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  1. I have experienced a similar issue on a player who wasn't even transfer listed but was a rotation option at left back. I was managing Birmingham and in Jan '19 signed Morgan Fox from Sheff Wed for approx £350k as a backup option. 1 year later in the January of 2020, he's now valued at approx. £180k due to not much game time as Pedersen has been brilliant for me, with 18 months left on his contract. I'm receiving measly offer of £80k max from other Championship clubs to take him off my hands. As I say, he's not transfer listed but I would consider selling him, but I have made no indication to the AI that I'm willing to sell. Is this an issue or how the game is programmed?
  2. Let's not forget the fact Spurs have a brand new unopened stadium to pay for, I'm sure if right opportunity came along in the summer they will have pursued it, but with a potentially restricted budget, maybe their FM budget isn't as unrealistic as people think. Don't forget, Spurs' record signing is Sanchez at £42m, before that was Lamela at £30, not exactly the biggest figures we see in world football. They've never been a side to throw money at a squad until something sticks (2013 aside when they had the Bale money to spend), although recent FM budgets for them have been generous.
  3. Trolling or not, it's not a difficult concept to comprehend. Just play a full season and you'll have plenty of money to spend as a PL club.
  4. I have lurked this thread all day and then as soon as I decide to go and eat then shower this wonderful news comes!
  5. Can only be a matter of time surely. It relies on the AI sometimes being wrong, how feasible that is in FIFA which is pretty perfect when it comes to offside etc. I don't know but it'll only be a matter of time.
  6. There may be an option to jump straight to the decision, or to watch a replay while the AI makes the decision, we don't know yet so don't start slating it before we've experienced it ourselves.
  7. Would you be saying that if it was a major final and it was the difference between a last minute winner being allowed? I'd happily sit through a few seconds of a review for this. It's realistic and an important addition. SI have gone somewhere no other football game has gone and it's a brilliant feature.
  8. I think VAR is a brilliant addition to FM. We all have had decisions which we think have been wrong on FM before and maybe, just maybe, some of those decisions might be overturned with VAR. Some will go for and against us, but FM has always strived to be as realistic as possible and they have succeeded yet again. I can't wait for the new edition and to see how it pans out.
  9. Each to their own of course and I by no means am trying to tell you what to do or shape your story, but this has been brilliant so far and to leave it here would be a real shame, one more year
  10. Are you sure you can't stay for another year? This has been a brilliant little story so far!?
  11. How childish!? We all lose games and go through rough patches, it's part of the game of football. Stick with it instead of venting on here and you might find a tactic that is more successful. Football constantly changes, therefore so do tactics so just get on with it. We're all losing games from time to time.
  12. Whilst I understand this isn't going to come into FM19, it could be an idea going forward for FM 2020. The importance of the International Champions Cup competition seems to have grown significantly over the last couple of years and it seems to be 'the' competition to play in during pre-season. I imagine licensing would potentially be an issue but it would be relatively simple to copy the concept in FM 2020. I've never come across a named competition in pre-season apart from a 2 day 'Friendly Cup' (which is usually in the style of the Emirates Cup, 2 games in 2 days) which I personally hate being involved in and try to avoid at all costs. A recognised pre-season competition which the bigger sides strive to be a part of played all around the globe would definitely add an element of realism to the pre-season calendar. Whether it would be worth getting the license for the competition I'm not sure, but the idea is definitely one worth thinking about. Similarly, I think more emphasis should be placed on a pre-season as a whole. I follow a huge amount of football clubs on Twitter and even clubs in League 2 in England were going abroad on pre-season tours or training camps at the very least and huge amounts of preparation go into organising these tours. Us having the opportunity to decide how the team travels (luxury, economy), the style of hotel the team stays (use the star ratings for hotels/complexes) in and the training facilities used (use the standards already used within the game for facilities) would be a far better and frankly funner way to get through the extremely mundane pre-season process at the moment, all subject to the budgets set to you by your board of course. How feasible all of this is and the appetite for it I'm not sure, but I do think it could be a good idea to help get through the frankly boring time from mid-May until the end of July in game.
  13. Great idea, could be recorded in the landmarks page under a person's History tab.
  14. I'm currently in season 4 on FM18 with Atletico and Isco joined Man U for £120m in the summer of 2021. A bit of patience, aggressive scouting and plenty of media talk and he's easy enough to prise away, albeit for very good money.
  15. '02 was the first World Cup I properly watched and that one was brilliant for upsets/controversy and the best team won it which made it sweeter. Pretty much every World Cup since then, 06, 10 and 14 were poor compared to the one that's just finished. The final epitomises the point, a game full of incident and quality as well as records being equalled/beaten seemingly every 5 minutes. It was a brilliant final befitting of a brilliant World Cup and definitely the best of recent times (20 years or so) and the best I've watched.
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