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  1. I'm not sure I follow. In National League Greece (2018) I am pulling the required teams from the child competitions. At least I think I am doing it correctly. Could you elaborate a little bit more on what you mean?
  2. I think your issue is that you don't have enough teams in your nation. Premier league has 18 registered teams == requires 18 Super League has 20 registered teams == requires 20 League One has 16 registered teams == requires 20 Maybe it's trying to populate the lowest league and not allowing the second division to get enough teams. Try to either make the lower division require less team or consider creating 4 more teams?
  3. Yeah, the editor is pretty bad at explaining stuff. You could probably create a hidden stage where you take the teams you want and half their points (using the league setting option) then take the teams from the hidden stage to your playoff stage (?) sounds elaborate and time-consuming, but it might be possible. Not really sure how to achieve that, to be honest. This thread might be able to help out. (maybe the concepts are helpful)
  4. I am not 100% sure this helps out. But if you go to league settings in your Champions Play-off stage and scroll down, you should find the bellow option You can choose if you want points only etc and set what percent of the points or transfers and if they are rounded up or down. Hope this helps. EDIT: The above is probably not what you are looking for. Sorry. But it seems that in the league sorting there is an option to sort the play-off based on the points on the last stage. I don't think you can compare the standings based on 50% of the points they had in the previous stage. But it is something close enough. Maybe a combination of other sorting rules could help arranging the team in the way you want.
  5. Hi, I've been working on a new league structure for the Greek leagues. I have been following a similar structure over the last 2-3 game editions, adding 2 more tiers to the existing top 2. First Division (Superleague) - 1 Division - 18 teams Second Division (Football League) - 1 Division - 20 teams Third Division (Pro-League) - 4 Divisions - 16 teams/div Forth Division (National League) - 8 Divisions - 16 teams/div One challenge I had with the 2019 edition was that the normal Greek league system was changing the top 2 divisions from 16 teams to 12 teams. I decided to follow a similar (but shorter path) to up the teams to the above numbers within one season. While I (believe) to have managed to set this up for the first two divisions. And they do get verified and seem to work almost as I hope. I am having issues with the Third Division. I have set all the teams in the correct sub-division for the first year. But when the editor reaches the date for the second year (during testing) it says that stage 0 for the second sub-division (East) can't find enough teams (image below) I have looked on the forums and anywhere I could think of and can't seem to find any answers that would help. I don't care much if teams stay in the correct regional divisions I have assigned them to. But it seems that the game really doesn't want them to move around? I do have a few teams in more than one regional division (I did this after the editor started throwing me this error) and it only slightly improved the number of teams it would fine for the next (second) season. If anyone could help out it would be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance! PS this is the editor file if anyone would care to take a look at it. NGL
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