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  1. Money Money Money The aim of my save is simple, make as much money as physically possible, starting from nothing. Others have completed challenges like this in the past and I've decided to take a punt and try one myself. I've loaded a whole host of leagues from around the world and the player count is around 110k on a small database. I've chosen small considering the number of leagues I'll be running. It's going to be a journeyman save where I apply for anything and everything at the beginning and see what I get offered. If I'm offered a job, regardless of where it is, for more money, then I will accept and move on. I'm starting with no coaching badges and Sunday League experience, the FM way of saying 'a nobody'. Let's see how we get on... At the beginning of the game there are approximately 23 jobs available around the world from Chile to China, so as mentioned before, I clicked apply all and awaited responses. The majority of responses were negative but that was to be expected. I did get a couple of interview offers, one from Israel, another from Wales and finally another from Northern Ireland. I attended all 3 in an attempt to find myself some work. After a few days, Aberystwyth Town offered me a 12 month deal at £275 per week. I pondered the deal and decided to delay in case any others offers came and just 24 hours later, Institute in Northern Ireland offered me a far better deal at £600 per week over 12 months and that was more than good enough for me. I was now a fully fledged football manager in a top division, albeit in not such a top league with the greatest of respect. Bags are packed and accommodation sorted (by the club of course, I have no money at the moment ) and flights booked (again by the club). I'm off to Derry. Here is where my new club play and a brief history.... Looks pretty derelict to me, or the groundsman has been slacking. I'm soon told that we're not actually going to be playing here at all, we'll actually be ground sharing for the foreseeable future with a total of 10 other teams at Brandywell in Derry, a whole 4 miles away. Luckily, that looks like a plastic pitch so we shouldn't need to worry about postponements (which in turn could cause fixture congestion) and a poor pitch, at home at least, as we enter the winter months. The club has had relative success over the years, particularly in 2016 when the club won a double consisting of the Intermediate Cup and the Intermediate League Cup. The facilities on offer aren't great but that was to be expected considering the status of the club. The squad is a decent size but could do with a couple of additions. We only have one left back who is arguably one of our best players so we could do with a backup option there. In central midfield we have a few options but they're not great, so I'll be looking at who we can bring into try and bolster options in the middle of the pack too. But the jewel in the crown who I'm pinning a lot of hopes on is this man... Michael McCrudden is rated 4.5 stars by my staff and looks like a real gem for this level. We're odds on to go down again after being promoted to the Danske Bank Premier League last season so if we can keep him firing then we will have a fighting chance of beating the drop. I'll update again at the midway point of the season to see how we're getting on!
  2. Great first half of the season again despite losing the main man. Can't help but feel you could have potentially got a little bit more, even with just a year left on the contract, but completely understand the need to cash in if he's not signing a new contract and considering the start to the season you've had you're not missing him too much! October aside has been brilliant, keep that up and the CL can't be far away :)
  3. Unfortunate but you definitely have the basis of a strong squad considering the 2 finishes you've just achieved. Looking forward to seeing how you get on and who's coming in
  4. Cracking season despite not getting into Europe, just hit a bad patch of form at exactly the wrong time following a fantastic April. Positive you can better that finish next season with some shrewd additions in the summer.
  5. Not a good enough offer, done the right thing by keeping him. Some loan bids that come in are laughable haha. Keep enough players fit and you should be in with a chance, easier said than done though.
  6. Perhaps the Belotti news wasn't what I expected! Well done on a great first half of the season, keen to see where you can finish, especially after that mammoth December.
  7. Can't help but feel the ellipsis means bad news...
  8. Brilliant first season, far better than my attempt with Torino where I finished 13th. Brilliant defensive numbers there too. Need to do your utmost to keep Belotti and the EL should be enough to do so if you can strengthen sufficiently. KUTGW
  9. I have experienced a similar issue on a player who wasn't even transfer listed but was a rotation option at left back. I was managing Birmingham and in Jan '19 signed Morgan Fox from Sheff Wed for approx £350k as a backup option. 1 year later in the January of 2020, he's now valued at approx. £180k due to not much game time as Pedersen has been brilliant for me, with 18 months left on his contract. I'm receiving measly offer of £80k max from other Championship clubs to take him off my hands. As I say, he's not transfer listed but I would consider selling him, but I have made no indication to the AI that I'm willing to sell. Is this an issue or how the game is programmed?
  10. Let's not forget the fact Spurs have a brand new unopened stadium to pay for, I'm sure if right opportunity came along in the summer they will have pursued it, but with a potentially restricted budget, maybe their FM budget isn't as unrealistic as people think. Don't forget, Spurs' record signing is Sanchez at £42m, before that was Lamela at £30, not exactly the biggest figures we see in world football. They've never been a side to throw money at a squad until something sticks (2013 aside when they had the Bale money to spend), although recent FM budgets for them have been generous.
  11. Trolling or not, it's not a difficult concept to comprehend. Just play a full season and you'll have plenty of money to spend as a PL club.
  12. I have lurked this thread all day and then as soon as I decide to go and eat then shower this wonderful news comes!
  13. Can only be a matter of time surely. It relies on the AI sometimes being wrong, how feasible that is in FIFA which is pretty perfect when it comes to offside etc. I don't know but it'll only be a matter of time.
  14. There may be an option to jump straight to the decision, or to watch a replay while the AI makes the decision, we don't know yet so don't start slating it before we've experienced it ourselves.
  15. Would you be saying that if it was a major final and it was the difference between a last minute winner being allowed? I'd happily sit through a few seconds of a review for this. It's realistic and an important addition. SI have gone somewhere no other football game has gone and it's a brilliant feature.
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