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  1. This seems to be an issue that persists from at least FM18 (from my end at least). It would be nice if it could be fixed
  2. yes, but it is the same in the pre-game editor as well
  3. Apologies if this does not go here. Was not sure where to post this, look around and couldn't find a similar topic. The 3D kits when in a match don't show up as they are supposed to. For example, my team is supposed to have stripes in the front and a plain jersey on the back. But in game its stripes all over. Not sure if I need to change something in the settings or not. Any insight on what's wrong or how to fix would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. This seems to be giving the continental qualifications to the correct teams in the Championship Playoffs. I hope this helps and is what you are looking for. Basically, I took out all the continental qualifications options you added, and I added ranking levels options to both stages. 4.2.1 edit.fmf
  5. Not sure what you mean exactly about "runner-up of the regional division of the last Finals Competition winner" But in stage, under type, you can choose to get the last runner up of a competition. That could help probably?
  6. I am trying to cycle thru 4 specific stadia over 4 years for the final of the following competitions. Pro-League 1 Super Cup Pro-League 1 Super Cup Otto Rehhagel Cup This is how I have it set up in the editor, And this has worked for me in previous editions (FM18, FM17...) but this edition FM19 it seems to not want to work correctly after the first 4 year. So basically it will do the first rotation over the first 4 years. But after that, it only continues while using 2 of the stadia (Kaftanzogleio and Pankritio). When its the turn for it to play in the other 2, it just acts like they aren't set. Not sure what the problem is. Alternatively, I was hoping that I could set it up so that it could cycle thru stadia with a minimum seating size from 4 specific regions. Using the same 4 year cycle (1st year region 1, 2nd year region 2,.. , 5th year region 1, and so on). Any help on either format is appreciated! Thanks NGL
  7. Thanks for the tip. That is my settings in game, but I managed to eventually 'fix' it by adding all match and tv dates in one set under the League Schedule.
  8. Does anybody know the dates (or have a list) of when the game has the dates "hard-coded" for national teams games (friendlies, qualifiers, etc) and for continental club dates (group stages, knockout, etc)? Mostly looking for European/UEFA dates.
  9. @davie77 I was referring to the first level, Superleague. So basically from stage 1 (playoffs) to stage 3 (finals). However, it seems like too much of a task to go thru without going to deep into the editor and creating too many rules. Unfortunately, I decided to abandon those plans and just stick to a fixed bracket format. Unless you have any good tips on how to actually do it Either way thanks for the interest!
  10. I seem to have figured the first issue out. Looks like if "TV Type" is selected it overrides the TV Dated in League Schedule. My U20/U18 are still causing issues though. Any help there is still appreciated!
  11. Basically, I have set up TV dates and times I'd like the league games to be played. But when I test it in the game it doesn't seem to get implemented. All games are played at the same time on the same day, Most games are played on a Sunday and a few on a Wednesday and/or Saturday. This is a repeating issue in all leagues (not just the top one where this example is from). However, when the league goes to the next stage (which is a cup format playoff) the dates and times seems to work ok. I am also not having this issue with Cup games. And one last issue is with my U20/U18 leagues. While they play on the correct time, All first stage games are played before the winter break, while I want at least 1/3 to be played after the break. This is the file. NGL Any help is highly appreciated Thanks
  12. So basically for my top division, at the end of the season, the top 12 teams qualify for a champions knockout stage. The top 4 qualify for the quarter final while the other 8 play a wildcard to qualify to the quarterfinal. What I'm trying to implement is in each round the highest seeded team plays the lowest possible seeded team. So not a fixed bracket format, more of a dynamic bracket format. While I can make the wildcard round work with the "valid cup draw rules", I don't know how to make it work for the rest of the rounds NGL Thanks for any help
  13. is this a new/different editor file than the one you already uploaded?
  14. that\'s play soccer thanks for the help and input. I "fixed" the issue with the National League (4th division) but didn't change my main problem. The one you pointed out as well, that in the Pro-League (3rd division) the subdivisions don't have enough teams for the next season (2019-2020). I decided to remove the restructuring (adding more teams to the top leagues in the next seasons) and just have a standard number of teams thru the years. But I still have the same issue of not having enough teams in the 3rd division after the first season. In the first edit it would not find enough teams in the second subdivision, now it starts not finding enough teams from the first subdivision... I've attached the file below. I'm stuck and really frustrated. Any help/input/advice would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance! NGL
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