it takes the top three only and it works fine, so I can only assume the issue is with the fourth tier team. I think the problem might be because the fourth tier is a multiple league competition (norht/south) and I take the two winner to a super cup final, and that is the winner th
  12. I downloaded some other custom leagues to look around and see if I was doing something wrong. None of the ones I downloaded seem to have added the option to start the league on the first european fixture. I can only guess that it most likely is a but that needs to be fix (?).
  13. Thanks, I looked that up and changed the dates there to August 12th and also change the following. But now it seems that there is another issue with the European dates They start in August while there are definitely qualifying games in July for a couple of teams. And I am pretty sure I set up the start dates (under greece tab) correctly.
  14. I am trying to have the game start on the 1st of July and I thought that I had set it correctly in the editor. Bet when I go in game to test the database I get these start dates. I want them to resemble those of the italian (and in general almost all other european start dates) that have an early date of July 1st (like the photo below) I have been looking around and tinkering the file in the editor. I've looked/changed the dates in both nation tab and league tab. But I can't seem to find what makes it not start on the 1st of July. I've also check other unedited advan
  15. Thanks mate! I'll give it a go and hopefully an update comes out fast!
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