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  1. Hello. Will you do the missing countries in South America???
  2. Will there be an update with the duplicates removed???
  3. Yes that's true. If anybody is going to create (or has created) the Japanese database post it here so we know. Players like Iniesta and Podolski are missing and this is bad :O
  4. Is that true about the japanese players?????If this is, will they be available if @claassen creates the league??????
  5. Thank you for your response! We are looking forward for this because it's so important, it can change the whole experience!
  6. Shame on them! Let's hope they WAKE UP SOON AND FIX THIS MESS THEY CREATED!!! It's a pity to improve some parts of the game every year and going back in such a crucial section which can be a game changer for all of us...
  7. What is SI doing?????Haven't they noticed it yet???? ( Claassen please continue if they fix this...)
  8. @claassen So, Claassen are you finished with the updates???I am asking to start the ultimate/final form of fm 2018 Thank you for all your efforts!!
  9. @claassen do you know (approximately) when the next update will be up here as a file???thank you very much!!
  10. @claassen wow i was looking the rules just for the league, i missed the 'continental qualificatiion section' . AMAZING job as always!!!
  11. @claassen merry Christmas to you and your family!! I hope the best! I would like to ask you something, i have loaded Belize league (know it's somewhat crazy ) , but in the qualification places for the Central America ch.league etc i see that Belize doesn't send teams. So, it is hard locked in a way that Belize will never send teams no matter what? It has to have those coefficients for the various nations to change places in how many teams they are sending to 'Continental leagues' ??
  12. @fcdallas so, the reason is those files with the CONCACAF competitions? I tested it without them and it loaded without a problem!
  13. @claassen i would like to refer something. I loaded the CONCACAF leagues you stated (along with the Concacaf League and Ch.League etc.), but i didn't control a team from North America. I saved. And when i went to load the game, every time i got the ' unable to load the file' message. Is it because i didn't control a North American team??
  14. @claassen do you know when you will update the megapack for the whole Europe update????? Once again thank you for your awesome work!!!!
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