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  1. I'm doing quite well with 4-1-3-1-1. It's not a game breaker, but thanks to that the game isn't boring. I have hands full of work with all non-tactic manager responsibilities to squeez the best performance from my team.
  2. All you need is match prep. training, team bonding and friendly match every week (on non-training day, ie. Wednesday) to get yout B squad sharp. Check this out. Brno B - friendly. Ruch Chorzów - league. If you have good mentors, create mentoring groups to get rid of low professionalism from your squad.
  3. Hi Bigpole, do you have any plans to revise your base with 21.3 patch?
  4. I assume that you bought new players between season or your current ones lost tactics familiarity. At the beginning of the season you need adjust your tactics to be more cautious. In the same time push a lot of effort in tactics training.
  5. I ususally leave AM position empty. Many times I won playing with 10 players.
  6. You can take care of little things: morale, shouts, strong legs, player traits, changing mentality in right moment during the game, good determination and flair (for attacking positions), tactics familiarity, right players for set pieces. It is normal for Cerber to have a lot shots with few goals. This little things that I mentioned above are crutial for winning, not only dominating. Everything you can find in this topic. For mentality changes I can recommend "the mentality masterplan" by optimusprimal82 (search for it).
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