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  1. !!!FM20.4.0TeaforOneAM4231P107CC This tactic is working ridiculously well for my Real Madrid U19 side...
  2. I think you mean caution not cushions Important to be comfortable when you're managing I suppose.
  3. Some of my best tactical innovations have been made whilst steaming.
  4. It's one of Knap's (4-1-3-2 Formation). I chose to leave out the 11-0 & 8-0 defeats to France in my report .
  5. 2021 Update New Completed Challenge Achievements Club Win a European Qualifying game Win the San Marino Super Cup Country Beat a team ranked in the top 50 in the World Summary Club The 2020/21 season with Cosmos was disappointing failing to win the Champions Playoff again after just one defeat in the first two stages. We also lost the San Marino Super Cup Final in our first match meaning that a 3-1 win after extra time in the San Marino Cup Final led to our only silverware of the season and giving us qualification for the Europa Conference League. In the off-season the side turned semi-professional hopefully meaning that better players will be attracted to the club leading to dominance domestically and progress in continental competitions. During the off-season, the board also announced plans to build a new stadium as well as upgrading both the youth and training facilities. We started the 2021/22 season getting knocked out of the Europa Conference league in our first qualifying round after losing on away goals to Kalju (4-4 on aggregate). We bounced back from the disappointment with a 3-0 win over Folgore in our next match to secure the club’s first San Marino Super Cup victory under my management. We carried on our good form domestically and are undefeated going into the new year. Country The San Marino national team recorded another win (San Marino 4-0 Faroe Islands), our first in a World Cup qualifier. Matteo Vitaioli reached 74 caps in our first match against Northern Ireland to set a new appearance record. In September we got our 2nd victory of the World Cup Qualifiers, a 3-2 home win against Albania. It was total dominance from Albania in the stats for 93 minutes but unfortunately for them we scored in the 1st and 95th for a real smash and grab victory. Being 59th in the world put them just short of the ranking that was needed for another achievement in the challenge. In October we completed a double over the Faroe Islands, winning 3-2 away from home. We then beat Greece 2-1 in our 2nd game of the window in a sensational result and our first win against a top 50 ranked nation (Greece ranked 26th in the world at kick-off). We ended the international break 3rd in the group, 4 points behind Greece who were in 2nd. A 0-0 draw away to Northern Ireland coupled with a win for Greece ended our very slim hopes of finishing 2nd in the qualifying group but meant that 3rd place was guaranteed. Our final game of the year saw us suffer a disappointing 4-1 defeat to Albania but despite this I still think it was a successful year overall. We ended the year ranked 175th in the world.
  6. Just a quick update from me... 2020 saw me get my first 2 wins with the San Marino national side. Both of them were 4-0 in the Nations League against Andorra.
  7. First season done and it was a good one with Cosmos. Just one defeat but unfortunately it came in the league playoff final. With the San Marino national team I have no wins yet but a couple of draws is a sign of progress I hope. Challenge Goals Completed: Qualify for Group 1 of the 2nd league stage Win Group B in 1st league stage Qualify for Champions Playoff Win Group 1 of the 2nd stage Qualify for Europe Win San Marino Cup Screenshots: Cosmos Results San Marino Results San Marino League 1st Stage San Marino League 2nd Stage European Qualification San Marino Cup Win
  8. So I've decided to take on the challenge and as if it didn't seem hard enough to win while managing San Marino, I went down to 9 men against Belgium in my first match in charge. Possibly set some kind of record here with Belgium having 71 (Yes you read that right!) shots against me in a 14-1 defeat. The club side I've taken charge of is Cosmos in the San Marino League Group B.
  9. The tactics are good but I'm finding my team keeps giving away too many fouls. After 21 games in the season my team has made 160 more fouls than the second highest team in the league and quite often they are costing me games from red cards or penalties. Any advice would be welcome.
  10. Am I the only person annoyed by the Assistant arranging friendlies on this years FM? Never had a problem with him doing it before this year's game but they always arrange a game for 2 or 3 days before the first league game that I have to cancel so that my players aren't tired. I'll probably go to arrange them myself from now on instead.
  11. I had an awful first season on this challenge, and got sacked after taking Kelantan dangerously close to relegation. The main highlight of my time there was getting my National C Licence. I moved on to Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Perak (PKNP) for the following season after they had been relegated from the top tier. I inherited an awful squad of overpaid players and had no budget to work with. I managed to get a few good youngsters in but that was about it so whilst finishing 7th out of 12 doesn't sound amazing, we were only 6 points away from promotion which is a result that I would have taken at the start of the season. Another struggle in the second season with PKNP and I'd had enough of managing in Malaysia. Onto better things hopefully with my next club whoever that may be.
  12. I'm going to be starting this challenge right now. As I'm over 20 in real life, I'd like to introduce you to my randomly generated manager, Gerda Albrektsson. I've decided to start in Malaysia (no idea why). Wish me (or should I say Gerda) luck! Edit: It didn't take long to get a job... As of December 31st 2017, Gerda Albrektsson is manager of Kelantan in the Malaysian Super League.
  13. They do still complain when I praise their training "too much" which I find annoying.
  14. After years of players just slating me every time I try to praise them or give them some advice I've finally managed to interact with a player properly! My captain and star midfielder had been thinking about moving to a bigger club so I had a word with him and this happened: It's pretty pleasing to see that your conversations with players can have a really positive effect. Anyone else got any good examples?
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