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  1. Unfortunately that was the only one positive,it didn't go well after that....Still searching for a groundbreaker tactic
  2. First game with this tweak ,I know it's friendly and against amateur team but I think it's my highest win in FM last years even in friendlies
  3. Just finished flawless season,won everything,undefeated,great tactic,hats off 442 Burg cautious.fmf
  4. one more thing,I completely didn't follow training schedules,just left it to my AM,don't know how it affected tactic tbh
  5. just noticed your tactic at fm base lol,been looking for afizzyuk instead of gunner4life lol
  6. Did you see this website? https://fm-arena.com/tactic-testing-table-19-3.html maybe it would be worth it check how tweaked version will perform in the test?
  7. Oh,so that changes you've mentioned before?That's what I've done on my Atletico save,works like a charm.Sometimes I change mentality to offensive when I'm a favourite to win or struggle to beat opponent
  8. This kind of games unfortunately happens,you can't win everything.What changes you've made?
  9. Hi afizzyuk.I'm doing extremely well with your tactic with Atletico Madrid (plus BuryBlade tweak). I know it's a big club,but results are fantastic even for a big team like Atletico. Haven't lost a single game yet and defence is solid rock too.Did you ever think about post it on FM Base too?Or if you don't mind can I post your tactic (obviously all credits to you) ?Once I finish season I'll post some screenshots,well done for the tactic
  10. Has the match sounds (home crowd behaviour after a goal for example) been fixed in this update?
  11. I'd like to share my results with Modern Warfare. Before I'll post the pictures I have to say,that I've tried about 15 different tactics-none of them were even half as good as Modern Warfare is (best results I've had with "Mr Hough Mutto 2 striker tweak"),but there's been no consistency, especially in European Cups. Finally I've discovered MW,btw found it here (hasn't been here for a long time,so I was lucky ).This tactic works great for me so far. Played it most of previous season (my team is Lech Poznan in Polish Ekstraklasa) and results were very good. Now I've played 11 games in new 2015-16 season and won all of them. Tbh even if I lose first goal, I'm quiet calm 'cause somehow my team manage to score decided 1 or 2 goals just before final whistle. With all the troubles with ME I was very close to throw this edition to the bin,but Modern Warfare completely change my mind . I know it's not really correct with the main thread, but Marcelo already changed it to MW, so be it (sorry Cleon) . Here are my results: Soon I'll start a new save with some low division team to confirm how good is this tactic Sorry for poor quality of photos-I'm still learning
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