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  1. 7524 hours........ 313.5 days :| Almost a year of my life in the last decade of my life has been spent on FM. Wow hahaha!
  2. Wow, Bellingham and Mejbri in the middle of the park could do great things together.
  3. Interesting to see Bellingham was capped at senior level aged 20. Who did he play against for England and was it a big match or just a friendly?
  4. Since beginning a new game I noticed it was unlockable too, either way though, still very pleased with it and checked out the criteria for the others too so will be trying to unlock those over time
  5. Excited to see where you finish, European football could be on it's way back to St. Andrews!
  6. So I was playing FMM20 yesterday, started unemployed with a gold coaching badge due to my other save on FMM20 with Valencia. In around November I took over a struggling Newcastle who had £82m to spend in January, great! Before the January window though, I was given the option to choose between scrapping or keeping the transfer window from next season. I chose to scrap it, just to see what happened and low and behold, I could sign players whenever I liked, just like the old days! I did have a quick scan through the site to see if this had been mentioned before and couldn't see it, but thought I'd bring it to light as I think it's a great feature and has made it a much more different experience/save. I've now moved onto Chelsea and signed Jude Bellingham in October!
  7. Not at all mate! You're the boss and it's your save, you do what you think is best!
  8. I did a Villa save last season, couldn't bring myself to post about it though. You're doing very well though, unbeaten in 20 is no mean feat in the Championship! Keep it up.
  9. How much out of interest? And in what year did you sign him?
  10. Fantastic season, could you be the first manager to win the FA Cup with Blues???? I very much hope so!
  11. Can I get a response to this please? Many have posted since this last night and received responses. Thanks.
  12. As well at these last night, I am unable to delete save games.
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