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  2. Im saving it in Documents/Sports Interactive/FM2020/games folder. I also have Avast anti-virus installed.
  3. True, but imo the right approach should be to tweak the ME first to make sure that the obvious through balls are played. That will probably inflate the scores, but then the next step would be to improve the defending so that there will be less through ball opportunities like that one. BUT, again, this needs to be be fixed first. Not addressing this for the purpose of keeping the scorelines realistic is not a good long term plan for the development of ME (I know you are not suggesting that). Like others have said, countless PKM's were uploaded during the development of FM19 and it never got fixed. It is FM20 now and it is still there. I expect better from SI.
  4. I do enjoy using real players, especially the first couple when you can pick up some good players with relegation clauses, but just prefer newgens with their funny faces and names.
  5. Looks like its changed your gender whilst still using the other gender model. Just go back on it and switch to female, OK it, then change it back. We'll get this issue sorted. Cheers.
  6. Can you provide a save just before the player is sold? Which player was it? Could you provide more information please. You can provide a save by following the guidelines below
  7. Hi @porter7990 do you have a save from just before the player misses training?
  8. No I play the seasons rather than holiday, normally with just one team too.
  9. Harry Kane. I can't stand this guy. I play as Man Utd and I tried to get him to sign with me. Offered him all kinds of money and he just didn't want to, and he signed with Liverpool instead for less money. Really pissed me off. So I went out and got MBappe instead and now I'm beating his team and rubbing it in his face. And I love every minute of it.
  10. Hi @McPimP1987, do you have a save just before you offer a contract to one of the players? Are you offering them all 'star player' status? Which players have been affected in your save?
  11. Lost first game as Luton Town. Winless run since 1964?
  12. There were none, believe me. That's why I'm surprised to see them now.
  13. yes, it will look very similar as in the previous years, it was only made cleaner and many useless panels were removed.
  14. After the minor update from Wednesday (20.1.0) FM20 looks brilliant! Ist it perfect? No, of course not. But the current status of the ME is a huge step forward. There are still some issues but in my oppinion the Beta in this phase is already better than the final FM19.
  15. Hi @jhas1993, this issue no longer reproduces on our latest code. Thanks.
  16. Hi @stevie_G_32201, could you confirm the name of the save files? Also can you confirm that the saves are from before you criticize the player? Thanks.
  17. Hmm, indeed, very true. Choices must be made, compromises need to be found. I haven't recently played a lot of 4-4-2 systems because it simply doesn't very often fit the players I have. Although I am toying with the idea to field a 4-4-2 that involves two attack duties on top, 4 midfielders on support, and all defenders on defend duties. I know, it sounds very anno 1990, very primitive and simplistic, but I just want to see how it works. My theory holds that it will facilitate swift transitions through the middle, and crosses into the box from deep from the flanks. Defensively, the two attackers won't do much, but the 4 midfielders on support duties will provide a nice screen in front of a deep backline. One alternative is to put attackers also on support roles when I'm consolidating a result. When I'm trying to kill off a game, I couldn't care less about launching vertical attacks. Then its a worthy sacrifice to make strikers and wingers tuck into midfield positions and, when in ball posession, pass it around a bit at the pace of an 80-year old. In the past, I used to fill my system up with Defend duties if I wanted to park a bus, as is done by the tactical presets. But I noticed that simply adding more Defend duties to my-already-deep-passive-backline only invited more pressure and gave opponents too much space to shoot. Its nice to have defenders back off to maintain their line, but I prefer my midfielders to keep opponents at a safe distance from the defence. Support roles don't back away and they stay slightly higher, and in a midfield 3 or 4 I will even use an Attack duty to a central midfielder to position him higher up, and enlarge the central zone controlled by my midfield that shields the defence. So paradoxically, Attack duties can be very effective when defending.
  18. We would need to see a save game to see why this issue is happening for you
  19. I don't have the pkm of this as I didn't manage either of the teams involved here and can't seem to save the match as a result, but this is a ridiculous and unrealistic match as well. Keep in mind this type of thing happens all the time in my experience on FM 2020, I'm just posting the most insane examples here: All of Serbia's 3 goals were penalties, they also missed 1 penalty (was not even on target) Portugal with a grand total of 262 successful passes. This is supposedly world-class football being played, they scored 7 goals, yet the match engine is telling me they only put together 262 passes? Not believable. For comparison, I looked at a random League Two match played this season, it ended 2-1 and one of the teams had 221 passes, so you're telling me the Portugal national team has a pass rate similar to a League Two team, AND they can score 7 goals out of it? Portugal had 24 shots on 262 successful passes. Basically 1 shot for every 11 passes through a 90 minute match. How is that realistic? Portugal substitute Rony Lopes comes on at 62 minutes, makes a total of 3 successful passes in the next 30 minutes, yet scores two goals and is Portugal's highest rated player Looking at the analysis, the guy touched the ball maybe 5 times in total over 30 minutes? Two shots, two goals, did nothing else In fact, the impact of substitues seems to be quite strange overall in FM 2020, Portugal's three subtitutes combined for a grand total of 17 successful passes over a combined 75 minutes on the pitch... yet scored 3 goals screenshots below:
  20. I had Ozil play this brilliant through ball in one of my games. Real shame that Saka was offside! I guess that's what 19 vision provides you with 😍 In the previous match engine I didn't think there was enough of this but much more positive about it having seen this one. Hope it continues!
  21. My first feelings are quite skeptical.. Well the animation seems better, more natural in many cases. But: I take my save with Borussia Mönchengladbach: - it took me until half September before I began win - now my tactics with new engine doesn't work at all.. actually I am now cheating in order to study this new engine's intepration of the tactics
  22. This is an issue we are aware of and should be fixed for full release.
  23. Is anyone else experiencing this bug? After each match my opposition instructions get reset from "Apply to all players in this position" to "Apply only to this player"
  24. Ok. I tried but it doesn't work in my computer. Maybe it's because I don't have Radeon. I have Intel. But i did it as well, but it doesn't work.
  25. This is an issue we're aware of and should be fixed for full release, cheers!
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